Anita Rani & Gleb Savchenko Samba to 'Hips Don't Lie' - Strictly Come Dancing: 2015

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Programme website: bbc.in/1QEonvU Anita Rani & Gleb Savchenko Samba to 'Hips Don't Lie' by Shakira
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17 oct 2015






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Bluewren Reilly
Bluewren Reilly Hace 3 días
Amazing dancer and a very beautiful man he so upstages his partner it's a shame get him another partner to even him out a it
Cerys Griffiths
Cerys Griffiths Hace 7 días
i'm not even watching her... just him. fabulous man.
Suyash Hace 20 días
he makes her look stiff and totally frozen.
The Gaming Fam Roblox
The Gaming Fam Roblox Hace 23 días
Third most viewed dance ever
Afonso Alef
Afonso Alef Hace 28 días
Lindo, principalmente pela performance dele, mas isso não é e nunca será samba!
Callum Sannachan
Callum Sannachan Hace un mes
7 not bad
Kou Ki
Kou Ki Hace un mes
When the guy sey sii ❤️❤️😍
I don't care
I don't care Hace un mes
sebastien lopez
sebastien lopez Hace un mes
Todo muy mal
Jackieran1982 Hace un mes
They where my favourite couple. Gleb is an amazing dancer and Anita has huge potential but to be honest if I had to dance with him I couldn't concentrate.
Polina Syzrankina
Polina Syzrankina Hace 2 meses
live on twitch rn :D come and say helloo :D www.twitch.tv/drolby__
john e Lawler
john e Lawler Hace 2 meses
she should have won
Scores: 6, 7, 7, 7= 27
Well I came here cause of Anita cause I can say she is Indian and cause of Hips don't lie..all the comments about the man..I gotta watch the video still..
River Fields
River Fields Hace 2 meses
WELL Watch the American series of this show and he is on the show right now
River Fields
River Fields Hace 2 meses
Want to see more Gleb huh
Lucy Harrison
Lucy Harrison Hace 2 meses
i couldn’t tell you if she’s a good dancer or not i wasn’t watching her
Solange Szg
Solange Szg Hace 2 meses
Que mierda es esto?? 😂😂😂
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Hace 3 meses
Quando um brasileiro ver um vídeo com o anúncio de samba... dá vontade de rir alto e dizer "cadê o samba?"
Na ya
Na ya Hace 3 meses
1:12 😍😍 My Gooooooodddd
Олеся Журавлева
Великолепно танцует пара,столько эмоций,тысячу раз браво,браво.
Paula Laye
Paula Laye Hace 3 meses
Ooh err missus love that man's body!!!!
Sharila Fofana
Sharila Fofana Hace 3 meses
Iara Oliveira
Iara Oliveira Hace 3 meses
Isso não é samba. Esse ritmo é salsa. Esse casal em alguns momentos estão dançando fora do ritmo!
Andrés Gerónimo Rosaldo
Es Pop Latino.
Andrés Gerónimo Rosaldo
El ritmo es Pop Latino.
Mirarlos un placer!!! Gracias por la danza!!!!!!
Thaís Silva
Thaís Silva Hace 3 meses
Só não danço assim porque não tenho a roupa ( irônia caso não tenha entendido )
Sunny Meadow
Sunny Meadow Hace 4 meses
She looks ridiculous!
Dat Jazz
Dat Jazz Hace 4 meses
Me thinking of Hanta Sero dancing with Y/N. - Sigh - I can imagine it already....
Rein Blick
Rein Blick Hace 4 meses
Didn't realize that Gleb also became pro in SCD
Princess Marshella Horman
Did she win?
Shirley Bread
Shirley Bread Hace 2 meses
@Princess Marshella Horman Jay, and Aliona
Princess Marshella Horman
@Shirley Bread oh---- who won though?
Shirley Bread
Shirley Bread Hace 3 meses
Placed 5th place and was eliminated in the semi finals in 2015.
