Anthony Joshua shocked by Andy Ruiz Jr in New York

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The plan was to win all the available belts and become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
British fighter Anthony Joshua went into his bout with Mexican Andy Ruiz Jr undefeated and odds-on favourite to win.
Instead, he was stopped in the seventh round and lost all his heavyweight titles.
Sky reporter Helen-Ann Smith has the details.
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2 jun 2019






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Comentarios 80
Edyon Hace 7 días
AJ : this is going to be like taking candy from a baby. Ruiz: hold my bean taco!
willisshooting Hace 21 un día
I hope that Fury knocks his head off after what he has said about white owned businesses it's those very businesses that's made him what he is
walter anazodo
walter anazodo Hace 12 días
U that much butthurt?
Mohamed Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed Hace un mes
1 year baby
Dumma K
Dumma K Hace un mes
Dumma K
Dumma K Hace un mes
What was that song playing in the background when ajs made his Entrance that sounds so wicked
manday oseng jaguar
Yang kesini gara gara om dedy wkwkwkw
Timo199x Hace 2 meses
dont fk with a mexicano
2serveand2protect Hace 3 meses
Laugh it off, but this is Boxing & it is what it is - it's not Maths! It can ALWAYS go both ways, until the very end. Anthony proved to be the bigger man and (most of all) the SMARTER man, by rising and coming back - learning - and taking care of business.
The Swedes Versus
The Swedes Versus Hace 4 meses
I like how Joshua didn't have any excuses after that loss. Now bring on Wilder and Fury and we'll see once and for all who's who.
Roberto EF
Roberto EF Hace 4 meses
Joshua seing stars everywhere... ✳️✴️✳️✴️
KING-TURTLE Hace 4 meses
Joshua still win people’s heart with his attitude. He is good inside and outside of the ring. The real sportsmanship
Joelson Sabado
Joelson Sabado Hace 5 meses
Ruiz stood his ground against a big buff black terminator, if thats not courageous idk what is
aspen 85
aspen 85 Hace 5 meses
Drake and Joshua are beasts drake runs from gangsters and Joshua runs from Ruiz's hands perfect match
Anonymous Native American
The day Andy banged and ko Joshua 4 times lol 🙏🏾🌎👐🏾
Mr Asalta3oun
Mr Asalta3oun Hace 6 meses
The British are good at justification!!! El taco don’t joke around, the sad part is that Joshua has no heart he wanted to stop it
Lone Mathule
Lone Mathule Hace 6 meses
Just came back for the haters who claimed Ruiz was the goat😂😂😂😂 your comments didn’t age well
Atchy Konesh
Atchy Konesh Hace 6 meses
One hit wonder Ruiz. AJ back.
Negan’s Protégé
Negan’s Protégé Hace 6 meses
“This is what I been working hard for” Working hard how? Killing doughnuts and cheeseburgers?
Alex Felipe Flissak Villa
Wasn't it in Las Vegas?...
Tim Brinke
Tim Brinke Hace 6 meses
Don’t call it the greatest upset in boxing cause it’s not
SuSmallville Hace 6 meses
Third Rematch coming your way....
Yung Zyon
Yung Zyon Hace 6 meses
RazRaps Hace 6 meses
He won the rematch, LEGEND
Мариана Славчова
Joshua is the best!
Ddv Sgd
Ddv Sgd Hace 4 meses
Usyk is better
Ed Wendell
Ed Wendell Hace 6 meses
Juice vs Tacos and burgers
D man
D man Hace 6 meses
The comentators name is JOSHUA BEATEN ? This must be some next level trolling
Roberto Tabornal Jr
Roberto Tabornal Jr Hace 6 meses
Malik Riaz
Malik Riaz Hace 6 meses
Its seems he lost deliberately. He was not hurt but still going down. Money talks
DUBAIWAZLIT Hace 7 meses
Joshua lost because he got bashed.
Shantel Fullerton
Shantel Fullerton Hace 7 meses
I don't know how to watch it absolutely free, However I registered last week on ScreenVariety Tv for $few/yearly. It's working on my mac and iphone.
Tom Hace 7 meses
He will lose again
Dani Art
Dani Art Hace 6 meses
hape Hace 7 meses
Every guy Drake supports always lose have we not learn that already.
Believer Christ
Believer Christ Hace 6 meses
hape What about Kawhi winning the NBA championship.
Blipp0 Hace 7 meses
Every body need to realise that no matter what happens here these too are what boxing needs. Josh would be better off beating a few bums and ruiz could easily take that route ( I know I know contract clause, the promoters could get round that) but both of them have took a big risk because they are both proper fighters with heart. Look at wilder and fury, if they both believed they were as bad as they make out nothing else NOTHING would have been on there mind other than rematch. Now I dont know who the best heavy weight is and probably never will. We all would know if they all had the balls that these two have. By the way I'm a big joshua fan and now ruiz fan. Little after thought for dillion whyte also.
Thirukumaran Sabapathi
Every elephant falls, one day. Losing is not a shame, thinking never going to, is.
Hattori Hanzo
Hattori Hanzo Hace 7 meses
I feel all four - AJ, Ruiz, Deontay and fury are good folk outside the ring.
She Hate Me
She Hate Me Hace 7 meses
Lol, joshua been ducking Wilder for 5 years
Ed Wendell
Ed Wendell Hace 7 meses
People say it was a fix fight. Damn stfu. Joshua got hit by a big punch. Ruiz a dangerous chubby guy
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie Hace 7 meses
Damn, Ruiz has some quick hands. This man is getting tagged in the face by those hard jabs, then turns into a speed demon all over Joshua's face.
Racing Red
Racing Red Hace 7 meses
On December 7th Joshua will come out all guns blazing and reclaims his titles.
