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Watch what happens when the judges leave during auditions on Britain and America's Got Talent!
Featuring auditions from:
Brandon Coprich on America's Got Talent
Jimmy Tamley on Britain's Got Talent
Demain Aditya on America's Got Talent
Marty Putz on America's Got Talent
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16 ago 2019






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张Mlan Hace 48 minutos
Maybe you could tune your flute next time. And NOT use it as a pole. It’s a $1,000 instrument.
CodeERROL Hace un hora
Im a straight dude but why would you X the first one? It’s just good comedy in my opinion.
BaseBallGamer360 Hace 2 horas
3:23 *Simon Cowell has left the chat*
Johanna Stiehler
Johanna Stiehler Hace 8 horas
I saw the title and my first thought was "isn't that just a compilation of Simon leaving"?
John Smith
John Smith Hace 10 horas
Was the flute song in Star Trek movies somewheres? Like from the Shatner movies, not the Picard or newer movies...
evil yt
evil yt Hace 12 horas
Tere maaa ke chut lawde
Blushinq_Lily - ROBLOX
No, just no...
Mateykoo Hace 15 horas
17:36 **hOlD it Up hIgH**
Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma Hace 16 horas
Don't make fun of such a beautiful classic instrument, it's flute man!
DoorKnob400 Hace 17 horas
That last one was way overdone. That’s why it was disliked
CashiecaChe Matoza
CashiecaChe Matoza Hace 19 horas
Simon's knows best..i love the way he judge...
Clouded Games
Clouded Games Hace 19 horas
Yoooo SIMON WAS SAVAGE TO MEL B. Not gonna lie that was pretty damn rude lmao
Vic Hace 21 un hora
the second one was so disrespectful. his humor depended on “poking fun” at the judges. it wasn’t funny, just annoying.
Matěj V.
Matěj V. Hace un día
I was actually pretty entertained because Simon deserved to be mocked but 7:56 would also piss me off! That is just idioticly unnecessary to touch him like that. I would also get off the stage.
Lou Amazinggg
Lou Amazinggg Hace un día
It's 3am and I'm chilling in my bed watching this and eating ice cream 😁 I have to go to school in a few hours 😅
ArcardyArcardus Hace 6 horas
Lou Amazinggg And? How was your schoolday?
Jeroen van der Putten
The last one 😂 Everybody was so angry!
Puisi Bersayap
Puisi Bersayap Hace un día
Don't you think the first one kinda reminds you to Squidward
Siddhant Priyadarshi
Why so many people liked that half naked guy playing flute? That's gross and cringy af 🤢
HEADS TAILS Hace un día
Shittist show on brainwashed Television
Blood Eagle223
Blood Eagle223 Hace un día
I love Terry crews lol. it blows my mind hes 55 years old lol
Courrney Green
Courrney Green Hace un día
The third act gave me anxiety
LuckyOwl777 Hace un día
That first act hurt me so many ways, on so many levels to watch and listen to. Like, I can't even watch the rest of the video cause of it, lol
YourFace Hace 2 días
That last act was ridiculous it pissed the judges off so much. I died lol
royroger1984 Hace 2 días
simon coward
Hace 2 días
The afro American judge really enjoy the Performace. She stay in wet panties lol
Pastell Queen Dilli
Pastell Queen Dilli Hace 2 días
Most of all Simon Leaves
Chris L
Chris L Hace 2 días
The flutist sounds like I did...in the 4th grade.
Yahir Santana
Yahir Santana Hace 2 días
First one got me......😂
xboxjjkiller360 Hace 3 días
Alexie Coleman
Alexie Coleman Hace 3 días
When the guy ont the second one grabbed Simon's leg to try and get him up it was completely out of order
Margo Mendez Vasquez
Bruh David acted gay he would be closed to Simon or hold his hands lmao
Patricia Collet
Patricia Collet Hace 3 días
The last act was stupid but hysterical!
TikTok Comedy
TikTok Comedy Hace 3 días
Hay man your country is rich of sexcy girls
Patricia Collet
Patricia Collet Hace 3 días
Simon should have stayed off the stage with the second act. If you can't win with talent then you shouldn't win with smut
Patricia Collet
Patricia Collet Hace 3 días
I like how Simon doesn't like smut acts but he should have stopped it. Did you see that mother cover her daugher's eyes?
Arkham Wrath
Arkham Wrath Hace 3 días
Second guy (ventriloquist) looks like love to blame others ! He shouldnt get more than two yes ! It was just like his previous performance - just rude to judges !
Delna Shibu
Delna Shibu Hace 3 días
No, if you don't know to just don't
Maddison Laughton
Maddison Laughton Hace 3 días
Simon's face on the beginning 😂
kana Hace 3 días
the last act was so wasteful smh
Underrated Critic
Underrated Critic Hace 3 días
Concerning the contestant with the marshmallows and all the weird props: Never disperse fluid on the audience if there are women in it. Especially if two of the judges are celebrity women who spend $1K per episode on their hair.
NightShadeUnicorn Hace 3 días
The last part of the last one was kinda disrespectful to them... Embarrassing them on live tv
FitCoffeeMaker Hace 3 días
How dumb and not funny was the last guy? 🙄
Good Bye
Good Bye Hace 4 días
Am I the only who thinks the talent shows just like mocking classical music it’s boring so you have to strip or play a pop song BUT only if you play flight of the bumblebee or four seasons then obviously best bleddy musician in the whole world am I right Not saying the flute playing was good it was really out of tune
Sully Hace 4 días
I’m surprised howie pressed the x on the first guy
insom nia
insom nia Hace 4 días
Yo I choked on saliva from laughing too much when Terry came out and almost died
Nazret Ande
Nazret Ande Hace 4 días
Should we be worried about the children because this guy is half naked why is this man like this please like for one child saved
Woof Hace 2 días
Nazret Ande when you like your own comment
Steven Huang
Steven Huang Hace 4 días
After I have seen so many women cheered for the first guy’s act, I just wonder how many so-called feminists will criticize if it was a girl doing the flute/ stripping performs with men audiences cheering for it?
Sam Andre
Sam Andre Hace 4 días
The last one was amazing should not have gotten 4 X
Giftson Domai
Giftson Domai Hace 4 días
Lol... The 2nd one.. It was quite fun to see Simon on the receiving end... Now you know how people feels.
ZeloticMemes Hace un día
I loved that
Giftson Domai
Giftson Domai Hace 4 días
Lol. The kid at 3.08 stop cheering when Simon look at him.. Haha
MAFfin Gamerplayz
MAFfin Gamerplayz Hace 4 días
I hate these people
Rowell Bengco
Rowell Bengco Hace 4 días
The last act are made to torture the judges🤔🤔 What a nice act 🤣🤣
Gilgamesh Lornezhad
Gilgamesh Lornezhad Hace 4 días
that's why i love david.
Gacha_Strawberry Milk UwU
Gacha_Strawberry Milk UwU
natalia nunez
natalia nunez Hace 4 días
The flute guy big shed little tool 😂
cherri bollman
cherri bollman Hace 5 días
Simon sure is a big pouty baby!!!!
kitty cat
kitty cat Hace 5 días
3:08 guy in green 😆
Luksutin Hace 5 días
I felt so bad for Simon on the second one :( Edit: The third one tho😂😂
Bri stuart
Bri stuart Hace 5 días
The first one wasnt a talent. He cant play the flute and having a good body isn't a talent lmao
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