Екатерина Чуйкина
Сколько им лет? Как будто мама с сыном танцуют
Da Galaxy
Da Galaxy Hace 5 meses
Funny how the spotlight all went to Gleb in the end. Well, he danced more gracefully in here😊
Totan Dey
Totan Dey Hace 5 meses
It may not be technically perfect.... But she brought so much life the music and the piece
Richard Greaves
Richard Greaves Hace 5 meses
Jonathan Adriel
Jonathan Adriel Hace 5 meses
Baila en la "cah-leh". Really?! 🤦🏽‍♂️
Meerad Seck Diouman
Meerad Seck Diouman Hace 5 meses
Plen xy
Plen xy Hace 5 meses
Alina Mihaela Dorobantu
Danilo Oliveira
Danilo Oliveira Hace 6 meses
Que brilho
Debashree Dey
Debashree Dey Hace 6 meses
Very sexy performance ❤️
Meerad Seck Diouman
Meerad Seck Diouman Hace 6 meses
Out eternity..fi
Meerad Seck Diouman
Meerad Seck Diouman Hace 6 meses
Black screen..results..mail..write
Meerad Seck Diouman
Meerad Seck Diouman Hace 6 meses
Win...go..urgent..US...the endxxxxxxx2020 Two WA
jerry Lott
jerry Lott Hace 6 meses
Anita 🔥🔥❤️
Julieta Hace 7 meses
Lindo baile, pero sin sazón y pasión latina que caracteriza estos ritmos.
Cristian Arce
Cristian Arce Hace 7 meses
It wasn't their best. They tried to do some salsa while it was cumbia. They could've researched better.
Brianna Mariner
Brianna Mariner Hace 7 meses
That's such a beautiful dress!!!
Maria Salas
Maria Salas Hace 7 meses
Maria salas ok sir and Friend of this year in the world to be there for the world
Maria Salas
Maria Salas Hace 7 meses
Maria salas ok sir and Friend of this year in the world cup hand to be a
Maria Salas
Maria Salas Hace 7 meses
Maria salas ok sir and Friend of this year in the world to be there for the world to be there for the world to be there for the world to be there for the world to be there for the world to be there for the world to be there for the world to be there for the world to be there for the world to be there for the world
Kasakrit Soydee
Kasakrit Soydee Hace 7 meses
Bellatrix MK
Bellatrix MK Hace 8 meses
Is it really me who thinks the guy looks like Johnny depp in 40s
Mona Allam
Mona Allam Hace 8 meses
A mixture of Depp and Antonio Banderas
Sophia Anne
Sophia Anne Hace 8 meses
he's so attractive what the hell
eliana tarifa
eliana tarifa Hace 8 meses
The rythm is not according to the dance steps !!!
Gabriela Serafini
Gabriela Serafini Hace 8 meses
Eu desconhecia esse ballroom samba. E eu acho um total desrespeito com o samba, samba. Porque que ao invés de ter isso como samba, não pegam o samba de gafieira mesmo que é tão genuíno e coloca na dança de salão??? Sério.. isso pra mim pelo menos teria q ser um música brasileira, e não pegar uma música que tem jeito de outro ritmo latino. Carlinhos de Jesus, que é mestre em sambar nunca vi ele dançando esse negócio aí.
Sahithi Priya
Sahithi Priya Hace 8 meses
Wow amazing moves
Andrea A Polanco
Andrea A Polanco Hace 9 meses
Dang he’s hot
Imre Diós
Imre Diós Hace 9 meses
I love you
Archana Sharma
Archana Sharma Hace 9 meses
J N Hace 9 meses
Living my best bisexual life watching this
aRMy_love Hace 2 meses
me too, dude
Skips Medina
Skips Medina Hace 4 meses
I can’t 🤣🤣🤣
that girl
that girl Hace 6 meses
MissAngelic090518 Hace 6 meses
Murillo P Your face is too😂
Yogesh Kumar
Yogesh Kumar Hace 7 meses
After seeing this i just went "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssss"
Mauro Fonseca
Mauro Fonseca Hace 9 meses
soe kalayar
soe kalayar Hace 9 meses
Elizabeth Castro
Elizabeth Castro Hace 9 meses
Que lindos son los hombres ,dios mio
John Savala
John Savala Hace 10 meses
Ballroom World Alina
Ballroom World Alina Hace 10 meses
Fantastic ♥️
Daisy May
Daisy May Hace un año
Damn she’s pretty 😍
Molly S
Molly S Hace un año
So surprised at how well she dances. Wasn't expecting that. Also very nice figure. I'm a girl.by the way😀😀😀😀😀
Shreya Pandit
Shreya Pandit Hace un año
Man they would make a hot couple. Their chemistry is damn... Also he's so hot!!!🔥
Whippy99 Hace un año
Gleb is the best looking male pro dancer ever!
