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Every legend has a beginning.
From the creators of League of Legends comes a new animated series about the
origins of two iconic League champions-and the power that will tear them apart.


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15 oct 2019






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Arkas YT
Arkas YT Hace 2 días
still waiting tho
Hallemist Hace 3 días
everyone: hyped up about vi and jinx and caitlyn me: hoping for a single smidge of viktor and jayce
Chris Quijano
Chris Quijano Hace 3 días
Se te acaba el tiempo Bob Esponja
patoto putata
patoto putata Hace 4 días
where is it?
Tennō Andros
Tennō Andros Hace 4 días
Wish for better animation "graphic" like your videos Awaken etc
Youtube User NL
Youtube User NL Hace 5 días
I cannot wait for this. Espesscialy Fiddlesticks.. i love horror and he is so scary
Wondr weeb
Wondr weeb Hace 6 días
Riot: makes an animated series for League's Lore Universe *Fiddlesticks will be more and more Scary*
Chosen Child
Chosen Child Hace 6 días
I am Everywhere
I am Everywhere Hace 8 días
Riot Music Riot Film but not Riot Games
M Chikujouin
M Chikujouin Hace 8 días
WOW !!!!!!!
Mohammed H. Saleh
Mohammed H. Saleh Hace 9 días
SD- Onur
SD- Onur Hace 9 días
1season=1 night
Enroke Hace 11 días
1:11 That dude is Warwick?
Yasaka Hace 12 días
can't wait ,though i am curious if Ahri will be in this ? since Ahri is the best champion for me [Not sure how it is for the others though, since some may like sona, and etc]
Axel Hace 14 días
When is this going to be released?
FrancoG T
FrancoG T Hace 14 días
Para cuando riot más información de arcane?
Alberto Barraza
Alberto Barraza Hace 15 días
1:20 that's pyke's knife?
DanQZ Hace 16 días
I hope they eventually release something similar for Ryze. He definitely has some of the most going on of any league character that we don't know much about yet. Like the Rune Wars, Brand's creation, and just general worldly travels.
MM Caramel
MM Caramel Hace 16 días
Até que enfim uma serie
manish bisht
manish bisht Hace 18 días
may be they shoukd make a series about nasus and renek ..
Natchayon Samittisopon
จะมายางงง รอนานแล้วว
crazy girl
crazy girl Hace 17 días
เขาเลื่อนไปปี2021เรื่องสถานการณ์ covid 19
osvaldo kunz
osvaldo kunz Hace 18 días
where i can find this masterpiece?? WHEREEE????
xD Hace 17 días
It's not released yet
Ziem83 Hace 19 días
Need this now!!! Bet they drop it after worlds starts~
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Hace 20 días
JHIN?? 1:24
A guy who watches Youtube
I'm still waiting for the movie Riot
Wenhao Lin
Wenhao Lin Hace 21 un día
I saw this on home and thought it was a new trailer. I've been waiting too long for this
H Re
H Re Hace 21 un día
Where's Ahri?
H Re
H Re Hace 21 un día
And Ashe?
Ananya Dash
Ananya Dash Hace 22 días
The video: gets recommended Me: happy af Also the video: 10 months old Me: sed af
Tomioka Giyu
Tomioka Giyu Hace 22 días
I would love to see a series where-in Kai'sa is the main protagonist fending off the void
Dragonslayer Pantheon
Dragonslayer Pantheon Hace 22 días
Why these resident sleeper champs?
Joaquin Grubisic
Joaquin Grubisic Hace 23 días
Swaaaaaaain Noxuuuuus
Ian Mansfield
Ian Mansfield Hace 24 días
I need Camille to be in this, and Urgot
Nytan Hace 25 días
I hope they'll make a Yone&Yasuo Series at some point
Nail Orhan
Nail Orhan Hace 25 días
wait how does this only have 5 mil views?
-Rana Hace 25 días
Jinx And Vi Sister +1?
Ginn Hace 25 días
I don't play the game, but I try my best to keep up with its characters and their lores, especially my favorite Jinx. Its World in entirety just pulls me in. So to hear that an official series is coming makes my heart bloom. Even tho I have still have no idea what's going down most here since I don't know all the good characters.
