Apple, Please Keep Doing This! - iMac 2019 Review

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Another year, another iMac, but this time we got a pretty big upgrade in CPU horsepower! Can the iMac tame the Core i9, or are we in for an epic burn?
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23 abr 2019

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Comentarios 3 641
ad mash
ad mash Hace 6 días
is 21.5 inch imac to small?
V. Sriram Sundar
V. Sriram Sundar Hace 10 días
Linus: Macs were not that expensive. Apple: *This guy found our secret let's release an all new stand that costs more than our new iPhone X*
V. Sriram Sundar
V. Sriram Sundar Hace 10 días
If Apple implemented four thunderbolt 3 ports then you can hook up to two 5k displays just like the iMac Pro.
Shawn Matthews
Shawn Matthews Hace 12 días
It would be awesome if Apple released an i9 8 core mini with 4 SODIMM slots to get that 128GB of RAM and put 2 NVMe SSD slots accessible from the outside in there, too. I’d bet it would fly off the shelves.
Robert Hornberger
Robert Hornberger Hace 17 días
Such a hater! It’s funny! Glad you finally found some things to like about the iMac 🖥 ❗️
xOr Hace 13 días
Robert Hornberger Logical =\= hater
EzbonGamer Hace 19 días
Eyy I’m buying this bois
najibnk Hace 29 días
Linus Tech Tips: Apple, Please Keep Doing This! Apple: NO. do Better!. *release Mac Pro.
Kevin Löffler
Kevin Löffler Hace 28 días
OMG the mac pro is amazing😍😍😍
Earla Weese
Earla Weese Hace 29 días
4GuitarTrance Hace un mes
Non-recycleable material? Please, just report what you're reporting on and leave the nazi-esque "eco" crap for the socialist morons who use verbal "enviro-terrorism" to frighten people into political and politically-correct fascism in order to try and beat us into world socialist submission. Apple... your employees are too politically-correct and left-wing silly enough as it is. So PLEASE... pack your wares the way you want to pack them and tell the enviro-fascists to screw-off! As for the author of this vid... stick to what you're reporting on and stop boring the hell out of those of us who know better with your eco-correct BS. Styrofoam and plastic flipping' rule... so get over your eco-preaching self! Aside from that, great vid, and thanks for the info!
ekphotography Hace un mes
Where I live there is no i9 option, only the i5 6 core 3.0, 3.1 and 3.7 ghz . I am about to buy a new iMac and was wondering if I use Davinci Resolve and mainly FCPX am I going to be OK with the AMD Radeon Pro 570X con 4 GB de memoria GDDR5. To buy the 8GB it is like almost 1000.00 more here and I did not want to pay that extra cost unless it is totally worth it. Can anybody let me know if they think it is worth the extra money for that graphics card option? Thank you very much!!!
Jonathan Bicalho
Jonathan Bicalho Hace un mes
Remember that the iMac pro is much more customizable than the iMac 2019. On the iMac Pro we can add 18-core Xeon processor, 256GB memory, 16GB video card, 4TB SSD plus other enhancements compared to the iMac 2019 So i would go for iMac Pro because i believe it is a working computer for over 20 years just customizing from time to time.
V. Sriram Sundar
V. Sriram Sundar Hace un mes
Lol I mistook your name for the tech reviewer Jonathan Morrison!
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Hace un mes
Swap the mouse for the trackpad in the config and get your own mouse
It’s Tamara sis
It’s Tamara sis Hace un mes
How much is this
Rizki Adi Nugraha
Rizki Adi Nugraha Hace un mes
As long as xcode doesn’t hang, I’m fine.
V. Sriram Sundar
V. Sriram Sundar Hace un mes
So you develop apps for Apple devices? What kind of apps?
Jake Derouin
Jake Derouin Hace un mes
“2005 network speeds”. I suffered through 16 years of my life with a 14 Mbps connection until switching to gigabit last week.
Bilbro-Swaginz Hace un mes
As of the release of the Mac pro this model no longer exists, Core i5 is the highest you can get with an iMac now, then Xeon with iMac Pro
Xmobile Slayerx
Xmobile Slayerx Hace 22 días
Bilbro-Swaginz umm. No. That’s not right at all
michael p
michael p Hace un mes
I will wait until they change the bezels.
Daniel M
Daniel M Hace un mes
Great video.
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson Hace un mes
I don't get why apple don't make the Mac a little thicker at the back and help with thermals... Who'd actually know if their new iMac was 2cm thicker than the last one.
Tyler Kandhai
Tyler Kandhai Hace un mes
Did you really complain about the packaging not being recyclable...? Really?