Saffron xox
Saffron xox Hace un año
ACU Hace un año
I think this would have worked better as a salsa but still okay
Amber Victoria
Amber Victoria Hace un año
Omg I thought this was Janette Manrana😂😂
Laís Santos
Laís Santos Hace un año
this is not samba....
Random Person
Random Person Hace 9 meses
It's ballroom samba not brazilian samba. Two different dances.
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Hace un año
Gleb is gorgeous
Selina Ayul
Selina Ayul Hace un año
To this day, I have never wanted to dance with anyone else but Gleb. My mum thinks I'm mad, but he is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen xxx
saliha murtic
saliha murtic Hace 2 meses
No Selina, you are not mad. Gleb is an amazing dancer.
Kc Castr
Kc Castr Hace un año
He is gorgeous 😁
Eliene Silva Andrade
Que tipo de dança é essa?
john e Lawler
john e Lawler Hace un año
love her
Nika DV
Nika DV Hace un año
Сказать честно ,то не ооочень....
Tar Jtm
Tar Jtm Hace un año
Nonton vidio pake Smartfren tdk menyenangkan, karena lambat sering putus-putus
Almudena Carnero
Almudena Carnero Hace un año
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I keep on reading the signs of HIS body! Gleb is so sexy and a hell of a dancer!
Maria Salas
Maria Salas Hace un año
Maria salas ok sir and Friend
Marta Ramos
Marta Ramos Hace un año
Not Samba!!
globalcoupledances Hace un año
Yes you Brazilians have said that 4000 times. Original is never samba, only a fraud is samba
juan pablo ramirez.
juan pablo ramirez. Hace un año
Genial el bailarin porte sonrisa y todo y pues ella muy tiesa jaja
Raish PS
Raish PS Hace un año
what hips?
Annalisa Vaccaro
Annalisa Vaccaro Hace un año
Filomena Novosel
Filomena Novosel Hace un año
jen rui
jen rui Hace un año
Sofia Sasha OLIMPICA
que porquería es esto?
vania maria martins
vania maria martins Hace un año
Isto nunca foi samba, só brasileiro para dançar.
globalcoupledances Hace un año
vania maria martins - it is tthe real samba de gafieira. That dance in Brazil is an ugly copy, a fraud
Random Person
Random Person Hace un año
This is NOT brazilian samba. This is BALLROOM samba danced in competitions.
Eva Simon
Eva Simon Hace un año
Чем тут восхищаться? Танец очень слабый
Lera Romanova
Lera Romanova Hace un año
Многие элементы из танцев Глеба и Аделины взяли
Abril Guzmán Cantillo
Əli Məmmədli
Əli Məmmədli Hace un año
McElhinney65 Hace un año
Anita is a beautiful girl.
Keeping Up With Yovan
Gleb is so hot and move so sexy!!😭❤️
Lucilene Carolinda
Lucilene Carolinda Hace un año
Por um momento pensei que fosse a Tatá Werneck .kkkkkoo
Marta Karwowska
Marta Karwowska Hace 2 años
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Hace 2 años
The gringos can even try, but they will never be able to dance samba like a Brazilian.
Random Person
Random Person Hace un año
But this is NOT brazilian samba. This is BALLROOM samba danced in ballroom competitions. Brazilian samba and ballroom samba are two different things.
Anna Namyotova
Anna Namyotova Hace 2 años
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