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In this video i'm restoring a very old hand cranked grinder.
A few weeks ago I visited my friend and we took a closer look at his barn, looking for something interesting to restore. As soon as I saw this hand cranked grinder, I knew that this would make a nice restoration video. It was all covered in wood dust and the visble steel parts were very rusty. It was still working, but the grinding wheel was very unbalanced.
When I was cleaning the parts with the parts washer I found a lot of nails and screws in the gearbox, I guess I was very lucky that I didn't found any teeth from the gears. The pin connection from one gear was damaged very hard. I filled it all up with welding and machined all surfaces clean again.
I decided to make a brass sleeve for the wooden handle and glued it in with epoxy.
I only cleaned the grinding wheel with high pressure water and it worked very well. Due to the age of the grinder and the cleaning with the water, the two paper discs were lost. That's why I printed two new ones with my logo on it and they turned out very nice. They're there to lower the pressure on the grinding wheel from the clamping.
The cover plate from the gearbox didn't fit at all, it didn't even cover everything. Because of that I decided to make a new one.
For the painting I choose a black coat, as it was originally, I used filler on it to get a nice and smooth finish.
I'm very happy how this project turned out, I'll keep this item for myself for display.
I hope you like my work and the video.
Huge thank you to all of my Patreon and PayPal supporters and specially to:
Scott Meola
Micky McKay
Adel AlSaffar
Alan Hanson
Alex Roussos
Andreswara Hermawan
Andrew Phillips
Dan Williams
Joan Casanovas
John Romero
Jonas Richartz
Jonathan Heckerman
Paul Mampilly
SA Graver
Trevor Kam
Vince Valenti
Zachary Grimes

00:00 preview
00:37 disassembling
02:13 showing all the parts
02:28cleaning the parts with the parts washer
02:47 removing the old paint with paint stripper
03:32 sandblasting
04:17 restoring the holder
04:39 restoring the gearbox case
05:11 restoring all shafts and gears from the gearbox
07:45 making a new pin connection
08:17 restoring the crank
08:40 restoring the wooden handle
09:05 making a brass sleeve for the wooden handle
09:51 making a steel cover for the wooden handle
10:58 making a shaft for the wooden handle
12:14 restoring the grinding wheel
13:11 making a new wooden sleeve for the grinding wheel
14:03 making a brass sleeve for the wooden sleeve
15:01 restoring the clamping disc for the grinding wheel
15:21 restoring the big shaft
15:48 making a new cover for the gearbox
16:32 restoring the joints for the big shaft
17:18 sandblasting again
17:32 bluing the steel parts
17:55 applying two component filler and sand it
18:20 applying two component primer
18:44 wet sanding
18:58 applying two component coat „jet black“ (RAL 9005)
19:30 showing the restored bolts and nuts
19:44 showing all the parts before reassembling
19:58 reassembling
22:19 showing the restored item
23:09 final test

Time and costs of this restoration:
I was working on this project over 1,5 weeks
$20 hand cranked grinder
$20 2k primer
$20 2k coat „jet black (RAL 9005)
$5 wood for the sleeve
$5 grease inlets
$0.4 thick paper for the grinding wheel

My camera:
Panasonic HC-V180

If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.
Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.
Subscribe for more of my content. I'm uploading videos about mechanical stuff, as new creations and buildings and also restorations.
Thank you for watching :-)
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27 jun 2019






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Israr ahmad
Israr ahmad Hace 10 horas
Andres Marti
Andres Marti Hace 15 horas
Hermoso trabajo
Pen Fold
Pen Fold Hace un día
Only thing that confused me was, why the ash bush to fit the grinding wheel to the spindle?
Mr. J
Mr. J Hace un día
I don’t have the brains to even take it apart, Let alone take it apart but better than it was
Phina Watwego
Phina Watwego Hace un día
Kazi nzuri sana, una kipawa safiii.
Valarie G Harrington
Perfect. No yakking. No music. Just so beautiful. GREAT video work, too
Nancy Vega
Nancy Vega Hace 2 días
Wow....loving that black !!!!
Евгений Черник
Слишком круто! Великолепно😊 Мастер. Лайк. Подписка.!!!!!)))))
