Ariana Grande Reacts to Her Childhood Photos | Billboard

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Ahead of receiving the Woman of the Year award at Billboard's Women in Music event, Ariana Grande looks back at childhood photographs and shares advice for her younger self.
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5 dic 2018






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Comentarios 6 880
Drawworld Drawworld
Drawworld Drawworld Hace un hora
I Love you ariana🙈❤👑
Wiktoria blue
Wiktoria blue Hace 3 horas
dona naydenova
dona naydenova Hace 4 horas
she‘s so cute T^T kskajjyi
Unza Khan
Unza Khan Hace 16 horas
OMG! Isn't it crazy I mean at ariana childhood who knows she will be a famous singer. Wow😳👍🏻
Daris Testori
Daris Testori Hace 17 horas
What Is the name of the First Song ?
Daris Testori
Daris Testori Hace 7 horas
+M.mackenzie.M thank You
M.mackenzie.M Hace 8 horas
Daris Testori the intro song was God is a woman. It’s her song
Olivia Buckley
Olivia Buckley Hace un día
her little nose when she was a baby is just awwwww 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Gloria Garcia
Gloria Garcia Hace un día
Why is she trying to sound black. And shes boring asf. Idk what all you kiddos like Bout this chick
nea -
nea - Hace 2 horas
how do u ’sound’ black?
ANYT Productions
ANYT Productions Hace 22 horas
Gloria Garcia ye she’s just the most famous pop singer in America. Not much to be interested about. But still. She can also sing AMAZINGLY
JustChloe Hace 2 días
I love how she's like ' I might have another brother somewhere ' I'm just like hun Wikipedia says ya do
Cream Puff
Cream Puff Hace 2 días
Fuck blaccent I’m black that shit don’t exist!
Allyshia Tham
Allyshia Tham Hace 2 días
I love Ari even more
Jeffrey Hou
Jeffrey Hou Hace 2 días
If my kid ever looks like me like that I will be oh shit
grande moon
grande moon Hace 2 días
Literally she looks the same When she was three lol
whistling jennie
whistling jennie Hace 2 días
I love her wtffff 😭
Lisa Simpsonn
Lisa Simpsonn Hace 2 días
She's changed sm as a woman and matured so much i love her sm
tolu olaniyan
tolu olaniyan Hace 3 días
She's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!
I Hate Everything
I Hate Everything Hace 3 días
It's embarrassing how she turns the fake ghetto accent on, it's so fake and it's 100% black fishing
I Hate Everything
I Hate Everything Hace 3 días
How can no one else notice....that she talks completely normal till her baby picture with the " juice" then all of a sudden she's GHETTO completely black fishing how are people not furious
M.mackenzie.M Hace 8 horas
I Hate Everything well of course your mad you hate everything
France Hace 3 días
When she says good times, man.
France Hace 3 días
Love her
Queen Sofia
Queen Sofia Hace 3 días
0:50 is he wearing a stussy shirt?
gymnast kristen
gymnast kristen Hace 3 días
I wish she would go a few days without makeup and hair extensions and post about it so we could see what she looks like all natural currently, shes so BEAUTIFUL naturally and I wish she would embrace it more💕💕
Cindy Alzate
Cindy Alzate Hace 3 días
I know she's a grown ass woman but she makes me want to protect her❤ what a pure soul
Cindy Alzate
Cindy Alzate Hace un día
+Dora Ivankovic never said so
Dora Ivankovic
Dora Ivankovic Hace un día
Cindy Alzate wtf u don’t even know her in person
Nat is my Name
Nat is my Name Hace 3 días
Wtf why is she getting hate she is her own person and different she doesn’t have to have a Italian voice you except
Ariana Grande Turkey
Damn she is so cute❤️
Kele Tan
Kele Tan Hace 3 días
She sounds different here
tshidiso daniel
tshidiso daniel Hace 3 días
Whoa her voice 😍😂
anuj1mahajan Hace 4 días
Same A
Same A Hace 4 días
i didn't even know that nona from sam and cat was actually related to her
Royal Jewel
Royal Jewel Hace 4 días
In my opinion, there’s not much depth to Ariana’s appearance. It’s amplified insecurity. Sad really, she didn’t need to buy a new persona, or face for that matters. I hope in time she realizes she can drop the charade and still be loved and accepted. Artificial isn’t beauty.