Yosef Roth
Yosef Roth Hace un mes
is this guy on drugs? lol
릭뷰 Hace un mes
Why you ordered 2tb fusion drive? Everybody recommended ssd.
pocolashon Hace un mes
Apple is out of their minds with the prices of SSD's as well. 1TB SSD is +840 EUR (in comparison with the base 1TB fusion). 840 EUR! I have just upgraded my 2012 iMac with a 1TB Samsung SSD, I had to buy everything from tools to termo sensor and it came out <200 EUR. They are very unreasonable and in the long run they are just hurting themselves. For the price of 1TB SSD + 64GB RAM (which is whopping 1200 EUR) I can get basically another iMac. Retards.
ridgero Hace un mes
I am so glad that they used the 9900K!
Keanu Haumahu
Keanu Haumahu Hace un mes
I'm confused. Apple's website says you can only add 64GB RAM, however Linus and some other ESvidrs say it takes up to 128GB. I checked my local apple site (im from Europe) and the US version but both say maximnal of 64GB on the 27inch specced out model.
Daniel Dougan
Daniel Dougan Hace un mes
I can't help but think that the people who would benefit the most from such a high-end config (much less the iMac Pro) would be better served by the real Mac Pro coming later this year and a separate display. Side note: Where are the 5K displays for us Windows folk?
Smorfar Hace un mes
Daniel Dougan LG Ultrafine and the new Mac Pro is definitely not for normal consumer. That thing is a beast on another level and surprisingly well priced too if you compare with HP and Dell servers.
Strikye B
Strikye B Hace un mes
but if they remove the headphone-jack they will have more space for powerful hardware.
plexx va
plexx va Hace un mes
Got my iMac from Amazon highly recommend if you are in the market for one amzn.to/2I9gMJ3
Bobby Brady
Bobby Brady Hace un mes
No one is forced to use the fucking included mouse!
Soldato Caparzo
Soldato Caparzo Hace un mes
Work of art
MarCuseusFX Hace un mes
Yes, it's 5K. Perhaps you could use that information to once and for all actually learn what 4K is after all these years................ **FACEPALM**
tihzho Hace un mes
Why then does apple list an 3.7GHz 6-core 9th-generation Intel Core i5 processor for the iMac? Where's the i9?
Xmobile Slayerx
Xmobile Slayerx Hace 22 días
tihzho click buy now and add it when they let you customize it
xCryzizZ Cruz
xCryzizZ Cruz Hace un mes
Spend 2700 usd on a pc you can't even game on? No thanks
John Smith
John Smith Hace un mes
this guy over reacting, acting... very annoying.
Amerco Hace un mes
The bezel is so big, it looks very old for that price
bibikjebol Hace un mes
as always, excellent review!
Christine Jessica Reyes
0:39 I heard hotdog
Donovan Crowie
Donovan Crowie Hace un mes
This is good for putting me to sleep
Steve V
Steve V Hace un mes
“a bunch of noise” - what language is that? It’s not English.
Sadpants McGee
Sadpants McGee Hace un mes
Who's brilliant fucking idea was it to put the charging cable for a mouse on the bottom of the fucking mouse? What they _should_ do, is make a "Magic Mousepad" that charges the next-gen Magic Mouse through induction.
Leroy Hace 2 meses
How come the iMac is still very good but the MacBooks are so bad? I need a need a good new MacBook for my work not (yet) a new iMac :(
Josh Davidson
Josh Davidson Hace 2 meses
I strongly recommend SMCFanControl over MacsFanControl.
kayatwork. me
kayatwork. me Hace 2 meses
KF cpu IS BIG SUCKS for video Editing!!!! It is defective cpu.... !!!! in IMAC!!!! Defective CPU!!! For this money?!?!?!
Clive Flint
Clive Flint Hace 2 meses
The imac pro specs at 8:41shows 46 threads when it goes up to 36 threads
Dystar 924
Dystar 924 Hace 2 meses
"And don't forget to recharge your own mental breakdowns from time to time..." 🗨😉🔋🖲⚠️♨️〽️
Arturs Hace 2 meses
and if you order version with least ram it comes with it soldered :D
Spiral modding
Spiral modding Hace 2 meses
I don't need 5k
Brian Murillo
Brian Murillo Hace 2 meses
I will never use apple anything no matter how close they try to get to a PC.
Tim Birch
Tim Birch Hace 2 meses
My dad has a 2009 MacBook Pro that cost him $2800 when he was in editing school and he still uses that damn thing
denvera1g1 Hace 2 meses
9:03 That segway had me thinking Mack Weldon underwear
Jack Hace 2 meses
I’m glad you are out there. Again, thanks
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