Ariana Grande, Jimmy & The Roots Sing "No Tears Left to Cry" w/ Nintendo Labo Instruments

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Ariana Grande joins Jimmy and The Roots to perform "No Tears Left to Cry" with Nintendo Labo instruments. Each instrument is made from only cardboard and a Nintendo Switch and is being played live. Full instrument list below.
Ariana Grande - Vocals
Jimmy Fallon - Guitar, Piano Studio
Questlove - Robot Kit
Black Thought - Electric Guitar Fishing Rod
Kamal Gray - Toy-Con Piano x2 (Organ)
James Poyser - Toy-Con Piano x2
Captain Kirk - Acoustic Guitar
Mark Kelley - Bass Guitar
Stro - Toy-Con Garage Drum Machine
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Ariana Grande, Jimmy & The Roots Sing "No Tears Left to Cry" w/ Nintendo Labo Instruments


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15 may 2018

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Comentarios 8 377
Diana Lumactud
Diana Lumactud Hace un hora
One word......WOW
Jimins Jams
Jimins Jams Hace un hora
I am sooooorrry (not ) but I think she is the real queen and not Queen B Fight me ;-; nooo don't fight me its just my opinion
Heyitsoceanexox Hace un hora
Gatcha QweenYT
Gatcha QweenYT Hace 2 horas
Ariana Grande sold her voice too the devil for a new one!
Zeroguard10 Hace 2 horas
God I love her 😍 Ariana Grande her voice is amazing and she is beautiful
someoneStolemycat Hace 2 horas
This was incredibly creative!
Rina Berardi
Rina Berardi Hace 2 horas
Is Ariana playing the TRIANGLE?
Emxs Hace 3 horas
Is like traveling in time, just love it.
Sherry Opoku
Sherry Opoku Hace 3 horas
This is so amazing wow👏
321Tdog Hace 3 horas
Ms Grande for Smash 5
Hope Andro
Hope Andro Hace 3 horas
Wow. She's a perfect voice.
Michael Olegario
Michael Olegario Hace 4 horas
Not gonna lie, I prefer this version and hopefully an official release for the Labo version is on the way. I kinda doubt it, but one can hope.
She cute
nisoo야 Hace 4 horas
OMG her skin 😍😍😍
rizka f
rizka f Hace 4 horas
Beautiful voice, love you always ariana
LaLaLea Hace 4 horas
And some people say she can’t sing and uses autotune... pls explain why she sings better than on the studio version live then! Probably some selenators who argue like that 😂
Cinta Putri Layla
Cinta Putri Layla Hace 4 horas
Kayla Hace 5 horas
did i save this video or did this video save me
MerlinBlue Hace 5 horas
I know that everybody is talking about Ariana amazing voice and that is true and all but can we just say that it is impressive that they can make a whole song with nintendo switches/Labo. it's like a week out our something I just wanna say that I love this video a little to much
Tomáš Bouzek
Tomáš Bouzek Hace 5 horas
She surprising me more and more, this was like a record. Ari is magic from Francis Ford Coppola house.
Yuli Suci Rahmawati
Yuli Suci Rahmawati Hace 7 horas
I'm totally in love with this one..❤
Sabrina Greco
Sabrina Greco Hace 7 horas
Amazing !
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace 8 horas
와.. 진짜 정말 너무 사랑해요아리아나 그란데, 당신은 예뻐요.. 너무 사랑해! 짱! 화이팅! 💕😭
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace 8 horas
her voice doesnt need a fucking autotune coz its so fucking good and she fucking killed it and im fucking inlove
PiiinkSparkles Hace 9 horas
she's so much better in enunciating now!
Camz Cabello
Camz Cabello Hace 9 horas
Wow my wife so freaking good 🔥🔥
I'm Daan
I'm Daan Hace 9 horas
Kentendo 64
Kentendo 64 Hace 10 horas
