An Insane Day of ARK PvP...

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After being almost raided twice, we go after the tribes who attacked us to try and get revenge...
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30 jul 2020






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Melissa Schowalter
Melissa Schowalter Hace 10 días
I would hate being on a server with you I’m just riding my wyvern I took 30 minutes to tame and the next second I’m dead my base is destroyed and I have to restart.
TWO GTS Hace 13 días
love your vid
l Prxmise l
l Prxmise l Hace un mes
wait, whats a better soaker, a trike or pachyrino?
Mr-Ezio Hace un mes
Watching this and trying to play ark ps4 only to get wrecked by a pt since I never hit targets with controller :((
MrFox Hace 2 meses
Does anyone know in what cave they’re building?
FROSCH_GUMMI Hace 2 meses
the Tropeo thing is like a fighting jet
Nusrat Yousaf
Nusrat Yousaf Hace 2 meses
Ap Urdu bolty ho thori si
Elderly Pizza76
Elderly Pizza76 Hace 2 meses
9:22 did my man just put a magazine into a shotgun???
TC room
TC room Hace 2 meses
Sindre Eide
Sindre Eide Hace 2 meses
they keep coming back so it's you or them. I would not leave a single damn thing. No items and not even a single fundation. FULL wipe to secure myself from them.
Jamie Lancaster
Jamie Lancaster Hace 2 meses
What map is this
NIGHTV3NOM 11 Hace 3 meses
Very good cat
kloud Hace 3 meses
this is my friend kishko he's already taken and he's cracked at ark my guy
Zulu Gaming
Zulu Gaming Hace 3 meses
sub to zulu clipz i do fun and enjoyable content everyday I can teach how to build in certain spots and also good base spots
Kerem Tezcan
Kerem Tezcan Hace 3 meses
Yay we saw kishko's hand
Fabian Baijens
Fabian Baijens Hace 3 meses
This intro is so sick
Alihan Akyuz
Alihan Akyuz Hace 3 meses
Kishko i rate the hustle bro but im ngl raycons arent what theyre made out to be, theyre just about worth what you spend on them.
LCU Nash
LCU Nash Hace 4 meses
“Quickly breed trikes” what lol
Zoloo Müller
Zoloo Müller Hace 4 meses
which server is he playing?
Prixx Hace 4 meses
My first vid that I watch with my new phone😄
Sietze Esink
Sietze Esink Hace 4 meses
Can someone plz tell me the coords of this place im unfortunatelly on ps4 so i cant play with kishko but i just want it as a base location
AWO7 Toopy26
AWO7 Toopy26 Hace 4 meses
What map
Nick Hewlett
Nick Hewlett Hace 4 meses
Kishko your the best ark ESvid period absolutely no comp
EpicSmashMan Hace 4 meses
The shot at 3:30 was insane dude
P3rl4N3gr4 piña
P3rl4N3gr4 piña Hace 5 meses
FFFFFFFF discord.gg/258vw98B2p server full pvp x100
Lucas Claverie
Lucas Claverie Hace 5 meses
This guys are más use pachyrino and no trike to tank torrets
AC _MRCROFT Hace 5 meses
Imagine think you could kill kishko like are you nuts
Ji Yo
Ji Yo Hace 5 meses
your cat is very cute
XCR -marko
XCR -marko Hace 5 meses
KISHKO having a child be like: we got a double mutation darling a weight mutation and a melee mutation
Harleyhg Thomas
Harleyhg Thomas Hace 5 meses
NoTaSmUrF 273
NoTaSmUrF 273 Hace 6 meses
live u kishko been here since 12k
Aleksa Vadas
Aleksa Vadas Hace 6 meses
somebody wanna play ark with me?
Stress Lah
Stress Lah Hace 6 meses
are u still playing?
Jan 7.1
Jan 7.1 Hace 6 meses
I watched this video 4 Times and I still love it
APO Winkz yt
APO Winkz yt Hace 7 meses
Kishko. E like good flak ahh I like the other one I’m. Like o let’s go I can you s this are mer
I BennyBoii I
I BennyBoii I Hace 7 meses
Trops are a beast if you have 200+ damage saddles breed up stats, imprint trop and if you know how to use it.
OMG_ItsZer0 Hace 7 meses
Masked Frankie
Masked Frankie Hace 7 meses
Who else love third person lol
Archibald Greens
Archibald Greens Hace 7 meses
What cave is this and where is it?
narfle Hace 7 meses
Weird flick around 1:53. Really really really weird flick. Try watching at 0.25% speed. Really weird flick.
bambam Evans
bambam Evans Hace 7 meses
Where is that base place location
Juan cruz Flores vega 2 F
Bruh 5 adds on the first mid of the video
Simon Bouwens
Simon Bouwens Hace 7 meses
Don’t by racons they broke for me after like a month
Lilith Stormbringer
Lilith Stormbringer Hace 7 meses
Pachys are good soakers? I though they were bad because it's very easy for you to be shot on it (either by turres or players)
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Hace 7 meses
Kisho hand reveal
Mega mega watermelon
Kishko the kinda ark player to get bored make a new character on official and accidentally become a solo mega
Богдан Якубенко
Damn, I wanted to buy Raycon headphones, but they don't ship them to Ukraine
Big Hace 8 meses
where is Kishkos base at? like what are the cords
Antoine Lefebvre
Antoine Lefebvre Hace 8 meses
Subscribed before 20k gang, where you at? ❤️
Lol la
Lol la Hace 8 meses
The tropo not broken manargarma is
Manolache Iannis
Manolache Iannis Hace 8 meses
Nice content
Guus L
Guus L Hace 8 meses
10:50 "ik heb hem". am i the only one who heard that?? i guess.. G E K O L O N I S E E R D
Otáznik Hace 8 meses
Hi Kishko i am 12 years old kid and i can play ARK with u, i watched a lot of ARK PvP videos, best think on it is u have very good click bait ez win for u XD yes :D (i am in ur discord) yes
Embrace Skill
Embrace Skill Hace 8 meses
10:32 omg destroyed him
COOL JAGGE Boklund Hace 8 meses
Do a new video pls?
