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Every legend has a beginning.
From the creators of League of Legends comes a new animated series about the
origins of two iconic League champions-and the power that will tear them apart.


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16 oct 2019






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Bakudan Kame
Bakudan Kame Hace 6 horas
This reminds me of Swain's voiceline interaction if her pulls Jinx's soul fragment. Something along the lines of... "faces, fading in the flames. It was all her fault."
W.T.G tp link História
W.T.G tp link História Hace 21 un hora
tomare que eles mostrem se o relacionamento da VI e da Caitlyn é romântico ou se é só amizade
Igor Alonso
Igor Alonso Hace un día
C o f f e e
C o f f e e Hace un día
Ok, ok ... Let me see if I understand ... The whole series will be in Zaun ... THEN THE WARWICK WILL APPEAR? ! (人 • ͈ᴗ •͈)
Koobitz Hace 3 días
Well. This is a reveal of the origins of the more popular characters. Curious to see if every champion will eventually get the same chance to shine.
Thinking Hace 3 días
Oh my god! They are young vi and jinx
Elene Tsakadze
Elene Tsakadze Hace 3 días
nik nik
nik nik Hace 4 días
я хуууу
Jsc1jake Hace 4 días
please release this faster
Ydan Blade
Ydan Blade Hace 4 días
what i see on the start? just VI and jinx with the nerd guy. me yep :p
Jayy Hace 5 días
omg YES
L2R2_AuraSync Hace 5 días
Zerino Jester Rodriguez
when is this comming out?
Mobkun sama
Mobkun sama Hace 6 días
0:52 I wonder who that fut boy is?
B-SIDE Drone Racing
B-SIDE Drone Racing Hace 7 días
Riot has never disappointed me in their teasers videos and short clips. I am super hyped for these series and I am supper grateful that they decided to give such a present for us summoners.
drannok 04
drannok 04 Hace 8 días
WHEN ? PLZ WHEN WILL IT COME OUT ??? a precise date please :''''(
Massive Lunch Box
Massive Lunch Box Hace 8 días
im loving it, but i still wish for a star guardian series
Heriberto Tovar
Heriberto Tovar Hace 9 días
Esa es jinx al final huuuuuaaa ya quiero ver
S1m0nV1v31r0s Hace 10 días
The lack of news since this trailer worries me..
Purple Invader
Purple Invader Hace 4 días
@Akared mystic598 yep. It's just hard because Jinx is my favorite champion
Akared mystic598
Akared mystic598 Hace 4 días
@Purple Invader yeah i'm hoping that, anyway 2020 is still young, gotta be patient
S1m0nV1v31r0s Hace 4 días
@Akared mystic598 Or making adjustments idk.
Purple Invader
Purple Invader Hace 4 días
@Akared mystic598 they probably could but I doubt they will I think it's just to keep more details on the show low. For reasons... I guess
Akared mystic598
Akared mystic598 Hace 4 días
Do you mean they could suspend this? Bc that would be cruel :)
Bthsr71 Hace 11 días
If Riot fixes their rampant sexism issue behind the scenes (and on the santigues) then they are the new Blizzard. It's noble title, which I do hope they earn.
jack white
jack white Hace 11 días
zaun & piltover getting attention? finally
midgetydeath Hace 12 días
Best of all, *they're using LoL's traditional art style.* Here's hoping they don't use this as political propaganda like so many great things are being ruined with lately. Oh, and Riot is now officially the best company on the planet. Anyone who argues with this is a filthy casual.
Izuto 727
Izuto 727 Hace 14 días
Now we need zelda series
Kiaf Hace 14 días
Gotham style
a v i a n
a v i a n Hace 14 días
What did we do to deserve this. We all play league so we're all unworthy anyways.
Finest Custard
Finest Custard Hace 14 días
I’m hype for this cause like everyone I’ve always thought some kinda animated movie or show that’s league based would be really awesome, but also the animation looks kinda bizarre to me. Worse than the other animations they’ve made recently at least
kimly kor
kimly kor Hace 15 días
anyone knows when exactly its coming out? all i can fin is ''in 2020''...
