Apple, Please Keep Doing This! - iMac 2019 Review

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Another year, another iMac, but this time we got a pretty big upgrade in CPU horsepower! Can the iMac tame the Core i9, or are we in for an epic burn?
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23 abr 2019






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Ádám Kullai
Ádám Kullai Hace 2 días
Should've gone with Threadripper
dinopi Hace 3 días
hard drive? :(
Rob Cabrera
Rob Cabrera Hace 3 días
I'm buying an iMac for my music studio, and I've seen this video like 6 times already. I'm just not entirely convinced that it makes economic sense to buy such an expensive computer for audio and video production, but all my research points to this being my best option. I just wish that more audio professionals moved to Windows so that I don't have to spend so much money on a computer, but MacOS does really have much better driver and software support for audio production than Windows. MacOS, here I come!
ThePixelator257 Hace 4 días
I thought that Linus approved of my iMac after watching this video... Then I realized I have the FHD Intel Iris Plus 8gb RAM model.
defialpro Hace 5 días
what's hilarious is that the monitor itself is being sold separately from LG for $1300. You can buy an IMAC base for $1800.
Mark T
Mark T Hace 9 días
linus the type of pc dude that keep complaining about everything. Glad apple refuse to fix his imac lol
Fresh Towels
Fresh Towels Hace 10 días
I have the 2011 Imac and it is a great computer but Apple does need to get rid of the bezels and the chin bar and deliver an all screen computing experience, maybe even giving the Imac a curve screen will really make the computer look next gen. I won't be getting another Mac till the bezels gets smaller because my Imac looks the same as the ones on sale right now.
Duncan Metcalfe
Duncan Metcalfe Hace 12 días
Buying a Mac and not immediately selling the Magic Mouse is the biggest mistake ever lol. I hate it
Spencer Linkous
Spencer Linkous Hace 13 días
Blender is also optimized for mac and linux, less so for windows. Recently there was an update that optimized windows a bit, but after this video.
DJC LGRANT Hace 15 días
What is with one sneaky product endorsement and 1 official one in every video!!!!
Rabindranath Bisoi
Rabindranath Bisoi Hace 16 días
Apple is a brand because it doesn't let it's users spot any flaw or defect in it Except their torn pocket
Manish solanki
Manish solanki Hace 18 días
Please bro suggest me.which better imac pro or pc build for professional video editing. I want know.
Mr Beast
Mr Beast Hace 19 días
Same @ datchamelon
Gerardo Salas
Gerardo Salas Hace 19 días
I think they could use some honeycombed cardboard blocks instead of those styrofoam ones to keep environmentalists happy. Not that I give a shit about it but hey, some people’s experience can be ruined because of that.
Moniessh Gunasegaran
Moniessh Gunasegaran Hace 20 días
ever thought to dry ur hair linus?
Adam Lawson
Adam Lawson Hace 22 días
Could they NOT put the charge port at the "head" of the mouse so you can ACTUALLY USE IT while it's charging? That's kinda ghetto, Apple.
Robert Brimer
Robert Brimer Hace 22 días
Linus! Show some love to the Magic Mouse 2!
Douglas Marinini
Douglas Marinini Hace 25 días
It would cost much less to build a pc with the same performance using different hardware...
Neil Lowes
Neil Lowes Hace 28 días
Thanks for all the great videos - here’s my questions , buy a 27” iMac 2019 version or wait for the 2020 version and any news when it will come out 2020/2021
Neil Lowes
Neil Lowes Hace 28 días
Thanks for all the great videos - here’s my questions , but a 27” iMac 2019 version or wait for the 2020 version and any news when it will come out 2020/2021
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Me: wow! 200mbps feels amazing! Linus: 1 gigabit is kinda slow for Ethernet
Sam Hace 29 días
Me First Games
Me First Games Hace un mes
I still think Apple Sucks. But hey, what can I say I've grown bitter after using their laptops for the last 10 years.
Good Looking Honkey
I just cleaned my house and ordered a mac with plants around my desk, because of this video.
Mou Games
Mou Games Hace un mes
I saw the dynamic wallpaper and dark mode and freaked out
visual binder
visual binder Hace un mes
Linus “Ya know what rubs me the right way tho?” Me “yeah ok I got it”
TheDerikH3 Hace un mes
My computer is rip Mac late 2009 Reason deaf need communication is very important and Semi photographer You can help me and thank you for help www.gofundme.com/f/My-old-computer-failure-i-need-important?+share-sheet&rcid=e93337f8dca245d8929314d8422fb579
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas Hace un mes
What about the fusion drive? Sucks ? Just for regular use not video editing
Sean P
Sean P Hace un mes
I have no idea what this guy is talking about
Luciano Viacava
Luciano Viacava Hace un mes
I love that you pay attention to recycle materials 💙
Abel Valdez
Abel Valdez Hace 2 meses
Linus: You know what rubs me the right way though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Our Sponsers!
