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Watch the new trailer for , a Star Wars original series, streaming only on Disney+. Experience the three-episode premiere September 21.


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31 jul 2022






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J_Snowman 33
J_Snowman 33 Hace 6 días
I believe this to be a way more carefully planned and designed background for the show than any other so far. And its all cinematic which creates high expectations and i cant lie im hyped for this one
Tee Mack
Tee Mack Hace 17 horas
Took the words right out of my mouth; way more cinematic
Keshav Gupta
Keshav Gupta Hace 23 horas
@THE ANGRY DWELLER yeah I hope not tho
Keshav Gupta
Keshav Gupta Hace 23 horas
@justīn ok but how does it look trash btw I respect your opinion
Keshav Gupta
Keshav Gupta Hace 23 horas
@Danny Mc12 just cos you don't care about them doesn't mean everyone does. Imo I absolutely loved rogue 1 and am happy to see cassian return
Keshav Gupta
Keshav Gupta Hace un día
@Kyle Kalmbach no one gives af
Unraveled Hace un día
Either this will be the best series on Disney+ ever made or the people behind the trailer deserve a huge raise. This looks amazing!
Nightmare Hace 14 horas
@Skyf24 it was a slight step forward. I think it was cool but suffered from just not being a film
Skyf24 Hace 17 horas
@Rudolfire ehhh. Kenobi should have been a lot better. It was ok, but still not an amazing step forward.
Rudolfire Hace 17 horas
come on they did so well with Kenobi. I think disney is going to turn the page around and amend for the 3 sequels that they produced
Skyf24 Hace 18 horas
@Wayzor in fairness, basically all of star wars guns are slightly modified real life guns. The E-5 is a british sten gun i believe, the sandtrooper gun (dont't remember the name, but its in a new hope and is very long) is a german MG34. the issue is how well known the AK is, and that they didn't disguise at all. besides that, the trailer is fantastic.
Wayzor Hace 19 horas
Except for the real world gun... in a galaxy far far away.
Darth Malgus
Darth Malgus Hace un día
This actually looks good. Like a good idea for a story, you know a story that gets told because it might be good, instead of one being told because Disney needs to make money of legacy characters.
Jun Hace 15 horas
Extremely true, same to Rogue One, and why i think it was the best star wars movie, and this may be the best series cus of the same reason
Kristina Braly
Kristina Braly Hace 23 horas
stellan skarsgaard is in literally everything
Ronnie Pye
Ronnie Pye Hace un día
If this comes anywhere near close to Rogue One it will be not only the finest Star Wars show yet but also must see TV for people not even into the franchise. Very, very excited about this and thats from an OSWT fan 😄
JebalitaBB Hace 23 horas
@Embecmom if you remove the Vader scenes then it was as forgettable as the rest of the movies are.
Robert Mickelberg
Robert Mickelberg Hace 23 horas
@Embecmom It is like pointing out the least rotten banana in the pile of rotting bananas. I will agree purely on the Vader scene being the single best moment across all of the modern movies.
Embecmom Hace un día
@Robert Mickelberg disagree, best of the modern Star Wars universe movies
Robert Mickelberg
Robert Mickelberg Hace un día
A horrible movie filled with canon breaking plot holes and forgettable unlikable characters. The only redeeming scene from the entire movie was Vader, take that out and there was nothing to like about the movie.
Michiel van den Heuvel
Aside from the occasional SW legacy designs, this looks way grounded. It feels like we're finally seeing some world building and designs that aren't being regurgitated over and over again from other series and films
Andrea Capuano
Andrea Capuano Hace un día
@justīn by we you mean you
Ewokpilot 65
Ewokpilot 65 Hace un día
@justīn *i not "we" because the rest of us will actually judge the show after watching it
Luis Cintron
Luis Cintron Hace un día
From the creators of rouge one expect no less….
kRIEGER's Cavern
kRIEGER's Cavern Hace un día
dammit ! so we can't see Tatooine for the 37th time ??
Rodney Gibson
Rodney Gibson Hace un día
Kinda some Ripley vibes going on here Space is gritty as hell. I like it that way
Kem Bawalker
Kem Bawalker Hace un día
Rogue One was the most mature Star Wars film ever made, which is probably why many didn't like it but I loved it.
John Bricker
John Bricker Hace un día
I am so hyped for this! The cinematography and visuals look stunning. Another incredible Star Wars series ready to blow the audiences mind away!
RC TankGO Hace un día
This looks way better then I expected! What a cast!
