Apple iMac Core i9 Hands On Review: Looks like 2012 but performs like 2020

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Apple unexpectedly launched a new 5K iMac a couple weeks ago. We’ve got the full testing results on the new Core i9-powered iMac to see if it takes performance up a notch. Does it make the new iMac a worthy alternative to the hyper-expensive iMac Pro?
The iMac is among the most iconic designs of all time. Rather than switch up its winning formula, Apple hasn’t changed much about it over the years. Everything from screen size to design is frozen in 2015 -- except for the components inside.
With the new eight-core Core i9 processor featured in our $3000 configuration, the latest iMac is more powerful than ever. And with a price range that dips below the iMac Pro, it might finally be the update creative professionals have been waiting for. But can the iMac’s design handle the insane horsepower of the chips Apple has stuffed inside?
iMac available here: bit.ly/2WvSC15
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4 abr 2019






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Digital Trends
Digital Trends Hace un año
Would you buy the iMac Core i9? Which desktop is on your list?
merseybeat1963 Hace 6 meses
Yes..i9 this week but why the over focus on the superficial ? Its the quality that matters. Redesign of the looks for what? So they can go to plastic? Look up McIntosh Laboratories..that company was around before Steve Jobs was even born. A top tier McIntosh Power Amplifier has looked about the same for over 50 years. The main change probably is the weight which has increased to 129 lbs last I checked. Quality materials..durability performance..superficial design changes are a waste of money that has to be borne by the consumer,
Theodore Ralte
Theodore Ralte Hace 11 meses
Most definitely. But can you please tell me if I can play Diablo III smoothly on it or not? On highest video settings. Thanks.
jaywang Joo
jaywang Joo Hace un año
Is this ok with long and heavy workloads? Not with this short or light test or bench
Chords Of Orion
Chords Of Orion Hace un año
I just got the i9 last week. This thing rocks! Part of what I do is create multi-hour videos, and the new iMac is rendering in literally 1/2 the time as my maxed out 2015 iMac. Super happy!
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama Hace un año
yes I m thinking to buy it,
Falcon Hace 2 meses
9:27 "we all know how horrible this mouse is . . . ." Speak for yourself. I have absolutely no complaints about it.
Mark Farrelly
Mark Farrelly Hace 2 meses
Why are there no videos of the i5? everything is i9.....
Conrad Barrett
Conrad Barrett Hace 5 meses
I think the bezels look good.. love that look
̐ Hace 5 meses
Background music is so unecessary
michael p
michael p Hace 6 meses
I think we have to give up on the iMac. I would keep saying, next year for sure, but then they released the pro with SAME design 😿 I’m keeping my 2013 until they modernize!!
Dude Chill
Dude Chill Hace 23 días
Robert lol take a walk guy. Clear your head.
Robert Hace 26 días
You are so dumb. The design doesn’t mean it will increase performance. Jesus you people have lost your privilege to review any product. The design doesn’t mean shit. It’s the PERFORMANCE. I would rather buy a product that has GREAT performance than a PC that has THIN BEZEL with TRASH PERFORMANCE. Yeah you people and your obsession with deigns and the looks, you already lost your argument. Looks =/= good performance.
Dude Chill
Dude Chill Hace 2 meses
michael p same. I have a 3.2 ghz with quad core. i5. And.. yesterday I just upgraded to 32gb for my RAM. and the speeds are insanely smooth. Definitely upgrade your ram and look up on amazon.
Jerry Hubbard
Jerry Hubbard Hace 6 meses
I don't see the problem with the bezel. I have a new 2019 27 inch. NO problem for me. Beats any PC
Sigurd Volsung
Sigurd Volsung Hace 6 meses
I invested in the CPU and SSD upgrades. With thunderbolt 3 support one can always run an eGPU like the Razer Core and say a Radeon VII (that’s my setup at the moment) which is far more powerful than the top of the line Vega in the 5K iMac.
Master Stacker
Master Stacker Hace 6 meses
Bezels, shmezels. Geekbench 4 6323/34633 w/I-9 9900K, 2TB SSD, put in my own 64GB ram, Vega 48, 5K display - 'nuff said.
