Anti-Smoking Campaigns on Tik Tok

Eddy Burback
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23 nov 2020






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Coy Boy
Coy Boy Hace un hora
Hey eddy I’m 14 and I have before and it is hard to stop but it’s possible this helps more than campaigns and dare made me want to start
MegCortes Hace 4 horas
i gt an anti smoking tik tok ad before this video
Joe Booler
Joe Booler Hace 4 horas
Update (to nothing): Ever since this dropped, I got a lot more SnapChat ads with the girl reading the tweets than the childish BS (in fact, havent seen one of those in forever, but im also not on social media a bunch so idk)
UNnaturallyBlue Hace 12 horas
I'm very happy to have a spiritual sequal to the video I first found you with, the DARE ads.
Ddhfacetyy Hace 2 días
Nooooooooo victor no
MassivePonyFan Hace 2 días
I switched to vaping and am very happy I did. My lungs feel a lot better every day.
Just Chillin Out
Just Chillin Out Hace 2 días
the best way to make people quit is to use scare tactics
Hilton Klitzna
Hilton Klitzna Hace 3 días
Bruh just noticed nigahiga during the unicorn puking. Fuckinnthrowback
ya boi
ya boi Hace 3 días
I hate truth their annoying and they don't do shit but omg those dumb ass memes
Cryptic Homemaker
Cryptic Homemaker Hace 3 días
During college, my school did this "make the campus smoke free", which I supported cause I am not a smoker and those who did smoke on campus never followed the rules to not liter or keep it to a designated area. This change was through the Truth Initiative. Another girl and I were brought on as interns to help change campus policy and perception of said policies. We even went to Washington, DC to the Truth Headquarters, for preparing and learning what they wanted us to do. And man, it really does just seem like a bunch of adults grasping at what they think the cool kids will be attracted to. I think Truth has done great things and can continue to do great things, however, they're just going about it all wrong. I worked with them, and still think this stuff is lame as hell.
dude.......was that ryan higa?
Cassidy Stout
Cassidy Stout Hace 4 días
also i remember the scary one very well, like the guy ripping out a tooth to pay for his cigarettes, that was a good one
Cassidy Stout
Cassidy Stout Hace 4 días
i absolutely cannot believe i just saw a magician in this video
BillyBlocks Hace 4 días
I think a better campaign would be to get influencers (from all different genres) to talk about the dangers of smoking.
FN Gaming
FN Gaming Hace 4 días
at least where i live most of us who do or did vape learned about it from the truth initiative and thats what caused people to start
Graham Peterson
Graham Peterson Hace 4 días
I don’t even smoke and I feel like I should stop. Good job Eddy
Why me
Why me Hace 5 días
Shrek McLovin same
alastor lapid
alastor lapid Hace 5 días
The way that girl just popped on that girl's phone is terrifying.
Sauce_Aux Hace 5 días
Damn there was Truth ads in skate and bike magazines back when I was 11, in like 2000 ... I figured they would have rebranded at this point. The ads are always gonna suck, cuz the tobacco companies pay for them-So of course they’ll do the bare minimum 😂
chillednthrilled Hace 5 días
My fingers were crossed so hard at the sponsor time title card that this was actually sponsored by #truth
NoahTM Hace 6 días
1:26 I wanna be the badass kid who's smoking a fucking old timey tobacco pipe in highschool
Amanda Bermudez
Amanda Bermudez Hace 6 días
Another issue is that companies and people take being “kid friendly” and censorship for children as more important. I don’t know why people think that censorship is more important than being honest with children. Companies have a hard time reaching the younger demographic that are on the internet, a lot companies and their products or campaigns are targeted at children and in turn try to also make it “kid friendly” as well as “relatable” and they miss the mark everytime. One of the biggest disconnect adults have with children and teens is treating them like they aren’t humans dealing with problems and growing up with a complicated mind and complicated views on the world they live in. Companies just further push this disconnect by making shit kid friendly/relatable. Treat teens and kids like actual humans beings and there would be no problem.
vampsk84 Hace 6 días
I was at warped tour in 2017, and someone from truth walked up to me and asked if i wanted some free stuff. At the time i had no clue what truth was so i was like fuck yeah i want some free stuff. So they had me sign up for their email or whatever and they gave me some shitty stickers or something but i have been getting cringe up in my email for the past 4 years its sick
IllogicalClover03 Hace 6 días
I’m 23 almost 24 and I feel the impact on my lungs from when I was fresh outta high school. It’s not worth it guys.
