Are the Twitch Beggars Baiting Us?

Drew Gooden
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The twitch beggars are getting out of hand... but are they doing it on purpose to attract attention? Let's speculate.
There are some wonderful people on twitch, here are a few of my favorites:
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sorry if this video kinda sucks i'm trying my best


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22 may 2020






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Comentarios 100
Emily-Grace Bateman
Emily-Grace Bateman Hace 11 meses
U smell so bad
M.S. Aviation
M.S. Aviation Hace 2 meses
Matt Andrei Gallanosa
Broxh is da best!!!!
Sticks Hace 4 meses
Hola Me Llamo Elsa
Hola Me Llamo Elsa Hace 4 meses
Simon Singh
Simon Singh Hace 4 meses
Yeh ok batman
This Boi Loves P!nk
This Boi Loves P!nk Hace 20 horas
Tom Sweeney’s really good too
Don Gargon
Don Gargon Hace un día
Hey don’t forget DSP the original e begger, streaming is like busking in the subway or street the good ones have a crowd and make money the bad ones are basically pan handling in disguise
Brady Weed
Brady Weed Hace un día
As someone who streams as a hobby and is also a minor, I would be very uncomfortable if I was subbed to, DONT PAY ME, I DO NOT NEED IT
Callum Harvey-Slager
How are you gonna play RDR2 and not watch the cut scenes, the whole point of the game is to see where the story goes
- obamium
- obamium Hace 2 días
I believe that you are truly irresponsible with your money if you give it to her, honestly watching her streams is an irresponsible use of your time.
SmilyGriffin Hace 2 días
It's 5 dollars, per person. On ESvid, i am subbed to at least 20 people. Even half of that on twitch, and it's a bit more than 5 dollars. Just a little bit. C'mon, it's only 50 dollars, you stingy loser, give me your money! Also, you know who has a lot of time and not a lot of money? Kids! God, the logic's so dumb!
Desk Hace 2 días
FUCK I vented thank you
potatopouf Hace 2 días
wow she has an awful personality. why would anyone support her?
thelastroseofsummer Hace 2 días
Drew's reaction and the dramatic music that starts playing when Invadervie starts talking about masturbation gets me every time even all these years later.
Anthony Graetz
Anthony Graetz Hace 3 días
This doesn’t really track
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Hace 3 días
To offset Invader V's bad vibes, can we get a thread recommending some awesome female Twitch streamers?
milo Hace 4 días
Drew's cat sleeping in the back is always so cute
milo Hace 4 días
These people suck, go watch Danny and Kurtis streams besties
Lily Charlie
Lily Charlie Hace 3 días
yea bestie, there poggers
Cello Strings
Cello Strings Hace 5 días
16:01 holly crap that’s the guy from b positive lolll
Hannah Crouch
Hannah Crouch Hace 5 días
That girl’s demeanor is absolutely vile I cannot believe she still got away with that
Charlie Beaven
Charlie Beaven Hace 6 días
So true
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Hace 6 días
Yeah you're right it's only $5, so you don't really need then right? I mean it's only $5, that's practically nothing
FrolieTheZombie Hace 6 días
Imagine being a youtuber or content creator who puts hundreds of hours of work into their content, just to be outshined by someone who shames the people who already support them.
BlancCat Hace 6 días
What is the highest number you can make with only 3 digits? Fun fact: if you say fun fact, chances are, people will read the whole thing. I was born at a very young age. Bullets only do their jobs AFTER they're fired, let that sink in. If you die in Canada, you die irl. What's obamas last name? What's Trumps last name? What's bidens last name?
Sarah Gaudet
Sarah Gaudet Hace 7 días
You have 15 cents left in your account after you paid your bills???????? Get off my stream >:-(
RocketFizz720 Hace 7 días
Hey, I found her YT channel! But I don’t know if I wanna click on any of her videos.. she might try charging me to watch..
Lâm Trần Vũ
Lâm Trần Vũ Hace 7 días
i'm from vietnam and i come here to study englishhhhhhhhhhhhh
Baron Allstars
Baron Allstars Hace 7 días
Wow these pieces of trash get all kinds of subs and when I stream 3 ppl watch for like 2 mins smh
Blank Paper
Blank Paper Hace 8 días
What makes me most upset is when she goes on her phone when a red dead 2 cut scene comes on
Sean Zoilo
Sean Zoilo Hace 8 días
This is why I watch Vtubers. Cute anime doggo demands for my fingers in Japanese.
piyushsohal94 Hace 9 días
9:50 her platform of choice should be OF. she’s at the wrong place.
brynja Hace 9 días
wasn't thomas middleditch in the bronze? that was definitely an...interesting movie. XD
That Junkman
That Junkman Hace 10 días
so you have to pay to sub to someone on twitch? sorry never used it
Poker face303
Poker face303 Hace 8 días
Yea its 5 dollars to sub and you get no ads and emotes you can use
anony mous
anony mous Hace 10 días
and thats more than i get paid
anony mous
anony mous Hace 10 días
lets see 187 times 5 =almost 1000 dollars a month
Yes You
Yes You Hace 10 días
I just can't understand why people pay these kind of people bruh
lacey Pants
lacey Pants Hace 10 días
how do people like her exsits?
