Ariana Grande Reacts to Her Childhood Photos | Billboard

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Ahead of receiving the Woman of the Year award at Billboard's Women in Music event, Ariana Grande looks back at childhood photographs and shares advice for her younger self.
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5 dic 2018

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Lavender Envelopes
Lavender Envelopes Hace 2 días
The first picture is soooo sassy I just can't
Geena Arencibia
Geena Arencibia Hace 2 días
I fucking love herrrrrrr😭🖤🖤💖
Ay it's Ally
Ay it's Ally Hace 2 días
Me: Siri, how do talk black? Siri: *you can't talk a color*
Nimish Dighe
Nimish Dighe Hace 2 días
Ariana:*sees a random pic of herself when she was young* Ariana's mom:dont say it Ariana's dad:dont say it Frankie:dont say it Random dog in Australia:dont say it Ariana: ohhhhhhh this is how I look w no makeup , i swear I love ariana grande she da best
Eva 123
Eva 123 Hace 3 días
Omg *She's so cuteeeee🖤* _Ari your being loved😍_
Keiraloveslions - roblox
Ily ari
Yallhoezbetrippin Teaspill
Wanna sound like a hood now😭😂
Adrian Pietrzak AnanasekTV
Singing Cousins28
Singing Cousins28 Hace 7 días
I love her
Fantine 27
Fantine 27 Hace 7 días
She was so cute ! #QueenAriana #Arianator
Gabryel Andrei
Gabryel Andrei Hace 8 días
"bitch that's my cookie, that's my juice ok?" LMAO so cute😂😂😂😂😂
KABOOM Hace 9 días
Bretman rock 2:25
SodaMay Jones
SodaMay Jones Hace 9 días
Togarashii Hace 10 días
Ugh I love her 😍
Anna Jensen
Anna Jensen Hace 10 días
The bed is lava 54321 Like if u didn’t care
moonlight angel
moonlight angel Hace 11 días
Were is the ari I used to love i still love her though
Joy lyn
Joy lyn Hace 12 días
Itsmeharper Jacksons
Itsmeharper Jacksons Hace 13 días
I love her sense of humor 😂😂
Lexi Branson
Lexi Branson Hace 13 días
My love 😻
lush' Hace 14 días
_anyone here after " boyfriend " ? 😉💏_
Manisha Bhaittrai
Manisha Bhaittrai Hace 14 días
😂😂😂😂😂😂 cute ariana
Kajal Kumar
Kajal Kumar Hace 14 días
I love you ari
Sofia Donadelli
Sofia Donadelli Hace 14 días
ela é tão inspiradora e adorável 💖 eu amo ela muito
Shante Henry
Shante Henry Hace 14 días
_Maëvou _
_Maëvou _ Hace 14 días
Bitch it's my cookie it's my juice okay😂
Solaf Alamin
Solaf Alamin Hace 14 días
Ariana puts extensions!!!
Anonyme Anonyme
Anonyme Anonyme Hace 11 días
Solaf Alamin yes 😂 you didn’t know ?
Disney65Fan Hace 14 días
Her actual speaking voice is deep and her singing is like Mariah Carey.
Jess G
Jess G Hace 15 días
OMG I love u Ariana I'm such a BIG fan!! ❤️
Nina Schreck
Nina Schreck Hace 15 días
That she still has to introduce herself is rediculous... Everybody knows her? 😂 😂
Aestheticalyy Hace 15 días
Y’all are saying she’s talking black but then go ahead and say there’s no such thing as speaking black???
Pablo Mazariegos
Pablo Mazariegos Hace 15 días
Bitch that's my cookie that's my juice
ayesha raghib
ayesha raghib Hace 15 días
Nobody: Ariana:may be i have another brother
Grande Moonlight
Grande Moonlight Hace 15 días
ari: Hi I'm Ariana.. me: Ariana Grande-Butera, living legend, live u sm.
Christopher Guitar rock
Ariana Grande Fan
Ariana Grande Fan Hace 17 días
Thank you!😘✌. By the way im just a fan
Isabella Sabina
Isabella Sabina Hace 17 días
She looks exactly the same as one of my best friends when she was young
Phoenix Deluca
Phoenix Deluca Hace 18 días
Omg how do you do that ponytail
Michelle Guitart
Michelle Guitart Hace 18 días
Ariana: If my baby looked at me like this I'd be like "ohhhh shit" Me: I feel the exact same Ariana exact same.