Shamim Bano
Shamim Bano Hace 2 meses
hes talking elecrish
Len Hace 2 meses
I only care about the headphone Jack
Had e Ssah
Had e Ssah Hace 2 meses
Can it connect to Wacom cintiq 22??? 😯😯😯
Edward Lake
Edward Lake Hace 3 meses
Still the best #addictedtoappleimac amzn.to/39gb6JD
77dris Hace 3 meses
Says mostly great things, then in typical fashion, at 8:55 disses Apple once again, refuting everything he said in the previous 8 minutes.
77dris Hace 3 meses
3:40 - wrong, these still include the Intel HD Graphics and Quicksync. Check Max Tech for this information (and I've tested it myself).
Stuart Buffery
Stuart Buffery Hace 3 meses
Great review as always. Informative and funny in places. Thanks 👍 I still think it's the best looking desktop there is 😀
Sneaky Badger
Sneaky Badger Hace 3 meses
Good on you for mentioning that the packaging should be more environmentally friendly.
Kaj WWO Hace 3 meses
Lol it's just advertising
Kevys Rc & Music
Kevys Rc & Music Hace 3 meses
a big part of the heat in the imacs is mechanical hardrives cause alot of the heat to build up .. i went to an SSD in my late 2013 imac 27 inch 3.2 ghz quadcore and it runs faster and the temps are so low now that i have yet to hear my fan even comeon yet even under intense loads so id say its a win ..i kid you not my imac use to run rather hot and would bog down alot and the fan would come on a few times a day now its awesome so no complaints here its like a new compter with only 1 change being the harddrive is now gone and now its on a SSD drive
Kiran KP
Kiran KP Hace 3 meses
Hi can we remove the stand that comes with this model? And can we fit a vesa amount for this model? I haven’t seen any videos for that on this model?
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis Hace 3 meses
128Gb of ram Chrome: Ight imma need half that
Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen
That message for Ting at the end sounds like Thunderf00t!
Nelson Pun
Nelson Pun Hace 4 meses
thinking about gettting the base 27 inch model used at some point and throwing a 9900 in there.
Bernhard Nizynski
Bernhard Nizynski Hace 4 meses
Just buy a spare mouse, or a super fast charger!
Gakster Snax
Gakster Snax Hace 4 meses
FYI my brother, you can recycle all that stuff. luv yu
Rarrrrrr Hace 4 meses
The iMac and iMac Pro current design chassis is very out dated internally and externally. The thick gross bezels are intolerable to me. Part of the reason we buy a mac is for the form and design of the machine. Apple has failed us with the aged face of the design (Chin, thick bezels etc) and hopefully like me, you REFUSE to upgrade until there is a significant update regardless of the wait! The time has come for a bezeless redesign with some new upgrade features. Here is my list of what I would like to see in a perfect world. - Larger screen (32 inches preferably) with no chin and a bezeless design - Updated internal dual centrifugal fan thermal architecture (Like iMac Pro, otherwise it will just throttle) - PCIe Flash across the board - Face ID - HDR, 120 HZ Promotion, True Tone Display - T??? Security Chip - Space Grey Option - 8 TB SSD option - Bluetooth 5.0 - Two more USB C Ports - Wi Fi 6 - Touch bar and back lit keyboard - Much higher quality, better low light front facing HD camera (4K, the current once is awful) PLEASE CONTACT APPLE AT THE LINK BELOW AND DEMAND A REDESIGN OF THE MACHINE. THE IMAC IS DYING A SLOW DEATH, LET'S RALLY TO BRING IT BACK! www.apple.com/feedback/imac.html
Joshmakey12 Hace 4 meses
selling my 2017 13 MacBook Pro base model for a 2019 27 iMac base model
Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo Rodriguez Hace 4 meses
This video is ALMOST enough to make me want to forsake my windows computer and go team apple.
cameriqueTV Hace 4 meses
Why would you toss the packing? Keep it for your next move.
merseybeat1963 Hace 4 meses
I went to the Apple store earlier this month ready to buy the 27" Retina iMac with the two upgrades 512 SSD & 8 Core Processor. But I had to talk to Genius people if this thing will over heat cause that is the death of equipment in later tears. The lady came back and asked every one back there..for what we are using it for there is no need for the 8 Core Processor get more Ram they suggested. So I picked the $1999 second level with 512 SSD..Apple Care and am going to buy some Ram.We picked Computer up yesterday but still need Ram and a Solid State Exterior Hard drive. Does any one know who makes the Ram for Apple ? Also for some reason I usually see two 16Gb Rams put in the back to go with the two 4Gb ones that are in there..Isnt two 32 Gb useable with the two 4 Gb.. or will it be some how imbalanced ? Thanks.
michael p
michael p Hace 4 meses
That design gives pause. Do not buy this thing until they bring it into 2020+
10freshz Hace 4 meses
Is it true that the Apple - 27" iMac - 8th gen (8500 Processor) Intel Core i5 (3.0GHz) - 8GB Memory.... can only be upgraded to 32GB? Because according to intel's home page provided below.. it can be upgraded up to 128GB? please share if you have knowledge on this. (ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/129939/intel-core-i5-8500-processor-9m-cache-up-to-4-10-ghz.html)
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu Hace 4 meses
Should I build my own pc or buy 2020 iMac?
