Andrea Kelly Details Allegations Of Abuse By Ex-Husband R. Kelly | The View

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Davis Fountain
Davis Fountain Hace un día
Sounds like my father. His drunken rage, his narcissism. It’s crazy. My mother dealt with that. I have dealt with that behavior. It’s true what this lady is speaking
Oh thats Lauren
Oh thats Lauren Hace un día
Girl bye !!! She said a girl was downstairs while she was upstairs but yet stayed upstairs.. I have no sympathy for her . We the people of Chicago see right through her . Not only is rkelly guilty she is too.
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
Madison Green
Madison Green Hace 2 días
So why does she keep his last name then?
Valerie Espinoza
Valerie Espinoza Hace 3 días
If you been here, you know. She’s not lying.
Demko Hace 3 días
r kelly innocent leave him alone tf
Zay Stripling
Zay Stripling Hace 3 días
She coming out now cause she money hungry
Enza delia
Enza delia Hace 4 días
heres my thing, so if it happens once and second time you were 27 yrs old you knew better why would you put your self in that situation...and stories had come outy about him why would you marry him
POLAR BEAR Hace 4 días
Marriage is for better or for worst and you said I DO to all of this.
POLAR BEAR Hace 4 días
You married the man for his money and fame I don't care what happened to whores.
William McKenzi
William McKenzi Hace 4 días
She’s lying like a mf
Sam Mbabazi
Sam Mbabazi Hace 7 días
On a lighter note: she looks like a younger version of Gladys Knight and an older version of Kelly Rowland. Beautiful woman, am happy that u left that dark marriage. R. Kelly should be tried in courts of law.
Sam Mbabazi
Sam Mbabazi Hace 7 días
My mother is a survivor of Domestic physical violence, when I was just 5, I thought she wouldn't live long enough to see us grow up! None of us was spared by our father, I am now almost a 40 year old man, and mum is still with us, I will always love her for never abandoning us. Drea sounds truthful, let R.Kelly be tried in court, and given professional help whether guilty or not.
thato lara
thato lara Hace 8 días
Women are devils because they're good at destroying mans life expetially when u have money and the relationship doesn't working out. There are one who gave us the forbidden fruit and make us to betray God and still today they keeping destroying.
Pamela's V Log Central (Getting real)
Was almost sucked into a bad relationship where someone I went to school with wanted to control what I was to say and who I could see and even tried to come between me and my family... This was in High school at a track meet for special needs... I told him where to go and how I to jump... I saw him again at a reunion and he called me every name under the sun... I left the party that night with my head up and my pride.... R Kelly should remain in jail for the rest of his days....
Michelle Martine Aicken
This poor woman is brave strong and beautiful she does not need to be victim-shamed let her speak! 😶🤐😓😔
Queen Of The Dead
Queen Of The Dead Hace 11 días
ahuh thats why u still have is last name right?!?!?
Queen Of The Dead
Queen Of The Dead Hace 11 días
but why now??? why wouldn't she say something when its happening... or is it just convenient now there are all these allegations flying about too add flames to that fire!!!
zaria Cotton
zaria Cotton Hace 12 días
Dis lady then fool alot people with all of dis fake lies she nun but a acting to get money n to get rich off r Kelly get over it y'all been broke up Don't cry now dats so fake of you
Louis Peterson
Louis Peterson Hace 14 días
I will keep his last name for I can remember everything he did and I can forever be associated with him.
Meral E.
Meral E. Hace 15 días
a Beautiful angel
Cyrus Powers
Cyrus Powers Hace 16 días
7:48 "And then you filed a restraining order, in 2005, what prompted you to do that?" *Are you fucking kidding me*
julia louk
julia louk Hace 16 días
Well I appreciate your words of wisdom and guidance to but I'll tell you what the second time my child put his hands on draya I got to the point to where I had had enough and I started fighting him back because I'm a big girl I weigh about 200 lb
Kelvin Tbeardz
Kelvin Tbeardz Hace 17 días
I'm touched honestly .. I have to imply that it's not easy being a man . he might be guilty but there are millions of men out there who are even worse than him .. Sex is it's urge is indescribable and some times o feel it's the forbidden fruit .. It's a crazy world we are living in for even in the animal kingdom .males kill themselves all for pussy..... Only God can finally judge us.. I'm not a perfect man myself and I suggest that there should take a good look at R- Kelly and ask him why he is doing what he is accused of . he might have something to say.. I have anger problems and I don't feel good about it . it frightens my girlfriend and she's living with me in fear and that breaks my heart for I know this isn't right but I get pissed and hurt and then Regret come immeasurably and there is this hurt I feel inside because I am fighting everyday to control this stupid temper of mine.. There are always 2 sides to a story .. I feel for the lady and let's not forget that non of is would want our sisters and daughters to be violated so I get the point .. Nevertheless how about if all of this accusation about Kelly are FALSE ?
