Answering The Most Savage Riddles On The Internet 2 (Who Would You Save?)

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Answering the darkest & most savage riddles on the Internet thanks to 7-Second Riddles Channels. This time I focus on the "Who Would You Save?" Riddles...
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14 abr 2019

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Comentarios 10 676
Nikko Dimock
Nikko Dimock Hace 9 horas
I would save my dog because my dog is a French bulldog and he would sink
tatiana24ish Hace 12 horas
I won’t jugg you I would save my dog to 🐶
Toast Girl
Toast Girl Hace 14 horas
I would save my dog because they should save there own kid
Tosha Dauderman
Tosha Dauderman Hace 15 horas
I would save my dog(s) to
Korrupt Hace 16 horas
It keeps saying *who* would you save first and it keeps showing money ? mONEY ISNT HUMAN
Cutiecandy AJ
Cutiecandy AJ Hace 16 horas
I would save my best Friend. There in the MIDDLE could grab the girl's hand. And the little boy. Duh.
Brianna Murillo
Brianna Murillo Hace 17 horas
lauren save the dad so he can save the mom and while he is getting the mom get the money
kitty lover !!
kitty lover !! Hace un día
gacha leaf
gacha leaf Hace un día
() () u
isabelody Hace un día
I would save the scorpion, I'm sure he's more scared than the humans
Lukas sherlock
Lukas sherlock Hace 2 días
Are you back in please self up and you can help your mum and you can grab the mail and
Rob West
Rob West Hace 2 días
she has more chance to save her brother because he doesn't have anything on top of him and her husband does so she can't grab a husband or she'll get pulled in in the baby
Simiancraft Hace 2 días
Lol the dog actually looked like Dexter 😆
Gacha Shadow
Gacha Shadow Hace 2 días
Obviously you have to save the scorpion. Duh!
Leila Raziunaite
Leila Raziunaite Hace 2 días
Who hate,s when it said,s comments?
kitcat kit
kitcat kit Hace 2 días
When they say comments there is no answer
kitcat kit
kitcat kit Hace 2 días
Laurenz: dog is the best me: mine is two her name is saydee you can call her say
Sat Ezadin
Sat Ezadin Hace 2 días
Mom Det
Sat Ezadin
Sat Ezadin Hace 2 días
Maine Pangan
Maine Pangan Hace 3 días
I would savw my mom causey dad haets meh
Gacha Unicorn
Gacha Unicorn Hace 3 días
I'm not mad at you lauren beacause i have a Dog too and i love my Dog
KatnissDragonX Hace 3 días
I would save my dad so he can help me save my mum oof
She Is
She Is Hace 3 días
but who would save FIRST not who would you save.
Lil Dancer Paris
Lil Dancer Paris Hace 3 días
Gacha_ Tuber 89
Gacha_ Tuber 89 Hace 3 días
I'd say 5 million dollars because dogs can swim but if the dog couldn't swim I'd save the dog
Harlin Bannister
Harlin Bannister Hace 3 días
The second little is super easy for me because I don’t have a father
Jayson Hammer
Jayson Hammer Hace 3 días
My dog can't swim soooooo I think I would save my dog and then the kid
Summer Wolfy
Summer Wolfy Hace 4 días
Most if this 7 sec riddles are comments 😐 love you Lauren
Gemma Watermelon
Gemma Watermelon Hace 4 días
5:24 I think I would save the woman bc she can make more humans to make up for the 2 men who I killed also I would push the old man bc he is going to die anyway he is nearly there and I wouldn’t save the handicap ok bye
Samuel Slaughter
Samuel Slaughter Hace 4 días
A pregnant woman has to decide who to save her brother or her husband I say just dropped the baby and use the umbilical cord as a rope so you can save both of them problem solved and save the baby
Jason Rubio
Jason Rubio Hace 4 días
Agree with you Lauren these riddles are so Savage
Shannon Hawn
Shannon Hawn Hace 4 días
I'm a savage fan / fam
Shannon Hawn
Shannon Hawn Hace 4 días
I'm a sav
Eulle Salazar
Eulle Salazar Hace 4 días
I hate when they say comment more then you
maddielynntvbtv sing time
I would save mom and dad
Jonathan Hunt
Jonathan Hunt Hace 4 días
lol the first thing is obvie leave the money and the dog can swim so save the kid
Sargpe Kaye
Sargpe Kaye Hace 4 días
You rather than a dog lived in a human being like it's like you're not a little girl dying
Annie Lee
Annie Lee Hace 4 días
You are a savage
Logan Lee
Logan Lee Hace 4 días
Daughter but I am a kid cause I don’t have a kid so 😭
Logan Lee
Logan Lee Hace 4 días
Grandpa cause he needs more life
Logan Lee
Logan Lee Hace 4 días
Millionaire cause he needs life
Logan Lee
Logan Lee Hace 4 días
What why is there red riding hood there!?
Logan Lee
Logan Lee Hace 4 días
Because lauren the snakes will sinks the husband in no time!
Logan Lee
Logan Lee Hace 4 días
I hate the comment ones
Logan Lee
Logan Lee Hace 4 días
My father cause he’s nice
Logan Lee
Logan Lee Hace 4 días
Save my dog
Karri Carroll
Karri Carroll Hace 4 días
S you pick the right choice you take the puppy you write with that kid explain a connected to be the Girl hit
Ahmad Gunawan
Ahmad Gunawan Hace 5 días
I hate the comment one if you igree
Woman of my dream s
The Nice Mr Tinkles
The Nice Mr Tinkles Hace 5 días
I wold save my mum bc my dad wold hurt me
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