Gxulia Hace 4 días
2:04 me everyday😂😂😂
Awesomeness With Dat Gurl
Me and Mommy, she is so cute:-)
We are the challengers
I’m pretty sure one person said something about her voice and her fans came gushing in hating on them. I’m digging through the comments seeing if there is any hate comments but all the comments are ABOUT the haters lol 😂
Hi I’m crazy
Hi I’m crazy Hace 4 días
I’m always so hard on myself too everyone says that I’m too hard on myself too
Liz Hace 4 días
She talks like she's gasping for air
Zeynep Karatay
Zeynep Karatay Hace 4 días
Love you Ariana Grande my big fan you 3 old
Leah Balasundram
Leah Balasundram Hace 4 días
Ari: “i think i have another brother, i don’t know.” Me: “ WHAT!”
Ryan Hace 5 días
I just feel that she is a very nice person.
moonlight arianator
moonlight arianator Hace 5 días
moonlight arianator
moonlight arianator Hace 5 días
I love this sm
Rijad Hadžić
Rijad Hadžić Hace 5 días
You can sometimes look in camra... but everything is awesome
essence arielle
essence arielle Hace 6 días
Her voice is so attractive
maria gunnersan
maria gunnersan Hace 6 días
why I can't love her?
Aliyah Thompson
Aliyah Thompson Hace 6 días
I love her voice so much I litterly repeated the beggining like 5 times😂😩❤️
Toarfi Bashar
Toarfi Bashar Hace 6 días
Loveeeeee ariana
KM W Hace 6 días
Who cares about her vocie changing to be honest. That's not a serious subject to be arguing about. But slay Ari❤️
Jessi Rebel
Jessi Rebel Hace 6 días
Oh my gosh she talks like herself can people just stop this unnecessary confrontation back and forth already, just think positive thoughts and do your own thing , i really don’t want to start anything but this is suppose to be a happy video and positive feedback from it, and so may people are making it negative. Just let it go already jeez lol.
Jessi Rebel
Jessi Rebel Hace 6 días
Shes so cute💕💗
Abinap Thapa magar
Abinap Thapa magar Hace 6 días
She looks soo much beautiful as usual and her voice is sweet as honey
Gerda S
Gerda S Hace 7 días
I nearly have all of her perfumes
Amber Firdaus
Amber Firdaus Hace 7 días
She looks lyk hollyh
Isabelle Langton
Isabelle Langton Hace 7 días
Love you Ariana
Beatriz Martinez
Beatriz Martinez Hace 7 días
So cute. Biggist faaaaaaaaaaaaan
You Talk to muchhh
You Talk to muchhh Hace 7 días
Bts boy with luv is out now go check it outttt it’s so gooddddddddd
spital boy
spital boy Hace 7 días
I love Ariana Grande 😍😍 {\_/} ( •_•)
KIKI Hace 7 días
i really wanna see a reality show of ariana with her natural look
Izabella Roberts
Izabella Roberts Hace 7 días
Janiece H that was mean it’s just the way she’s talking
Yara Hamid
Yara Hamid Hace 7 días
I love her periodt
Gio Messina
Gio Messina Hace 7 días
Ariana Grande telling us what she looks like without makeup for 3 minutes straight
KZ Gaming
KZ Gaming Hace 7 días
Hey Ariana can you still remember "Cat" from "Sam and cat"
Aphrodite Hace 8 días
"Grande child"
Iris Muñoz
Iris Muñoz Hace 8 días
mi a
mi a Hace 8 días
i feel like she’s going out of her mind
sister shooketh
sister shooketh Hace 8 días
what is that I smell in the comments **sniff sniff** *TOXINS*
Zaza Bedeaux
Zaza Bedeaux Hace 8 días
2:27 ok girl I see you 😂😂😂
Princess Balt
Princess Balt Hace 8 días
I love you ariii 🌸🌸🖤🖤🖤🔥
Fat Chode
Fat Chode Hace 8 días
Ari: *breathes* 'Fans': she's tryna sound like this she's tryna do that. Just stfu honestly she can't be as perfect as she looks let her do her thing she can speak how she wants first you guys come at her for speaking too 'softly' saying she's tryna sound like a baby so when she speaks deeper and more brasp "oh she's tryna sound black" what do u want from her lmao just leave her alone
nasa dolan
nasa dolan Hace 9 días
She is beautiful..
taeyeon rai
taeyeon rai Hace 9 días
omg she's so sweet i love her so much her voice while talking and singing is so beautiful i'm totally in love with her i wish i would have a voice like her😍😭😭😭she's the defination of perfection.she is gergeous, she has an attractive voice, smile, laugh ...all the charms that a girl should possess i'm a girl but i'm gay for her hahah😂😂i mean who wouldn't every girls want to be her she's just amazing❤❤
Mohd Zubair
Mohd Zubair Hace 9 días
I love her soo much biggest fan like if u love ARIANA GRANDE!!!!!!