Bert Harbinson
Bert Harbinson Hace 7 días
My entire family smokes thats all the scare I need to not smoke besides I promised my nana but I will smoke cigars and weed though but not cigarettes
GigaPixel Hace 7 días
I had TiVo growing up so I'd just skip the all the ads. Problem solved.
Deconyus Hace 8 días
Vapes should never have targeted anyone under 18 just because its vapor and not smoke. Kids and teens don’t need to smoke at all and shouldnt think its now okay to do before they can grasp what theyre actually doing to themselves.
Brastix Hace 8 días
Eddy, I respect you so much for this. You raise awareness for smoking, and made the whole video entertaining, including the ad read even! This is just a damn good video, and you just genuinely seem like a good person. To be a commentary channel that isn’t just constantly bullying people and trying to find the positive is just so amazing to me. Keep up the good work, my friend.
SweptApostle Hace 8 días
I am glad to say that on my own I managed to quit smoking cigarettes and haven't smoked one since October 2020.
Blargus__ Hace 9 días
this is a reuploaded filthy frank vid lmao
I don’t like the idea that adults can’t enjoy flavors that are traditionally considered for kids. Like, I’m 21. I’ve grown up with artificial flavors like Watermelon, Bubblegum, and blue raspberry. Why should I loose access to vape juices with these flavors, just because kids occasionally get ahold of them?
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Hace 10 días
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't TikTok supposed to SUPPORT cancer?
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson Hace 10 días
I actually didn't think vaping could possibly be so addictive until I saw so many kids in my high school doing it, even my brother, and they'd all say the same thing, "I can put it down whenever I want, it's just for fun, I'm totally in control!" Then there parents will find out and take all there vapes and cash and stuff, and I've seen first-hand, teens *begging* my brother to use his, or borrow some cash to buy more. It's absolutely insane how addicted they are after a single month.
I don’t mind pineapple on pizza
Ever since a few month before a friend got pregnant she stoped smoking and hasn’t started and it has been a year or so.
Garryzento Hace 4 días
i love pineapple on pizza
Noel Charlebois
Noel Charlebois Hace 11 días
what about "the real cost" idk if its only on tv but I remember the commercials and the people would like peel off their skin for cigarettes and stuff hopefully you see this comment because those ads use to scare my ass when I was little
red fang
red fang Hace 11 días
Your editing is HMMM exquisite. I mean it's awesome
My Man
My Man Hace 11 días
Eddy an add came on that showed two people playing cruel angels thesis with a keyboard and saxhorn it was awesome
Garryzento Hace 4 días
very nice
discreatveus Hace 11 días
A good hit works
Killer Miller
Killer Miller Hace 11 días
EDDY! Stop what youre doing, grab up Gus, drive to NY and audition for SNL. That is your path.
Lewis Maddox
Lewis Maddox Hace 11 días
yeah i instinctively grab my vape whenever i see any of those ads. like i dont even realize it anymore. same with most of the other campaigns from other companies too. at least i quit smoking since i started vaping. also not even for my health or anything but vaping and smoking in general is an expensive habit and its really not worth it. take that money and put it towards something cool and youll thank yourself later. i actually did this when i switched to vaping because it was that much cheaper than smoking for me and eventually i had enough to get a really nice watch, and that was worth it for sure
Doug Hace 12 días
I'm one of those guys that the truth ads kinda annoyed, and I've been struggling with nicotine since early high school, and I'm in my early 20s now. I'm lucky enough to not get hit with any health problems (yet). I quit long term about a week ago, and I've been slowing down and taking breaks for the last few months. It kinda sucks to feel as drained and disoriented as I am, but I already feel so much physically stronger, and I feel so much more in control. I love feeling this way, but I'm scared of just slipping back in.
