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Godzilla have decided to spend some time playing with his kaiju friends in Among Us. Will he find the alien Impostor and save the Crew?

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16 abr 2021






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DinoMania Hace 19 días
It's finally here! Sorry for any possible typos/mistakes in spelling. (SPOILERS BELOW!!! READ ONLY AFTER WATCHING!!!) Congrats to everyone who got the impostor right! The real reason why Zilla Jr is Impostor in this animation: 1) If it was Ghidorah, it would've been too obvious, because he's the main enemy of Godzilla. 2) If it was Mechagodzilla, it would've been even more obvious, bruh. 3) I just thought that it would be cool to see Zilla Jr being an Impostor. If anyone wonders why Zilla Jr was doing a task (when he's The Impostor), he wasn't, he was faking it. If you pay attention you'll notice that he's not even trying to complete it. This is also first and (probably) last time Zilla Jr was a villain in my animations, lol. Edit: also if anyone needs song at the end, it's *Cover* by *Patrick Patrikios* .
Elang Azka
Elang Azka Hace 8 horas
Elang Azka
Elang Azka Hace 8 horas
Aqua the sea wing
Aqua the sea wing Hace 18 horas
Wait never mind I didn’t realize mothra was a pet
Aqua the sea wing
Aqua the sea wing Hace 18 horas
You should have made mothra the imposter
Trahud Islam D.s.v
Trahud Islam D.s.v Hace un día
Megalodon vs mosasaur vs pridator-x vs levithan vs basilosurus.
Jack Cecilio
Jack Cecilio Hace 10 minutos
That was epic
it is me
it is me Hace un hora
part 2 plz
ananászシ Hace 2 horas
Let's have more pls
DARGON Hace 3 horas
How zilla imposter when shawdow have giant ears
Dion Messenmaker
Dion Messenmaker Hace 4 horas
David Kirsten S
David Kirsten S Hace 5 horas
Super I like this
Xandy Balasbas
Xandy Balasbas Hace 5 horas
When Rodan picked MechaGodzilla,,,me:OMG! then Godzilla,explained -_- (sometimes the imposter is not really an alien like Gidorah) I luv Godzilla 'n Among us :D
Sir Doctor
Sir Doctor Hace 6 horas
I love how peaceful shin is
S i s i n o o si t u
Lil Cringe
Lil Cringe Hace 8 horas
Alvin Animations
Alvin Animations Hace 8 horas
No apes only reptils allowed to play - a robot made with a dragon skull named mecha Godzilla
Noah thepickle
Noah thepickle Hace 8 horas
Part 2?
Corey ‘Nonymous
Corey ‘Nonymous Hace 9 horas
Plz do more🥰
dream Hace 9 horas
It was rodan becuase i know he has horn
Jaiden rivera-ortiz
Jaiden rivera-ortiz Hace 10 horas
MrFrosty the Gaming
MrFrosty the Gaming Hace 10 horas
Junior vs godzilla jojo time Edit: part 2
daniel cardenas
daniel cardenas Hace 11 horas
no sabia que king ghidorah jugava minecraft xd
ShimbaCat Studios
ShimbaCat Studios Hace 11 horas
Godzilla used shin as a gun
Not SCP 049 at all
Not SCP 049 at all Hace 11 horas
Aiden Andrews
Aiden Andrews Hace 11 horas
I gave you a shout out Dinomania👍😁
Shabaneh Akimi
Shabaneh Akimi Hace 11 horas
thsi THE BEST !!!!!!!
Samuel Amador
Samuel Amador Hace 12 horas
Pls do a part 2
Manuel Cepeda
Manuel Cepeda Hace 12 horas
7:30 final wars
Michael Bibat
Michael Bibat Hace 13 horas
Pt 2 pls
Ines Beltran
Ines Beltran Hace 14 horas
Coda Carroll
Coda Carroll Hace 14 horas
Godzilla vs Kong in among us
Cama Producciones
Cama Producciones Hace 14 horas
Ahora si es entretenido, pobre juego se fue desvaneciendo con el tiempo😥
Vortex Hace 15 horas
this is the 6th most viewed on your channel, congrats
YINGQI QIN Hace 16 horas
Well u can go home now Cadora they left u home
PikaDamos Hace 16 horas
Niko and Lili
Niko and Lili Hace 16 horas
ep 2 i beg u
Jaxon Robinson
Jaxon Robinson Hace 16 horas
Can u make part 2 of this with Kong in it
Caryn Siminoff
Caryn Siminoff Hace 17 horas
Everybody gangsta until Kong pulls out the axe
lewis Anderson
lewis Anderson Hace 18 horas
AAYAN MALIK Hace 18 horas
Soren Hoyt Force
Soren Hoyt Force Hace 18 horas
Zilla is making a jojo reference!
V K Hace 18 horas
Can u make part 2 of this i want to see how godzilla is gonna do
Aegeda Riggins
Aegeda Riggins Hace 19 horas
Nice. It was actually good!