TerraStone Hace 6 días
I wish Kenobi visually looked this good. This looks incredible
justīn Hace un día
Make better content it’s terribly bad
justīn Hace un día
Looks trash won’t be watching 😢😢👎🏼
Sangoku s
Sangoku s Hace un día
@Ur Bent Before the Clone Wars...
Ur Bent
Ur Bent Hace un día
@Sangoku s yes
Ur Bent
Ur Bent Hace un día
@Sangoku s clone wars era
Fahim Zahir
Fahim Zahir Hace un día
This actually looks really good. The atmosphere is on point
Mike C
Mike C Hace 22 horas
@justīn you reposted this same comment like 40 times throughout the whole comment section already bro we get it
Hayato Jin
Hayato Jin Hace un día
so did the other movies and shows...then thye sucked
justīn Hace un día
Looks trash won’t be watching 😢😢👎🏼
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hace 18 horas
I am so hyped for this! The cinematography and visuals look stunning. Another incredible Star Wars series ready to blow the audiences mind away!
Mike D
Mike D Hace 3 días
I don't usually think this about all of these Star Wars series, but... This looks good
Michal's Hardcore Techno
@Pyotr Growpotkin Totally agree. Rogue One is the best SW (to be honest, the only one I really liked since the original trillogy) and Andor trailer looks amazing too. Might be good show!
Pyotr Growpotkin
Pyotr Growpotkin Hace un día
As someone who found Rogue One to be the best Star Wars movie since the OT, i agree.
TheSting Hace un día
@justīn no one asked
justīn Hace un día
Looks trash won’t be watching 😢😢👎🏼
Zephyr Hace un día
The thing that has me stoked is that, they're treating Andor like an actual TV Series like The Mandalorian. S1 is going to have 12 episodes to flesh and pace everything out smoothly with a S2 already confirmed for another additional 12 episodes leading into Rouge One. This will be a journey I can't wait to see.
The Enginar
The Enginar Hace 22 horas
@Mauls_EditoR It's going to have 2 seasons only
Mauls_EditoR Hace 22 horas
I thought they said they were working on season 3 and 4 or something
Just a dictator riding on a nuke
@logan hopefully it isn't another halo TV show. That show shouldn't exist it is beyond terrible. I really have hope for this series so if it turns out to be halo 2.0 I will be disappointed (BTW I'm a halo fan)
bart pablo
bart pablo Hace un día
cool news to hear, i had strong vibes of rogue one, great
The Enginar
The Enginar Hace un día
Season 2 is 4 episodes
I believe this to be a way more carefully planned and designed background for the show than any other so far. And its all cinematic which creates high expectations and i cant lie im hyped for this one
Doctor Fate
Doctor Fate Hace 3 días
Andor looks really great. It's a rather new character and it's good to have his own show. What would've been a great thing was for him to have something similar to Kyle Katarn in regards to his story.
Nile1899 Hace 18 horas
This actually looks like it will be quality, the shots and cinematography looks nuts. It doesn't feel like traditional SW and that's GREAT! Taking its self serious is what it will set it apart. Rogue One was fantastic, hope the creators cook the same quality here.
E M Hace un día
That's the way! Bring back the Anthogly prequels! At least in spirit just like this and extended in prestige tv format! What we've always wanted! Can't wait!
Pierce Arner
Pierce Arner Hace 6 días
The way that this nails the look and feel of the era between the prequels & original trilogy is hands down unmatched, and I _cannot wait_ to see it!
Pavels Sestakovs
Pavels Sestakovs Hace un día
The famous era, with AK-47s? At 0:06
al Mamlūk
al Mamlūk Hace un día
@Papa Cole Because it seems like Andor is relying on more than just fan service. And this is coming from someone that actually liked Kenobi, flaws and all. This is what the new era of Star Wars should have been: risk taking.
justīn Hace un día
Looks trash won’t be watching 😢😢👎🏼
Hawkibricks123 LTD
Hawkibricks123 LTD Hace 2 días
Yes, both Boba and Kenobi deserve more content/screen time!
Kero Hace un día
Aside from the space AK47 and space riot sheilds for protestors, this looks great, the SW universe is so much more than jedi and sith hopefully this show can start something great where other shows/films have been lacking in the universe, love the music and set design, just hope the writing holds up because the cast is more than good enough for this to be great!