BJFG Hace 9 días
Looking for hate comments, and yet all I see are comments saying “stop hating her voice”😅
Aurora Dogo
Aurora Dogo Hace 9 días
She’s so funny
Mezsi McGill
Mezsi McGill Hace 9 días
LEAVE ARIANA ALONEEE!!! Shes an angel 💚
llxma _Xx
llxma _Xx Hace 9 días
I love how Ariana is like “”I still look like that when I take off my *hAiR* and makeup 😂😂 I don’t know why..but I ❤️ you Ari!
iiSweetBulletii Hace 9 días
Wow I never actually realised that she looks so much like frankie grande
GachaSisters Hace 9 días
why do i sometimes think she’s depressed??
honeymoon ave
honeymoon ave Hace 9 días
her voice is so pretty. y’all need to stfu.
Breseis Guiab
Breseis Guiab Hace 9 días
WE CAN'T SPEAK A COLOR PEOPLE How the hell can u speak black, so i assume u can speak red🤨
Lisete Hace 9 días
I love Ariana
ryf 8795
ryf 8795 Hace 9 días
I love u Ariana 💜 U R my favourite singer💝
I am An ARIANATOR!! Hace 9 días
Hi I’m Aria- *Honey we know who you are!* 😭💓
Iloveguineapigs 123
Iloveguineapigs 123 Hace 23 horas
AM S well no one ever said you had to love her
AM S Hace un día
I hate her
Nar Nor
Nar Nor Hace 2 días
I am An ARIANATOR!! not all of the world knows her
ArianatorGrande Forever
My voice always gets high when I am shy or have anxiety.She can talk the way she wants and what about it?
Graciela Lozoya
Graciela Lozoya Hace 10 días
Nothing is wrong with her voice you all complain her high pitch voice is annoying but when she speaks in a more raspy voice again you complain.
Catherine Hebditch
Catherine Hebditch Hace 10 días
Ariana, you are so pretty and inspirational. I'm one of your biggest fans and I have posters of you in my room. You are so cool and I love you. xxx
Regina Hayes
Regina Hayes Hace 10 días
She sounds sick
Oliwia Fischer
Oliwia Fischer Hace 10 días
I love Ariana Grande. She is awsome and pretty.
646 LMS
646 LMS Hace 10 días
No one : Yall : sToP saYiNg sHe'S tRyIng tO sOuND BlaCk
Abigails Lifestyle
Abigails Lifestyle Hace 10 días
Any one else think Ariana as a baby looks like Annie Leblanc as a baby
Salma Hace 11 días
I'm simple i see Ariana i click
Brandon Cortez
Brandon Cortez Hace 11 días
#sweetner world tour
Marc Oram
Marc Oram Hace 11 días
you look beutiful no matter what
Marc Oram
Marc Oram Hace 11 días
she is so beautiful I love her voice and I'm so proud of her and I love her so much 😘💙💚💛🧡💜
Fat Chode
Fat Chode Hace 12 días
Is it just me or would ari be amazing at asmr
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson Hace 12 días
I love her sexy voice
Avika Rastogi
Avika Rastogi Hace 12 días
Ariana Grande is my idol I look up to her a lot
Kenny Omage
Kenny Omage Hace 12 días
Avika Rastogi same😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
Fozia Younis
Fozia Younis Hace 12 días
* Hace 12 días
Omg she sounds so cuteeeeee
Ambzer Ambzer
Ambzer Ambzer Hace 12 días
Omg I was literally gonna say I swear her voice and accent changes all the time, then I see that everyone else has basically said the same thing. Is that a big tattoo on her arm I didn't even know she had tattoos. Edit: Just heart the meaning behind it, I like the meaning but I just hope she doesn't cover herself anymore in tatts she's too pretty for them, and honestly most of them aren't even that good
Kate Johnson
Kate Johnson Hace 13 días
she’s ariana grande how does she not love herself 💕
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