Ariana Grande Reacts to Her Childhood Photos | Billboard

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Ahead of receiving the Woman of the Year award at Billboard's Women in Music event, Ariana Grande looks back at childhood photographs and shares advice for her younger self.
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5 dic 2018






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Comentarios 80
Yinet Suarez
Yinet Suarez Hace 13 horas
Yinet Suarez
Yinet Suarez Hace 13 horas
Aww you were so cute and you still are
Yinet Suarez
Yinet Suarez Hace 13 horas
Lana Jovcic
Lana Jovcic Hace un día
Virginia Verzosa
Virginia Verzosa Hace 2 días
Flawess Grace
Flawess Grace Hace 3 días
The way she said “juice” kinda irks me. Her voice sounds forced...if you catch my drift
Aleksandar Veljanoski
"I have a little more hair now,I'm just kidding, I have less" Got me on the floor 😂😂😂
Hawwa Mohamed
Hawwa Mohamed Hace 4 días
Her voice is all fine
Hawwa Mohamed
Hawwa Mohamed Hace 4 días
Get the fuck out of here
Ari Vlogs & Roblox
Ari Vlogs & Roblox Hace 6 días
I love ari
Birva Dholakiya
Birva Dholakiya Hace 6 días
Why does she sound so sad
Reena Singh
Reena Singh Hace 7 días
That's what this baby picture says, "thank you, next" 😂🤣 Her baby self knew, she knew.
Rachelle Creado
Rachelle Creado Hace 7 días
I all was wanted to be like you
Rachelle Creado
Rachelle Creado Hace 7 días
Sooooo cute picture
Mario Stizza
Mario Stizza Hace 9 días
she looked so sad in this period...
Cloud. Arianator
Cloud. Arianator Hace 11 días
I have all them pictures on my camera roll
Oh your steel cute without make up
Bright Rose
Bright Rose Hace 14 días
P e a c h y
P e a c h y Hace 15 días
no one's gonna talk about the pillow? SHE'S CLEARLY MEXICAN
Arianna Line
Arianna Line Hace 15 días
At 2:18 Nona looks like Estelle from friends😍😍
emilka targ
emilka targ Hace 15 días
i loveeee you ari my queen
Angelina Zeller
Angelina Zeller Hace 17 días
I love this intro😍😍😍
24K Vocals
24K Vocals Hace 17 días
0:56 "I might have another brother"
butera angel
butera angel Hace 17 días
I love this baby fotos😂❤️😍
Celina Puente
Celina Puente Hace 18 días
who else misses her Cat voice
Latifa PZ Tech
Latifa PZ Tech Hace 18 días
She would be the woman of the century instead of a year
Almost home Prophecy Watch
Yup proves she is trasngender that's not a little girl it's a little boy and she even admits that she still looks that way without hair extensions and makeup . That's all I'm here for you can keep worshipping your Baphomet fake false idol now.
Sabah Sanobar
Sabah Sanobar Hace 21 un día
Who saw that Ari was gettin' emotional 😄
shorab hossain jamil
shorab hossain jamil Hace 22 días
I just noticed a moon tattoo in Ariana’s neck I mean that is a symbol to know which Ariana we see.Whenever you see Ariana Grande walking by you make sure to see if they have that symbol cuz if not they are just Arianators just tryna fool people
Mancunian Arianator
Mancunian Arianator Hace 23 días
Aww I desperately want to meet her 😭😭
Lindsay Alison Stevens
Ari is so self-deprecating about her looks, just precious 🥰
Kanna Cheng
Kanna Cheng Hace 26 días
i love Ariana so much
ariana crush
ariana crush Hace 27 días
i adore her, her funny comments are the bestt
ariana crush
ariana crush Hace 27 días
'i haven't grown much since then' i can 100 % relate lol
beti yonas
beti yonas Hace 27 días
Love you ari
whatit do
whatit do Hace 29 días
Yes baaaaee
Rosco Ryder
Rosco Ryder Hace 29 días
You are the seed of ur father look at her grandfather she's whhiittee
Dead soul hell
Dead soul hell Hace un mes
Ariana:bit!h thats my juse 🤔
Oliver Davis
Oliver Davis Hace un mes
She's so dark skinned in this I'm like go off
Arianator 1
Arianator 1 Hace un mes
awwwwww so cute
Jaciemb Benson
Jaciemb Benson Hace un mes
This is soo funny because ari as a little baby looks my little baby that I hang out with
Jaden The Music Freak
I love Ariana Grande with all of my heart 💖 she's so sweet
Ana Ada Cosa Cositas
This looks like an international oral exam hahaha
Melanie Hace un mes
Hi i’m ari on a grande.