Sadie • Scott
Sadie • Scott Hace 19 días
gracearianator slip
gracearianator slip Hace 19 días
2:51 Looks like me when I was a baby..
priscilla welt schall
priscilla welt schall Hace 20 días
The birthday for my sister 05/12
Mackenzie Howard
Mackenzie Howard Hace 20 días
WAIT A MINUTE! She calls her grandma Nona like she did as cat Valentine. that's so cool.
Georgia & Gus Obendorf
Georgia & Gus Obendorf Hace 21 un día
Woman of The Year 2019-1,000,000,000,000,000,0009 You will always be woman of the year🖤 Love you, Boo
Coco yang_muyu
Coco yang_muyu Hace 21 un día
Ariana was also pretty and cute when she was a kid.
Fake Ass
Fake Ass Hace 22 días
Ariana: the advice I’ll give to my old self is to love and accept myself Me: Ariana tell ur old self to tell Nickelodeon to back of from ur hair😂😂
David Paris
David Paris Hace 22 días
I love so much Ariana..
Aubrey Phipps
Aubrey Phipps Hace 24 días
LIl WHipPHiN Hace 24 días
MA - 06RD - Morning Star MS (1114)
I love u so much ariana grande ur so amazing XOXO 💋❤️ #arianator I will always be and.alreqdy am a ARIANATOR
sos Hace 24 días
the blaccent i’m fucking cringing
Another Episode Of Belle Being Confused
Das my cookies das my juice
Meg K
Meg K Hace 24 días
Hate to break it to you Ariana but you aren't black
Яна Агасян
Яна Агасян Hace 24 días
Jea Lynn
Jea Lynn Hace 25 días
Her voice is starting to change. It's no longer high pitch. It's a bit like laidback.... But, I would have like to see photos of when she was 5+. not so many baby pics.
Wadima Hamad alnaqbi
Wadima Hamad alnaqbi Hace 25 días
Ariana: this is how i look like without makeup Me : this is how u look like without skin
Amryn Heer
Amryn Heer Hace 26 días
Ariana grande you are my favorite singer and ilysm q
Mya Ur Gurl
Mya Ur Gurl Hace 26 días
I think she might be Italian like me bc grandma in Italian is Nona
Mya Ur Gurl
Mya Ur Gurl Hace 25 días
John Zi 👋🏼
John Zi
John Zi Hace 25 días
She is from italia and greece btw i am from greece so hi neighbor
Pigs In Da 6IX
Pigs In Da 6IX Hace 26 días
How to brown your skin colour and get away with blackfacing
ohwellwhateverr Hace 24 días
Jesus how fucking dense are you. A tan is not blackface.
Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect Hace 26 días
It’s water 💦 💧 🚿 not juice 🥤
Ren Dog
Ren Dog Hace 26 días
Your so beautiful honey😘
Sara Anna
Sara Anna Hace 26 días
nieee skonczz
Matris Hace 26 días
In this one she actually looks so GROWN UP you know, and mature and her voice is deep
Brooklyn Sedlock
Brooklyn Sedlock Hace 27 días
She has the most purest soul, and has the most genuine soul ever❤️ I love her so so much.
Cynthia Hace 27 días
She was and is so cuteee
meher bedi
meher bedi Hace 27 días
She is absolutely stunning. Love ari so so so much ❤️❤️😘😘. She really inspires me so much
Ari-fire Hace 28 días
She never looked at the camera 😟😕
Ariana Sweetener
Ariana Sweetener Hace 28 días
Love you ari
Alexandros Sirianos
Alexandros Sirianos Hace 28 días
selili Hace 29 días
She looked so cute as a child
mischa. isabela
mischa. isabela Hace 29 días
I love you so much Ariana❤️ You are my idle, thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me :)
Mute Hace 29 días
Who else was waiting for her to actually look at the camera No hate BTW, Love u Ari.
Talented Adams
Talented Adams Hace 29 días
Her normal voice is so awesome
Sharon Lemme
Sharon Lemme Hace un mes
OMG ur so cute
Tiny Cinnamon
Tiny Cinnamon Hace un mes
she is so funny and cute! ❤️😂
Masha Bear
Masha Bear Hace un mes
I think she trying to chance her voice for the wannabes😂so they dont sound like her😂
kittycool marry
kittycool marry Hace un mes
Arianna grade do u like pink i dont Im a girl i love your song and your looks and hair pls im your fan
kayla miller
kayla miller Hace un mes
GUYS GUYS! She said thank you, next one lol
Flower7260 Hace un mes
{Glitter Moon}
{Glitter Moon} Hace un mes
Sara's channel
Sara's channel Hace un mes
Nobody: No single soul: Ariana: and uhm
BTS Ariana
BTS Ariana Hace un mes
I love Ari✨
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