Can we not ignore the fact that a game system and cardboard made all of the music possible. Bless Arianna
Just Moey
Just Moey Hace 11 horas
How can she still look good in a blue jumpsuit?
Jeevitha Rani
Jeevitha Rani Hace 11 horas
She doesn’t even need auto tune her voice is fine af 😍
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex Hace 13 horas
yooo this was TRUNT!
아리아나그란데 개사랑해
성혜박 Hace 13 horas
목소리가 너무 청아하고 깔끔해..💓👍
Ayyy Lmao
Ayyy Lmao Hace 14 horas
What did I just watch
tidal orange
tidal orange Hace 14 horas
This is the only good thing that is good about the labo
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen Hace 14 horas
Her giggle at 1:47 is proof that she’s not lip-syncing. 10000% talent😍
Nico Hace 14 horas
I wish I had her voice
jimmy d
jimmy d Hace 15 horas
she got very powerful voice...n.i.c.e
AlishaEditzX Hace 16 horas
This so beautiful o my gawd.
Jenecel Primitivo
Jenecel Primitivo Hace 16 horas
this instrument so good i love it ariana voice so cute
fierce deity
fierce deity Hace 16 horas
Nintenfo labo is awesome!
fierce deity
fierce deity Hace 16 horas
Im picking it up!
Tricia Castrodes
Tricia Castrodes Hace 16 horas
haha sooooo cool sounds just like the real thing!!!!
Sofia Hace 17 horas
shes amazinnnnnnnnnnnnning
SlimeHunter PE1
SlimeHunter PE1 Hace 17 horas
Vivian Leigh
Vivian Leigh Hace 17 horas
I have been blessed once again by her raw vocals
Dami vs juegos
Dami vs juegos Hace 17 horas
Jeje i really liked this presentation You should do it whit others artist too😍😍
Pensandnoodles Hace 17 horas
Dang, she sounds just like she does in the music video/actual song :o
#1 Smiler
#1 Smiler Hace 18 horas
Nickelodeon Queen 😍
Malibu Hace 18 horas
Kadence Hace 18 horas
Beautiful But stop tuning my girls voice!!
Júnior José Carlos Dos Santos
Caraca que som dahora que eles tiraram do Nintendo Labo! Excelente iniciativa!
Heymynameisdurf Hace 19 horas
I think I like this slightly better than the original...... nope thats a lie. I definitely love this more than the original
Suzuya Juuzou
Suzuya Juuzou Hace 19 horas
Maravilhosa ♥️
VatexTV Hace 19 horas
Tobias Hørsted
Tobias Hørsted Hace 19 horas
2:05 wow
\ Daan /
\ Daan / Hace 19 horas
No hate but in some parts her voice sounds edited... like if you hear it too
funbun686 Hace 19 horas
This is what I needed
Luca Zanettin
Luca Zanettin Hace 19 horas
I’m not into pop music that much but damn she’s an amazing singer, perfect technique 🎤🎶
Meli and Isa toys for sisters
Ariana truly has an angels voice 😊
FF THECRAFTER Hace 20 horas
Ariana Grande + Labo = Super Duper Amazing
Robin Mendoza
Robin Mendoza Hace 20 horas
"Jimmy Fallon and The Labos"
Emily Cook
Emily Cook Hace 20 horas
what a talented group of people. the roots were superior per usual, jimmy did amazing, and ariana's vocals and triangle skills per usual the best thing my life as witnessed. i stan!!
Chicho Abrue
Chicho Abrue Hace 21 un hora
I have finals tommorow to study 4 and here I am listening to ariana Grande. Ughh
Gustavo Acero
Gustavo Acero Hace 21 un hora
No lo sé, Rick, parece falso...
Alvina Lua
Alvina Lua Hace 22 horas
I can’t stop replaying this ❤️
Bambi Candy
Bambi Candy Hace 22 horas
I like how unique this is 🤩
sarah ♡
sarah ♡ Hace 22 horas
bts ytif
bts ytif Hace 22 horas
i love her so much
Olivia Yano
Olivia Yano Hace 23 horas
This truly shows her voice wasn’t auto-tuned... Good workk ❤️
Jheferson roberto
Jheferson roberto Hace 23 horas
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