Master Stacker
Master Stacker Hace 6 meses
Just got one. Much more power than the new 16" MacBook Pro and costs less.
Mr. Clark
Mr. Clark Hace 6 meses
Who cares about bezels it’s probably for strength it’s just about performance
pantsuck11 Hace 6 meses
looks more like 2007
EhmLo0oL Hace 7 meses
Just got a nice deal-> new 27" 5k i9 with 1tb ssd and the vega 48 graphics. 8gb ram, because I will upgrade it to 40 gb for cheaper after words. And it costed around 3.3k€ instead of 4.1k€ like on apples website, so almost 20% off. I plan on editing my 4k drone footage and I'm a professional photographer so I think I don't need to buy a pc in the next 10 years though :D
yaahme Hace 7 meses
You lost me at the bezel bit....lol!!!!
Yep I went and bought one yesterday plus am putting 128gb ram (OWC Mac tested) into this, so it’s gonna be very powerful. The nearest I got to add new design was to get the iMac Pro space grey accessories which look quite good alongside it. I’m a music based guy with a little Final Cut thrown in so have added a powered up Mac mini with 64gb ram for the live work I’m doing, which uses the vast East West libraries on a robust OWC external SSD drive,. All I can say is I am a happy man. Awesome
Shank Adams
Shank Adams Hace 7 meses
@Ozla Tube lol
Ozla Tube
Ozla Tube Hace 7 meses
Does it need to be plugged in all the time? Does it charge?
dela vago
dela vago Hace 8 meses
This review was so narrow minded
Memes Tamil
Memes Tamil Hace 8 meses
If you give it to me for free... I will subscribe you...😂😂😂
Kyle Witter
Kyle Witter Hace 9 meses
Apple I still love your bezels
Gerardo Vazquez
Gerardo Vazquez Hace 9 meses
I wish they add the tech you mention like face id, touch id better camera and ports etc. But it what is available right now and is good enough for my workflow. (I don't plan to shoot in 8k in the next few year) For those who edit video and are in the need of a new machine this is good anyway. I'm buying one, knowing that they will add some new features next year. In 6 years from now, I will buy an updated one.
Terry Tibbs
Terry Tibbs Hace 9 meses
Why the flying fuxk did Apple keep them outdated bezels ??? The designer should be water boarded along with their family . I pray they all die painfully. Hopefully the successor will redefine the iMac in 2020.
Shank Adams
Shank Adams Hace 7 meses
Emil V
Emil V Hace 9 meses
I love iMac
ninay 76
ninay 76 Hace 9 meses
Hello from France !! I bought an imac 2019 core i9 with vega 48, 32 gigas of ram and ssd 500 gigas, and with the 4 2 2 10 bit (400 mb / s ° of the panasonic gh5 it lague on the time line of final cut !! !!! Does it need a pro imac to work these files or proxys systematically? Thank you for your answer.
ninay 76
ninay 76 Hace 7 meses
Lol! So i bought the iMac Pro, 12 000€ and it s good! Ouf!
Shank Adams
Shank Adams Hace 7 meses
Lol you spent all that and your clips lag😂😂😂😂
Rick Becker
Rick Becker Hace 9 meses
I appreciate the review. I'm shopping for a new machine and find your comments very helpful. Thanks. I would like to say that as I have looked at reviews done by others on the 2019 iMac most reviewers express their desire for more ports on the back of the machine. The problem is I can't find a review showing all ports used with an explanation of what else they would like to attach to their machine. The back of your iMac looks very similar to my early 2008 - one usb device with the rest of the ports empty. Perhaps I lack imagination and money but when it comes to the number of ports on the new iMacs, I think I'm good. Thanks again.