not Ella
not Ella Hace 12 días
They need to scar children for life if they want their message to work. All the dancing makes it look like a light-hearted issue. The ads of old people with holes in their neck because they can't breathe or the ones with people whose teeth were rotting and falling out scarred me so badly that being around someone smoking scares me
darkeyce02 Hace 12 días
Vape companies don't target kids with flavors. Juul the scape goat for truth, has the least appealing flavors. It's literally tobacco flavors. Truth has been in the vape fear campaign for a while. They don't give facts at face value, they exaggerate and try to scare people who other wise could quit smoking using a vape.
Audacity Hace 13 días
There is nothing wrong with vaping.
Superrinus Blick
Superrinus Blick Hace 12 días
It smells bad and it hurts people most importantly the person hat vapes
Noe Ramirez
Noe Ramirez Hace 13 días
They should just scare the shit out of kids, like the older smoking ad campaigns. There was one where a guy in a wheelchair told you not to smoke and it worked like a charm with me. It scared the living hell out of me a kid.
sunchild -
sunchild - Hace 13 días
*hits vape* interesting
GenuinePie Hace 13 días
Thank you, Eddy. This is solid - keep making noise because you have a platform to do so
Bugbears and Wormwood
Bugbears and Wormwood Hace 13 días
I’ve smoked a pack a day since I was 18. That’s $25,000 I could’ve blown on video games, gin or hookers
EnyalatorFlux Hace 13 días
To be fair you have to be stupid and attention craving enough to feel the urge to breathe druggy water through a metal sick to start vaping anyways. Its just natural selection when they get cancer and die.
Superrinus Blick
Superrinus Blick Hace 12 días
not how natural selection works, but vaping is still bad
Andrea Gettling
Andrea Gettling Hace 14 días
The coolest one (im not saying it was the best in terms of effectiveness) was the one where the guy threw a bunch of juuls into cups but the juul would stop before it went into the cup until he threw last one and then they all went into their cups at the same time
Lia H
Lia H Hace 14 días
Me casually smoking a cigarette while watching this video: 🚬👁👄👁
Maggie Hace 14 días
the worst are the spotify ones
Noa Zaltzman
Noa Zaltzman Hace 14 días
This is such a good video!!! i feel like you had a bigger impact on people who think about quitting than those ads
SupraDeluxx Hace 14 días
IDK I think its petty that the "Truth" is going after E-cigs. being up their own asses with statistics they should know that its a better alternative. but not making commercials aint getting grants and tax write offs from the department of health so.......yolo *fortnite dances*
rainisokday Hace 14 días
finally a man for the people
David Crider
David Crider Hace 14 días
I feel bad for them, they want to help, and have no Idea what they’re doing
Damian9303 Hace 14 días
Love how he didn’t make reference to the Pyscho Girlfriend but the “ERMAHGERD” which he pronounced incorrectly.. What does he know about memes lol?
Gavin the Comrade
Gavin the Comrade Hace 14 días
I’m only 14 and I would never smoke, even when I’m an adult I wouldn’t, I have asthma
Lia H
Lia H Hace 14 días
Good! It’s difficult to stop once you start you’ll be doing your body a huge favour
IKEAbirdLivesOn Hace 14 días
Please come back to iFunny!
Gabriel Antos
Gabriel Antos Hace 15 días
To anyone trying to quit l-theanine (a cheap amino acid that's in green tea) helps limit the effect of nicotine somewhat like how suboxone blocks opiates
Luke mccaulley
Luke mccaulley Hace 15 días
This video has made more of a impact than than anti smoking ads have
Pistol Slothely
Pistol Slothely Hace 15 días
Im 30 my dude and smoke a pack anday from 15-23 quit for 2 years then vaped for 2 years then dipped for 2 years. Finally got quit this year. Still crave nicotine all the time. Its hard to describe the feeling of knowing what your doing is pointless and harmful but feeling like your not in control too stop. If dont smoke dont start and if you do smoke know that there are resources that can help you stop.
