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Multi-hyphenate megastar Ariana Grande walks us through her beauty routine, from radiance-boosting skin care to retro-style makeup. The Grammy-winning songwriter talks about her humble beginnings in family theater, her time as a guest judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race and how makeup pioneers Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe helped inspire her own style.
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26 sep 2023






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Shop this beauty routine: La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream Moisturizer: tinyurl.com/5n8r8czk UltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 Face Sunscreen: howl.me/ckzbpJmeyDr r.e.m. beauty Full Night's Sleep Cooling Blurring Undereye Balm: tinyurl.com/2p92nhvp Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Pure Retinol Express Soothing Eye Mask: tinyurl.com/3efrs625 r.e.m. beauty Sweetener Foundation: tinyurl.com/39hujw59 r.e.m. beauty Sweetener Concealer: tinyurl.com/4zbe52mv Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Setting Powder: tinyurl.com/3bu6hb4y MAC Eye Brows Styler: tinyurl.com/3btj8jxu Danessa Myrics Beauty Balm Contour: tinyurl.com/2p9dtsx5 r.e.m. beauty Interstellar Highlighter Topper: tinyurl.com/jnbckppx Bobbi Brown All Nudes Eye Shadow Palette: tinyurl.com/whrf352y r.e.m. beauty Multi-Use Eye Stick: tinyurl.com/4rtbj4bs Dior Rosy Glow Blush: tinyurl.com/yavwawfw r.e.m. beauty Flourishing Volumizing Mascara: tinyurl.com/3jmh69s7 r.e.m. beauty Practically Permanent Lip Stain Marker: tinyurl.com/y2btfndm Lancôme Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss: tinyurl.com/yxxunsnr r.e.m. beauty On Your Collar Plumping Lip Gloss: tinyurl.com/yc6hfr3y r.e.m. beauty Mod Vanilla Eau de Parfum: tinyurl.com/yc78xhjj Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment: tinyurl.com/34py9bcn Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'N' Kohl Bedroom Black Eyeliner: tinyurl.com/wa58wxuy Shop more Beauty Secrets favorites below: Chanel Vitalumière Radiant, Moisture-Rich Fluid Foundation: shop-links.co/chBzLvwixBO Kosas Cloud Set Setting Powder: shop-links.co/chBzLQyzJ5S Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks: fave.co/3Pb2Yyu Saie Hydrabeam Concealer: shop-links.co/chBzL0XWkaP Droplette Microinfusion Device: bit.ly/3upy9yn When you buy something through our retail links, we earn an affiliate commission.
Aleena Anderson
Aleena Anderson Hace 15 días
Meghan markle next!!! Pls
Şevval Hace 15 días
Jennie Kim and Ariana Grande Finally
Liberty Mae Edwards
Liberty Mae Edwards Hace 15 días
Liberty Mae Edwards
Liberty Mae Edwards Hace 15 días
I love you Ariana Grande 💖💖
infp Hace 15 días
I miss her
Emely Rivera
Emely Rivera Hace 15 días
I’ve never heard any celeb talk about getting lip filler and Botox so freely and transparently and I love it!
KarryUndercover7 Hace 15 días
Elena Cecilia
Elena Cecilia Hace 15 días
it only took her 10 yrs to admit it lol
Xristina Rose
Xristina Rose Hace 15 días
Revealing at least the tip of the iceberg seems like a minimum to me. Go look up lorry hills analysis video of all the plastic surgery troughout the years ari had. She doesnt look even remotely close to what she used to look
Billie Avocado
Billie Avocado Hace 15 días
​@Elena Ceciliamost celebrities don't even admit it lol
NCTzen Ahri
NCTzen Ahri Hace 15 días
​@Billie Avocadoyup thats why is surprising😮
Dickan Hace 10 días
She’s like a totally different person ..mentally and physically.
Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie Hace 9 días
yup. breaking up marriages really changed her look
Rose Hace 9 días
​@starbakeryeah! And is it just me who thinks she got a bit more white too? And she also looks a bit more exhausted. And her voice is also not the same as what it was
flo. Hace 9 días
what’s the point in keeping talking about that though? (genuine question.)
Rose Hip
Rose Hip Hace 8 días
I think she looks almost the same at the beginning and end of the video. All that make up and she still looks lovely, especially when she smiles.
divadream Hace 11 días
I like the newest edition of her speaking voice. It completely changes in tone and accent every 1-2 years
Kiba Hace 11 días
She's just white again lol
remsfairyy Hace 11 días
doesn’t everyone’s ?? mine changes also very quite often, especially if I’m speaking to a close friend, it’s way different than speaking to a complete stranger.
