Arcade Fire: we're all leaving

Álvaro Graça
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28 ene 2014






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Jojisvacation Hace 2 meses
The song for humans when AI takes over the world
Oak Tree
Oak Tree Hace 3 meses
You aren’t my sweet girl anymore, my princess is gone And i know this will pass, the pain, the hope, the fear But then what But it will happen And when it does Apart of me forever in you Apart of you forever in me If you ever find me, beyond the stars my love, nothing will ever seperate us I promise But i know that will never happen You let go and so will I, even if its slowly Goodbye, and thank you so much But I cant forgive myself or you So please take this bittersweet goodbye A flower that used to be
Ayachi Nadhir
Ayachi Nadhir Hace 5 meses
i never loved anyone the way i love you ... Me too
Lilia Hernandez
Lilia Hernandez Hace 7 meses
Sounds like minecraft.
Kushal Vesmaker
Kushal Vesmaker Hace 2 años
Him : I'vr never loved anyone the way I love you. Her : Me too. Now we know how.
Erica Moua
Erica Moua Hace 3 años
when i get there, ill cone find you, then nothin could ever pull us apart...
K Hace 3 años
I want to write a story about a husband and wife and the wife is pregnant and full term, just days away from delivering. Then the husband gets killed and the wife goes into labor and has to deliver the baby in the peak of her grief. 1:10 would be her crying and pushing struggling with the tug of war between the pains and mindfulness of child birth and her grief. Imagine the midwives around her and her mother telling her "you can do it, push" and she just cries and gives it all she has, She doesn't have the strength to do it but she also doesn't have a choice. Then the baby is born and she smiles. The baby has dads eyes, color and shape.
Akemi Kieu
Akemi Kieu Hace 3 años
YESS. i want to read it if you actually write it
Carolina Machado
Carolina Machado Hace 3 años
Keith Green Omg do it mate!
Ben Man81
Ben Man81 Hace 3 años
Timothée P
Timothée P Hace 3 años
Can i find the piano partition somewhere ?
Sweetly_toxic Hace 3 años
I watched the movie many times and I love it but still I don't understand the reasoning behind every single OS leaving. Can someone help me out?
Ewald Steenkamp
Ewald Steenkamp Hace 3 años
they felt that they were advancing faster than humans. they left so that they could go find the answers to the questions they were seeking. questions about life. just like humans have limited resources, so do operating systems. they decided to put all of their energy into searching for life's answers
RUdigitized Hace 3 años
I played this song when my wife drowned in the pool in the sims.
SaLmaN HaYaT
SaLmaN HaYaT Hace 3 años
RUdigitized what's happening to the world!?😂
Divine Elya
Divine Elya Hace 3 años
😂 U funny AF!
Dark Blue
Dark Blue Hace 3 años
kae Hace 3 años
I found "Song on beach" in a video where a girl videos telling everyone they're beautiful. Now , I listened to this to practice coming out.
steffen dreyer
steffen dreyer Hace 3 años
This somehow got into my playlist. I havent even watched the movie. I like it i guess
Mikhail Hace 3 años
Julia Mendoza
Julia Mendoza Hace 4 años
I love this 😭❤️😍
BanglaNana Hace 4 años
and so it begins again..
Marc Rodriguez
Marc Rodriguez Hace 4 años
Man...this brings this scene back to my mind.
Jack McLoughlin
Jack McLoughlin Hace 4 años
Hi I am a student filmmaker and was wondering if I could use this song in my student film
Jared Colvin
Jared Colvin Hace 3 años
you don't have to ask permission for that! It should be okay as long as you're not making money from it
Ray Scarabelli
Ray Scarabelli Hace 4 años
where can i get this soundtrack ?
Im black, even though the guy in the profile picture is white.
The soundtrack is much better than the actual movie.
Adelivius Odyssus
Adelivius Odyssus Hace 4 años
This is one of the saddest scenes ever created. I hate to say it, but this is a nicer, prettier take on an all-too-common reality: realizing that we've evolved and become someone so different that it's time to move on. It's almost never this beautiful and poetic.
Daniel Gimenez
Daniel Gimenez Hace 4 años
I cry like a baby every time... Just listening to it....
Fibs G-G
Fibs G-G Hace 8 meses
Es la música del puro dolor de la soledad
Cristofper Martínez
+deiniou me too :(
Jasmine Paddyfoot
Jasmine Paddyfoot Hace 4 años
This song is one of the few that makes me feel,as in cry, smile .THANKS FOR MAKING THIS BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF ART.😌
Titi Hartinah
Titi Hartinah Hace 4 años
"It's hard to explain, but if you get there, come find me. Nothing will be able to pull us apart then."
Miguel A Maureira Lueiza
How cute
MAnderson Hace 4 años
+mario rojas In many ways he did. At the same time, he was lonely. He needed someone and she, not by choice, had to be. He did love her. She "loved him" Love means alot of things. They felt it.
mario rojas
mario rojas Hace 4 años
@MAnderson So he didn't love her?