Kero Hace un día
@Gabriel Yulaw yeh obvs but almost all star wars media uses it as a focal point, in a galaxy especially after the republics downfall that had little to no knowledge or concept of the force apart from the talk of myth, if it was set in the old Republic or the prequel era by all means use the jedi and sith, but after canonicaly there was little to no force users (excluding all the random retcons Disney have intoduced of having every 2nd person be able to use the force) Ontop of all this star wars has many factions and characters with no allegiance or affiliation to sith or jedi, there's more than plenty they could conjure into a compeling story without the use of lightsabers and space magic tbf.
Gabriel Yulaw
Gabriel Yulaw Hace un día
But don't knock Jedi vs Sith. After all, it was this concept which is a very special part that Star Wars was predicated upon. Also making the saga an extremely popular franchise on a global scale.
Orion Philosophy
Orion Philosophy Hace 2 días
This looks awesome! Loved Rogue One
justīn Hace un día
Make better content it’s bad
justīn Hace un día
Looks trash won’t be watching 😢😢👎🏼
marshhy11 Hace 2 días
The "I'm tired of losing" really hit me since we know he won in his final mission, and "gave it all to something real."
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Hace un día
Star Wars will literally never die...
Draco Hace 6 días
This looks like it'll really be insane. Really digging the tone and the cinematography.
Tsoma_Region Hace 5 días
@Jon Smith you seem to need to catch up on a lot but there is little to no racism.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Hace 6 días
@Arianzd yeah, they represent the company by showing that they don't support sexist or homophobic arseholes.
@Star Wars hooah
Hopefully it won't just be a bunch of nonsense or busy work nothingness like Kenobi or Boba.
Stone Hace 2 días
The fact that it's Gareth Edwards the original director of Rogue One Gives me way more faith than the rest of the Dog water that Disney has produced up till now.
Garry Mugen
Garry Mugen Hace 20 horas
This looks so awesome, that i feel so sad that Obiwan got rushed and pooped out. Would have even enjoyed Ewan playing a minor role in this one instread of what they gave him to work with.
JTD95 Hace un día
Please be well written and please be an actual show. Obi Wan Kenobi felt like a movie stretched out to be a show.
Sharpy Hace un día
This had no business looking this awesome. Totally wasn't expecting this at all.
David Emanuel Rosini
This is a perfect example of how you do a trailer. You’re not getting a synopsis or plot of the the entire series, but it perfectly gives you a setting and a vibe. That’s a trailer!!!
GC-EXTREME Hace 16 horas
Are u kidding, no plot?? Its the same plot as all the rest...evil fascist empire fighting against the rebellion...
Daniel Maitheny
Daniel Maitheny Hace un día
HAHAHAHAHAAA! it told us exactly everything - who are the bad guys, who are the good guys faking they're the bad guys, how he rebellion starts... but yeah, vibe.
Style0verTalent Hace un día
Wow, you should honestly watch the trailers for The Division, all SWToR Game and Add-On trailers, Metal Gear Solid 5, Horizon Zero Dawn and some others. Then you'll know what an amazing trailer looks like. This here is just an okay~ish trailer showing a completely uninteresting series.
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith Hace un día
@Christopher McManus Yea but it's still better than a lot of others these days, which really do spell out the plot.
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith Hace un día
Yes I agree! We're not told the whole story for a change.
Julio Gomes
Julio Gomes Hace 2 días
This looks like it can be a substitute to George Lucas' idea for an underground coruscant show. We've seen surprisingly little of the inner workings of coruscant and the empire during the early empire era. Makes me excited :). Nice to see Saw Guerrerra too, I hope they lean in to his darker and more extreme side, and don't make him a generic hero.
Ghjjf RS
Ghjjf RS Hace un día
Star Wars 1313, what could've been.
Jeremiah Sagers
Jeremiah Sagers Hace un día
@justīn ok
justīn Hace un día
Looks trash won’t be watching 😢😢👎🏼
Peter Hace un día
I screamed like a little school girl when I saw him - so so excited for Sept 21
cringe nightmare in Town
1:14 that one shot of imperial cops with shields felt so real and so terrifying, that one shot gets me everytime i watch this trailer (trust me ive seen it many times now)
Rupert Wadman
Rupert Wadman Hace 2 días
I feel like this show is gonna be really good because it’s not relying on any of the big characters to carry it
Jamesw1230 Hace 19 horas
Andor went from the show I was least interested in, to the show I now can’t wait too see.
Vali Hace 6 días
I didn’t have high hopes for this show at first, but this looks insane. I can’t wait
DatDudeVince Hace un día
@Justin Barnett What does "screams pick me" mean? "add ons"? Lol, OK man.