Samweber Norbert
Samweber Norbert Hace 4 días
COK KING JOHAN Hace 4 días
Juste la poignée en bois tu aurais peut être fait mieux de la faire toi même ?
Katherine Spencer-Howard
What a transformation! I've watched a few of your videos -- I've subscribed! -- and you do an amazing job on everything that passes through your hands 👏👏👏. However, please please please stop using that awful stain on the wooden parts! It makes them look old and dirty and really detracts from the finished result. Just use the linseed oil and let the beauty of the wood shine through; you make the metal parts look amazing and gorgeous, so please do the same for the wood! It will age naturally with time and use and develop its own patina, and glow gently, complementing the high finish of the metal parts... Just try it and see? Please don't use that horrible stain again, ever! I thank you 😉 Katherine from Kent
Carlos Patiño Galvis
Muy buen trabajo, los pequeños detalles como: pulidos, quitar filos y acabados le dan una gran calidad a la restauración. Felicitaciones!!!
1509Lena Hace 6 días
I like your work and the video.
Jok3r Hace 7 días
Looks really good man
Disinclined To-state
John McOrigin
John McOrigin Hace 8 días
Recently found your channel and now enjoy many videos with my 3yo daughter. She loves it!
Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain Hace 8 días
but when ur life is going bad u usually make a new one ?
З. М.
З. М. Hace 8 días
Нахрена я среди ночи это смотрю?!
Daniel BlackWulf
Daniel BlackWulf Hace 8 días
Amazing work, thank you for posting this.
Ted Rowland
Ted Rowland Hace 8 días
Love your work. And then he made a pulley to replace the handle and took an old washing machine motor and belt. (For when nobody is watching). Lol
Brandon Perron
Brandon Perron Hace 9 días
What polish do you use?
Emidio DiBenedetto
Emidio DiBenedetto Hace 9 días
The best. The best.
BoLucki Hace 9 días
restoration does not consists of making object to look better than the original... patina is an important part of historic and monetary value of the object... this is NOT a restoration... it might be called refurbishment but what i see here is just making new grinder using parts from the old one...
GWN Aquatics
GWN Aquatics Hace 13 horas
Forrest Querino
Forrest Querino Hace 9 días
M. K. Gurjar
M. K. Gurjar Hace 9 días
अगर किसी के पास कोई भी सुपर एंटीक आइटम है और उसे बेचना चाहते हैं अच्छी कीमत में तो कॉल करे 9079015003
யோக வித்தை
Clemens Wexler
Clemens Wexler Hace 9 días
Perfect - I like to look at restorations. Very good job! 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Unfortunately I don't own a lathe for metalworking ... This is my biggest wish .... Greetings from Germany/ NRW/ Aachen 🤗
Maiz Abdulla
Maiz Abdulla Hace 9 días
I have one of those in working condition
reserak 07
reserak 07 Hace 10 días
BRAVO tout simplement
fore101 Hace 10 días
Et voila!
Juan Carlos Escalante
Juan Carlos Escalante Hace 10 días
Bro Row
Bro Row Hace 10 días
The right tools along with the right skills can take you very far
Андрей Савин
A high - tech product from the last century will have a second life. Yes what. High locksmith art. Bravo!
Aasu Aasu
Aasu Aasu Hace 11 días
Bhai yah ha kya
Aparicio Gomes
Aparicio Gomes Hace 11 días
Gosto muito dos seus trabalhos pena que pasta vídeos com pouca freguesia
Lucy Rodriguez
Lucy Rodriguez Hace 11 días
Beautiful work.
MrMadGreko Hace 11 días
You forgot to put back those screws and nails you found in the gearbox !!!! 😂😂😂😂
Batuhan Balta
Batuhan Balta Hace 11 días
That's art
Morne Louw
Morne Louw Hace 12 días
Great workmanship. Love the restoration and the way you done the video editing. 10/10
Popolam Wasya
Popolam Wasya Hace 12 días
Это не реставрация, это колхоз восстановление абразивного диска на токарном станке как серпом по пальцам
Rusydi Basyir
Rusydi Basyir Hace 12 días
Í think this is my 20th time watching it😆😆😆
Tito Macaraeg
Tito Macaraeg Hace 13 días
I want to buy that brand new cranked grinder.
