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Viper Gamer
Viper Gamer Hace 57 minutos
People who disliked this is ANGRY
Vision IC11S3
Vision IC11S3 Hace un hora
Crunchy roll sucks because the ADS ARE SO MUCH
Art Zin
Art Zin Hace 3 horas
I think anger is the worst emotion. It's annoying and you can't control it (or at least I cant) the most help I can get is meditation, and it still plays in the back of my head. It's so helpless ;^;
Manip Maharjan
Manip Maharjan Hace 4 horas
2:47 Do u mean Alex Clark😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Suppressd Hace 5 horas
You just wasted all of our time that id not need to happen. REALITY:If i was stranded on an island with you i would not hesitate to build a raft out of ur limbs
Theepic yt
Theepic yt Hace 8 horas
5:10 should of left her and then posted it on r/pettyrevenge
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
"Yeah, if people weren't *so dumb!"*
JURASSIC CLAY Hace 14 horas
Today these two kids pissed me off so badly, that I blew up and went all Donald Duck on them
Rubber_Ducky 139
Rubber_Ducky 139 Hace 16 horas
Oh shit dom, I’m going weeb mode. Thank you for helping me to watch my hero academia
Damian Matras
Damian Matras Hace 17 horas
Fantastic animation!
Matthew The Fragmentationer
The chillest guys have the hottest tempers.
Yes BOIIFUDONT Hace 17 horas
Are u fully filipino im new here!
The Solo Duet
The Solo Duet Hace 17 horas
It looks like the micy mouse in the background
Bffgs B
Bffgs B Hace 20 horas
You should have left Ellen because fudge her
Calvin Rioux
Calvin Rioux Hace 21 un hora
This is just a RIP of bookworm adventures deluxe
shinobuchan Hace 21 un hora
In fact, is much more effective. That happens to me with coworkers or well, people that are not my family. They get shocked when I get super angry lol
iNeedaCreativeName pls subscribe
tbh if she wanted to pout and protest about a seat.....i would have been left her🤷🏽‍♀️
russle white boi
russle white boi Hace 22 horas
I would start driving to scare her to just getting in
Raghav Flames
Raghav Flames Hace 22 horas
Don't get mad give them a death glare I do
Anime Skater14
Anime Skater14 Hace 22 horas
6:13 sit there starving then.
Z A Y A N Hace 23 horas
1 or 2 days ago I broke my dual shock 4 cause got angry I couldn't beat zigbar in kh2 and got beat up few weeks ago cause I tried to speak up because a guy (that guy was a total stranger btw) said not to run on the streets and I was in a hurry all of this happened cause of anger
Fabulous Tiny Dog
Fabulous Tiny Dog Hace 23 horas
precious clement selwyn s. Fermin
Well say it to kratos and doom guy
ShaunAnimations Hace un día
8:31 the only anime i know is Dragonball, Naruto, and sword out
ShaunAnimations Hace un día
0:31 just like any other kid in the WORLD
Hannah Adair
Hannah Adair Hace un día
I can like my elbow
I like cars
I like cars Hace un día
I didnt know that domics swear???
Milestogo r
Milestogo r Hace un día
Am I the only one who keeps repeating the takoyaki fight scene?! It is so damn cool!
bearky Hace un día
That controller in the tv was me when I was 10
Möchi Cättö
Möchi Cättö Hace un día
1:21 those facial expressions bro lmao
Ajme Yang
Ajme Yang Hace un día
sometimes I get mad for no reason and when my mom asks ms why I'm yelling all I have to say is "I don't know"
Dhruv Mishra
Dhruv Mishra Hace un día
I love your animations
Caden Kline
Caden Kline Hace un día
I hold a grug agenst someone but i have a reason
4E productions with bros
7:08 faces eating your soul while you look at them count 14?
SA Bleach
SA Bleach Hace un día
2:48 God damn I loved that anime battle animation
Gaming Senpai
Gaming Senpai Hace un día
2:48 when you relies that domics can animate better than you thought .....
EfiL D3d
EfiL D3d Hace un día
We all know food is life
SANIC Ow the edg
SANIC Ow the edg Hace un día
Pain is temporary Anger is forever
Happy_ Panda1234
Happy_ Panda1234 Hace un día
No you should never just be a little $&@#% and JUST SIT IN THE BACK SEAT!
biscuit siren927
biscuit siren927 Hace un día
At the end of the video, I'm not really an angry person but a plus one did something to stop us from going to an event. I turned and said we could have been there by now, with intense eyes like melting the car eyes
Homie Panther
Homie Panther Hace un día
I would have just counted to 10 and leave
LilKeychain Tv
LilKeychain Tv Hace un día
Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Dragon Knighthood
Dragon Knighthood Hace un día
3:45 how he says “oh my god” tho
johannapurplewolf Hace un día
Domics: how was the party? Phil: man f**k Stacy My mom: how was school Me: f**k Stacie I'm not kidding when I say this but I have beef with a girl named Stacie. Ya she wasn't the best friend that she had the chance to be
JR JR Hace un día
hey domics, brother, you should use anime twist its free, ad-free, and lots and i mean LOTS, L O T S of anime
Pedro Alves
Pedro Alves Hace un día
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
The Phantom Hawk
The Phantom Hawk Hace un día
Mafia city
FlyConeGuy Hace un día
Goddamn that fight scene made me hungry and angry. Good video by the way.
ERUPT GAMES l Official Channel
*WHA- ONE PUNCH MAN?!!?* *-instantly downloads sponsored app-*
kaynostu crimson
kaynostu crimson Hace un día
I'd drive of without her who agrees?!