Allen Reynoso
Allen Reynoso Hace un mes
AriPuppyEpe Hace un mes
Giovanna Machado
Giovanna Machado Hace un mes
it's sad how much hate she gets i love her
excuse you?
excuse you? Hace un mes
She looks prettier when she's tan compared to when she was pale.
Arianagrandewowe Hace 20 días
Kezibee Basaraba urm excuse urself
don't worry I love you
@Kezibee Basaraba .
Kezibee Basaraba
Kezibee Basaraba Hace un mes
excuse you? Excuse you? Dead lie
Deepa Sukumaran
Deepa Sukumaran Hace un mes
2 : 04 This is also what i look like without makeup and hair. In the picture : theyre LITERALLY WEARING SOMEKIND OF MAKEUP
Leona Stojadinovic
Leona Stojadinovic Hace un mes
Omg so cute,😥😢😓😭😨😰😱
Manish Goswami
Manish Goswami Hace un mes
OMG she's so cute!!!!!!! Your so cute
Evita G
Evita G Hace un mes
i think we ALL are the women of the year
Luciano Côco
Luciano Côco Hace un mes
She sad thank u next in 2018 This was a spoiler and we didn’t notice
Luciano Côco
Luciano Côco Hace un mes
Ariana:that exactly how i look like without hair and makeup,oh that’s not frankie maybe i have another brother Me:girl that’s not you that’s other child,but the other one?oh that’s with sure is frankie
Invalid CRC
Invalid CRC Hace un mes
you are so cute!
Roshni KS
Roshni KS Hace un mes
“If my kid ever looks at me like that, I’m gonna be like oowwh shittt...👀” lmao
Amelia Becotte
Amelia Becotte Hace un mes
"Good time, man" Awww boo
M B Hace un mes
I don’t get why people say ariana’s name like this : Eriana Grande. ARIANA LITERALLY SAID HER NAME LIKE THIS :!A!riana Grande
Carolina Murillo
Carolina Murillo Hace un mes
French Mum
French Mum Hace un mes
You are so betuful ariana 😍
Marianna Christidou
Ariana: This is me and my grandpa Me: *starts crying* 😭😭😭
Ariana grande Fan
Ariana grande Fan Hace un mes
I Love Ari she is Queen 🖤🖤🖤🖤
DISAS Hace un mes
I don't know why, but Ari's voice here is so unusual🤷
army Hace un mes
Just kidding...i have less
Zoya Sohail
Zoya Sohail Hace un mes
when she said carry on at 2:29 she sounded just like cat aww
H A N I A Hace un mes
𝚜𝚘 𝚌𝚞𝚝𝚎
Sefa İmanova
Sefa İmanova Hace un mes
She is cute.I love her.Love from Azerbaijan😘😘
Beatriz Alves
Beatriz Alves Hace un mes
Ela é muito fofa.😍♥️
Moon Lightz
Moon Lightz Hace un mes
Ariana saying: if this is what my kid is gonna look like.... Me pausing the video: KID?!?!? Me in my head: I wish I was her kid:(
Backtriggs Hace un mes
that's my cookie that's ma JUIZE Okayy, bitchh
PuppyPop シ
PuppyPop シ Hace un mes
Ariana is so nice and so pretty! I would love to meet her one day, she is so kind and caring! 💜🥺
Riku Hace un mes
When did Ariana start cursing so much lol
Dreamyforarii 🤍🌫
California Dreamin since forever
Marnie Goldsmith
Marnie Goldsmith Hace un mes
I dont get that
luana Hace un mes
She now talks like the kim kardashians from the program keeping up
Dream LPS
Dream LPS Hace un mes
Am I the only one who loves the noise of her nails on the pictures?
Janice Grailmer
Janice Grailmer Hace un mes
Imagine being that pretty!!!
Alessandro Hernandez
She’s gorgeous
Arianator for life
Arianator for life Hace 2 meses
This is just her natural voice. She has a really raspy/deep voice, but she just used to fake it. Thats it. I dont see anything wrong.
Tancredi Agate
Tancredi Agate Hace 28 días
*•NatalieYT•* Hace 2 meses
I know this is everybody on a daily base but Ariana just doesn’t seem bubbly anymore. In this video. I know she is so kind and caring and in fact my inspiration but I just feel she isn’t happy. She wasn’t laughing.
Arianator for life
Arianator for life Hace 2 meses
@*•NatalieYT•* she went trought a looot. And why should her smile every second. I mean-- she is just talking
*•NatalieYT•* Hace 2 meses
Arianator for life I know you can’t expect her to be perfect and happy all the time but it’s so weird how emotions can change the way you look at someone. Cringey but ok sorry
Arianator for life
Arianator for life Hace 2 meses
She isnt happy but in this video she was kinda normal
Giulio Settepassi
Giulio Settepassi Hace 2 meses
I like ari
Melinda Wang
Melinda Wang Hace 2 meses
2:50 was the cutest picture!
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