Janice Figures
Janice Figures Hace 19 días
Janice Figures
Janice Figures Hace 19 días
Did you describe that maybe that could have happened but did you really tell him why he did what he did to you you ain't telling all of the store you telling half of what you want everybody about you but you're not telling what's really going on you're not telling what the heck what happened to provoke that man to do that if he even did that you know what you're doing right you know what you're saying nobody saying that that didn't happen but couples fight and argue all the time OK couples fight and argue all the time you have no exception to the rule that we are out and gets into it with our men's and sofa sofa this type of conflicts happen most of the time but you sent over is if he knew never promoted none of that I bet you you did I bet you did provoke that you provoked some of that stuff that made that man did something I do believe you provoking most couples have fights so what was the big was a big deal about that he hurt your arm and all this time you did something to provoke that man don't go there don't even go there that's why you ain't tell you to only telling half
INDLIS Hace 19 días
Leave Andrea Kelly alone, Aaliyah’s mother is the real trouble
Dr. Shaun C. Rice
Dr. Shaun C. Rice Hace 21 un día
To: haters and they mama, esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-zBu6lL4tlYE.html
Jealous of White Males Tɪɴʏ Bʟᴀᴄᴋ CᴏᴄᴋS
This is why women should STAY AWAY FROM BLACK MEN.
Frost Fanatik
Frost Fanatik Hace 22 días
Look like she was coached well
Mr.msappiah Appiah
Mr.msappiah Appiah Hace 22 días
His music should never be played he is a disgrace hopefully he gives his life to Jesus while he’s serving life sentences
Emily stevens
Emily stevens Hace 23 días
They don't know what real sexual abuse is. Real sexual abuse is a dirty jamaican who conned you into a marriage, forces his 20 inch dyck inside you, while calling you an American Bish for complaining.
Starr 2020
Starr 2020 Hace 26 días
we heard you andrea...now stfu
Elle Hesse
Elle Hesse Hace 27 días
Beautiful Strong Lady. A Survivor. 💪💪💪💪
Casaouia5300 Hace 27 días
soooooo hwhat is the name of her BEAUITFUL SATIN outfit
RaJeene' Bryant
RaJeene' Bryant Hace un mes
This MONSTER is another reason WHY he LOVES coming to the Twin Cities due to the fact MINNESOTA is a pedophile's DREAM come true! As a Minnesotan the so called state of 10,000 Lakes is REALLY the state of 10,000 rapists & pedophile's #TRUESTORY
bobby miller
bobby miller Hace un mes
free r Kelly innocent
Carla Pendergrast
Carla Pendergrast Hace un mes
Lies , Lies. Lies.
Epiphanie Samba
Epiphanie Samba Hace un mes
We black people are totally fake.... now we are blaming R.Kelly once we will put him down and who will be the next...Jay Z or a nother black...
Habbil H.O
Habbil H.O Hace un mes
I wonder what r kelly saw in this lady ...she's not even cute ... ugly
Shannon for R kelly R Kelly
Whatever she was victim somebody else victim who is leave Lexie said that no money in the world okay well that's kind of believe that
Menieclaire Vaflor
Menieclaire Vaflor Hace un mes
He needs to be punished
060 KingDrive
060 KingDrive Hace un mes
This women is lying
GhostVaperYT Hace un mes
I Can see why r kelly would be abusive. he has money, and power. he probably cannot handle anyone going against him. idk believe he would hit her over milk temperature. but i do believe he would hit her over her revealing clothes, and i am so glad she took her kids and left
Priantha Govender
Priantha Govender Hace un mes
Priantha Govender
Priantha Govender Hace un mes
Different side if Andrea
1BLACK NATION Hace un mes
If he was so bad then why did she have 3 kids by him? She's not telling the whole story which makes her a liar, a manipulator a deceiver... Oh and by the way Elvis Presley married a 14 year old...
Rosie Turner
Rosie Turner Hace un mes
I feel for her..... But she shouldn't be dancing in her car to his music.
Roger Wabbit
Roger Wabbit Hace un mes
After the pervert R Kelly is imprisoned, the animals caged therein, will turn him into s single engine propeller. He's gonna nelieve he can FLY, 🤣 🤣
Storm Hace un mes
She keeps going on these shows contradicting herself. I’ll probably felt a little sorry for her if she didn’t go on all these shows saying one thing on one show and another one another show. She’s being cross examined by the media and doesn’t even know it.
