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hope you guys like the andy ruiz jr highlights - This shows Andy Ruiz JR Knockouts Highlights. His next fight will be against Anthony Joshua, Do you Think Andy Ruiz Jr has what it takes to knockout AJ?
Video by : Boxing Legacies
Hope to see a entertaining fight! ANDY RUIZ JR VS ANTHONY JOSHUA!
Both boxers will be training for a war! i cant wait!


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9 may 2019






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Mike Sherrard
Mike Sherrard Hace 8 días
Anybody know the music to this song?
moanGee Zoe
moanGee Zoe Hace 25 días
@1:21 the look in his body and face is like nothing.Like a fucken machine.Like he was born a fighter.Not fazed in any way whatsoever.Wow!
Oreste Ellen
Oreste Ellen Hace 25 días
Parker he lost the fight
xavier lopez
xavier lopez Hace un mes
I'm thinking ruiz & wilder should be next since they're both coming off loses
Salman Almutairi
Salman Almutairi Hace un mes
Mexican butterbean 😍
ruslan muhammad
ruslan muhammad Hace un mes
the level of street sucker puncher yo / unprofessional boxer @ Charlie Zelenoff
Necron023 Hace un mes
What is the music used? ty
Jin Ouji
Jin Ouji Hace 2 meses
Uhh no, Mike Tyson at 53 will eat this doughboy alive lmfao i can't believe some people said he would have a problem with this fat so if he returned professionally - LOOL
Team Antic
Team Antic Hace 2 meses
Well btw everyone Joshua came back
Raymond Cordero
Raymond Cordero Hace 3 meses
He is fake persona,he didn’t prove he is not a champ he lost his fight didn’t train he went fat his lose to Joshua
Abe Jaa
Abe Jaa Hace 3 meses
He is on another level guys 🔥 what a guy!
Jalisco Cartel Wins
Jalisco Cartel Wins Hace 4 meses
This dude is such a wolf in sheep clothing.I feel like everyone underestimates him for being a just a few pounds heavier from tacos and modelo.
Robert Vaughn
Robert Vaughn Hace 4 meses
Hows this knockout highlights at least two were on points🙄
The Outlaw Josey Wales
Andy Ruiz vs Jerrell Miller in the battle of the blubber;)
Johnnyboy200406 Hace 4 meses
Soo sad , he is really the only skilled puncher in the heavyweight division but ate one too many taquitos !!
BH 333
BH 333 Hace 4 meses
Rip to the good old looking boxers and the beautiful style in boxing..... most of the new boxers are fat and have horrible form, just some heavy hands
Joshua Rosario
Joshua Rosario Hace 5 meses
It says ko highlights and it has a desicion 😂
Craig Adriatico
Craig Adriatico Hace 6 meses
3941602 Hace 7 meses
His knockouts are all similar. Similar combos and counter same way he knocked out AJ was equal to the first fighter highlight
Derreck Jones
Derreck Jones Hace 6 meses
@dripzzz 200 I know but Ruiz has mastered it so that he hits them on the temple area. Joshua did the same to Ruiz in the rematch so he neutralized Ruiz at his own game.
dripzzz 200
dripzzz 200 Hace 6 meses
Derreck Jones there a lot of boxers that do that ,then why didn’t they get point deduction for it 😂
dripzzz 200
dripzzz 200 Hace 6 meses
Derreck Jones nah when they clinch he pushes them and swing so they don’t get time to rest and I saw similar fights that Ruiz had with that strategy 😂🤦‍♂️
Derreck Jones
Derreck Jones Hace 6 meses
@dripzzz 200 yes all sneaky punches to the back of the had after clinching
dripzzz 200
dripzzz 200 Hace 6 meses
3941602 exactly that why I think that wasn’t no lucky shot onrs
tone kavar
tone kavar Hace 7 meses
King. Thats all.
Micheal Sudan
Micheal Sudan Hace 7 meses
As terrible as he looks , this kid can fight.
Martin The 3rd
Martin The 3rd Hace un mes
He looks good
Alex Andrade
Alex Andrade Hace 7 meses
This is not the Andy I saw today
JaanKashmiri Hace 7 meses
Who is here after Andy‘s loss to AJ ?
