Anna Kendrick Geeks Out And Sings With Stephen

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Star of Pitch Perfects I and II, Anna Kendrick joins Stephen to talk Lord Of The Rings and sing a showtune... so basically his favorite things.
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Stephen Colbert took over as host of The Late Show on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. Colbert is best known for his work as a television host, writer, actor, and producer, and best known for his charity work teaching English as a second language on Tunisian date farms. Prior to joining the CBS family -- and being officially adopted by network president Les Moonves -- Colbert helmed “The Colbert Report,” which aired nearly 1,500 episodes and required Stephen to wear nearly 1,500 different neckties. The program received two Peabody Awards, two Grammy Awards, and several unwelcome shoulder massages. It won two Emmys for Outstanding Variety Series in 2013 and 2014, both of which appear to have been lost in the move. Colbert is pronounced koʊlˈbɛər, according to Wikipedia. His understudy is William Cavanaugh, who will be hosting The Late Show approximately one third of the time. Good luck, Bill!"


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11 mar 2016






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Comentarios 80
Ariel Ky
Ariel Ky Hace 16 horas
That was a great duet.
Heavxnly_venus Hace 12 días
Everytime I watch these I always imagine myself watching them in real life, like actually there. And I imagine myself having a mental breakdown because of how much I love her lmao
Kwabena Darko
Kwabena Darko Hace 13 días
Stephen has a nice voice
Fretless99 Hace 14 días
She has really nice teeth! EDIT |MIND. BLOWN. I had no idea she was going to say that...holy smokes!! I will be predictable again, and say that Ms. Kendrick is charming, and has a great figure...
xAsher94x Hace 18 días
i just know anna kendrick gonna be a main pop girl if she in teh music industry. i just fkn know it.
Cheezeblade Hace 19 días
Its so nice, had they been the same age they would have had a lot to talk about while both shoved in a locker. Nice
T J Hace 20 días
She has very femenine, charming, graceful mannerisms.
Candice Taylor
Candice Taylor Hace 20 días
Utterly sweet.
Romona Brown
Romona Brown Hace 25 días
The song was very nice...
Quinn Hen
Quinn Hen Hace 26 días
This was adorable!!!
Ral Ral
Ral Ral Hace 28 días
👍💓🤗Anna Kendrick 💓and 💓🤗Aubrey Plaza 😍💓👍🤗✌
PIPIN DIDN'T DO WHAT?! Who lead the ents to war? REEEEEEE
DrKiller Lets Play
DrKiller Lets Play Hace un mes
I love Anna so much that I will cheat on my wife with here, but Anna is so lovely that my wife will probably say "lets do it together" XD
shannon swartz
shannon swartz Hace un mes
Why is nobody talking about Anna Kendrick as Judy garland...I never realized how much she sounded like her until this clip. Holy crap! Is there a petition could sign for this? Just me? Maybe.
Justin Carlson
Justin Carlson Hace un mes
Love ya, Anna.
Anon Non
Anon Non Hace un mes
Kendrick has funny looking face. She looks like a weasel and she uses more filters on Instagram than Caitlin Jenner.
Nicole Valle Gross
Nicole Valle Gross Hace un mes
As a straight woman I can’t tell if I wanna be her or I’m just plain in love with her. Stephen I’m obviously in love with, but duh.
Paul Polpiboon
Paul Polpiboon Hace un mes
Well that was pleasant. Cool people
onlooker Hace un mes
Lover the dress
G Forcke
G Forcke Hace 2 meses
Two really talented geeks doing what they do best💕
h3rm10n3 gr4ng3r
h3rm10n3 gr4ng3r Hace 2 meses
now that i’m in quarantine, i get dressed up to watch anna kendrick on my laptop.
Jeremie Evangelista
Jeremie Evangelista Hace 2 meses
Nice job you two!
Tucker Smith
Tucker Smith Hace 2 meses
Is there a reason that Jean Batiste is playing Bach Invention 8 for Anna Kendrick's intro?
Jaidan Gabriel
Jaidan Gabriel Hace 2 meses
anna kendrick doesn't want a relationship look at his face on 0:52 when the crowd makes noise
Kelly Robinette
Kelly Robinette Hace 2 meses
I love this so much! It's one of my favorite videos to go back and watch over and over. It's so sweet!
Udit Gor
Udit Gor Hace 2 meses
Damn, I knew Anna can sing, but so can Stephen.
Uhoh Spaghettios
Uhoh Spaghettios Hace 2 meses
The side eye she gave to the audience at 0:52 killed me lol
Jason Doom
Jason Doom Hace 3 meses
X Hace 3 meses
Emm, perky
Mauricio Costa
Mauricio Costa Hace 3 meses
dana madeleine ermita
I love that red dress on her ❤❤❤
Courtney Frank
Courtney Frank Hace 3 meses
She would be a beautiful Ariel from the little mermaid
DarthVader20201 Hace 3 meses
WTFPr0m Hace 3 meses
All of my ESvid recommendations during this pandemic are for Anna Kendrick interviews and, like, yeah. You're right, ESvid. This is what I needed. Thank you.
Repsol Rider 83
Repsol Rider 83 Hace 3 meses
Is she Tom Holland's sister? She looks a lot like him :D
Graham Butler
Graham Butler Hace 3 meses
I think I just wet myself
Gain Gang