Antoniocc Hace 10 meses
it looks great, perfect review
Peter Hace 10 meses
I bought the I9 with an SSD, you get a beautiful 5k monitor which is very expensive to buy as a stand alone. Its quick and with a TS3 Plus I get all the I/O expansion I need with up to two extra 4K monitors.I run Boot camp so I can have the best of both worlds. I use the iMac for video editing and photo work.
kENN1N Hace 6 meses
@Sigurd Volsung Bought the i9, with 580X and 512GB SSD - added 32GB extra ram myself and will be able to run with a eGPU if that ever becomes needed :D
Sigurd Volsung
Sigurd Volsung Hace 6 meses
Kenni Nielsen I would invest in the CPU and SSD upgrades. With thunderbolt 3 support you can always run an eGPU like the Razer Core and say a Radeon VII (that’s my setup at the moment) which is far more powerful than the top os the line Vega in the 5K iMac.
kENN1N Hace 9 meses
Im looking to buy the new imac, im not sure what to pick the fast i5 or i9 - im gonna work with adobe programs for pictures/youtube videos, music production(home studio) and coding :D
Team Member
Team Member Hace 10 meses
I am interested in getting this for professional music production and some video editing but I have few confusion before getting this, 1. Do you think i5 2017 3.4ghz with 1Tb fusion drive/ Radeon pro 570 is decent enough to start ? I am getting used with good price. 2. If I’m taking i9 I am only upgrading 1TB ssd and keeping ram 8GB stock to upgrade it later by myself. But some people telling me that I cannot get the same performance/speed as apple ram memory. Is it true?if not Then what brand or ram you recommend for upgrading it later? So vega is only for gaming it won’t help the system to get fast in editing process ? I Don’t mind slow rendering speed after completing my edit/post but my editing flow should be faster like cutting/loading footage transitions etc. Your recommendation needed thanks
Mungface777 Hace un mes
Team Member- I’d like your questions answered!
Christian Noir
Christian Noir Hace 11 meses
And costs as much as it would in 2016 if it was a PC.
bushyconn Hace 11 meses
Iam not a gamer or game developer, nor am I a video crreator. But I am now only partially sighted and need a 27inch 5k screen for that reasonMy old 27 inch imac is loosing its kegs a little so may need replacing soon. Which iMac should I go for?
Shahab Ghanavati
Shahab Ghanavati Hace 11 meses
Show me another desktop computer that can beat the iMac design today? If you're complaining about the design and think its not good enough then dont buy it. Just stop complaining! The i9 iMac is usable for serious work, and if you need a design object that only looks good, buy something else.
V. Sriram Sundar
V. Sriram Sundar Hace un año
I don't have any problems with the bezels but still Apple could remove the chin and make it look like the LED Cinema Display or Thunderbolt Display.
StunnerAlpha Hace un año
Isn't the RAM user upgradable? Then why recommend buying 16GB from Apple?
The Drive Inside
The Drive Inside Hace un año
Everyone whines about the design but I’m good with it!!! I’m happy we’re getting awesome speed and performance at a decent price!!!
Geo Man
Geo Man Hace un año
Stay away from Fusion drives, they are problematic at best!
Carl Forde
Carl Forde Hace 2 meses
not in my experience. I have a 2012 iMac with a Fusion drive. Still works great.
David Robinson
David Robinson Hace un año
Get over your design hangups. It is a computer. I want to know how well it works, not if you like the looks or not. You spent a third of you review complaining about design points that have no impact on function, usability or performance.
Antonio Zamudio
Antonio Zamudio Hace un año
True review starts at 4:00.
Howard Davidson
Howard Davidson Hace un año
Was leading years ago in design..This is Apple underestimating us the consumer,it’s just easy for them to keep making the same design and just putting the updated CPU and GPU that there suppliers produce..No credit to Apple but to intel.
Antonio Zamudio
Antonio Zamudio Hace un año
Good design is long lasting.
RD S Hace un año
I don't get it. Everyone goes nuts over "the bezels". Who in the wide wide world of sports really cares about BEZELS ? Bezels don't impact the operation of this thing one single bit. It's like the people who don't buy a certain pickup truck because it does not make cool "truck sounds". HUH ??
For me it kooks like late 2009. Old stuff.
uphill248 uphill248
uphill248 uphill248 Hace un año
Can you play games on the iMac? I bought a water cooled PC with an i9 processor. 3 months later I went to an apple store and seen the 5k iMac. I was like wow 😮.
Second Riech
Second Riech Hace un año
It is not designed for games and gaming.