Justin Barnett
Justin Barnett Hace 6 días
@Cherry Blossom did we watch the same trailer? Story line screams pick me... just trynna make spin off & add ons to make money no content.
Justin Barnett
Justin Barnett Hace 6 días
@DatDudeVince just does, storyline seems wake.
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Hace 6 días
@Justin Barnett Howwwww
DatDudeVince Hace 6 días
@Justin Barnett How?
EngX Hace 21 un hora
I cant wait to see this. The makers of Rouge One are by far the most superior out of ALL of the modern Star wars Guff Abominations! They remained loyal to the originals!
Melanie Melendez
Melanie Melendez Hace 20 horas
This movie trailer had me excited from JUMP! Star Wars is doing what fans have always come to love with music or soundtrack themes. I remember hearing the Mandalorian theme and humming it loudly with my granddaughter, this one caught me too, sounding like Abraham’s Daughter by Arcade from The Hunger Games soundtrack. I can’t wait to see this series!
Nalid hardstyle
Nalid hardstyle Hace un día
I'm so excited for this show. Because it's a relatively new cast, I trust that the show will actually be good on their own merits, compared to shows like kenobi and book of boba fett, which could rely on the established characters to get away with relatively bad stories
Antonio De Jesús
Antonio De Jesús Hace un día
This one blew me away, love the vibes I'm getting from this. Please, don't let me down.
LoreLord Hace 6 días
Honestly the feelings and the vibes this show gives me are some thing that is new for star wars, glad to see that the galaxy is expanding!
Nightmare Hace 5 días
@X Y yep
X Y Hace 5 días
Speaking of expanding I'm wondering when we'll ever see the wild space and the unknown regions. Isn't there something in the pipeline about the Chiss coming up?
Nightmare Hace 5 días
@Darth Marr we’ve seen like 1 of these characters. A few others have had tiny amounts of screentime and everyone else is new. What are you talking about.
Jack Rutledge Goembel
​@Darth Marr other than andor, mothma, and saw, every single character in this trailer is new.
Elias Hace 3 días
It looks great! But i realy hope for long episodes
Blake Williams
Blake Williams Hace 2 días
Rogue 1 might just be my favorite star wars movie so I'm stoked for this!
Duane Thomas
Duane Thomas Hace 23 horas
Definitely excited for this one…Rogue One was more Star Wars quality the prequels. The director knows the true Star Wars storyline and look. Can’t wait!
Mark Watson
Mark Watson Hace un día
When people walk with conviction, you know it's super good!
Nik Hace 6 días
This looks genuinely better than any of the other star wars shows - it's cinematic! I'm super excited for this one. I hope the show stays true to the serious and darker tone that the trailers presents.
Berthold Bach
Berthold Bach Hace 4 días
@Lord Exor Compared to what we got, yes.
Lord Exor
Lord Exor Hace 4 días
@Berthold Bach Bad Lucas-tier dialogue and stilted acting even in the trailers looked like peak Star Wars?
Berthold Bach
Berthold Bach Hace 5 días
@Lord Exor Compared to what we got in the last years, it looked like peak star wars.
Lord Exor
Lord Exor Hace 5 días
@Berthold Bach Kenobi looked and sounded mid even in the trailers.
Larry Hace 5 días
@[REDACTED] Kenobi definitely should have been a movie imo. The Mandalorian is a good example of what should be a show vs a movie. The MCU has the same problem with their shows. I mean none of the shows have impressed me and everything feels so crammed together. If you’re gonna make it 6 episodes at least make each one an hour. The Boys is 8 episodes a season and each are an hour. Flash and Arrow are 20 episodes a season with 42 minutes. It’s not like Disney doesn’t have the money.
Smirnova Sasha
Smirnova Sasha Hace 3 días
I can't wait for this series. I think after watching the trailer this is a masterpiece of the film industry
Zandr mandr
Zandr mandr Hace un día
I like that we are seeing more of the imperial army troopers instead of just the stormtroopers.
Alfie Who
Alfie Who Hace un día
I always thought out of the bunch of post-2010 Star Wars movies, Rogue One really stood out.
Darren Berkey
Darren Berkey Hace 18 horas
Wow, not gonna lie, this gave me goosebumps, and has that same Rogue One vibe, which is one of my favorite Star Wars movies.
Sir Jeppy
Sir Jeppy Hace 6 días
This actually looks really really cool
Person #4265566866555535565588
Fun fact: When the first episodes air. It'll have been 10 years since the first appearance of Saw Gerrera was screened.