Django - The D Is Silent
Possible champions featuring in the series: 0:48 Yasuo 0:52 Vi and Sona (Child) 1:23 Jhin (Child)
xD Hace 14 días
Wtf xDD I think you should read something about lore
I wish though that they would show us some familiar faces, like Pyke or Ekko or something, but otherwise this is cool
Aeris Hace 16 días
Please give us the full scene of Jhin and Camille.
zero-zero-Śmierć Hace 15 días
@xD The true is nobody know that. That makes Jhin an interesting character
xD Hace 16 días
Jhin is from Ionia
Spartan_007 Hace 16 días
I hope that after this they really go deep into the world's lore, with an animated series that starts with a prologue explaining the initial world history briefly(which then gets visited in other episodes to fill in the details through characters talking about events long ago or characters tied to the past being revealed across the episodes) and the main focus of the animated series would be the current era, focusing on the War between Damacia and Noxus, and other events and third parties in between, events in the North, the Void rift in the south, and there are just many other ways, they can build several seasons from the current world map alone, expanding the story elements could wait a while since there's already so many to build a story from....... also GarenXKatarina story pls
B Hace 17 días
Finally, I'm playing since season 4.
Nver Present
Nver Present Hace 17 días
I want to see zed and sindra in arcane
Lukas Bargabriel
Lukas Bargabriel Hace 17 días
It shouldnt be animated like this. It should look like the characters in the cinematic trailer soo much better more feel to it
Wafi Mikdar
Wafi Mikdar Hace 18 días
I’ve rewatched this over x1000
GoDbAsTeR Hace 19 días
where would it be played tho?
xD Hace 18 días
I guess Netflix
Just Less Name
Just Less Name Hace 19 días
2020 lol animation was amazing. cant wait for this series
Johann Daboin
Johann Daboin Hace 20 días
I need this thing to come out NOW!
keren daniela aguirre gonzalez
Cuando va a salir! :c
Sir Iceman II
Sir Iceman II Hace 20 días
0:53 That's Vi and Jinx, but who's the third kid with them?
Adi Ionita
Adi Ionita Hace 21 un día
1:25 jhin's face revealed??????
xD Hace 18 días
Olivia Ward
Olivia Ward Hace 21 un día
Broockle Hace 21 un día
Freckle Hace 21 un día
Jinx and Vi is a sisters?
Alan XS
Alan XS Hace 22 días
El tipo que lleva la máscara de nariz y boca, y que observa la ciudad, se me hace que es el padre de caitlyn, de esa forma conectará caitlyn y Vi...
Gamerx 2.0
Gamerx 2.0 Hace 23 días
never was a big fan of the game and found it kind of meh, but I always enjoyed the story and the cinematics, but this, this looks badass
Govind Koli
Govind Koli Hace 23 días
We are so excited for this
Miyamoto Dono
Miyamoto Dono Hace 24 días
Im sure Caitlyn got adopted by rich family in piltover while jinx and vi were struggling in Zaun
gabriel viotti
gabriel viotti Hace 24 días
Série animada do lolzinho... vai ser bom demais!!! Espero que depois dessa venham outras, caso realmente seja bem feita! Algo sobre a Ilha das Sombras seria épico!
Leon W.
Leon W. Hace 25 días
How is there no comments about how the dude that says "time to let the monster out" is totally singed???
Key eL
Key eL Hace 25 días
i wish they could make a movie
Štepán Š.
Štepán Š. Hace 25 días
killtem c
killtem c Hace 26 días
🤔 Looks to cartoonist/ little kidish ! IDK why they didn't you the animation styles of their short videos 😭
zero-zero-Śmierć Hace 15 días
Im my opinion that looks better
xD Hace 18 días
Style of cinematic is too expensive and take a lot of time
Foxx Player
Foxx Player Hace 26 días
Is Arcane now Tales of Runeterra?
zero-zero-Śmierć Hace 15 días
This is going to Netflix (i can be wrong) Tales of Runeterra are one shot videos
xD Hace 18 días
Kamil Burak
Kamil Burak Hace 27 días
this series will be on netflix ?
May Hace 27 días
simone meme
simone meme Hace 28 días
Omg did I see my girl JINX!!
Alexandre Robert
Alexandre Robert Hace 28 días
It seems an animated series similar to Fate anime maybe ?
Rêveuse Hace 29 días
Can't wait to see hexdraulic descenders in action >_
Wildboyz L_WEEZY
Wildboyz L_WEEZY Hace 29 días
Please ❤️🖤🖤❤️
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