Peter Agostini jdcap26 tips an repairs and hobbies
Wanted to see how fast it boots 🥾 that would of told me plenty with a brief description of peripheral s
Izaias Schaefer Jr
Izaias Schaefer Jr Hace un año
And costs like 2030
Tess Goodman
Tess Goodman Hace un año
Apple has gotten super lazy without Jobs.
john jr
john jr Hace un año
I traded in my old iMac and they gave me a good price and I bought the top-of-the-line iMac right now I really like it
sfk1066 Hace un año
Bezels are perfectly fine and I use them for post-it-notes. Nothing wrong with the mouse and use the numeric keyboard and your fine. Why would one need touch authorization for the keyboard n stuff??? Also, I like the design of the iMac, nothing wrong with it. Just make SSD standard and RAM cheaper and we're in business!!
Joey Thomas
Joey Thomas Hace un año
You convinced me, I don’t want it. I really wanted to want it.
Bobby Ball
Bobby Ball Hace un año
Got a late 2012 27" iMac [can't believe its clocking 7yrs old now] with a 512 fusion drive installed and although tempted, after watching this you've convinced me to hold off buying a new one just yet with some of the 'missed opportunities' mentioned, especially as my current machine has never missed a beat since day one > a 'bezel-free' design if done right would be interesting though...
TheNorcalshooter Hace 10 meses
I am still using a late 2009 I mac 27 inch , YaY it's 10 years old still works and has never been in a shop for repair , Windows people can never say that !!!!!!!!!
Gerhard Hace un año
I love this design , it looks still great. I don't need an new design. An he works well (Core i9)
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Hace un año
it already looks outdated and hideous i dont care
Rarrrrrr Hace un año
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh Hace un año
iPad Pro is better than iMac 5k
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Hace un año
Mike Woltmann
Mike Woltmann Hace un año
I just bought one maxed out and it should be arriving May 7th, it was over 4k though with the graphics upgrade and the 2TB SSD I will upgrade the RAM myself to 64 GB, I am typing on my Late 2014 which is still performing well but I use my new MacBook Pro and dongles for editing but not when this arrives soon!
Skyd34th Hace un año
Who would like to play in fornite? probably only children..
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama Hace un año
what till apple produces in India, then you can see the difference between lack of quality in chinese production
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Hace un año
why cant apple produce in the USA??!! tell me why and you cant even compare the chinese production with the indian production because the chinese are highly qualify and they have the mass to do a better job almost every devices used in the usa is made in china doesnt matter if its good or bad quality. if you want cheap then buy bad quality its simple
DeadSeaGenesis Hace un año
Great review! And all your disappointment are the very reasons why I did not upgrade my 2017 27" 5K iMac.
Satya Yaya
Satya Yaya Hace un año
should i get the 21.5 inch on highest model, or buy the 27.5 inch on base model for video (adobe premiere) and photo editing (lightroom-photoshop).. is it 8gb ram is enough for it? if it's not so should i buy the 27 base mode so i can upgrade ram on myself?
Kenan Tahirovich
Kenan Tahirovich Hace un año
Go for the 27inch. 8gb RAM would not do you any justice in 2019, especially if you do both video and photo editing. And honestly the price differences aren't that big at all, if not cheaper if you go for more of a lower end 27 inch model
Reuben Moreland
Reuben Moreland Hace un año
RAM vs Graphics Question: What is better for video editing in Premiere Pro and After Effects: iMac i9( with Vega 48 and 64GB RAM) OR iMac Pro Baseline (with Vega 56 and 32GB RAM) Basically I'm trying to decide what is more valuable: The T2 Chip and Vega 56, or an extra 32 gigs of RAM. I cannot get anything better than the baseline iMac Pro. Thanks everyone!
Reuben Moreland
Reuben Moreland Hace un año
Cool Thanks!@a55a55inx
a55a55inx Hace un año
@Reuben Moreland Gotcha. In that case I would definitely go with the i9 iMac and upgrade the RAM through macsales. Having a better GPU in video editing and After Effects isn't as beneficial as having more RAM (unless you're using Davinci Resolve).
