Ariana Grande Reacts to Her Childhood Photos | Billboard

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Ahead of receiving the Woman of the Year award at Billboard's Women in Music event, Ariana Grande looks back at childhood photographs and shares advice for her younger self.
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5 dic 2018






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Marie Zimmermann
Marie Zimmermann Hace un día
I lover her so much
bear Hace un día
How’d she react to turning black?
AmazingAri Hace 2 días
ari is so precious ♡ she’s so talented and best of all so kind
grandees uploads
grandees uploads Hace 4 días
“carry on. thank you next.”
Maha shwetha rao
Maha shwetha rao Hace 4 días
So Gorgeous she is ❤️❤️❤️
Rayven In Wonderland
“Bish thas my cookie thas my JOCE” wtf
Layomi Oladimeji
Layomi Oladimeji Hace 8 días
Nonna had red hair just like nonna from sam and cat
Anjani Singh
Anjani Singh Hace 9 días
biggirlsynda Hace 11 días
there’s literally no one talking abt her voice so y they botheredddd // maybe she just wanted a break from her soft voice which i’m not sure if it’s her natural voice
Kaylie Gladden
Kaylie Gladden Hace 12 días
This is what my kids look like ahhhhh bleep WHEN IS SHE HAVING KIDSSSSSSSS
Gen G
Gen G Hace 13 días
"The advice i would probably give my younger self is-" Me":Never let Nickelodeon dye your hair every week"
Gen G
Gen G Hace 13 días
I love her and im going to cry lmao
WendyBee ASMR
WendyBee ASMR Hace 13 días
“I’ve always been way better at giving like, lots of love and chances and you know.. acceptance and forgiveness to other people but none to myself” she’s a cancer ♋️ all the way #watersigngang
ImagineYuh ‘
ImagineYuh ‘ Hace 13 días
Please support me... check my channel i’m only 16 and I don’t have anyone to support me so please guys i need your help🥺💘
Romona .A
Romona .A Hace 14 días
I love you so much Ariana!!!!!!!!!!♥️♥️💕💕
YT Ava
YT Ava Hace 14 días
Ariana : "Hi,I'm A-" Me: Lady,we know who you are. 😭❤️
The family channel Attar
I wanna grande
HiItsGachaMe 2
HiItsGachaMe 2 Hace 15 días
darron marcel
darron marcel Hace 15 días
Her voice is kinda raspy and I love it. maybe this is her natural voice
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson Hace 15 días
U are so cute
BT berry
BT berry Hace 15 días
her pictures cost more than my life
Regina Swan
Regina Swan Hace 15 días
Elise McDaid
Elise McDaid Hace 15 días
2:40 Ariana might want a kid
Flaco Guerrero
Flaco Guerrero Hace 16 días
Great baby picture. Ariana Grande beautiful amazing love U forever I promise 💖😚🤗💪👑👢😇💍🐺🕆💚
Bible Panda
Bible Panda Hace 16 días
Ari:thats my nonna Me:oh thats what she says on sam&cat!!!!
Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn Hace 16 días
Love you ari
XxIt'sYaGirl_RiRixX Hace 17 días
"Oh this is me and my grandpa, *cute!* definitely sounds like cat when she says cute! I wonder if she looks back at old Sam and cat episodes
Iona Sarraille
Iona Sarraille Hace 17 días
Ari cracks me up
Himanshi Malviya
Himanshi Malviya Hace 17 días
Is she black fishing or does she have a blaccent?😢 I think it is slang but idk
Sweet ener
Sweet ener Hace 17 días
Ari was the cutest child ever literally
jade alyce
jade alyce Hace 17 días
2:30 why she trynna sound like she from the hood fr
jungkook's broken phones
gosh I love how she talks like the way she pronounces the words and her American accent 😍
Veronika Gore
Veronika Gore Hace 17 días
Is ariana white actually?!
Priscilla Campos
Priscilla Campos Hace 17 días
J A N K S sisters
J A N K S sisters Hace 18 días
I'm watching this in 2019 Aug 30 lol she's my fav singer
An Productions
An Productions Hace 18 días
1:34 ok I’m not trying to be disrespectful in anyway but my mom told me when I like 10 that if you have a favorite kid you will die sooner and that was just a creepy coincidence cause Ariana was saying that she was his favorite and he died in 2014 that’s crazy
ahaha asia
ahaha asia Hace 18 días
1:59 *litterly me.*
sumayyah choudhury
sumayyah choudhury Hace 18 días
when my mum puts an embarrassing photo on her whatsapp status 2:04
Awe the first pic is soo cute
sumayyah choudhury
sumayyah choudhury Hace 18 días
nobody: absolutely nobody: ariana grande: YUP THIS IS ME WITHOUT MAKEUP NOW 💄
stopreading myname
stopreading myname Hace 18 días
*_Pictures before she started working with the devil._*
Little Miss AG 's World!
"without HAIR and makeup" me: so you mean bald?
ari forlife:3
ari forlife:3 Hace 19 días
She looks so cute everytime!!! 💖
Safiya Gomez
Safiya Gomez Hace 19 días
Please let her know that she’s so special and beautiful and the best woman alive. I love her sm 💕
Kyla B
Kyla B Hace 19 días
Lovvvveeeeee hhhhhheeeeerrrrrrrr xxxxxxxx
Tina Is funny
Tina Is funny Hace 19 días
I love you Ariana
Summer Olivet
Summer Olivet Hace 20 días
Ari: I’m like bitch that’s my cookie 🍪 and my juice 🥤 me: *grabs cookie and juice*
nathaly torres
nathaly torres Hace 20 días
she’s so beautiful 🥺
Addyson Laine
Addyson Laine Hace 20 días
AllTheThingsThatSparkle Mua
Eww to her black accent towards the end
Daniel Budik
Daniel Budik Hace 17 días
Ew yourself.
Girls Girls
Girls Girls Hace 20 días
Omg you so cute ari❤️love you
Gee Bernal
Gee Bernal Hace 20 días
She’s sooo adorable 😻 she honestly deserves the whole world ❤️
Karolína Tóthová
Karolína Tóthová Hace 21 un día
0:06 she is not only “woman of the year” for me, she is WOMAN OF MY LIFE/my biggest idol for almost 7yrs🖤🖤😭😍🖤i love her so frickin’ much, u can’t even imagine..
Arianator Khatun
Arianator Khatun Hace 14 días
AllLove LeadsToHelp
AllLove LeadsToHelp Hace 21 un día
Great nose job
It seems so awkward
Laura Aranda
Laura Aranda Hace 21 un día
Caden Schmidt
Caden Schmidt Hace 21 un día
melanin queen 👑
Maria Shakir
Maria Shakir Hace 21 un día
Freya Meyrick
Freya Meyrick Hace 21 un día
I love ur music Ariana grande
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