BadButSweaty Hace 10 días
How the fuck are people this tone deaf? How do you lose your humanity like this?
Delcene The Manlyman
Delcene The Manlyman Hace 10 días
"I don't spend a lot of time watching TV" girl, there is a giant stack of TV show character plushies 𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘯𝘦𝘹𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶
BubbleTea Hace 10 días
Hon even if I had money to buy a sub, you wouldn’t be the streamer I would sub to
Lilly Flower
Lilly Flower Hace 10 días
i clicked this video knowing that i would be mad watching this but still got mad when i got mad
livierose Hace 10 días
The way that that girl talks reminds me a lot of how my old choir teacher used to talk to us and it's freaking me the FUCK out
Angeline Hace 10 días
As horrible as she is, I am pretty confident she doesn't have any friends and her family is not close. Any "friends" she has probably use her for money, food, or rides, or something. I think she uses twitch this way to fill that void. So, as long as she has any followers, she'll never learn.
Kat Lou
Kat Lou Hace 10 días
She’s acting like she’s all that while sitting next to a pinkie pie stuffed animal
maxer_N00B Hace 10 días
My faith in humanity is less and less every day.
BBQ Ham Hace 11 días
shes live right now, I am going to tell her how much money i have and how I am subbing to other streamers lol
Jamarr Brown
Jamarr Brown Hace 11 días
She should make an only fans she's attractive that would make her more money
BBQ Ham Hace 11 días
lol shes 30, her body is already falling apart
Jx10 Hace 11 días
Omg u watch Nick Mercs
EnigmaDrath Hace 11 días
"You're just irresponsible with your money" Paying $5 to watch some asinine airhead talk seems pretty irresponsible to me. I could buy 3 Monster energy drinks with $5 to help me get through my fourteen hour shifts.
Matthiasrome22 Hace 11 días
I would never will follow someone with that kind of content let alone donate 5 dollars.
I Don’t Know
I Don’t Know Hace 11 días
Is it good content? No? Then why pay for it?
Story Hace 11 días
She’s definitely the girl that blows a kiss at the mirror before she walks away
Cherry Pickling
Cherry Pickling Hace 12 días
I hope u had a nice day Danny
bby hotline
bby hotline Hace 12 días
i dont see why people would pay $5 to support a girl who sits in front of a camera and drones on and on when you could buy so much candy with that $5
Frankie Peters
Frankie Peters Hace 12 días
chesire’s cat
chesire’s cat Hace 12 días
this is all just a great y/a haters to lovers story in the making
max m
max m Hace 12 días
wait a minute is that a guy in her bed at 1:53? she doesnt a single fuck! respectable. and stupid.
Sasha Hace 12 días
Honestly what is she doing that is such hard work? People who do art, have wonderful personalities alongside games, whatever, they're working hard. She's just selling her body and sitting there in her phone or reading comments. ??????
David Harmon
David Harmon Hace 12 días
For what? Youre not doing anything for me
WandeReR Hace 12 días
I'm just mad autocaptions were on when i started the vid and "hey guy" was captioned as "guys."
Miguel Correia
Miguel Correia Hace 12 días
5$ IsNT ThAT mUCH Me: gurl, if i subed for your terrible content for a year, i would waste 110$
Kimberly W
Kimberly W Hace 13 días
I don't have words for how angry people like this make me. No one owes you ~anything~ for your entitled mediocrity
Programmatically Charged
Netflix is on like every platform tho....
Ali Ali
Ali Ali Hace 13 días
This clip is full of womxn moments
Sarah C
Sarah C Hace 14 días
I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s an AI. She rly have no shame.
Kbrown Hace 14 días
She has the same smile as truman's wife.
Kbrown Hace 14 días
Daichi Sawamura • 20 years ago
sawarasenai🥰kimi😸wa⛓shojo👻na💅no ✨bökù🌸wâ🧚ÿariçhiñ🤴bįcchī😾ńo😩osû🚣dà🎉yo💦
Djull Hace 14 días
Rasputin Hace 14 días
6:26 She could have just fibbed and claimed that she felt bad about it but thought it would blow over and people would forget about it. She could say that she hoped her future actions could paint herself accurately and that unfortunately it blew up so that she had to confront it. She would look bad for not facing it and hoping it would go away but people could see that as human and endearing. Just thought she could have said anything but silence since to answer that question she'd need to lie
Hayden Aiello
Hayden Aiello Hace 14 días
Amanda corny looking at her phone during the red dead 2 cutscene physically hurt me.
Manoviraj Karkera
Manoviraj Karkera Hace 10 días
Sausan Faruqi
Sausan Faruqi Hace 15 días
What I dont get is how these people dont understand the idea of starting an account for twitch/ any other pay *optional* streaming service that some people might view your videos *without paying* 🤡
Daily Talk with kapil Sharma
She can marry Logan Paul.