Perfect Burden
Perfect Burden Hace 15 días
Meanwhile my school hosted an anti vaping escape room in the gender neutral bathroom a few years back
kiko S
kiko S Hace 15 días
Thanks for speaking up about this especially for the minorities being targeted
Paige Mahler
Paige Mahler Hace 15 días
Anyone else Immediately notice the ESvidrs that were in the commercial at the beginning?
Angel Hace 15 días
this is amazing, thank you for speaking about this. these kids are such easy targets its so sad to see big tobacco exploit them like they have #fuckyoujuul
The Lost Dojo
The Lost Dojo Hace 15 días
I got unsubbed >;(
Alpha Chad
Alpha Chad Hace 15 días
Dude, I was always afraid of those commercials where those people were paying for cigarettes with their skin and teeth. That sure scared me away from the idea from smoking. And I was always afraid of seeing those burnt pork chop looking lungs... Lean into fear, I guess.
MidwestNerd Hace 16 días
I'm about a year older than you. I started smoking off and on in 2012 and switched to vaping in 2014 as a means to an end. I finally stopped vpaing completely in 2018. Just a few weeks ago I caught COVID and because of all of the damage to my lungs while I was growing up I damn near died. Luckily I'm recovering now but at 24 years old I am regretting that decision I made as a kid
anonymous blanketgirl
anonymous blanketgirl Hace 16 días
Fun fact: A girl nearly died from vaping. Her name was Simah Herman. I think Truth should give facts that convince others not to vape, like this fact.
Gabriel GSA84 Novich
Gabriel GSA84 Novich Hace 16 días
Cant we just realize most these kids who does not stop are stupid? Im 14 and never taken any kind of intoxication thingymajing. If you are so stupid you are intentionally permanently damaging yourself, *not EVEN for jokes* its horrifying.
Gabriel GSA84 Novich
Gabriel GSA84 Novich Hace 14 días
@cheese guy okay sounds cool(in a concerned way)
cheese guy
cheese guy Hace 14 días
Yes, you're right to some degree. The thing is, though, addiction pretty much rewires the brain. Especially in kids who (mostly) all have really high neuroplasticity. Your body truly believes that you NEED it to stay alive, like food or water, even when that's irrational
Evan 3
Evan 3 Hace 16 días
The little lungs in A Great Big World ads scared the hell out of me because in every ad the little lungs get impaled or stabbed in some shape or form
Lia H
Lia H Hace 14 días
Yeah those ones were creepy
Begnsteal Hace 16 días
Your the only one I wait for the ads lol
Hidden Fate
Hidden Fate Hace 16 días
See, I don’t have Tiktok but every time I see their ads it’s actual facts about smoking/vaping. Which is effective - at the very least more so than this
Ozmataz Groves
Ozmataz Groves Hace 16 días
I'm for anti-smoking campaigns and against smoking in general. I vape now and used to smoke a pack a day. I gotta say the flavors aren't for kids. They exist to draw adults into the healthier alternative (and also hobbiest like making and trying new recipes). If you don't believe me; Would you prefer apples or severely burnt toast? Strawberry milkshake or tree bark? Candy or dirt? The flavors are to help people stay off cigarettes by giving them something more enjoyable and less harmful. Dont start either if you currently don't partake, but definitely try to go to vaping if you are on cigs.
Salty Butter
Salty Butter Hace 17 días
The best way to get people to stop smokinh isto just show real people with horrible smoking side effects.this one woman's nose was so black and full of tar to the point it was entering her brain, now she just doesnt have a nose anymore
Na2awesome • 2 years ago
You should see the NHS anti- antibiotics adverts to stop overdosing on medicine
Sun Ryder
Sun Ryder Hace 17 días
good ol' filthy frank made a video about how cringy this anti smoking ads before. i miss him....
Krash Furst
Krash Furst Hace 17 días
I hate to be that guy that defends the truth.org's content, but the beat drop magician with the card, he WAS holding a face card...
ThatOneMexiCHUNGUS Hace 17 días
Before: Oh hey, a "talentless hack" just popped into my feed. After: Yeah, just as I thought. Fuckin Keem.
