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24 abr 2019







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Ghostly Ninja Ninja
Ghostly Ninja Ninja Hace 51 un minuto
Seven deadly sins
Kyanberu// Hace 3 horas
That takoyaki fight animation tho.
Brandon Ray
Brandon Ray Hace 7 horas
Im sensitive and i tend to get angry alot..
Cat Wolf ATA
Cat Wolf ATA Hace 7 horas
Adam I didn't know you were doing Akka lab with something outs yt
animelover 606
animelover 606 Hace 8 horas
i want to watch anime to!!!
Beonrik Pascual
Beonrik Pascual Hace 12 horas
Peyton Bishir
Peyton Bishir Hace 13 horas
A great anime is shogugeki no soma
Vybe Music
Vybe Music Hace 19 horas
Did Alex Take ur takoyaki?? Nooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😃
yesnt Hace 20 horas
i know THE BEST ANIMATOR its called domics
chiazx1 Hace 22 horas
oof rewatching this i just notice the jmom(jaiden mom) from jaidenanimation LOL
XØ Music
XØ Music Hace 23 horas
Dude 1: “Sorry isn’t gonna dry my pants” Dude 2: Neither is being angry. So calm the f*** down. You ,my friend, get a sub for that
BTS Ziztaz
BTS Ziztaz Hace 23 horas
He’s like me I never get angry but I remember my best friend I love her to death but basically I HAVEEE to sleep on the wall side cause I will have a nightmare when I sleep in the age I wake up so freakin scared it’s not even funny so I got tired early I fell asleep there first like 2 hours before her all I wake up to is her trying to literally PUSH me off the wall so I can be on the edge so I asked her what are u doing 😂 she’s like EVERYONE HAS NIGHTMARES ITS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL ITS JUST ONW NIGHT and I’m like okay u could have said it nicer or just let me sleep PEACEFULLY I was tired I wasn’t in the mood to fight so I nicely with no emotion told her take my spot go ahead take it..just know that I don’t get mad easily and when I do it’s not that good so imma let u off with a warning goodnight and she actually let me sleep where I wanted witch she never does that she would just be like screw u I’m sleeping here so that was a big accomplishment for me 😂💀love ur vids 💜
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Hace un día
1:47 😂
Wilson Chen
Wilson Chen Hace un día
Wilson Chen
Wilson Chen Hace un día
Nyah Threlfall
Nyah Threlfall Hace un día
im not gay guys
im not gay guys Hace un día
3:46 Oʜ ᴍʏ ɢᴏᴅ
Jennifer Waggoner
Jennifer Waggoner Hace un día
Ellen will be one really f*cked up entitled parent if she ever has kids
Gd-Geomicle but comical
But 7 deadly sins is only on Netflix
connor jackson
connor jackson Hace un día
RIP Takoyaki
;-; Mars Kun ;-;
;-; Mars Kun ;-; Hace un día
im know for being nice at my school so when i get angry people usually back down...my friend took myphone because it wasnt working and said he knew how to fix it...he slammed in against my wall...and it spider webbed...the next day his ps4 controller stoped working and i told him i would fix it for him...i threw it down on the ground and smashed it in with my foot...his mom paid for my phone and his controller
GD Tadees
GD Tadees Hace un día
Douchebag Alex? My "friends"name is Alex and he's an absolute idiot
Deku Anime Gods
Deku Anime Gods Hace un día
also if you want to watch a new good anime watch fairy tail
Deku Anime Gods
Deku Anime Gods Hace un día
my name is alex… I feel offended
Zaid Rahmatullah
Zaid Rahmatullah Hace un día
i'm angry after watching this >:(
Madison Steele
Madison Steele Hace 2 días
Did the lil dino scene make anyone think of stitch?
Charlie Mahoney
Charlie Mahoney Hace 2 días
Why didn’t you drive of
Diener Muss
Diener Muss Hace 2 días
somehow i think Alex really exist in dom life
Lenny XD
Lenny XD Hace 2 días
6:15 Am I the only one thought that Domics is *pregnant*
Lenny XD
Lenny XD Hace 2 días
Most importantly when Filipinos Lost to Mobile Legends
Corgilover2109 Hace 2 días
🍥 naruto
RoseCross Studio
RoseCross Studio Hace 2 días
Anyone tried to lick their elbows after watching it?
Global Warming
Global Warming Hace 2 días
YoYo Mowafak my brother
Sarbjeet Sherpur
Sarbjeet Sherpur Hace 2 días
Sword art online
Avenue 522
Avenue 522 Hace 2 días
Lucky I have anger issues and it has gotten better although sometimes it builds up and I get angry for no reason.
CrackedUp Day
CrackedUp Day Hace 2 días
I have to watch you because the odd1sout wont post
I wish I had an ass load of subs and supporters to watch my videos😔
07AshGreninja Gaming
7:23 domic:SUPER SAIYAN BLACK!!!
Andrew Chrestman
Andrew Chrestman Hace 2 días
I bet my dad can beat up your dad
That Lord
That Lord Hace 2 días
I’ve got Crunchyroll and have finished attack on titans in 2 months hahahahahaahha (sobs) I have no life
Patrick Poljakov
Patrick Poljakov Hace 2 días
You raised your voice at 6:25
Maizy Hills
Maizy Hills Hace 2 días
Babajide Odusanya
Babajide Odusanya Hace 2 días
I know that calm dead voice expression. It happened years back when I was in secondary school. A girl said something when I was walking up to my teacher that annoyed me so much. In a low, thick and passive tone I said "Are you mad!" The whole class went silent for a while.. (I heard someone whisper *he's really angry*) I was surprised at myself too.
Sebastian Staniszewski
Should have just left 👌
Michael Balko
Michael Balko Hace 3 días
Seven deadly sins
Nightcore Lover
Nightcore Lover Hace 3 días
**Bakugou has left the chat**
panter forever327
panter forever327 Hace 3 días
Come mai è tutto scritto in italiano
Kasai _2007
Kasai _2007 Hace 3 días
Ellen: *sits down and protests like a fucking child* Me: WHO DON'T COME TO THE CAR IN 1 SECOND WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!!!!!!!!!
Muddy Buddy
Muddy Buddy Hace 3 días
This one time I was so angry that every one of my friends were looking me at as if I just single handily destroyed the world with my eyes. So me and a group of five friends were walking/running to a restaurant as we are moving one of my friends, well name him Tom, just suddenly. Stoped. And turns around and starts running the OPPOSITE way and I’m standing there like “....wot?” So my tiny ass self becomes usan bolt and runs up to his ass and I say “you take five more steppes I will slap you” but that’s what I thought I said. What I really said was “ five more steps I will make you inhale my fist” but of course that was a dream
natsu dragon
natsu dragon Hace 3 días
Ellen: sits in front ones Person know where to go Ellen: so you choose death
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