Animator vs. Animation V (official)

Alan Becker
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Animator vs. Animation Shorts 1-4, in one video, with edits for continuity, as well as some new music.

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Music by Scott Buckley, including "Icarus" - www.scottbuckley.com.au

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4 dic 2020






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Pixelcraftian Hace un año
More than a masterpiece, truly your best work.
Max Rich
Max Rich Hace 14 días
No words can truly describe the incredible feats of animation this guy has accomplished.
Creative_Leafeon Pony_Fan
I have never seen something more intensely dramatic and insanely well choreographed than this.
Sky Hunter
Sky Hunter Hace 3 horas
This was absolutely incredible. Thank you for the amazing animation and the massive nostalgia trip.
mango_astronaut Hace 28 días
Wham Meister
Wham Meister Hace 20 horas
just saw this and got a huge wave of nostalgia. genuinely some of the best animation I've ever seen
Jamyang Pelsang
Jamyang Pelsang Hace un año
The story of an animator who inadvertently created the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world.
SK Naturals Beauty Parlour
This Show Should Be On Netflix. Such A Masterpiece
Dawolf1 Hace 21 un día
This man doesn’t just creat animations, this man creates legends.
SAFFMAN Hace 14 días
God, it's just brilliant this plot and this animation, this drawing, it struck me more than anything from what I watched, these stickmen kept me in suspense for the whole series
Aiden Elliott
It is so fun to watch, mainly because it combines of smooth and well-thought out animation. It shows good conquering over evil with sick abilities, physics and multiple time literally altering how Alan's computer works by taking and shaping the computer around them. Also the end is especially great because of loss, hopelessness, counter, overcome and conquer. That is what makes a good animation really come to life.
DubzForDayz Hace un día
I loved this animation and you can tell it took him forever to make. Keep up the good work and I hope your channel grows!
Titan_AU Hace un año
The storytelling even without a single word spoken is just beyond incredible. And the part where Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue were being picked off and the body language just shows how heartbroken they are, it hits so hard. Truly a masterpiece of animation.
AceOrange Hace 21 un día
i somehow missed this when it came out in december of 2020, and i really dont know why, but it truly amazes me how far youve come with animation
Technically, the cursor would be the strongest in the series. ONLY if he has god level aiming accuracy, because you can just drag them across every screen at light speed (In the stick figures' POVs that is).
Angela Green
Angela Green Hace un día
this is a work of art. I cant stress enough how great that was..
Ethan A.
How nostalgic to think that it was a trend to see fights of stickmans animations 7 years ago and to see them again brings back wonderful memories...
zMzx Hace un día
Mensagem vinda do brasi, que animação linda, você mostra como as animações com stickman podem ser tão boas apenas usando da criatividade e potencial de seu criador, parabéns me caro
Echo235 Hace un año
Not a single word spoken, yet somehow dialogue is created. This has to be one of the greatest short films ever made.
Alan Becker, you and your team are truly legends. I have recommended this video to countless people. Every time, it never fails to amaze me. Good work.
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