Turbo Turtle
Turbo Turtle Hace 7 meses
Round 7 Joshua options Keep boxing Get knocked out I give up?
Jarvis Dean
Jarvis Dean Hace 7 meses
Joshua so called opponents was bumbs he protected in England he's nothing in america
SFB Hace 7 meses
lots of burrito, cake, beer etc comments. Comon guys enough of the fat shaming its obvious Ruiz was HUNGRY for the win :D
sont nagda
sont nagda Hace 7 meses
Such horrible physique such tremendous strength
enzo Hace 7 meses
Friends boxing is not a sport it is a business, we saw the first match, in December there will be the second match and in spring the third match, everyone wonders and they wonder who will win? I who am an old boxer I know who will win, the organizers !!!!!!!!!!!!!! AJ? AR? they will not go down in history, boxers like Moammed Ali are born one every 100 years.
Fatjon Harizi
Fatjon Harizi Hace 7 meses
Soo how win this rematch? And what round..
Nico XxX
Nico XxX Hace 7 meses
Maybe he bet against himself
To See
To See Hace 7 meses
AJ lack the ambition, unlike Fury and Wilder
SD129 Hace 7 meses
he got ran over by mexican express
Ygggdrasill Hace 7 meses
أسماء - Asmaa
أسماء - Asmaa Hace 7 meses
He took it like a man at least he's not a lame loser he's a human after all
Nityam Solanki
Nityam Solanki Hace 7 meses
Joshua coming soon to take all belts One step back of lion means he is being ready to hunt..... We love u joshua
Cor Leone
Cor Leone Hace 8 meses
AJ will smash andy so hard ahah
daEnglish1 Hace 8 meses
ruiz destroyed Joshua I don't see anything different happening on the rematch, Joshua has a robot stance with no head movement, ruiz is the perfect fighter to beat Joshua again ruiz will always beat Joshua, andy ruiz is levels above...the only punch Joshua will be landing clearly that night will be body punches coz the body don't move But when Joshua goes for the body shots he has to lean forward an hes too low, joshua head comes forward the same time as he chucks body shots and the destroyer will be waiting to counter attack on them special moments, ruiz is to fast with nice combos and I can't wait to see um
ewdryk Hace 8 meses
I feel like Joshua gave that up, honestly. He let Ruiz win. That 0 weights too much.
Abd. T Juliano
Abd. T Juliano Hace 8 meses
Lol all those bulging muscles means jackshit in front of ruiz
steve rangon
steve rangon Hace 8 meses
The Drake curse continues
WorldInFlamesAgain Hace 8 meses
Strong Fatty > Poser Body-builder.
epicJOMS Hace 8 meses
Modern day butterbean
Chris Schmeling
Chris Schmeling Hace 9 meses
The undertaker's son walked AJ to the ring, hahaha, he was a big dudes, 6ft8 or 6ft10 he looked.
aditya sutiadinata
aditya sutiadinata Hace 9 meses
A.j bought by gambling sites
Ano Nimi
Ano Nimi Hace 9 meses
hahaha that's the funniest fight I saw today. I came here after watching Joshua's shocking win against Klitschko and somebody mentioned in the comments he'd lost against Ruiz. I was expecting this Ruiz guy must be a huge, muscular, well built dude and never expected a chubby or fat guy would crash down Joshua like that. Great win for Ruiz 😂
JCloud Starlite
JCloud Starlite Hace 9 meses
Macho Man vs Fat guy fat guy won lol
Lee Hall
Lee Hall Hace 9 meses
Andy is great love his style gotta give Joshua respect with how he was in defeat true sportsman
mo Gabriel
mo Gabriel Hace 9 meses
Love the humbleness of joshua
mo Gabriel
mo Gabriel Hace 9 meses
Ruiz flabs
Vikas Gavandare
Vikas Gavandare Hace 9 meses
Deontay wilder is legend and legend never lose .I did not expect about Anthony Joshua he never win against bronge bomber.
edward arsiaga
edward arsiaga Hace 9 meses
It's about the fight in the dog not the size of the dog. Ruiz is a hard hitter obviously. Rember big country Nelson in UFC he had a beer belly but he could scrap
manolito mulat
manolito mulat Hace 9 meses
the fat won? hahahaha... joshua is a big big big joke in boxing....he just lost to a fat idiot
Laurence Giovanni Baylon
Baymax was built to love not to hurt.
Ebubekir Inanc
Ebubekir Inanc Hace 9 meses
1:40 Hasan Rahman? It’s *Hasim* Rahman
manolito mulat
manolito mulat Hace 10 meses
ang tambok maoy nakadaug? hahaha...way claro diay nas joshua... gi pildi lang ug way buot
Nikmat 3M
Nikmat 3M Hace 10 meses
manolito mulat Learn english dude
Samuel Quinones
Samuel Quinones Hace 10 meses
Them hits must’ve been heavy af ..
hakan polat
hakan polat Hace 10 meses
Why he losing ?
Beretta 9mm
Beretta 9mm Hace 10 meses
ONENESS Hace 10 meses
Don’t judge a book by its cover aj motto
Muhammad kamran Atta
Muhammad kamran Atta Hace 10 meses
Where was joshua in the fight. He used to be a good boxer.
antonio Bevilacqua
antonio Bevilacqua Hace 10 meses
No! Secondo molti Italiani questo incontro è basato sulla borsa.....questione di soldi...🤫
randy palla
randy palla Hace 10 meses
Surprising a guy , who can't box lost to a boxer,
Khalid Al
Khalid Al Hace 10 meses
drake is a curse on fighters
ProblemSolved Hace 10 meses
Andy by KO
Rahman was hardly the under dog ruiz was
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