Nizar Reghai
Nizar Reghai Hace 5 meses
That chin is Uuuuugly for 2020 standarts
RadicalxEdward Hace 5 meses
You’d literally have to be using the mouse 24/7 for the charging location to be a legitimate issue. The ergonomics are a far more realistic complaint.
RadicalxEdward Hace 5 meses
Macs almost always run around 90° at full throttle. It’s not particularly surprising.
Gnosis Essene
Gnosis Essene Hace 5 meses
best review till now !
Simon Lapwood
Simon Lapwood Hace 5 meses
My internet can get 32mbs on download if it's the only thing on the WiFi. So i need to get some 10gb internet 😂
Spencer Merrick
Spencer Merrick Hace 5 meses
3:36 U C K
Master Stacker
Master Stacker Hace 5 meses
Bezels, shmezels. Geekbench 4 6323/34633 w/I-9 9900K, 2TB SSD, put in my own 64GB ram, Vega 48, 5K display - 'nuff said.
Ernest Porter
Ernest Porter Hace 5 meses
is the fusion drive a problem
felto Hace 5 meses
"staggering 128 GB of RAM" *laughs in Mac Pro with 1.5 TB*
Tom Gleeson
Tom Gleeson Hace 5 meses
Being in Australia, if I get more than 5 megabits per second than I am happy.
ZAIN AKBAR Hace 23 días
Damn straight
David Hood
David Hood Hace 27 días
Same here in Canada ten minutes outside a large city
AI Rover
AI Rover Hace un mes
Zotac 101
Zotac 101 Hace 5 meses
U cant buy a imac ever , if you are a hard core gamer. Unless u wanna buy two expensive computer.
MarcoDaniel Lopez
MarcoDaniel Lopez Hace 6 meses
Question, is it possible to upgrade the cpu on a iMac 2019 5K with an i9 9900KS? Where all the CPUs run at 5Ghz...
Dire Straits
Dire Straits Hace 6 meses
Many windows users will be losing sleep tonight. 🤣😂🏆
whyireland Hace 3 meses
nah, they'll be dreaming about how they didn't have to pay twenty times as much as the retarded people that buy apple products
Daniel Xie
Daniel Xie Hace 6 meses
Or you can get Apple's own RAM, for a low low price of $800 for 32 Gigs of DDR4 2400 (www.apple.com/shop/product/MP7N2G/A/apple-memory-module-32gb-ddr4-2400mhz-so-dimm-2x16gb)
A.Ffirmative Hace 6 meses
Society if Linus went through puberty *Beyond imagination*
vincentnnyc Hace 6 meses
i have an imac 2009 and it is still being used as the main desktop at home. i'm thinking about getting a new imac but used. what is the best used imac version that i can get? how old is the oldest version that i can get w/o being too oudated? imac 2013?
Atomiz Hace 6 meses
when was apple good
who8myfish Hace 6 meses
They didn't make a big deal about it because they had to eat their hat and listen to the market. They're salty that NOBODY likes their retarded post-steve gimmicks.
Youtube Pizzer
Youtube Pizzer Hace 6 meses
Don’t use the Magic Mouse though, it sucks ass If you are missing the microsoft brand mice, fair point, otherwise just buy other mice
Ahriman13 Hace 6 meses
Still no fucking way to replace the SSD
MrZomka Hace 6 meses
2:05 Me: *cries in 50mbps internet*
The Helberd
The Helberd Hace 6 meses
He is talking about port , not speed.
P Visser
P Visser Hace 6 meses
Been using the 2019 since April now and am very happy with it, ordered the i9, 8GB RAM, 512SSD and vega 48 version, added 64 GB memory. So now total 72 GB ram. FCPX works like a dream and Affinity photo zooms. When itching breaks will be using this setup for the next 8-10 years me thinks, like my previous one. Like Linus said, Macs are not expensive.
Blin Hace 6 meses
How much was it?
Click It
Click It Hace 6 meses
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And if it broke, don't fix it either.
amir khan
amir khan Hace 7 meses
i don't like Apple product
Jason C.
Jason C. Hace 7 meses
Not buying one until they put significantly better cooling in it.
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