Vissal Mathew
Vissal Mathew Hace 13 días
Pleasure to watch, almost artistic in how the process is carried out. Great work.
Frank el
Frank el Hace 13 días
I have done a lot of this type of work only not as good and always when I'm being paid to do something else.
Island urchin
Island urchin Hace 14 días
Certified new
denbecr49 Hace 14 días
I wonder if he was tempted to replace bushings with bearings.
denbecr49 Hace 14 días
I use one for rewinding kite line. Goes quickly with its 16 to 1 ratio. My son put a baby buggy wheel in place of the stone and made a bracket to position a 6V bicycle generator against the tire to power a 9V transistor radio for a science project. We discovered the little bottle shaped generators are actually alternators so we added a rectifier to the circuit and it worked well.
Opus 1
Opus 1 Hace 14 días
Factory worker: “Hey, this came out of the mold with sharp edges and minor imperfections.” Factory management: “No problem. It’s still within specs.” MM: “Not so fast!” 🚫🛑
وأد الإلحاد
وأد الإلحاد Hace 14 días
Hargovind Verma
Hargovind Verma Hace 14 días
Very nice overhauling
ChiefDeiri Hace 14 días
spray by divisions of 8 D= and ten and 7 6 AHHH
Paul B
Paul B Hace 14 días
Black and chrome....plus the grey of the grinding wheel....what a combination
abdou elbeltagy
abdou elbeltagy Hace 14 días
this is awsome and amazing. can i know what is the name of the wheel which make the surface finish like chrome it in video at 6:28
Milk chemistry
Milk chemistry Hace 15 días
you can buy new stones you know
cedirob Hace 15 días
Phil Buß
Phil Buß Hace 15 días
Are u god ? 😳😇
Andrea Fiorentini
Andrea Fiorentini Hace 15 días
Hi, The curious video and would be much more engaging with a musical background reason. Thank you
JI Ioannidis
JI Ioannidis Hace 15 días
You can play your own music
Sn Ns
Sn Ns Hace 15 días
Юра Лещ
Юра Лещ Hace 15 días
за это время можно было электроточило сделать, а не эту ручную хрень ремонтировать....
윤상현 Hace 15 días
역시 👍
Бу Hace 15 días
Pawan Kumar Yadav
Pawan Kumar Yadav Hace 15 días
Better if a shaft could be operated from foot .
陳建樺 Hace 15 días
Tyler D.
Tyler D. Hace 16 días
After watching dozens of his videos, I’m now like: “oh he’ll have to use the parts cleaner before sandblasting.”
Zeshan Ahmed Sheikh
Zeshan Ahmed Sheikh Hace 16 días
deurival rocha
deurival rocha Hace 16 días
Um lindo trabalho, ecelente, Parabéns.
Dennis Hendricks
Dennis Hendricks Hace 16 días
Many people do not even know why they find these videos so relaxing and satisfying. Those of us with OCD and ASMR know exactly why. It helps to be someone who loves fixing and restoring things, but even those who do not, find this activity soothing and calming. The sounds of washing, sanding, filing, drilling, cutting, grinding; the attention to detail like the way he lays out the pieces so precisely; the precise attention to detail; the polished smoothness of certain parts and the final paint process, even just the restorative before and after images: all these things touch a pleasant nerve in millions of people who mostly do not even understand why they do. That's okay; we do not need to understand everything to get enjoyment out of some of the simplest things. All I know, is these videos are therapeutic and we thank you very much for them :)
don cahooti
don cahooti Hace 15 días
Tall Walls - it certainly was , and thank you. I looked at a couple other videos and found it is called “ MC - 51 “ If it removes rust anything like the MC - 5 played , it should blow that rust away ! 😉👍🏼
Tall Walls
Tall Walls Hace 15 días
@don cahooti If it’s a group question. I’d venture to say it’s WD 40.
don cahooti
don cahooti Hace 16 días
perhaps you’re right. for me it’s more conceptual ; this useful machine being has died and become trash. I can bring it back to life , better . On another topic ; I’d like to know what is in the spray can used on some beginnings , to loosen nuts ?