Blue Planet Creature
Blue Planet Creature Hace 19 horas
Blue Planet Creature
Blue Planet Creature Hace 19 horas
Blue Planet Creature
Blue Planet Creature Hace 19 horas
Blue Planet Creature
Blue Planet Creature Hace 19 horas
Blue Planet Creature
Blue Planet Creature Hace 19 horas
Leonardo Garcia Vazquez
bro dinomania ypou taking so much long why would it called among kalju
InThebox61 _
InThebox61 _ Hace 21 un hora
when godzilla is sus
HYDRA Hace 21 un hora
Where’s King Kong?🤷🤷
Fun With Tharun
Fun With Tharun Hace 21 un hora
Part 2 of this , we need part 2 , the world needs it
Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas Hace 21 un hora
lol i love this it was funny
LORD RICO Hace 22 horas
xxHyderxx Hace 22 horas
Rodan Sussy
The Indoraptor
The Indoraptor Hace 23 horas
10:01 Мотра такая милая.
Kars at Space
Kars at Space Hace un día
a little bit JoJo part 3 spoilers at 5:48
xiamrhee Hace un día
Love it
Simone van de Klomp
Simone van de Klomp Hace un día
Part 2 pls
cool raptor cz
cool raptor cz Hace un día
7:37 night feeder😂
Lightning Fox FOX
Lightning Fox FOX Hace un día
make more Among Kajiu i liket it. it was very good and funny :)
shaikh mahamud
shaikh mahamud Hace un día
Where is next video ?
Delgermaa Lkhasuren
Delgermaa Lkhasuren Hace un día
I like this vid because they won
Syaddaad Al haq
Syaddaad Al haq Hace un día
Zilla imposter
dream protection squad-member
How are there 2 Kevin?!?!?
antonio pereyra
antonio pereyra Hace un día
New Spino
New Spino Hace un día
'Okay, piece of metal." Submachenophobics: 😦
Pj Quing
Pj Quing Hace un día
Among Kaiju is a very creative name
Jasim Tollman
Jasim Tollman Hace un día
this is amazing
Liaminecraft lol
Liaminecraft lol Hace un día
Oh, your approaching me? Instead of running away, your coming right to me? I can’t call a emergency meeting with out getting closer
Dino_Rex11 Hace un día
This was amazing it would be cool if there will be a part two but overall amazing great job
Code: Hydra
Code: Hydra Hace un día
What he start0: Dinosaurs. What we got at end: Kaiju with amogus.
박강현 Hace un día
5:47 질라:오 다가오는 거냐? 이 질라님 한테 다가오는 거라? 고질라: 다가가지 안으면 너를 때려눞힐수 없거든
shockwave1 Hace un día
I’m glad that more people are starting to accept Zilla as a member to the monsterverse
Ellerbrook Schmitz
Ellerbrook Schmitz Hace 5 horas
zilla was the impostor. he was the impostor GODZILLA. it is more of a funny joke of him not being a real godzilla. yes, his series promoted godzilla, and was important, but it's a bit of a joke
Shadow Ate
Shadow Ate Hace 10 horas
WeiYi Soon
WeiYi Soon Hace un día
Jacksepticeye's hi five sound
The Idiotic Worm
The Idiotic Worm Hace un día
7:21 Mashin Gunzilla
Evan Wu
Evan Wu Hace un día
zetchy Hace un día
That was genuinely awesome
mis clases online de las Fernández
SABRY SABRY Hace un día
Razorwhip Fan.
Razorwhip Fan. Hace un día
Can you do a video of RAZORWHIP DRAGON versus inder dragon?. Or dinner
Chicki NUGGIES Production
Bruh at first I thought it be rodan but then once I watched till the end it was Zilla
Duong Rany
Duong Rany Hace un día
LeTs be honest we all thought its rodan cuz of the plates look like rodan’s ear
RenanBlack Hace un día
Wither Boss vs King Ghidoran
BlueBlacky Derp
BlueBlacky Derp Hace un día
What did you used to make this? I love it 😇
Nazmur Rahman
Nazmur Rahman Hace un día
And mechagodzilla was AFK in cams
Nazmur Rahman
Nazmur Rahman Hace un día
So rodan was fake imposter
Shin is so silly. Can you make more silly shin animations?
Alejandra Cruz
Alejandra Cruz Hace un día
Also can you put a part two of among kaiju because at the end of the video Godzilla was an imposter and was about to kill Kong.please
Prisciliano Martinez
Hello nice vídeo😎😁
Norma Reyes
Norma Reyes Hace un día
Dinomania I want to see part 2
Pablo Henriquez
Pablo Henriquez Hace un día
Beby ghidora 😍😀
Carla Fernandez
Carla Fernandez Hace un día
Guys can you like make a part two and hits 200,000 Likes and subscribers go do it for our # DinoMania (It takes a very Very long sorry for away) 300,0000000 likes it and subscribers 🔜 400,0000 Soon 500,0000 Soon
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez Hace un día
Alguien latino
Lamar Saddler
Lamar Saddler Hace un día
Macha godzilla got triggerd
Lamar Saddler
Lamar Saddler Hace un día
Holy jesus
Viktor Fazekas
Viktor Fazekas Hace un día
It was godzilla 2021or2019
Viktor Fazekas
Viktor Fazekas Hace un día
Leo Torres
Leo Torres Hace un día
Always don’t trust zilla
- EV4NZ1LL4 -
- EV4NZ1LL4 - Hace un día
That was freaking amazing
Lolbit Hace un día
Using shin as a flamethrower was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day
Yelit shanira Chamorro yupanqui
El 2 por favor
Thomas Chavez
Thomas Chavez Hace un día
Pls make a part 2
Meliodas The dragon of sin
Part 2?
Osvander Melo
Osvander Melo Hace un día
Não você não não é só que não amar 12
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