Person #4265566866555535565588
@The Hidden Hand 1:12
The Hidden Hand
The Hidden Hand Hace un día
Aidan Mullard
Aidan Mullard Hace 15 horas
Once you get over the pretty visuals and pay attention to the dialogue. I think the show will be about a more grounded start of a rebel faction, and ends with Ashoka putting them in touch with other rebel factions. But the Ashoka reveal would be at the very end. This would help tie in starwars rebels, give Ashoka some hype before her show, and allow this show to tell its story.
Milo O'Gorman
Milo O'Gorman Hace un día
Wouldn't it be nice to see the composer / musicians etc get a credit on every trailer that arrives on youtube... y'know... to help them get recognition, publicity, interest in their revenue stream channels etc. Just a thought.
s a m p l e t e x t
s a m p l e t e x t Hace 3 días
This looks incredible...
Mike Miller
Mike Miller Hace 6 días
The colors, the scenery, the music and the feel of this is epic. This group who directed Rogue One and Andor.. should be involved in all Star Wars.
The Hidden Hand
The Hidden Hand Hace un día
@carlotta4th no it doesn't
Wanye Kest
Wanye Kest Hace 3 días
the guy who is doing cinema for this has won three emmys and did GoT. don't worry, kenobi was the only trash exception for poor cinema
Random One for Stuff
@Mutantelamadrid But you should also look back at the Kenobi trailer -- there was only a hint of shaky cam (just like this trailer), and the series ended up using it in every other scene.
Stephen Carlson
Stephen Carlson Hace 2 días
im glad they are giving some love to the throw away characters of a throw away movie. Still, rouge one is one of the better pieces of star wars content that has been released in the past 10 years.
justīn Hace un día
Looks trash won’t be watching 😢😢👎🏼
Sean Parker
Sean Parker Hace 3 días
So good to see Diego Luna back!
Mael Bon
Mael Bon Hace 3 días
Went from one of the sw projects I had not much interest into one of the show I’m the most hyped for currently. Let’s hope Disney doesn’t disappoint this time, because the trailer calls for something on a whole new level that what we’ve seen in recent live action shows…
blahblahblah Hace un día
Same, I shrugged when I heard of that show being made initially, but since watching this trailer I'm super pumped. Will definitely re-activate my Disney subscription.
Amendelwyr Hace 2 días
They've proven that they will. Boycott stands.
Josh c
Josh c Hace un día
So the prequel to Rouge one looks absolutely amazing
Rolfathan Hace 6 días
This is possibly the best blend of the prequals and original trilogy I've seen. It captures both of them so seamlessly. I assume they were going for this, and honored them both so well. I hope they are proud of their good work.
Soroush Kevin Arjomandi
Dooblevoo Hace 5 días
@Mad Mick Muppet babies
Jantheking Hace 5 días
lol not really. It doesn't feel like either the prequals or the original trilogy. It feels like its own thing, which is why it is so good. Star wars needs to keep doing new things like this if it wants to continue to have supportive fans.
Lightninblue Hace 20 horas
The music in the beginning, which becomes the background of the music for the rest of the trailer really reminds me of the show 'Dark'. Instant chills.
FLOPPA1234 Hace 22 horas
I can’t wait for this to come out it looks sick
SpaceyMonkey75 Hace 18 horas
Crossing my fingers we'll get to see my two favoritest alien bit-players, Bistan and Moroff. No biggie, Tony Gilroy is the master of the modern spy-thriller. His collaboration with Lucasfilm has been a dream come true for this lifelong SW fan. I know we'll be getting something very different, hopefully a little more mature than previous small screen entries. Awesome though they are.
Hugh Mongus
Hugh Mongus Hace un día
Really excited for this one! Rogue One is the best Star Wars film of them all.
Stefano Torres
Stefano Torres Hace 6 días
As someone whose favorite movie is Rogue One, this has made me so excited that I can't put it into words. I can't believe how good everything looks, and I'm so happy they brought characters I wished I could've seen more stories like Saw Guerrera and Cassian.
Stefano Torres
Stefano Torres Hace 5 días
To those who don't see what is it about Rogue One that's so captivating, at least for me, is that it wasn't just about a family strong with the Force, but the ground people that had to deal with the Empire. Nobody in the group wanted to be there, but they knew they needed to. Every sacrifice made, had a reason, and it pushed the plot in a way no other S.W. movie was able to in my opinion. The characters were unique and interesting. Not to mention the photography and themes. I'm really excited about this new era after The Mandalorian, Boba and Kenobi.