Orlando Gonzalez
Orlando Gonzalez Hace 7 meses
Yeah go ahead and laugh at his size ..... and then get put to sleep for a week
ブラジリアン Hace 7 meses
4Given Hace 7 meses
Never forgot Babe Ruth was shaped like sponge Bob.
noe cuis
noe cuis Hace 7 meses
Just wow.SUPERB!
American standard diet ruined men. If he is the best. My goodness poor harvest
Bruce Lee jr
Bruce Lee jr Hace 7 meses
Mr. Ruiz you are a great champion for the world of boxing I pray you continued success in the ring and out 🙏....
Marius Lucaciu
Marius Lucaciu Hace 7 meses
Îmi spunea tata k viteza face totul!!!viteza duce la forța ! Am spus tot. Bravo Andy 💪💪💪💪
Burak Senturk
Burak Senturk Hace 7 meses
I will be here on the morning of December 8. Probably this guy will be defeated.
Burak Senturk
Burak Senturk Hace 7 meses
Yes i now andy didn’t seem prepared for the match if it was better prepared everything could be different
SergeantBlackJack Hace 7 meses
@Burak Senturk im not a ruiz fan and aj did a good job at outboxing but u can say andy wasnt properly prepared.
Burak Senturk
Burak Senturk Hace 7 meses
the facts is pain dude
SergeantBlackJack Hace 7 meses
u trippin lol
Jimmydao Dao
Jimmydao Dao Hace 7 meses
Why you would feature Parker vs Ruiz on a Ruiz KO compilation vid? Ruiz lost against Parker
Kryptic Hace 7 meses
Okay this video was dog shit tf why put knockouts when there’s like 2
Frank Wagner
Frank Wagner Hace 7 meses
Nice video! I enjoyed watching it, but now I can't place what song that instrumental is from and it's driving me nuts like a steering wheel on a belt buckle.
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez Hace 7 meses
He’s like Bob from Tekken. 🔥
Jake L
Jake L Hace 7 meses
Devosious Hace 7 meses
That left hook, fuck
A Ali
A Ali Hace 7 meses
Parker has the Ruiz recipe.
Sbdhudhxbb Djdjdjzjjd
Parker actually lost in my eyes got hometown decision even the commentators had Ruiz up
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz Hace 7 meses
Parka did a better job with ruiz then aj
I can't believe Im watching highlights of a fat boxer..but real talk hes a good boxer though
Ivan Ds
Ivan Ds Hace 7 meses
Well this is the heavyweight class, they've always been all shapes and sizes...
Requiem4PandaZ Hace 7 meses
Reminds me a bit of butter bean, but the Mexican version.... frijol mantequilla.
Blake Hace 7 meses
Lets admit hes possibly one of the best boxer to touch à pair of gloves
100% American
100% American Hace 7 meses
Punches are wide. Alot of rabbit punches.
Martin Armenta
Martin Armenta Hace 7 meses
Funny because he has such a bubbly fat kid face and ends up being the world champion
Ana Mihoubi
Ana Mihoubi Hace 7 meses
Andy can take a punch. Joshua is in trouble, next weekend. Ruiz Joshua 2
Mike B
Mike B Hace 7 meses
Ruiz definitely has power and is skilled but these highlights just lack the pop of a true knockout compilation.
Christian Olson
Christian Olson Hace 7 meses
He’s stays engaged in the fight. He’s got a lot of will and a great attitude. A guy like that is really hard to knock out. His combinations are really clean and quick as well. Anthony Joshua wasn’t prepared to fight a world class guy like Andy. He’s truly at the top of the boxing game. I’d like to see him fight Tyson Fury. I think it would be closer than Fury believed it would.
Jesus Justiniano
Jesus Justiniano Hace 7 meses
Good chin 👍🏻
Raunchy101 Hace 7 meses
AJ gonna smash the fatty next time round
James Fink
James Fink Hace 7 meses
Can’t help but notice he keeps hitting people in the back of the head
James Fink
James Fink Hace 7 meses
Harrison McDonald nah I just watched the Joshua fight. Ruiz CLEARLY trains to hit you in the back of the head. I don’t think he ever hit Joshua in the face once lol all hits were to the back of the ear/head area or temple in both fights. Ref had to warn him in the sequal
Wrath Hace 7 meses
True, however completely unintentional every time I saw it.