Reuben Moreland
Reuben Moreland Hace un año
Totally agree! Unfortunately, my work load occasionally requires some of the Apple Pro apps and ecosystem. Also that display is hard to beat! But thanks for the advice! I'm sure other people might opt for that.@a55a55inx
a55a55inx Hace un año
Actually, now that I think about it. If I had a $5000 budget for a new editing rig, I would definitely consider building a PC. With about $4500 you can build a beast PC with AMD Threadripper 2990wx, 128GB DDR4, GeForce RTX 2080ti.
A. S.L
A. S.L Hace un año
vid or art stuffs , get it office work and lower load stuffs, get an i7 laptop or a 2013 imac 27 inch the only difference i see is it loads faster insignificantly, like 1s faster. real things that concern me are mac os version of microsoft office and mendeley.
Jerry Ruiz
Jerry Ruiz Hace un año
I’m a photographer and interested in getting this iMac, but is the Fusion drive really that bad??!?! Cuz the SSD 1 TB cost $500 more compared to the Fusion 2 TB it comes with. And photos do take up a lot of space
Second Riech
Second Riech Hace un año
Le Chat Botté the iMac just has thick bezels I think it is beautiful.
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Hace un año
@Juju Rellama stfu moron which beautiful machine??!! its already outdated i dont care what you say and tell me which fool is going to pay 4000$ for 4TB SSD??!!
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama Hace un año
i suspect that chinese bots are trying to thrash this beautiful machine.
Justin Franks
Justin Franks Hace un año
Get the 512 GB SSD and use an external SSD for mass storage (plus a large external HDD for archiving).
yummdiddy Hace un año
Apple hasn't been known for leading the market in design in a while. They're are just the kings of evolution.
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama Hace un año
kings of PC evolution , which is only part of evolution,
EddyGraphic Hace un año
The keyboard still is not even backlit that's laughable.
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Hace un año
@Pri yon Joni stfu they can easily increase the battery size or put efficient leds. the keyboard can be charged just like the mouse so what is the problem??!
EddyGraphic Hace un año
Pri yon Joni Gaming PCs have RGB for a reason, because you can see the keyboard easier in the dark.
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama Hace un año
ok granted, for that price its. a must
Pri yon Joni
Pri yon Joni Hace un año
that would eat up battery life unnecessarily. It's not a laptop or a gaming computer. If you want a backlit keyboard, buy a gaming keyboard.
Mark G
Mark G Hace un año
As to your quibbles about the design, please name just one competitor whose design is within five lightyears of Apple's design? As far as I can tell, Apple's design is a hundred years ahead of everyone else's, so no problem for me there. I'd like face and touch id, sure, but these are really very minor things and would not worry me in the least. And who uses a mouse nowadays? I use Apple's big trackpad and it's much better.
Rob Behrens
Rob Behrens Hace un año
That screen is so big that the bezels are an afterthought, practically speaking.
Big? Its a 27 screen. For today standarts for vídeo editing for example is REALLY small.
Jose Davila
Jose Davila Hace un año
Lame can not compare to a gaming PC system that's not what it was built for. It's for creators but I do agree on the display design.
Tweet LikePeet
Tweet LikePeet Hace un año
I love like all this Apple Fan boys say this design is awesome so don't need to change. I got here my Imac from 2007 and the actual one, with wohm Iam working from 2012 and see the 2019 and nothing have changed, except the made it in 2012 slimer because erasing the DVD drive. Sorry, 12 years the same design is fucking innovation less.
Second Riech
Second Riech Hace un año
Le Chat Botté They could add Face ID, Touch Bar, remove the chin and 95% of its bezels. But then you are just going to rant on that on how expensive the Touch Bar and Face ID are.
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Hace un año
@Juju Rellama why did apple omproved the ipad pro designs and not the imacs?!!
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama Hace un año
any ideas how to improve apple machines? easy to rant
Dennis W
Dennis W Hace un año
I don't care so much about the bezels all you tubers are complaining about. What I care about is how well it runs and how long it lasts.I hate apple keyboards and mice. I put a 3rd party on mine.
Nat Serrano
Nat Serrano Hace 5 meses
Dennis W what’s your favorite keyboard?