E6Aires Hace 2 días
2:44 that’s me every single day
Katie Jackson
Katie Jackson Hace 2 días
The look on ur face (on the thumbnail)
Mark Mgiuel Estrada
Mark Mgiuel Estrada Hace 2 días
Carlos Miguel Mendoza
My brother thots he was gonna be a child but he hated me becues i was the bunso
Carlos Miguel Mendoza
The leather minecart
Watch Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist
Shouto Todoroki
Shouto Todoroki Hace 2 días
Oh! This was posted in my Birthday.
Raimboombox Hace 2 días
Jommus Animatus
Cuca Beats
Cuca Beats Hace 2 días
Great, now I hate Alex
Amanda Recio
Amanda Recio Hace 2 días
ExhaustedPigeon Hace 2 días
I bottle my anger so when i have my "Phil moment" it will leave people completely, fucking terrified and no one when what to make me angry ever again, I have about 20 years (give or take) of pure rage buried in my soul :)
Lies Qps
Lies Qps Hace 2 días
Baki is a really good anime I watch it and my friends do there’s a lot of fighting In it btw it’s on Netflix
AYM Gaming
AYM Gaming Hace 2 días
you have such a phillipin tone
Ondako ACL meMeORieS And games
Man oof!! Stacie!
Funcupcake Love
Funcupcake Love Hace 2 días
The whole problem with that Ellen girl thoroughly kind of irritated me if I were in that situation andif I were driving I would have stuck my head out the window and said well I guess you're staying here cuz I'm leaving
Ric Drawings
Ric Drawings Hace 2 días
I recommend: Goblin Slayer and Gate
Chaxell Play
Chaxell Play Hace 2 días
Dude what if it’s puberty
Rina Sakinugi
Rina Sakinugi Hace 2 días
Dr.phil with *Phil*
illachrymableness Hace 2 días
I would've left her on the porch. Look its either join or don't, I have food I'd rather get to. At that point we wouldn't even be friends, people like that annoy the shit out of me.
Destiny Francis
Destiny Francis Hace 2 días
Fan: But Dom aren't half of your video Rants!! Your always angry. Domics: Yeeaa. your right. MAYBE IF PEOPLE WEREN'T SO DUUUUMMMNBBB. Me: 👏PREACH👏
小豆漿399 9
小豆漿399 9 Hace 2 días
michael munguia
michael munguia Hace 2 días
do you like anime and have discord join my discord channel anime land discord.gg/FFDYRU
Carlos Boi
Carlos Boi Hace 2 días
The poor takoyaki die two years ago A moment of silence
Coco Mcqueen
Coco Mcqueen Hace 2 días
2:48 is very relatable lol
Rhinon Hace 2 días
To me
Rhinon Hace 2 días
1:35 same thing happen to yesterday :/
kink god
kink god Hace 2 días
What a pussy talking about walking away
joselina ortiz
joselina ortiz Hace 2 días
I aaallllaaaawwwwaaaayyyyssss have phill moments
Moon CakeFS
Moon CakeFS Hace 2 días
Tokyo ghoul
Rico Talavera
Rico Talavera Hace 2 días
I love attack on titans
Exclusive Content
Exclusive Content Hace 2 días
Yo k Can you greet my brother At your next video his birthday is at may 28 thx
Tawnya Costa
Tawnya Costa Hace 2 días
If I was there and called shotgun, I would not have given it up, or if someone else called it first, then they get shotgun! I would have straight up told that girl, “ Dude! He called shotgun, so let him be in the front. Just come back and get in the car, otherwise we’re going without you! “
Pax Hace 2 días
2:49 he MOBed that shit
Redd Anims
Redd Anims Hace 2 días
2:48 when my sister eats 2 beybels cheese wheels:
Andrew Konhauser
Andrew Konhauser Hace 2 días
Ok yeah water most likely isn’t but maybe a pop and those can be so annoying when you’re sticky
Memes Boi
Memes Boi Hace 2 días
you should check out soul eater if you have the chance
Game Traveller
Game Traveller Hace 3 días
I hate when 1# when people ad a emoji😠😡 2# people edit the comment 3# when peoples pic are trees 4# when people repeat themselves 5# when people repeat themselves 6# when your name is gametraveller 7# when people begg for likes LIKE IF YOU AGREE 8# When people be like oh hi my dreem is to become a world class singer a like and sub will be so nice of you SUB IF YOU AGREE
The Kid In Crocs
The Kid In Crocs Hace 3 días
Watch Kaguya-sama Love is War
Sohom Das
Sohom Das Hace 3 días
Nice animation
Liam Shedden
Liam Shedden Hace 3 días
i like POKEMON
Quinn The King
Quinn The King Hace 3 días
I'm canadian
Xridion360 Hace 3 días
2:43 when someone makes an egg pun
Xridion360 Hace 3 días
when someone takes my pencil in class 7:08
Alley 432
Alley 432 Hace 3 días
Crunchroll is not available in my country so i was always angry and this video made things better
Dylan Palacios
Dylan Palacios Hace 3 días
Dylan Palacios
Dylan Palacios Hace 3 días
hassan rizwan
hassan rizwan Hace 3 días
you make awesome vids!! love them
johannapurplewolf Hace 3 días
Phil: man f**k Stacie Me too like I have a friend named Stacie who I'm mad at and our friendship is in the line
Polita Susanne
Polita Susanne Hace 3 días
I know lots of people like Phil, they're called christians
Polita Susanne
Polita Susanne Hace 3 días
People often tell me that I'm too nice, but in reality I just think that having a grudge against some one is too complicated rather than forgiving them (it isn't always this way, but most of the time with no-big-deal problems)
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