Mateusz Magn
Mateusz Magn Hace 8 meses
happy teddy gaming
happy teddy gaming Hace 8 meses
Kishko why dont you just post more often.?
Demitrius Demarcus barlouomule the 3rd
It’s been a month kishko wya
_-PrO-V1DeR-_ Hace 8 meses
Bro I am from India I am missing you video.......😭❤️
_-PrO-V1DeR-_ Hace 8 meses
Pls give some new video pls
Light Soldiers
Light Soldiers Hace 8 meses
Where new video a few 1 mount wtff
Parker _Boi
Parker _Boi Hace 8 meses
Anyone know why he stopped uploading for over a month
Andrew Junk
Andrew Junk Hace 8 meses
easily the most famous ark youtuber and he hardly even uploads
Danilo Rodrigues
Danilo Rodrigues Hace 8 meses
Não raida minha base por favor puto
Joshua PALIAGA Hace 8 meses
Tropeognathus is primeval version of a bomber jet.
A random youtuber Meh
I have a video idea because that could be why he isnt uploading, Make a mobile pvp series, i can help you and it will make you think your fortunate to play on pc please i want to see you and maybe help you
A random youtuber Meh
Next episode spoilers: whats going on guys it your daily i mean weekly i mean monthly i mean yearly i mean decadedly Or he just died and wont post ever again unless he reponds to this comment wich would be quite interesting
phamhieu -¿
phamhieu -¿ Hace 8 meses
New vid pls
A Person
A Person Hace 8 meses
Don’t get me wrong, and correct me if I am... but didn’t you call out mts for corruption and say you weren’t going to be playing anymore in one of bam’s videos? Still love the videos btw
Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres Hace 8 meses
are u black kishko??
Cy Lebeau
Cy Lebeau Hace 8 meses
What fucking Dino is that
Elise Rice
Elise Rice Hace 8 meses
What are you gonna make a new video
ltsDarkV2 Hace 8 meses
I miss the weekly uploads back in the day at 10k subs
Darky Rises
Darky Rises Hace 8 meses
This is why u don't try to raid kishko
ll Unknown ll
ll Unknown ll Hace 8 meses
Can you give tips how to raid a tribe
Max like
Max like Hace 8 meses
Xx gleam
Xx gleam Hace 8 meses
Yo can u make more videos pls
E Girls
E Girls Hace 8 meses
Most consistent youtuber
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia Hace 8 meses
Who else wants to 1v1 kishko
Aqua Hace 8 meses
Take your time on the next upload not likes it’s been a month
Anthony Trussler
Anthony Trussler Hace 8 meses
Hey man we miss you when the next video up bro feel bad for the 1s who can afford to sub and expect content as there supporting you dood.....
mr pommes
mr pommes Hace 8 meses
The upload very nice
bonezy 1845
bonezy 1845 Hace 8 meses
1 month still no upload
YoMamma Hace 8 meses
Yo kishko when new video. i steel wating my friend
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Hace 8 meses
What dpi do you use
Kedrick Hace 8 meses
“COVID-19” kishko: “NOVID-19”
Dragapult Hace 8 meses
NOVID-9 because there isn’t a vid for September yet
Afzal Aftab
Afzal Aftab Hace 8 meses
Kishko Upload A Vid FASTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Was Empire
Was Empire Hace 8 meses
I love his voice it just clams me
Grazy Ghee
Grazy Ghee Hace 8 meses
Kishko plz just tell us your okay at least
Grazy Ghee
Grazy Ghee Hace 8 meses
Guys I'm scared it's been a month
Grazy Ghee
Grazy Ghee Hace 8 meses
1 month since last upload 😔 kishko has passed on 😔
Jonathan Armenta
Jonathan Armenta Hace 8 meses
Alguien sabe porque kiskho no sube video??
Verzahs Hace 8 meses
Kishko I can’t handle the boredom pls post
ever bleak
ever bleak Hace 8 meses
Love your accent and voice man
Nataniel Balantac
Nataniel Balantac Hace 8 meses
been waiting for 1 month now when is next ep
Noor Alfadhli
Noor Alfadhli Hace 8 meses
what are the cords of there base
toxicgamer pro7
toxicgamer pro7 Hace 8 meses
Uploaded another videooooooooo
YoitzSyRo Hace 8 meses
If you reply I’ll drop a sub ? You still play ?
Bence Tatár
Bence Tatár Hace 8 meses
Hi everyone! I like KHISKO's channel. I'm watching from Hungarian. XD
yağız açıkel
yağız açıkel Hace 8 meses
1 month has been passed where is new video !!!!!
Cameron Mcnae
Cameron Mcnae Hace 8 meses
I really don't understand why he has that many subscribers, his a trash content creator you wont get a video from him until next year the way he goes, guarantee if everyone starts to unsubscribe he would upload more