Steve Olson
Steve Olson Hace 16 días
Now I want to do mine.yeah right;nice to have all those neat tools that he used!!
Anton Zhuchkov
Anton Zhuchkov Hace 16 días
I watched many of your videos and they are really inspiring. So much love for those instruments. Love. It is what I feel.
Thisisnotmyrealname8 Hace 16 días
Any ladies watch this stuff? Just curious.
come as you are
come as you are Hace 16 días
Every fan of this channel, just waiting for him to say "I make a new one"
aduran5 Hace 17 días
excelente trabajo.
FireguyNtx Hace 17 días
Great job. And I thought I had a lot of tools!!! Wow, Is there any tool you DON'T have? LOL. Show a quick pan of the shop sometime, or even better, do a whole vid on you shop setup, it has to be awesome.
tim smith
tim smith Hace 17 días
Outstanding bro
Maria Hawkins
Maria Hawkins Hace 17 días
Mahboob Shah
Mahboob Shah Hace 17 días
Keith Edginton
Keith Edginton Hace 17 días
Serious question. How does one give a thumbs down on this video. He does exactly what the title says he will be doing. He does it well with no narration or background music. Very professional. I really don’t understand.
Cursed Lemon
Cursed Lemon Hace 17 días
"I need a sleeve for the sleeve" Dawg
Ben azert
Ben azert Hace 14 días
This grind has officially been PIMPED !
Paul Faulkner
Paul Faulkner Hace 17 días
Yes, cathartic to watch that and idle away some time.
Ken Kniech
Ken Kniech Hace 17 días
I have zero use for a hand crank grinder. I *MUST* have this grinder! - AWESOME work as always.
Valter Gnusgh
Valter Gnusgh Hace 17 días
kc8rwr Hace 17 días
Now it's too pretty to use!
David Gray
David Gray Hace 17 días
Need several excellent tools, excellent experience, and excellent patience. I have none of that so can only admire.
ScorpioRahl Hace 17 días
Sharp edge just exists. Noone Nobody Nobody at all My mechanics: NOT ON MY WATCH!
Jon Miner
Jon Miner Hace 17 días
Hi, Mechanic. I dunno how I missed this. I know it is over a year old, but age means nothing if it can be restored, right? Great job. A cruddy old piece of junk transform into a work of mechanical art. Thanks for sharing! Stay healthy! Peace! Love! Charity!
Claudionor Cepinho
Claudionor Cepinho Hace 17 días
very good
Igor Gitelstain
Igor Gitelstain Hace 17 días
Wow! Hipnotysing!
Hargovind Verma
Hargovind Verma Hace 17 días
Very nice .
Me parece bien y sobre todo que los títulos están en inglés con traducción en español
John Thimakis
John Thimakis Hace 17 días
2:43 Looks like a disgruntled employee tried to sabotage this. He probably had to use this on a daily basis while his boss refused to buy an electric one.
OuchMySpleen Hace 15 días
My thoughts exactly. I can hear his boss now, I'll buy a new one when this perfectly good hand cranked one breaks.
Asif B
Asif B Hace 18 días
Very good. U r a good machanic.
Manuel Navarro
Manuel Navarro Hace 18 días
анатолий александрович
дешевая показушка,любой ученик слесаря,перед разборкой очистит все от ржавчины и мусора,а потом будет ремонтировать.
Narendra Jha
Narendra Jha Hace 18 días
बहुत अच्छा लगा, इसका दाम कितना होगा
Joey S
Joey S Hace 18 días
That thing needs to be dressed really bad
John Merlino
John Merlino Hace 18 días
How many at 9:50 said... Wow thats beautiful.
Malte Hace 18 días
You are probably confusing restoration with destruction for you removed anything which made this thing UNICAL and beautiful. Next time if you'll start to "restore" another nice thing do "restore" your balls polishing them with the angle grinder to have time to think twice.
plan pitz
plan pitz Hace 18 días
It would be nice to add some measuring to the video as grinding and lathing of shafts reduces diameters that might lead to false Tolerances and looseness between parts .
Yasir Clark
Yasir Clark Hace 18 días
what is that blue stuff
Restoration and transformation,channel.
Good job man.
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