Evan Weaver
Evan Weaver Hace 17 días
Remember that south park bit with the cringey anti-smoking people? “Remember kids: if you don’t smoke, you could grow up to be just like us!” “Cough cough cough dude smoking is hard, but we gotta keep going.”
DeadlyFredXXX Hace 17 días
Honestly I think the moronic ads are perfectly targeted...
Marcos Sanchez
Marcos Sanchez Hace 17 días
I eat ciggarettes. Ten packs a day.
Shit Multiverse
Shit Multiverse Hace 17 días
"Heavy metal song about environmental damages" There's already an entire album by Gojira about that...
darkninjafirefox Hace 18 días
Quitting cigarettes/vaping is much harder than people give credit for. If you're struggling with quitting hang in there!
Gabriel Flamerich
Gabriel Flamerich Hace 18 días
The new truth videos aren’t that bad
LightLock Hace 18 días
honestly this video was more effective for me than truths ads.
Godeaters Podcast
Godeaters Podcast Hace 18 días
They spread so much miss information about vapeing like saying vapeing can caous you to inhale toxic metals evan though you are no more likely to inhail toxic metals vapeing than you are if you were to just breathe oxygen
Tvmgn Hace 18 días
clicked because I thought this was julien solomita
Sir Poopsalot
Sir Poopsalot Hace 18 días
The theory that anti smoking adds are horrible intentionally so they won't be very affective.
lily hoggarth
lily hoggarth Hace 18 días
bro I got a nicorette ad on this video
Reese Cunningham
Reese Cunningham Hace 18 días
hey eddie check ur inbox
Commit Yeet
Commit Yeet Hace 18 días
The heavy metal song is actually decent clever because E Cigarette waste leaves heavy metals in the ground and stuff which damages the environment, or something like that I can't remember exactly but I do know E Cigarette waste leaves behind heavy metals which are bad for the environment
Thicc Papa
Thicc Papa Hace 19 días
filthy frank reacted to these years ago, and jon tron covered the drug PSA's
TunaKing5 YT
TunaKing5 YT Hace 19 días
I don't use Tik Tok and I can CONFIRM that I NEVER saw Truth as "CRINGY" bc on ESvid and TV they only run the good ads (I didn't make this comment only to hate on Tik Tok but like... this goes to help prove many peoples point of why its "CRINGE", including mine)
Tito Hace 19 días
You make a really good point when you say people don’t expect to regret taking up smoking until late into their adulthood’s. I started smoking when I was 14 and now at almost 21 I can say I’m already being SUFFOCATED with that harsh reality. Not only because of how garbage it is for yourself, others around you and the environment but HELLO your wallet!!! I don’t even like to think about the money I could have saved or put toward healthy activity’s and habits, but hey never to late to start and to anyone reading this I promise promise promise (and I know it’s not easy.) but you got this. You honestly do
Lia H
Lia H Hace 14 días
Exactly! I’m only 18 but I started when I was around 14 also and it really takes a toll after a while
Lynette TheMadScientist
There was this one PSA where a robot is eating food from a conveyer belt and then a can/box of drugs comes rolling down the belt into its mouth and the robot falls apart. It fucked me up so bad I skipped dinner.
Jonathon Rodriguez Thomas
You know the meme ones are quite funny to look back on, though I feel that it is more in a cringe sort of way, it's also nice to see that the hookah it still somewhat in use you don't see those often.
Just another Jojo Weeb
I know it sounds wrong but I honestly think the advertisements should be scary as fuck and tell facts about vaping and smoking because those types of ads scare the kids out of doing vaping and smoking, those “Real Cost” ads scared the shit out of me as a kid while also educating me on the dangers of smoking, that’s probably why I don’t vape or smoke
cheese guy
cheese guy Hace 14 días
Yes exactly. Fear of death/ailment is innate so showing morbid images is actually a great idea. It really scared me when I was a kid too. Really effective
Born of Zapata’s Guns
I can’t believe you didn’t mention “No you don’t always die from tabaco”
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