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Watch what happens when the judges leave during auditions on Britain and America's Got Talent!
Featuring auditions from:
Brandon Coprich on America's Got Talent
Jimmy Tamley on Britain's Got Talent
Demain Aditya on America's Got Talent
Marty Putz on America's Got Talent
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16 ago 2019






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Comentarios 3 025
fatema habib
fatema habib Hace un hora
So for the last one, not only the judges that hated the show, the cleaning team as well HATED the dude.
Noam Hace 7 horas
I liked the part where the judge left
zy kyle
zy kyle Hace 10 horas
14:16 best feeling ever 😍😍
SuKina Hace 10 horas
damn i love the first one😂
JiggKuL Hace 14 horas
Most people ruin comments hitting us with the ‘Ty FoR tHe LiKes’
Shanti Devi
Shanti Devi Hace 14 horas
It was Simon leaving the stage not the judges 😂😂😂
broski Hace 20 horas
that’s the first time i heard howie get mad 😳
WildKard13 Hace un día
The headshot at 18:39 😂
XxBTSARMY LEAHxX Hace un día
I love how that mom covered that kids eyes 😂😂
Jake Baca
Jake Baca Hace 2 días
The first act was way to scripted
itz Jasxn
itz Jasxn Hace 2 días
Yk ladies love it when guys strip till their last clothe
Júñâìd Ähammad
Júñâìd Ähammad Hace 2 días
first audition confirms that simon aint gay
Dinesh Kumara
Dinesh Kumara Hace 2 días
3.09 Kid in the background So scared of Simon
Shaz Hace 2 días
David and Simon are poles apart, I love them
Leslie Tovar
Leslie Tovar Hace 2 días
If anyone wants to bless a strangers day my cash app is $l3slie04
Patricia Ebiju
Patricia Ebiju Hace 2 días
For the first guy, preserving his breath was the problem.
PinkyWittyKitty Hace 3 días
The second one... I was fangirling because i was thinking something that shouldn't be legal because it was so sinful that i died from fangirling since i have such a dirty mind and oh my god i regret my decisions
Janice Speaks
Janice Speaks Hace 3 días
The flute sound my classmates be like that 😑
Ethan Shong
Ethan Shong Hace 3 días
the flute guy's fake
NRUT117 Hace 3 días
The 2nd one was just pure humiliation and couldn't even be funny with that factor
Angels_ Heaven101
Angels_ Heaven101 Hace 4 días
Hate simon
Ilove TomiokaGiyuu
Ilove TomiokaGiyuu Hace 4 días
The third one was Damian right? He's a magician from Indonesia, yea his actions was pretty dangerous
jeremiah cabia
jeremiah cabia Hace 4 días
from now on i don t wanna see amirecan got talent i don t like simon
Jamie SEA
Jamie SEA Hace 4 días
When judges goes mentle breakdown
Megan Matthews
Megan Matthews Hace 4 días
That second one was poor taste
Marshmallow Hace 5 días
18:25 this is just chaos
Raleigh Pacheco
Raleigh Pacheco Hace 5 días
The last number of your like is who your going to meet 1.rclbeauty 2. The Gabi show 3. Jordan matter 4. My life as Eva 5. Lexi Rivera 6. Brooklyn and Bailey 7. Azzy land 8. Gloom 9. Charli dmilio 0. Rybka twins Don’t come at me please comment who u got 🤗
Genetic Meme Disorder
Chutiya Simon😒
Disnie Sebastien
Disnie Sebastien Hace 5 días
The toilet paper 😭😭😭😭😭
Kabir and Samir play
Simon’s not a good sport though like his catch phrase should be if you can’t beat them join them
takeeazy g
takeeazy g Hace 5 días
That's how u know he gay
Jayachandran k
Jayachandran k Hace 5 días
These are called as spice shots .....pre-prepared and rehearsed fake performance ....just to keep the public attention and TRP rating for the TV show
SpellsYT Hace 5 días
Lmao i bet simon didn’t expect that one!😂
Whisky Actual
Whisky Actual Hace 5 días
First guy wasn't that great a flute player anyway
Advanced flame
Advanced flame Hace 5 días
Legend Hace 5 días
The first one 🤣
Alian Mdn
Alian Mdn Hace 5 días
That dangrous part was lit
Troy Sisters
Troy Sisters Hace 5 días
xXCatvøid GalaxyXx
xXCatvøid GalaxyXx Hace 5 días
1:57 isn’t that cheating
Mohibur Rahman
Mohibur Rahman Hace 6 días
kenchi- san
kenchi- san Hace 6 días
3rd one was stupid
kenchi- san
kenchi- san Hace 6 días
Simonnis always pissed
kenchi- san
kenchi- san Hace 6 días
Wtf is the first one oh lord
•eun •
•eun • Hace 6 días
1st audition What talent are you doing ? Man : *Yes.*
1:56 Moms be like to their kids: *cover your eyes or i'll cover them for you?* 🤲👀 kid:......
SAS 001
SAS 001 Hace 6 días
13:48.... My teacher being stressed
Tigerlady Hace 6 días
I love you guys your videos are awesome
OGmonkeyman 11
OGmonkeyman 11 Hace 7 días
the flute guy is epic
lemmy todotoki
lemmy todotoki Hace 7 días
19:24 If that was me it would be the coolest time of my life. Especially i often put my head infront on a fan
lemmy todotoki
lemmy todotoki Hace 7 días
6:28 Yaoi👌👌👌👌
Coldpotatochips Hace 7 días
Bald guy in the first one couldn’t handle the heat XD
Lecelain Marcelo
Lecelain Marcelo Hace 7 días
Joshua Dequito
Joshua Dequito Hace 7 días
After of what their have done for their entire career that "Mr. Last Guy" probably ruin it!🤣
Ketan Rathod
Ketan Rathod Hace 7 días
Not judges simon only
SuperRahsya Hace 7 días
awwww the last one would've been real fun
specialperson15 Hace 7 días
Lmfao the way how terry looked at the flute lengths😂💀
loveth joseph
loveth joseph Hace 7 días
All of em was terrible
Cryptid YT
Cryptid YT Hace 8 días
For the forth guy the janitors probably asked for a raise
MakHong 420
MakHong 420 Hace 8 días
Dellique Hace 8 días
simon be looking like a snacc tho
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