Ginn Hace 22 días
@Ian Mansfield Yea I hear a lot from right and left that the game isn't getting much good hype unlike from the past when it became famous. But its lore is much loved, in music form now too. Expending. I'm just real glad I got to discover this world in time.
Ian Mansfield
Ian Mansfield Hace 24 días
I play the game but honestly only for the world building that goes on outside of the game haha, I really like the expansiveness of their world, so having a way to enjoy that and be immersed in it without having to play the game which is kinda stale at this point, is so exciting
Yorick Westendorp
Yorick Westendorp Hace 25 días
is this gonna be on netflix :P?
drannok 04
drannok 04 Hace 26 días
10 month later ...
King Newton The Ruler of the Land
I REALLY hope they would have every champion.
Zuterwer Hace 27 días
I'm taking a bet they're gonna unveil this at worlds this year
Le Nguyen Nguyen
Le Nguyen Nguyen Hace 28 días
lol the studios are better than making games
Im Owerz
Im Owerz Hace 28 días
where is it?
Dwarov 1
Dwarov 1 Hace 28 días
If it doesn't showcase Heimderinger as a key character I am bogging the Riot stock value
James Shuen
James Shuen Hace 29 días
Is it jaravan at the beginning?
Serhat Erken
Serhat Erken Hace 29 días
zed yoksa iyi olmaz
Thầy Huấn Dạy GDCD
Riot entertainment not Riot Game :)))
Ale Mar
Ale Mar Hace 28 días
Riot games > riot entertainment > arcane
Gabriele Coppola
Gabriele Coppola Hace 29 días
They are waiting the 11° year ?
Dafne Hernandez Ramos
Dafne Hernandez Ramos Hace 29 días
What if they're Seraphine and Jinx?
nice i knew this will coming
Himaji Hace un mes
Please Please let Heiner be in it
ceo of existing
ceo of existing Hace un mes
Adorawrble Hace un mes
Hope it comes out soon. I really wanna watch this 😁😁😁
DoctorFatPuppy Hace un mes
Hear me out. What if this pink hair girl isnt Vi but Seraphine the Actual sister of Jinx :O
DoctorFatPuppy Hace 7 días
@Malphite Rock solid
Malphite Hace 7 días
That's why you shouldn't have internet access.
귤귶귲귳 Hace un mes
흠 마지막에 징크스 머리카락과 장화를 보니 징크스와 연관이 있다고 생각합니다
Muhammet Efe Topsakal
Türk varmı gençler
Zinken Hace un mes
Myrow Hace un mes
Little doggo Warwick 1:40
Terbiyesizz 55
Terbiyesizz 55 Hace un mes
nezaman çıkacakki 2021 de mi ? . jinx ve vi... umarım urgot heimer falan da olurda asıl konu nezaman çıkacak ?
ShinobixFTW Hace un mes
Fik Nasir
Fik Nasir Hace un mes
Vi & Jinx are SISTERS???!!! 😱 I thought Vi have a beef with Jinx coz Vi & Cait are cops. What ever happened in Arcane, really messed Jinx up. Young Jinx gave a totally different vibe compared to the one we love & know
Hi, I'm from 2020, August 18, this series is already here and if not, when and where can I see it?
Interested In Stuff
Wow. I love the style. This would be so cool. I hope it still happens.
Ardi Sevenstars
Ardi Sevenstars Hace un mes
I will be waiting.. thx riot. Keep the good work. LoL the movies. Dream comes true
Yamaoka Song
Yamaoka Song Hace un mes
10 monts later...
Blitzcrank Hace un mes
En dos meses ya se cumple un año desde el anuncio de la serie y según algunos recién sale en el 2021 :'(
EKkO Hace un mes
0:48 Heimendinger :D
Ian Mansfield
Ian Mansfield Hace 24 días
Indeed a wise observation!
