Ariana Grande Reacts to Her Childhood Photos | Billboard

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Ahead of receiving the Woman of the Year award at Billboard's Women in Music event, Ariana Grande looks back at childhood photographs and shares advice for her younger self.
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5 dic 2018






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Katia Daher
Katia Daher Hace un día
Its so weird how she changed her voice she used to fake another voice now she sounds more herself
Emmalee Roop
Emmalee Roop Hace un día
Ariana’s hair is BEAUTIFUL
Vanessa Cannon
Vanessa Cannon Hace 3 días
1:23 she sounds like she did in Sam and cat and Victorious
Your Mother Karen
Your Mother Karen Hace 3 días
I NEED ari to do asmr. I love her voice so much 😂😫😍
crixtiiaan Hace 4 días
she wouldn’t be that happy if they would show her 2010/2011 photos, she’s so ashamed of her in the past
Rice crispy Meza
Rice crispy Meza Hace 6 días
I don’t know she is so pretty and am so ugly
sanja mileic dzavic
sanja mileic dzavic Hace 9 días
Ariana- I like my head shape Me- bitch I LIKE YOU ALL
Kim Xoxo
Kim Xoxo Hace 10 días
Her sense of humour is inherited. The whole family is fun LOL
Bebe Hace 10 días
why she trying to sound black? 2:25 yikes that fake tan is giving her ideas
Kevin James
Kevin James Hace 11 días
Only arianators
Only arianators Hace 11 días
lovephobia Hace 11 días
If you’re like: “Everyone’s talking about people hating on her voice, I don’t see any hate comment!” well, there is. No hate comments but comments on tea channels. They say Ariana was talking in a “blaccent”, which is talking like a “black” person. Most people are talking about this part: 2:26 - I don’t agree that Ariana was using a blaccent, just trying to explain why you’re not finding any “hate” comments, lol.
Audrey B
Audrey B Hace 11 días
You’re amazing You inspired lot of people Everybody particularly you have to treat you kindly because you’re precious girl
Damen Black
Damen Black Hace 12 días
Congrats on becoming a woman of the year you deserve it
Mishka ashley Dancel
Mishka ashley Dancel Hace 13 días
Ariana grande Talking: so deep Singing: so high Fuck she can do both wow
Josie Maniscalco
Josie Maniscalco Hace 14 días
Is anyone else oddly satisfied by the sound of her nails on the photos?
Sandro Cortese
Sandro Cortese Hace 14 días
I see her a little depressed. Maybe not... 😞🤔
Bad Vibezzz
Bad Vibezzz Hace 15 días
*she famous n still go thru the most insane stuff* *Im just a Normal person n I go thru the most stuff too*
Isha Basnet
Isha Basnet Hace 15 días
Does anybody noticed her voice sounds like she's suffering from cold😔👇
Li Catherine
Li Catherine Hace 15 días
Omg I adore her
stefany souza
stefany souza Hace 15 días
her voice is different
Maurice Gordon
Maurice Gordon Hace 16 días
That's amazing
sinzlelz Hace 17 días
2:26 why did she just randomly start talking like that tf- girl thinks she's black i- "iM iTAliAn sO iM dArk" bitch that's a goddamn spray tan stfu
Suki Hace 18 días
Ari, then why are you even wearing makeup
Elibeli19 Hace 19 días
Also shes so fucking funny
Elibeli19 Hace 19 días
I love her so fucking much
ariana Grande biggest fun
sometimes Ariana Grande has got light skin but sometimes she has more dark skin what the f*** is this how how does she can change in this way her skin colour i wanna know it i love u ari😍😍😍😍
funny max
funny max Hace 29 días
That's a boy
Namenlos Hace un mes
she's the cutest and best human on the earth like wtf i love her too much
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones Hace un mes
ID like to be able to lift up Ariana's arms and jsut smell and lick her armpits whenever i feel like it
m7md hadi
m7md hadi Hace un mes
ohhhhhhhhhhhh cat valentine said cute in 1:32 i really miss victorious and sam and cat 💔💔😭
Maham Raza
Maham Raza Hace un mes
she ist looking at the camera
Amber May
Amber May Hace un mes
I felt that when she said haven’t grown since. Same I’m rlly small 😂
Grande Love
Grande Love Hace un mes
Catlover_59300 Hace un mes
How do you remember?
Eden kibreab
Eden kibreab Hace un mes
Me and my friends LOVE you ariana
Today's show starring Skylar
This is the first time I heard Ari's voice!!
abouthankunext Hace un mes
how she can remember the date ???
Sarah VERNON Hace un mes
I love you so moch😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Ari💖
Its Veronique
Its Veronique Hace un mes
Omg this is so cute🥰❤️😍
emilia a
emilia a Hace un mes
how can one person be that cute
Esra Toca
Esra Toca Hace un mes
Ari: this is exactly me without make up and hair and stufe like that Me: this is exactly you when you wouldn't have plastic surgery and make up and stuff like that
Ally Xo
Ally Xo Hace un mes
Fake hair, fake tan, fake lashes, fake nose, fake laugh and fake "sweet" personality.
Ally Xo
Ally Xo Hace un mes
she's so fake, that's all
natalie Hace un mes
and what about it
Agata Cavallaro
Agata Cavallaro Hace un mes
Ariana grande tvb tanto
“If my kid ever looks at me like that” “I’ma be like oh shit” *drops picture* Edit: grammar
Sadie Garcia
Sadie Garcia Hace un mes
2:59 awww 🥺 shes been through so much😕💘
Kristie Animations
Kristie Animations Hace un mes
JULIJA Q Hace un mes
I like her nose 😳 i mean.. howw? 😍
bitch ass
bitch ass Hace un mes
she's so cute i cant😍😍😍
Señorita Tumblr
Señorita Tumblr Hace un mes
Rona Limbu
Rona Limbu Hace un mes
Love u Ari!❤❤
Kim Tae hyung
Kim Tae hyung Hace un mes
Whoever marry Ariana ......I think he's the luckiest guy in the world......
Asia Doris
Asia Doris Hace un mes
cutest human being on earth. no doubts she is the woman of the year
Sonam Wangmo
Sonam Wangmo Hace un mes
She's got the guts. She didn't only had makeup on, her face is all plastic.
sweetener bae
sweetener bae Hace un mes
Who asked you ?
oumou coulibaly
oumou coulibaly Hace un mes
so cuute omg
Awkward Tenzin
Awkward Tenzin Hace un mes
“Her raspy voice” Aww hell naw 😭🥰👌🏼
fiona • plays
fiona • plays Hace un mes
*ariana*- “when I get out of the shower that’s EXACTLY what I look like” *me*- a fricking pOtAtOo
Ariola Granede
Ariola Granede Hace 27 días
Aubrey Madrigal
Aubrey Madrigal Hace un mes
I love you Ariana
tehee bitch
tehee bitch Hace un mes
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