Zachary Baylor
Zachary Baylor Hace un mes
She keep saying I’m a dancer ... this lady is full of it #muteDreaKelly
Zachary Baylor
Zachary Baylor Hace un mes
She is trash
Evette Scott
Evette Scott Hace un mes
One 1 she says, you can stop right there. She was married. All marriages have behind doors issues, period.
Michael King
Michael King Hace un mes
She a lier.
Eriss R.
Eriss R. Hace 2 meses
But she keeps his name??
man of the woods
man of the woods Hace 2 meses
Why keep his last name?
derrie page
derrie page Hace 2 meses
Carol Benson
Carol Benson Hace 2 meses
He s a sick man...glad she's free!
Patrick Pepin
Patrick Pepin Hace 2 meses
He is definitely a malignant narcissist. Very sad that this woman had to experience this toxic monster.
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore Hace 2 meses
No one tells a true story the same way. If it is true the facts remain however, something memorized has to be told always the same. Another persons story is never the same as your on, people handle things differently, we have different strengths, behaviors and personalities therefore it may be similarities but never exactly the same. Example, she was a wife, her experience would not be the same as an outsider their mental thoughts are different. Yes, mental abuse, physical abuse and all that is comparable but actions speaks louder than words, and Andrea actions did not speak until now, makes no sense, seems as if she did not mature until she knew others would see who and what and why she really is what we are seeing right now. A child is taught to speak of these things and a woman who had one child knows better, just saying, unless something is terribly wrong, just saying.
Shirley Williams
Shirley Williams Hace 2 meses
I never heard of a Andrea Kelly until she was married to R Kelly and no one still knew who the f*** she was until she got on the show with the ex-wives so stop playing of course she got to stick to the story like the song Say that's my story and I'm sticking with it
K S Hace 2 meses
I really don't know whether to believe this woman or not? Why would she want his child support money if he did this to her? I wouldn't want a penny from any man who put me through that. It would be nice to finally know the truth after seeing all the conflicting info from both sides. Hopefully the truth will out.
I help anytime
I help anytime Hace 2 meses
0:23 If the girl agreed, then you can't blame R Kelly for marrying her -_-
Carl Milton
Carl Milton Hace 2 meses
Carl Milton
Carl Milton Hace 2 meses
IDK. some reason I don't believe her azz. she knew what that creep was doing. IDK..... someone else knew.
Phillippa Russell
Phillippa Russell Hace 2 meses
The Commenter 2
The Commenter 2 Hace 2 meses
She still cant act.
And Now Ladies & Gentlemen Mister Carlton
Awesome Testimony, Not Only does Domestic Violence & Physical Violence Happen To Woman it Happens To Men Too
Clemes Determann
Clemes Determann Hace 2 meses
Zu xx
Chocolate74able Hace 2 meses
Amazing that she would still keep his name. Ugh! Ain't nobody got time for that...
ronnie odowd
ronnie odowd Hace 2 meses
Y 10 years tho idek
Ceeboy ForLife
Ceeboy ForLife Hace 2 meses
I would love to see men talk about dating and marrying women in Hollywood the way women do men.
She's so Hollywood with this bs....Jesus Christ
jabulile kumalo
jabulile kumalo Hace 2 meses
She is crazy..
Josephine Amadi
Josephine Amadi Hace 2 meses
Nothing to say
Nazyair sengikar
Nazyair sengikar Hace 2 meses
I'd like to believe her but the view are such liars. And whoopy has defended Roman Polanski they have cried wolf to many time. The view are frauds
Nazyair sengikar
Nazyair sengikar Hace 2 meses
So all the lying media say he is hmmm.
Nazyair sengikar
Nazyair sengikar Hace 2 meses
Says 18 on the marriage certificate so they lie off the bat. Hmmmm anyone that believes them now are fools.
MrJaytheking Hace 2 meses
Hello all good people. I am an up and coming youtuber. I did videos reacting to and giving my thoughts on the R. Kelly documentary. I would love some feedback on my videos. And while you’re at it, you can follow me on IG @jaytheking97. Thank you all good people.
Brandon Jablasone
Brandon Jablasone Hace 2 meses
I want to see the evidence and not she say
Cynthia Carter
Cynthia Carter Hace 3 meses
No one wants to hear from that two-face woman one minute she's crying victim in the next one she's playing Superwoman to that man that's her baby daddy she doesn't care what anyone says about him I'm done
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