Andy Samberg Shares His Rejected Golden Globes Jokes

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Andy Samberg shares some of his rejected Golden Globes Jokes and talks about the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
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Andy Samberg Shares His Rejected Golden Globes Jokes- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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10 ene 2019






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Comentarios 1 042
luxusmode111 Hace 4 horas
Ngl, I watched this just for that John Mulaney impression.
Iris white
Iris white Hace 15 horas
He looks so smart in glasses 😂
Valkrye Hace un día
jake peralta is an amazing detective/genius
Michiko Yeung
Michiko Yeung Hace 4 días
Mountaingirl02 Hace 5 días
Is he aging in reverse? Can't believe this man is 40 years old!!
Ana Flavia Cardoso
Ana Flavia Cardoso Hace 6 días
Forgot for a minute that they were in SNL together. Love and miss
Aurun Bhattarai
Aurun Bhattarai Hace 6 días
That’s my boy
MelGusta Hace 6 días
The John Mulaney joke 😭
broken fangirl 2002
broken fangirl 2002 Hace 7 días
I love how you can tell its a John Mulaney joke, his style is so iconic
Bela Hace 8 días
Peralta, your a genious!
Edward Zaleski
Edward Zaleski Hace 8 días
Never say die esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-WusL-muBo30.html
Lara Me
Lara Me Hace 9 días
He's so hot
Dribrom Sunrock
Dribrom Sunrock Hace 10 días
Who watch Netflix on there phone? If I don't want Netflix on my TV I watch it on my tablet when I'm having lunch at some restaurant.
Akhil Bandi
Akhil Bandi Hace 10 días
The Crazy Rich Asians one was 🔥🔥🔥
Keenz 145
Keenz 145 Hace 12 días
Best mulaney Impression
Zoe Loza
Zoe Loza Hace 15 días
Spot on John Mulaney impression haha
Joshua Kass-Amsterdam
Joshua Kass-Amsterdam Hace 15 días
Perfect Mulaney impression!!!
Ioann Romanov
Ioann Romanov Hace 16 días
He looks like a brother of Adam Sandler and Jason Biggs.
Jonna Heijke
Jonna Heijke Hace 18 días
mulaney inpression was pretty good!!
Jonna Heijke
Jonna Heijke Hace 18 días
crzay rich asians joke was very good
Scheneca Crane
Scheneca Crane Hace 20 días
i took notes; nothing was cut. thank god
Jake Schraeder
Jake Schraeder Hace 20 días
John Mulany should guest star on Brooklyn 99 as a detective from another precinct going to a elementary school to teach them to STREET SMARTS!
Jaylynn Narans
Jaylynn Narans Hace 22 días
I went back and counted there were 18
Chael Dwyer
Chael Dwyer Hace 25 días
Andy's laugh at 5:55 is priceless!
Sanchir Bazarsad
Sanchir Bazarsad Hace 28 días
Audience was not getting those jokes.
Jamie Matindi
Jamie Matindi Hace 29 días
I love these guys 😍😍😂😂
Cesar Filho
Cesar Filho Hace un mes
D Stuart
D Stuart Hace un mes
I miss his beautiful hair. Love that big nose--love him.
Sara Carr
Sara Carr Hace un mes
Seth is a great host
Nerd Queen
Nerd Queen Hace un mes
They only said 17 jokes.
May Dantas
May Dantas Hace un mes
Thanks for saving B99!
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
I didn't know Jake Peralta was real
PumpedUpBricks Hace un mes
I love Andy Samberg so much. Such a great comedian.
Mikołaj Solik
Mikołaj Solik Hace un mes
It occurred to me only now that Andy is actually handsome
Josh Peel
Josh Peel Hace un mes
No wonder they were rejected i shudder to think what went through to the golden globes
yo do I gotta call tiesto
the coma one was great lmao
Manas Agarwal
Manas Agarwal Hace un mes
I love jake
Lucy Hace un mes
I love when actors I like, talk about...other actors I like ?!!
Aisling Hace un mes
Who counted how many joked there was??
Kelly Durgan
Kelly Durgan Hace un mes
Did anyone count the jokes?
Drew Bernstein
Drew Bernstein Hace un mes
Their john mulaney impressions are iconic
Salma Zween
Salma Zween Hace un mes
Foxglove1 Hace un mes
SNL was watchable when these two and Bill Hader were on.
endale Hace un mes
A John Mulaney impression is something I never knew I wanted
DONUTT Hace un mes
I think he cut one.
Doesn’t get your jokes
He kinda looks like Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99
chansey Hace un mes
This is how you look at 40 when you're funny and unproblematic.
Vidisha Jha
Vidisha Jha Hace un mes
0:46 is hands down the best one
Laura Caskey
Laura Caskey Hace un mes
Andy has really aged into his looks.