GamePoy Hace 6 días
@Dhamma Boy I cannot possibly fathom how you believe Rogue One is that good.
AndyHSmith Hace 6 días
I also really enjoyed rogue one, and this trailer seems to give a similar vibe.
fani5000 Hace 6 días
Rogue One is amazing! It just feels different, better quality than the rest story-wise, cinematography, editing, casting ... just great! So definitely looking forward to this!
ConnorJMiner Hace 3 días
finally something that looks on-par with the mandalorian!
Dut A
Dut A Hace 15 horas
I see some Expanse influences in terms seeming to have a grittier more lived in seeming world compared to the usual polished almost cgi look modern Star Wars sometimes has. Looks good.
Hoopa_ Hace 3 días
Im more hyped for this than any disney+ series. This just really hits and feels different. AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED. Disney hasn't given us more than tatooine and the mandalorian. They have just been feeding of one success and that was annoying. Boba Fett didn't even appear in two episodes of his own show. So I'm excited to see something original again
Sardaukar Throat Singer
Like the first trailer, the cinematography on this give me strong Blade Runner 2049 vibes. And I love it
Thomas Sutton
Thomas Sutton Hace 6 días
Absolutely stunning!! THIS is what I’ve dreamed of Star Wars on the small screen looking like. The scope and production value is incredible. The era, the characters, the look, the vibe. It all looks absolutely fantastic.
Kuba Kondraciuk
Kuba Kondraciuk Hace un día
The fact that it comes from creators of Rogue One gives me hope. Rogue One and both Mandalorian seasons are only Star Wars content from Disney Era that it’s not embarrassingly bad and disappointing. And after the tragedy of Obi-wan show (which still had good trailers) I can’t be really hyped for another SW tv show.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Hace un día
This seems super promising, keep up the great work!
Terry King
Terry King Hace un día
I didn't even finish Obi-Wan because it had the polish and energy of a high end fan film, this looks more promising immediately.
Antoine Rolin
Antoine Rolin Hace un día
I love the feel of the trailer and mood, il looks like rogue one but I am afraid to be once again disapointed… I truely hope to be proven wrong
Jonny Horror
Jonny Horror Hace 6 días
The difference in the quality of cinematography, lighting, editing and set design between this and all of the other Star Wars shows thus far is just absolutely ridiculous. Finally they have a team that appears to actually know how to change the settings on a camera and use Final Cut.
al Mamlūk
al Mamlūk Hace un día
I really really really really hope that they finally found a proper camera man. I do not want more shaky cam,
Frederico Batista
Frederico Batista Hace un día
@Apav because tony gilroy is not Debora chow. He probably hired the best for his project and demanded money and talent.
Dustin Hollis
Dustin Hollis Hace 5 días
@pc gamer Odd how the Soviets supply the rebels AK-47s in Andor.
Franniep 000
Franniep 000 Hace 5 días
@glen wilson 🤳
Ave Dinamling
Ave Dinamling Hace un día
Im seriously getting Dune/GOT vibes here. This looks promising, i hope writing matches the excellence of its cinematography.
Justin Lowry
Justin Lowry Hace 2 días
Well this simply looks amazing and has amazing Actors/Actresses. Looking forward to this.
CD ROD Hace 21 un hora
It actually shows the suffering the people went through when the empire was in full power. As a Mexican born and raised i am so proud of Diego Luna being in the Star Wars universe.
Daniel Sekerak
Daniel Sekerak Hace un día
I'm rooting for the Empire.
leon lacroix
leon lacroix Hace un día
Same! Long live the empire!
Rubs Animation
Rubs Animation Hace 6 días
I have a feeling this will be the best Star Wars show to date. Finally we’re getting a more expanded vision of the Star Wars universe. It’s time to see something completely new. This is what we need.
Rafael C. C.
Rafael C. C. Hace 4 días
If you want expanded Star Wars watch The Clone Wars and Rebels.
Connor Garvin
Connor Garvin Hace 5 días
@gingergreek I’d agree but this shows definitely on the unique side, it’ll either hit or miss on either end of the extremes
Jack Rutledge Goembel
@3008radeon more cameos and fanservice are honestly the last thing we need imo
Jesse Queen
Jesse Queen Hace 6 días
@Moses Gutierrez Nothing will
Land Voyagers
Land Voyagers Hace 3 días
Ok, I wasn't expecting much from that one, but when I saw the cast and that Rogue One feeling to it , I am in :D
justīn Hace un día
Looks trash won’t be watching 😢😢👎🏼
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