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23 abr 2019






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Comentarios 80
Anime hindi veeb
Anime hindi veeb Hace 12 horas
Bla bla bla
Brightish Nator69
Brightish Nator69 Hace 16 horas
Is Phil just Terkoiz?
Dragon Furry
Dragon Furry Hace 17 horas
He still want an Anime. By far my favorite is Spice and Wolf
PartyFac3 Hace 17 horas
Funimation be like: ...
DeAundray Taylor
DeAundray Taylor Hace 20 horas
I bet my dad can beat up your dad
Trini Mike
Trini Mike Hace un día
Is any of his videos not sponsored
Alex ;-;
Alex ;-; Hace un día
Shit, he hates Alex
Iscerableghost120 Hace un día
Iscerableghost120 Hace un día
Iscerableghost120 Hace un día
Iscerableghost120 Hace un día
wensdays _._
wensdays _._ Hace un día
Why DOSENT the dam crunchy roll thing not work
Layth Hill
Layth Hill Hace un día
I would've left Ellen at the house
Ashan Silva
Ashan Silva Hace un día
Lori Mandle
Lori Mandle Hace un día
Demons run when a good man goes to war
buboom 123
buboom 123 Hace un día
I would say "if shes not in the car in the next 5 min I'm leaving her."
Carlos Najarros
Carlos Najarros Hace 2 días
Nightmare Hace 2 días
So calm the fork down 1:47
PNXZ Playz
PNXZ Playz Hace 2 días
Oooh my gosh add hair to the girls they are bold come on
Eleanor Lan
Eleanor Lan Hace 2 días
I think my friend is a psychopath when she was a child her backyard had a bunch of ant hills and she would spray them with a hose and said she thought of them floating in they’re own blood....
Cherry Multifandom
Cherry Multifandom Hace 14 horas
Bhisma Razani
Bhisma Razani Hace 2 días
What's phil yt channel? Does he have one??
Onyx Animations
Onyx Animations Hace 2 días
Try to watch jibaku Shounen Hanako Kun its a good anime
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
People who get mad because people are upset. There’s just more and people.
Ayden D'anniballe
Ayden D'anniballe Hace 2 días
Why do I relate to his anger
XxDarkNightmarexX 999
The only times I get mad is when someone doesn’t listen to my suggestions when I say them like 10 times or whenever someone can’t think straight and thinks something that they are too dumb to realize is not true. Example: one time I got into an argument with someone in my class I hated about who would make more profit on a lemonade stand. Cups were equal size, and the prices were $5 and $1. I said the $1 would make more money but she said the $5 would make more money. I said more people would come to my stand, giving me more money, but she didn’t have a brain and said that it doesn’t matter how many people come to my stand, she would always get more, no matter what. I was like “if 11 people come to my stand and 2 come to yours, who has more money?” She was like “I will get more customers than you, because since it is so expensive, many people will come and I will be rich while you have no money” Inside I was dying from anger and confusion on how this person could be so dumb. I literally would have started screaming if it wasn’t for my best friend right next to me, supporting my side on the argument. For some reason, when someone I know well and like their company is next to me, I just calm down and get more sense. So yeah, please don’t be dumb
B A בן אבני
B A בן אבני Hace 3 días
What is tako yaki when this is happened to me is happened on mini burger
SoDaH Reaper
SoDaH Reaper Hace 3 días
When i was young there was 1 time when i was at an amusement park and i got mad cuz i didnt go on the huge slides then when it was time to leave i got so angry i was like im not leaving till i can go on the long slides then my parents just left me and came back after an hour -_-
Battle droid MK12
Battle droid MK12 Hace 3 días
Domics The quiet kid
Battle droid MK12
Battle droid MK12 Hace 3 días
7:00 mob 100
Haewon Choi
Haewon Choi Hace 3 días
If I was you in that Ellen situation, this is how it would go: *People try to convince her and fail* Me: That’s it. Everyone in the car. We’re leaving in 5 mins, with or without Ellen. Friend: We can’t just leave her! Me: Get in the car. I’ll leave you too if I have to.
G Rabiah
G Rabiah Hace 3 días
I get angry a lot.....but I'm still fine.
Ginger Car Guy
Ginger Car Guy Hace 3 días
So if someone kills me, nukes my house and ruins my family, can I haunt him in the afterlife or do I just pretend nothing happened?
Isa B.
Isa B. Hace 3 días
Sometimes you have to show your anger, otherwise people will think they can do what they want.
Artholic By SB
Artholic By SB Hace 3 días
Amazing really awesome
Lunar Wolf
Lunar Wolf Hace 3 días
before grade 7 I used to not swear but then grade 7 happened and all my anger escaped. Now trying to not get angered easily :|
its me
its me Hace 4 días
I'm a f**king retard I'm stupid and get mad if I miss a sushi with chopsticks
onestandhand Hace 4 días
Rwby not a anime but ,Spicy 100%
Emmi Chen
Emmi Chen Hace 4 días
You didn’t explode you imploded
Benny Gee
Benny Gee Hace 4 días
If you can't meet and greet I'll be straight up like Goku going supersade
TheRealGokage Hace 4 días
Me when I'm trying to calm my sister for crying about her bf 6:36
Singular Strike
Singular Strike Hace 4 días
8:04 *in america*
劉文仁 Hace 5 días
Oh! And i get so angry that i wanted to KILL MYSELF .... jk
Nozomi Hajime
Nozomi Hajime Hace 5 días
"Oh...My GoD!!!"