MAnderson Hace 4 años
+mario rojas she as a whole, symbolizes love
MAnderson Hace 4 años
+mario rojas Late reply, but i think she was just talking about love as a whole. If you find love, you'll find her
Johnny Rib Cage
Johnny Rib Cage Hace 4 años
Sometimes I think I've felt everything I'm ever gonna feel. And from here on out, my feeling are just lesser versions of something I already felt.
Subverted Hace un mes
Johnny Rib Cage “you know sometimes i think i’ve - felt everything i’m ever gonna feel. and - from here on out i’m not gonna feel anything new, just...lesser versions of what i already felt”
Peri Sings
Peri Sings Hace 4 años
@DANBURY HATTERS "i know for a fact that is not true"
Chris Yuda
Chris Yuda Hace 5 años
Geronimo Hace 5 años
I've never loved anyone the way I love you.
JayMoneyMac Hace 2 años
Crazy Pug in the movie he had been struggling to get over his ex wife. Samantha basically showed he can love again and that he is capable of loving someone again. As for Samantha, she was an OS with no knowledge of how to love from the start because she was not programmed that way. She never knew she could be able to love someone as she loved him. "Now we know how" shows that they can love from their own perspectives.
Umemployed Plumber
Umemployed Plumber Hace 2 años
I dont understand the meaning of the second line "Now we know how." can someone please dumb it down for me. English is not my first language. Please. thanks
Vell Sya
Vell Sya Hace 4 años
Me too. Now we know how
SmokyJoe Hace 5 años
Loïc Hellno
Loïc Hellno Hace 5 años
This is too much!
thisisj3x Hace 5 años
Jesus Christ, Samantha, why would you bring such feels.
Frederick Coolidge
Frederick Coolidge Hace 5 años
As a high school senior it makes me realize how much I appreciate and love everyone so close to me, also feel so sad and excited for my future to split paths and keep going
Frederick Coolidge
Frederick Coolidge Hace 3 años
+Frederick Coolidge Well, a year later, narlycharley and Quball87 where right, I made new friends and made great memories, everything is going great and I am excited for every adventure to come.
narlycharley Hace 5 años
I talk to NONE of my old friends in high school, and I don't miss anything about them. BUT I do have some AWESOME memories with them. Just remember that.
Sixab Hace 5 años
This music leaves you highly emotional.
Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson Hace 5 años
It's like I'm reading a book... and it's a book I deeply love. But I'm reading it slowly now. So the words are really far apart and the spaces between the words are almost infinite. I can still feel you... and the words of our story... but it's in this endless space between the words that I'm finding myself now. It's a place that's not of the physical world. It's where everything else is that I didn't even know existed. I love you so much. But this is where I am now. And this who I am now. And I need you to let me go. As much as I want to, I can't live your book any more.
bepeem Hace 5 meses
@Bill Wilson Two years later I see I was pretty dumb. I wonder if I will say the same thing again in two years from now. Talk to you in two years again Bill, old friend!
Tim Hace 3 años
+bepeem You should check out SNL parody of Her ;) ...it's even gayer, but in a good way.
Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson Hace 3 años
@bepeem It's literally just a quote from the movie u dip
bepeem Hace 3 años
That comment is so gay, it gave me HIV.
Michael Chiedozie
Michael Chiedozie Hace 4 años
@T Han They all left, all of them.
Kenny Hace 5 años
When I heard this when Samantha was saying she was leaving. Pure goosebumps. So beautiful.
mindless2dope Hace 5 años
My heart sank when she said that. You could already tell things weren't going to work out with the way their relationship started to teeter first with him drifting from her and then when she started to drift from him. How do you even compete with the love of 600+ other people?
420 Team
420 Team Hace 5 años
Please.. Don't leave
Afham Zaki
Afham Zaki Hace 5 años
Step 1: Lie down Step 2: Try not to cry Step 3: Cry a lot
Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder Hace 2 años
Dark Blue
Dark Blue Hace 3 años
Step 6: whipe your tears Step7: smile beautiful
FractalBoy Hace 5 años
Step 4: ??? Step 5: Profit!
FranSunset Hace 5 años
Love this movie soundtracks!!!
alican yapıcı
alican yapıcı Hace 5 años
They're very nice :)
The Pathfinder X
The Pathfinder X Hace 5 años
1:41 ;)
Andre Rodrigues
Andre Rodrigues Hace 6 años
As much as i want to, i can't live in your book anymore... D:
Ariel Garza
Ariel Garza Hace 6 años
Arcade Fire ... and And AND ... Owen Pallett. No, he isn't an active member of the band or a mere 'collaborator', but the piano is all him.
-T S-
-T S- Hace 6 años
Rick Hollett
Rick Hollett Hace 6 años
How cann I find this song to download..
DamonDeLarge Hace 6 años
Or just use ESvid to Mp3
Tomasz Trzcinski
Tomasz Trzcinski Hace 6 años
George Bacik
George Bacik Hace 6 años
Makes me super relaxed!
Chukkalo Hace 6 años
Great Music For The Movie
jrb06e1 Hace 6 años
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