Kraber Hace un mes
Im still waiting ;-;
AA_07 7
AA_07 7 Hace un mes
srsly 9 months of waiting and I'm still hyped about this..... riot just realise it alreaddyyyy
Anubis deez nuts
Anubis deez nuts Hace 10 días
Thank corona for that
SeventyTuna Hace un mes
Ikr im so eager to watch it
Huy To
Huy To Hace un mes
It's delay to 2021
Ronal Garcia
Ronal Garcia Hace un mes
1:39 my man Mundo!
fat one yeah
fat one yeah Hace un mes
The best anime series of 2020
Fu Fu
Fu Fu Hace 23 días
You mean 2021?
gamerfreak1995 Hace un mes
its riot making im sure its gonna be a dissapointment like thier luck based game
Umida Bu
Umida Bu Hace un mes
Yeah. And now it's delayed to 2021. I don't' care if COVID-19 is only an excuse reason. I just want the series to be really great. If it needs more time polishing, then fine take it. Can't wait!
Joni Williams
Joni Williams Hace un mes
Soooooo excited for this! I can't wait!
LEGEND Hace un mes
fans : What did it cost? riot : a decade
Dota 2
Dota 2 Hace un mes
Mobile Legends cant make a cinematic for 4 years of their marketing and here comes Rito GameS making the best series.
Joao Marcos
Joao Marcos Hace un mes
Quando que isso sai '='
Joao Marcos
Joao Marcos Hace un mes
@Kilian Gravier ;-;
Kilian Gravier
Kilian Gravier Hace un mes
in 2021 and not 2020 (covid)
Prome Hace un mes
When will this be released
Homeless Wizard
Homeless Wizard Hace un mes
Riot officially stated that it's been delayed due to Covid, the plans are now to release it in 2021.
3mpty1ns1de Hace un mes
Omg i hope this will be so good that they will make more and more
Manuel José Luis Tam Cerna
Menudo equisde me acaban de tirar.
Koen P
Koen P Hace un mes
Omg I’m super excited for this. I’m late to the party but I only just started playing LoR
Tolunay Ateş
Tolunay Ateş Hace un mes
Gel artık kral
WatermelonKellen Hace un mes
1:32 Corina Veraza???
Leuch Hace un mes
1:18 I think that is Corina
Wheeljack214 Hace un mes
The setting and tone of this world look like Ezreal's type of origin story.
Nam Anh Tống
Nam Anh Tống Hace un mes
nhận là công ty làm anime rùi thì khi nào cái đống này đc lên sóng :))) đây
Captain Levi
Captain Levi Hace un mes
Hi Riot , We are back!! so Where's our Arcane????
Kilian Gravier
Kilian Gravier Hace un mes
in 2021 and not 2020, cause of covid
Rahmatullah A
Rahmatullah A Hace un mes
do it DO IT
שי-לי אשכנזי
when will this come out ?
Callme Me
Callme Me Hace un mes
Ворон Маусы
...dayum, lucky LoL fans
Abnormal Я
Abnormal Я Hace un mes
Nice, a animation about sisters Vi and Jinx
Mark Frnndz
Mark Frnndz Hace un mes
We need this now
Twilight Of Sword
Twilight Of Sword Hace un mes
We are waiting yone
Primal Guardian
Primal Guardian Hace un mes
Jsc1jake Hace un mes
I wonder if there will be more than just Vi and Jinx, I'd like to see the Ascended and how their lives were before they were ascended. We know their stories after ascension, sure... but what made them worthy of it?
Someone Sometwo
Someone Sometwo Hace un mes
Nekorisa Kirisame
Nekorisa Kirisame Hace un mes
Covid wasnt that bad... until i realize it delayed arcane to 2021....
Rui He
Rui He Hace un mes
LiaLia Hace un mes
I'm guessing that little guy who was with jinx and vi might be warwick before he transformed
xD Hace un mes
What? xDDD Warwick is middle-aged man
ricardo memeos
ricardo memeos Hace un mes
yani aklıma şimdi geliyo 1 senedir 10.yıl içinmi bu kadar plan tutuyodunuz
豆豆猫咪 Hace un mes
I'm still waiting
Yazdan Hace un mes
Tbh i want animation about riven... my favorite character even tho she isnt meta but she is so cool and enjoyable to play
legen dairy
legen dairy Hace un mes
ahh yes new champions all around plz have and episode with pyke in it
xD Hace un mes
Jinx and Vi are new champions?
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