Humble spirit
Humble spirit Hace 7 meses
Dude slammed the guy at 2:09 and everyone talking about he’s humble like Aj you can straight up tell he’s arrogant simple as that.
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas Hace 7 meses
He's a dog in the ring, good quality
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez Hace 7 meses
Stfu bitch
Lol Plz don’t
Lol Plz don’t Hace 7 meses
Why on Gods holy earth would u use this godam unholy music? What’s wrong with u?😪
Conor Duffy
Conor Duffy Hace 7 meses
Mute it then
ZigZagButtCrack Hace 7 meses
I just raised the volume and totally agree wtf lol
Kassen Bazzi
Kassen Bazzi Hace 7 meses
Soooper Dooper yeah this music sucks ass
Joshua Hace 7 meses
You see he has almost the same boxing style like David Tua but hes taller than Tua
Mar 1
Mar 1 Hace 7 meses
Once Andy kos Joshua again and smashes Wilder to bits also, he needs to go and avange that robbery New Zealand handed to him and ko Joseph Parker and then take Tysons Furys head off for being a loud mouth. There is the program for you Andy. Go out there and execute it.
The Meek
The Meek Hace 7 meses
Andy's body is deceptive.
Jorge Anibal
Jorge Anibal Hace 7 meses
Andy Ruiz would benefit from Eddie Reynoso, he has the talent and canelo's team would up his game
FGKing1029 Hace 7 meses
Agreed, dude would be a refined killer if he jumped ships.
Atum 777
Atum 777 Hace 7 meses
Boxing is back!
tommobeast2 Hace 7 meses
The only knock down peeps want a see and it's not on hrer
buster rainbow
buster rainbow Hace 7 meses
Solid fighter be hard to break down
Grahisen Jones
Grahisen Jones Hace 8 meses
Overrated. He got lucky. He is going to get destroyed come December. Lol.
Megatron EX1127
Megatron EX1127 Hace 7 meses
You Joshua fans are really salty as fuck. This guy was slept on for years. Therefore "overrated" isn't the right word to describe this Mexican boxer. Don't come crying on December if things don't play out the way you wanted them to.
Moby Hace 7 meses
you cant say he got lucky when he knocked aj down 4 times. doesnt work like that.
Y G Hace 8 meses
1:56 a mexican Hitman standing behind ruiz
God Hace 8 meses
His left hook is a nice set up
Mosquito Viral
Mosquito Viral Hace 8 meses
un orgullo que seas Mexicano neta andy.
Nikki Mori
Nikki Mori Hace 8 meses
That overhand right is LETHAL
Vile Fox
Vile Fox Hace 9 meses
Stop basing everything off of “looks” and except the fact that this guy can flat out box. Fast hands and knockout power. Deadly combination.
edouard villano
edouard villano Hace 9 meses
who was that last guy? awesome precision.
Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear Hace 7 meses
Joseph Parker
Rodrigo Herrera
Rodrigo Herrera Hace 9 meses
The man's a punch sponge and he can dish as well as he gets no wonder Joshua had no chance to begin with Ruiz can take a licking and keep on kicking Joshua get one good shot landed on him and he's on dream street
Matt Eagles
Matt Eagles Hace 9 meses
Klitschko can beat Ruiz if there is a match. This fight will be a very interesting one.
Lars Malsbender
Lars Malsbender Hace 9 meses
He is like butterbean, but fast as fack
Amp Hace 9 meses
great choice of music nicely edited video
Ken Lewis
Ken Lewis Hace 9 meses
Nadirshakh Abduljabbar
Mexican GANGSTER 🤴
Tymoproductions Hace 9 meses
This music sucked lol
Idriz Bakalovic
Idriz Bakalovic Hace 9 meses
Aziz tyson the best ever
Rick Stone
Rick Stone Hace 9 meses
your highlights a little weird
Hes Mexican all heart ... Never tapping out ..
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Hace 10 meses
Ruiz a legit heavyweight.
Cepheus Hace 10 meses
He is very fast for a man his size.
Ethan R.T
Ethan R.T Hace 10 meses
how fast.
Lee Nimbley
Lee Nimbley Hace 10 meses
He targets round the top an side of the head so bad
Hompanera Rocks
Hompanera Rocks Hace 10 meses
Para que luego digan que el boxeo mexicano no es el mejor
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