KYLE CHEN Hace 5 días
Maybe the shotgun seat had secretly had an eject spring... Too bad for Ellen
Little Isopod
Little Isopod Hace 5 días
Pokemon anime
Chantel Chukwuezi
Chantel Chukwuezi Hace 6 días
It’s scary when the known angry dude just smiles or does nothing
GriefLeaf Hace 6 días
Yeah, i’m more chill now. :D
Sweet Izzy -w-
Sweet Izzy -w- Hace 6 días
If I was you and she was still sitting on the porch, I would say, "Well then, if your gonna be a little baby, then bye." And I'd leave.
Potatoes Hace 6 días
Phil: MAN FLIP STACY Dom: *ohu Mauy gouad
Hope Star
Hope Star Hace 6 días
Who's rewaching the videos because of covid 😑
SkribbleKnot Hace 6 días
"We'll call him, Adam." Me: *AND EVE*
Riley Sherrard
Riley Sherrard Hace 6 días
Guy: I wanna watch anime! Domics: i gotchu fam
Alex Jacobs
Alex Jacobs Hace 6 días
I never took it 😭
RAMYA S Hace 6 días
I recommend you to see 'ushio and tora ' I bet you would like and rewatch it
Fox Hace 6 días
Yeah, I'd just drive off.
Star_Dude10 Hace 6 días
Look, if you’re angry it’s fine. It’s being agressive that’s not okay. Being angry is normal and fine. You can’t live without being angry. Just be angry in silence and get over it. Don’t share your anger because it will make everyone else angry. But the thing you shouldn’t do is to get agressive. Being agressive only creates bad situations. The most stupid type of agression is being physically agressive on dead objects. It’s expensive..., but the worst type of agression is being physically violent against live objects. Just control your anger and don’t let it evolve into agression.
H4teL0ver Horn
H4teL0ver Horn Hace 6 días
What’s a takoyaki?
Keckoman Hace 6 días
fuck stacy all my homies hate stacy
ProjbyNOC Hace 6 días
2:46 was super intense!! Lolll
Hugo wu
Hugo wu Hace 6 días
Honestly if it was me, I would’ve taken Ellen and stuff her in the trunk. Then make her pay for all of the food.
Curious Tomato
Curious Tomato Hace 6 días
Chase Kiswani
Chase Kiswani Hace 6 días
Bro should've just drove off without Ellen
YO boy FILIPrixius
YO boy FILIPrixius Hace 6 días
good anime Jojos bizare adventure
AguilaCoco Hace 6 días
I have a friend that is just the cutest person on earth, but when she gets mad, damn, it's like her soul was taking away and just pure hate came into her aura. She doesn't speak, which is the creepiest part.
John Doe
John Doe Hace 6 días
I'm embarrassed to say that I've been an 'Ellen". I'm not embarrassed to say that I was 8 years old at the time.
DC Schoop
DC Schoop Hace 6 días
7:24 Ah the silent anger moments. Those are deadly moments. When you're so angry you talk as if you're dead inside.
Juggling loycons The best
That punching animation was amazing keep it up
Arlene Dolan
Arlene Dolan Hace 7 días
I bet my dad can beat up your dad
RuanXel Hace 7 días
Thank you for the opportunity to watch animes on crunchyroll!!! You're the best Domics
Mariah Perez
Mariah Perez Hace 7 días
William Cyrus
William Cyrus Hace 7 días
The best anime is seven deadly Sins
GRG12 Hace 7 días
2:49 - 2:54 ONG IM DYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣
James R Warzyniak
James R Warzyniak Hace 7 días
I just love his voice his videos help me calm down an fall asleep.
Xin Zhu Yi
Xin Zhu Yi Hace 7 días
I died at 7 to 7:00 in the vid Like so much
ynsylig Hace 7 días
3:43 mickey mouse's fear house
WalrusToons Hace 7 días
Hunter x Hunter
Branuelo Perla
Branuelo Perla Hace 7 días
The only thing in my country is MOST JAPANESE ANIME IN MY COUNTRY IS BANNED!
Liam Clarke
Liam Clarke Hace 7 días
u smelly
Liam Clarke
Liam Clarke Hace 7 días
are all his fucking vids sponsored by crunchy roll lol
Mark Winkler
Mark Winkler Hace 7 días
When I am angry, I kill air while breathing xD
ahmedfromyt Hace 7 días
thanks for the crunchyroll free trial:)
Anne Tran
Anne Tran Hace 7 días
Bakugou needed this video
Crupt Hace 7 días
Ok boomer
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