Daily Talk with kapil Sharma
Came here only to see a girl whining & begging for money.
Jeskers18 Hace 15 días
This is probably going to sound dark but, as someone with a physical disability it is incredibly infuriating to see a healthy and able bodied person with the shittiest and laziest personality 🙄 maybe go out and get a job or contribute something to society instead of a expecting an easy life just because you have a pretty face.
waters Hace 15 días
@Jeskers18 no lol
Jeskers18 Hace 15 días
@waters everyone has depression.
waters Hace 15 días
meanwhile, attractive people with depression:
FrostInstant Hace 15 días
what was that shirt change
Isabel Plamondon
Isabel Plamondon Hace 15 días
That first girl has equal vibes of the teachers that would threaten a Fun Day or something because one kid didn't turn in their homework.
Lia Hamilton
Lia Hamilton Hace 16 días
- “Why didn’t you apologize _before_ the clip blew up?” - “Hmm that’s a difficult question to answer” -So what you -_-mean-_- to say is you didn’t -_-care-_- enough to apologize before the clip blew up because you didn’t feel bad until the clip blew up. And even when it did blow up you still didn’t actually care you were just trying to make a an attempt at damage control. That’s what that means. Hmm. Teehee- 😸🙈 Yeah okay makes sense
Harriet Alice
Harriet Alice Hace 16 días
If I click on a video and it has a sub-count in the corner, I'm clicking off straightaway. Honestly, it tells me all I need to know about them. The only exception would be a video celebrating an anniversary or a milestone; like being on ESvid for x amount of years, or hitting a major sub-count. It can be fun because you feel like you're celebrating along with them, but if it's a permanent fixture it just feels like they're driven solely by numbers.
uwu uwuw
uwu uwuw Hace 16 días
the twitch viewers at 1:30 are literally agreeing with her omg
GreaseBall Hace 16 días
I find it funny that he chose Charlie’s video to show, because his videos are so good
FallenMM Hace 16 días
the second girl is the girl in my class that would hit me then cry when I said she’s annoying
Joshua Galvao
Joshua Galvao Hace 16 días
6:33 kills me
Neri TN
Neri TN Hace 16 días
Losing face hits different at 4am
Mean while Ranboo just hit 100k
Shinjuku96 Jackson
Shinjuku96 Jackson Hace 17 días
Fuck me I hate my generation because most of these greedy streamers are born from the early to mid 90s
Neel R
Neel R Hace 17 días
Jack Attack
Jack Attack Hace 17 días
i dont watch that much tv... says the girl with a bunch of tv/anime character plushies behind her
cass lane
cass lane Hace 18 días
some guys call guys with girlfreinds simps because there jealous but her subscribers are actual simps who the hell is desperate enough to pay for that
16TheGotohell Hace 18 días
I tried. Sorry drew I really tried. I only made it to 9 minutes before I felt my blood pressure rising from mild anger. I love your videos but I cant do this one.
NASTY HAM Hace 18 días
Does video on twitch beggars, ends video with a sponsor 🤷🏻‍♂️
Orange Juice Gaming
Orange Juice Gaming Hace 18 días
Wait no legs?
Nice guy
Nice guy Hace 19 días
3:39 kinda shame for twitch money beggar's thanks for your words....
Nice guy
Nice guy Hace 19 días
Up next:pokimane is next......
Nekotorious Hace 19 días
There was no T-Bone steak, not even Wagyu. :'(
Doodle Hace 19 días
A good example of pretty privilege
Necu rrence
Necu rrence Hace 20 días
Before Twitch there were these main youtube gaming channels that everyone watched to pass a certain point in the game. Even at that time I could never watch those guys because they were trying so hard to be interesting. Now to actually pay someone for that sort of thing while sitting on a blanket with plushies, talking condescending to you...bro, this is the lowest low masculinity ever got.
Dorian Arriaga
Dorian Arriaga Hace 20 días
“Content” the most misused word nowadays
Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller Hace 20 días
She’s one of those ppl that believe they are extremely intelligent but the more you listen to them speak the more you realize they really aren’t. I agree she is very well spoken but unfortunately just because you’re well spoken it does not mean the ideas and thought you’re expressing are that impressive.
mcuPisces610 Hace 21 un día
that girl scares me
Aditya Waghmare
Aditya Waghmare Hace 21 un día
2:23 bruh you forgot to add PLAYBOY MODEL with 2 videos on the website for adult
Mackenzie Lindow
Mackenzie Lindow Hace 22 días
i feel like this is probably how all politics works
Agent Bobcat
Agent Bobcat Hace 22 días
Kitty in the background checkkkk🐈‍⬛
sorrelsoupp Hace 22 días
she has the face of a substitute teacher waiting to make you feel bad about yourself- like "I wasn't talking to you I was speaking to the group honey :)"
Ikki Hace 22 días
1,2k simps, nice.
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