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts Hace un mes
niqidos Hace un mes
i'm no comedic god like andy samberg here, but personally i would've wanted the crazy rich asians joke to play out a different way. (throw your world record eggs at me if you find it bad) "crazy rich asians is nominated for over 50 awards tonight! WOW! that's insane! i didn't even know there were that many awar- oh shoot, no, i misread that. sorry. *clears throat* crazy rich CAUCasians is nominated for over 50 awards tonight... " idk i tried mimicking andy's mannerisms into my script. even though i dont think the globes would've approved the joke, i think this would have silenced the crowd. alright, i'm prepared for 51million eggs.
SpringDawnMayo Hace un mes
That John Mulaney impression took me a few seconds. I was like, "Wait, why does that voice sound so familiar?" And then I laughed so hard that I cried.
Logan Page
Logan Page Hace un mes
I want an SNL skit with Andy Samberg, Seth Myers, and John Mulaney.
GravityOfTheEarth Hace un mes
11ReynoMat Hace un mes
Was it just me than found none of these funny?
Daniel Barron
Daniel Barron Hace un mes
If only Timeless had as many stars being vocal about saving it instead of just Kelly Clarkson! #SaveTimeless
manya sachdev
manya sachdev Hace un mes
2:11 Don't mind me, just a replay button for the john mulaney impression
J Hace un mes
2:26 Can someone please explain the Spike Lee joke. I think i got it but im not sure
Cherry Pepsi
Cherry Pepsi Hace un mes
John M is my Qween
Liriane Kämpf
Liriane Kämpf Hace un mes
Omg! I fucking love Andy Samberg! 😍
louisa gene
louisa gene Hace un mes
when they were pretending to be John ahahaha
Sparrow Wilson
Sparrow Wilson Hace un mes
Andy Samberg is the best. I love this guy.
Drumstoke Hace un mes
There only aired 12 of the 18 jokes!!!! (11 if you count the Roma jokes as one bc they do technically go together)
Sean O'reilly
Sean O'reilly Hace un mes
Isn't it weird the way one religious group controls nearly all the media in the home of the free
Random Stan
Random Stan Hace un mes
Mimi Hace un mes
the crazy rich asians one was amazing
Matt Snyder
Matt Snyder Hace un mes
I thought that Spike Lee joke was hilarious
Ethan Hace un mes
Is it the different setting and less pressure or are lots of these better than what they went with?
Adam Oseas
Adam Oseas Hace un mes
I love their John Mulaney impressions!!!
Nodnarb FTW
Nodnarb FTW Hace un mes
Audience was so weak
Annie Sanders
Annie Sanders Hace un mes
either I miscounted or they cut one joke
Garrett Taira
Garrett Taira Hace un mes
Was there 18?
Brad Hamilton
Brad Hamilton Hace un mes
Compare these to Ricky Gervais' jokes when he hosted... I mean I like Andy and Lonely Island but they're too safe
Skram Amme
Skram Amme Hace un mes
Nine Nine!
Gabriela Trindade
Gabriela Trindade Hace un mes
5:52 andy's laugh lmao
Bönzeaux Bleügreen
People say jimmy fallon’s laughs are fake; seth meyers is way worse, especially in this clip.
Brian Chang
Brian Chang Hace un mes
The brisket one was my fave.
Cpt. Walker
Cpt. Walker Hace un mes
I'm too lazy to watch it again. Was there 18 jokes or not?
Mikey Lawrence
Mikey Lawrence Hace un mes
Didn't laugh once but wanked plenty
I have hots for andy. ❤️❤️❤️
Spencer Swart
Spencer Swart Hace un mes
Stephen W. Slaughter
Joshua Beck
Joshua Beck Hace un mes
Like for John Mulaney
Allan Canaya
Allan Canaya Hace un mes
Spot on john mulaney impression
Schezreh Nauman
Schezreh Nauman Hace un mes
Andy's John Mulaney impression is so on point im screaming they have to work together
Minnie Hace un mes
I love Andy Samberg so much
Vincent Morot
Vincent Morot Hace 2 meses
I counted 17 jokes. Either I got it wrong, or they cut only one. That's nice ^^
Hannah Kim
Hannah Kim Hace 2 meses
You should've got Sandra Oh on this tooooooo
Tymber Lance
Tymber Lance Hace 2 meses
thetramp123 Hace 2 meses
Those Roma/Netflix jokes were solid.
Bronwyn P
Bronwyn P Hace 2 meses
who dares thumbs down this video
Sara The Coolest Girl You Ever Meet uwu
Roma is such an emotional experience, when it was over I literally sat there and cried for a full five seconds before Netflix started blasting a new movie where Kurt Russel plays Santa Claus.
Victoria Vasquez
Victoria Vasquez Hace 2 meses
Andy Samberg can get it 😛
Chris Rusch
Chris Rusch Hace 2 meses
Lucas Chalamet
Alicia Hanke
Alicia Hanke Hace 2 meses
Andy Samberg talking about John Mulaney is everything I needed. So I can die now in peace,,,, as one does
Joy !
Joy ! Hace 2 meses
He is adorable 😍❤️
I think the funniest part was andy samberg's laugh at 5:54
James Weldon
James Weldon Hace 2 meses
Libtards snow flakes and cucks 😂😂
Yodahe Abebe
Yodahe Abebe Hace 2 meses
I'm cringing. 8 minutes of forced laughter noises.
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