Mossy Sparks
Mossy Sparks Hace un año
That background track must be used in an advertisement has well... I've heard just that beginning part too many times lol
Issie wizzie
Issie wizzie Hace un año
I think apple should buy back all the old Macs and recycle them
Jay Hace un año
I wish this had no chin or bezels, but it looks so dated. Whats going on?
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Hace un año
@Dan's Model Bench stfu tvs and monitors looks way nicer today when compare to the imac
Dan's Model Bench
Dan's Model Bench Hace un año
Its called a computer.
arunashamal Hace un año
I for one am glad they didn't change anything design wise. This is a good design that simply works. and no need to change it. They totally screwed the Macbook by trying to alter the design to be thin. I'd rather have a mac that would last 10 years instead of something that would break with a dust particle.
Simon Ford
Simon Ford Hace 5 meses
arunashamal my 27“ iMac is10 years old this year....I‘m waiting for the new design
AlexanderThe Great
AlexanderThe Great Hace 10 meses
Agreed I love the design and that's coming from someone who doesn't like apple products at all really. The ONLY thing I wish for is color options I love red and black I get everything in those colors, but can't get this in those unless I'm getting the pro(black) but I'm not upgrading the entire CPU just for color.
Iam Shiva
Iam Shiva Hace 10 meses
@xOr thermals has nothing to do with bezels and aluminum stand this guy in the video and everybody else is bitching about.
xOr Hace un año
The Drive Inside Exactly what ?? Didn’t you read any of the performance lose cuz of the design (thermals is not great at all)
The Drive Inside
The Drive Inside Hace un año
arunashamal exactly!!
陶淵明 Hace un año
I love iMac so much ...........
Piyath Alawatte
Piyath Alawatte Hace un año
If ain't broke why fix it? It'll cause more problems in the end. Purple don't need drastic design changes every year like in Samsung phones or gaming laptops. It makes very hard for the average consumer to get used to one design.
Le Chat Botté
Le Chat Botté Hace un año
stfu what are yu talking about??!!
Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen
I just don't get people's obsession with bezels... Personally, I like the black bezel when photo editing since it creates a clear demarcated border around my content. As for the chin, I don't really care. The height adjustment is a real ergonomic point, though, which is why I'd get the VESA mount if that is important to you.
Falcon Hace 26 días
@woodenaxe I don't know - ask "Robert." He's the one who was trying to start something about it.
woodenaxe Hace 26 días
@Falcon why are we arguing about bezels of all things again?
Falcon Hace 26 días
@Robert I'm sorry, but apparently you forgot to type the rest of your comment where you prove your assertion about my logic.
Robert Hace 26 días
Falcon No. Your logic is shit.
Robert Hace 26 días
Huw Jones Then that’s YOUR problem. Not the problem of Bezels. The problem is that you liking THIN bezels are just a COSMETIC THING. You like the “looks”. Looks =/= Performance
abraham o
abraham o Hace un año
jroar123 Hace un año
It’s overkill and overpriced.
Marc o
Marc o Hace un año
jroar123 i’ve calculated the price for the components and it’s not overpriced, only the screen cost $1500. Only the upgrade are overpriced, but is upgradable at home. (Sorry for the bad English )
Blood Moon
Blood Moon Hace un año
Would of been cool if they at least slimmed down the huge bezels and chin
Nicholas DiFabbio
Nicholas DiFabbio Hace un año
Why would you recommend upgrading to 16gb ram when the door is right there and 3rd party ram is so much cheaper
BladEOP Hace un año
Bcoz he is rich
Jerry Nkumu
Jerry Nkumu Hace un año
Anyone knows the track that kicks in around 3:57 ?
Zep Prime
Zep Prime Hace un año
How can you talk about thermals and not show temps?? come on guys....that is incredible important .
NonsensicalVids Hace un año
because we all know it runs hot as all macs do
Dane Reid
Dane Reid Hace un año
Those bezels are horrendous
Damone Gipson
Damone Gipson Hace un año
Get the Imac pro if you need the security of the extra fans for heat
OX MONSTER Hace un año
More overpriced crap. You can't service it. Box looks dated
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