Gain Gang Hace 4 meses
I totally love her!!!
Nadia Harden
Nadia Harden Hace 4 meses
Wow I think I just fell in love with Anna Kendrick
Mary Bell
Mary Bell Hace 4 meses
Colbert seems to me like old school Hollywood, in the nicest way
Manuel Claude Schwarzbach
It could be that they made a mistake with Scarlett Johansson, because you are definitely the most sexiest and most funniest woman alive, as you are. Manuel
The Noble and Mighty Beaver
Do boys and girls approach friendship differently. Yeah, girls don’t run around hitting their friends in the balls.
Rickie Khosla
Rickie Khosla Hace 4 meses
You know it when an interview is perfect. Just perfect.
Gibborim Black
Gibborim Black Hace 4 meses
Nit a fan of him at all. First time ever seeing her. Separate and apart from the aforementioned... that was a very classy, and talented duo of true professionals. Def impressed with both. It was like a 1959 skit on one of those old school television shows. Very cool.
Country Dingess
Country Dingess Hace 4 meses
Amazing voice!!!
D Ttra
D Ttra Hace 5 meses
The ONLY song that he sings with Anna Kendrick is a love song? If I were his wife, I would be jealous and suspicious. Anna Kendrick's a great singer!
Bernie Hace 5 meses
Why don't they make a musical together?
Who am I?
Who am I? Hace 5 meses
i like how Anna changes the pitch of her “yeah’s” so it sounds like a different response. i’m using that
Katie B
Katie B Hace 5 meses
Wonder why they were playing Bach when she came out...so odd 😂
Linda name
Linda name Hace 5 meses
You can tell she is a genuine person, so sweet and the talent is off the charts!! Love her!!!
DS ofNJ Hace 5 meses
Isn't she the Hilton girl?
Justus Scott
Justus Scott Hace 5 meses
Anna was swooning lmao. Get it Stevie
slyjokerg Hace 5 meses
It is so stupid when people "do" moments like this that are OBVIOUSLY planned and rehearsed, but they pretend are spontaneous.
Marcellina West
Marcellina West Hace 5 meses
She’s so charming and funny and can even be a little naughty sometimes with her sense of humor which is fun. And her voice? She can make anyone sound good in a duet. She’s the complete package.
VideoKilledTheHeros Hace 5 meses
Did I just never realize how high her voice is, holy crap
True North
True North Hace 5 meses
Should I be embarrassed to be past retirement age and have a crush on Anna Kendrick?
Brendan M
Brendan M Hace 4 meses
Brian Binesh
Brian Binesh Hace 5 meses
Anna Kendrick is Devine
Sarah Venable
Sarah Venable Hace 5 meses
Stephen has a pretty good voice!
huyked Hace 5 meses
Awwwww! "That was wonderfullllllllll....." ;)
Rish Agarwal
Rish Agarwal Hace 5 meses
nice going Brocolli Rob .... :D
Linda S. Martin
Linda S. Martin Hace 5 meses
She does have a beautiful voice, personality and figure (me being a tad jealous).
Marty Schwebel
Marty Schwebel Hace 6 meses
Truly magical. She's delightful and Stephen is a very classy host.
Brent Hace 6 meses
Anna has such nice sparkly blue eyes.
Gracie Noonkester
Gracie Noonkester Hace 6 meses
dood, they sound good together
karl saint claire
karl saint claire Hace 6 meses
Watching this is 2020 and I'm still waiting for them to put out a full cover of that song!
Mertens du Plooy
Mertens du Plooy Hace 6 meses
The pre-rehearsedness annoys me.
floex831 Hace 6 meses
Why am I in love Ana Kendrick?
88hunky Hace 6 meses
Hi, Im Steve Colbert. I used to be funny on Strangers with Candy and the daily show but decided to alienate half my audience by being a leftist pussy. Well done Stevie.
Vastad Hace 6 meses
I can't find a version of this song that sounds like they do :( But I'm so glad I came across this video and found a great song.
Natasha Haneem
Natasha Haneem Hace 6 meses
They're like father and daughter singing duet together 😄🎶
Starlah Mutiny
Starlah Mutiny Hace 6 meses
Stephen Colbert is the DEFINITION of SWOOONNNN
Leigha Klopp
Leigha Klopp Hace 6 meses
@7:10 you're welcome
Alainpbat Hace 6 meses
I ship it
oxforddictonary Hace 6 meses
wowwww, what a duet. she sounded beautiful
Carol Davis-Wilkie
Carol Davis-Wilkie Hace 6 meses
She is the next Doris Day!!
T S Hace 6 meses
Her speaking voice is grating a.f.
MJay Lith
MJay Lith Hace 6 meses
She might have a good singing voice, but listening to her talk grates on my nerves. And what was so great about pitch perfect--bleeeck~just sayin....
Oma Cool
Oma Cool Hace 6 meses
Wow. They're magic together!!!
TVFreak624143 Hace 6 meses
Anna Kendrick please be my best friend.... her description of friendship fits me like a glove. I don't get it. People just don't want to talk to you after you've ignored them for a year.... Edit: She definitely doesn't seem to get how beautiful and awesome she is.
cb7pwn Hace 6 meses
i hope they both know they cant actually sing right ? .... being able to hold a note vs actually singing are 2 diff things
Lukas Beck
Lukas Beck Hace 6 meses
I have to say I'm a little disappointed. When they were mentioning Pippins song I was sure they would sing "edge of night" together
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