Lil J
Lil J Hace 11 días
@remsfairyy yes, but she was forcing a blaccent
remsfairyy Hace 11 días
@Lil J well clearly she don’t anymore so why bring it up it’s irrelevant to the video ? lol
lowkey leif
lowkey leif Hace 11 días
Yeah she sounds a lot more mature now, her wild young girl era probably ended
Camila Segura
Camila Segura Hace 7 días
this is such a classic pr move tbh, get the celebrity that is currently being hated to expose a vulnerable side of themselves to gain sympathy, and it works!
bellamario Hace 6 días
Nobody hates her lol if anything that scandal has already been forgotten no matter how much that dude’s wife is trying to hammer it in-nobody cares about ari’s personal life!
Dabi lover ♡
Dabi lover ♡ Hace 6 días
Guys stoppp, she doesn't deserve all the hate
Elite Dangerous & The World Next Door
these two above Bvees are surely crashes on party they weren't invited. 🙃🙄
B B Hace 6 días
​@bellamarioI don't know why you're trying speak for everyone, literally many ppl started hating her after the scandal.On every reel or post on social ppl always call her a homewrecker lol
P B Hace 9 días
Never mix spf with anything, especially not a moisturiser. NEVER. Spf is supposed to be applied to dry skin and moisturiser on damp skin. Plus the mix might reduce the action of spf.
Ms. Lacie
Ms. Lacie Hace 8 días
Depends on the spf, some has alcohol and can dry skin so better to put moisturiser first and wait for it to settle then put spf.
bpxl53yewz Hace 7 días
But they sell moisturizers with SPF
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew Hace 7 días
@bpxl53yewz yes, but those are already formulated to be that spf with the moisturizer. Mixing it yourself is essentially diluting the spf.
A-2020-21-B Maitri Sarkar
I mixed with toner
Jenny With a Glock
Jenny With a Glock Hace 7 días
her voice is like honey and yet.. we all know what she did. its wild how ppl can be manipulated into her sweet girl act. of course im sure she is still a joyous person but why is no one acknowledging what she did
Emmanuel Eze
Emmanuel Eze Hace 6 días
Cause it's all rumors
7envelopes Hace 5 días
theyre unproven rumors hun go away 🤍
Sabrina Raymah
Sabrina Raymah Hace 2 días
@7envelopesif somebody said a rumour like that about you wouldn’t the first thing you do is come out and clear up the rumours? How quick was she do talk about her weight/appearance when that was in the media. Also she has many songs about seducing taken men. Look at the song lyrics of one last time and break up with your GF. Naya Riveria also said she did the with Big Sean when Big Sean was still with Naya
S M Hace un día
​@7envelopesI believe women and if his ex wife said it happened well then. It did 😊
Mr. Icecream
Mr. Icecream Hace 17 horas
Lu Chan
Lu Chan Hace 12 días
Say it with me: Aging is not a crime! Embrace your natural beauty!
Shante Barze
Shante Barze Hace 10 días
I 💯 agree
Nakita Jade
Nakita Jade Hace 10 días
Embrace what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful at the time. The journey to self love and confidence is not a linear experience and takes time.
pay eezy
pay eezy Hace 10 días
100% agree 😊
Charts Data Pop Culture
I'm laughing so hard at "aging is not a crime" 🤣🤣
spooky beans
spooky beans Hace 12 días
How is it that so many people already forgot what she did to a child's future and broke apart a family. I don't think anyone can call her an angel she tries so hard to look perfect and then screws people over
Gracie Kattan
Gracie Kattan Hace 11 días
Who are you talking about? What child?
blackishboi Hace 10 días
@Gracie KattanAriana Grande. She had an affair with her co worker on “Wicked”. They were both married and he also had a newborn.
Liz Bee
Liz Bee Hace 10 días
We didn't forget. idk why yt suggested this vid for me
Ella Arzadon Oasay
Ella Arzadon Oasay Hace 10 días
okay but ethan is also at fault tho
mirrorballinme Hace 9 días
amazing pr team just sweeping the drama under the carpet
Sour&Sweetheart Hace 8 días
they deserve a raise!
Claire Isabella
Claire Isabella Hace 8 días
shes doing this video to promote her new foundation. not to sweep drama under the rug
A yt
A yt Hace 7 días
@Claire Isabellayeah
Hace 7 días
​@Claire Isabella"pay attention to the new foundation instead of the drama" This is pr.
Azahel Jimenez
Azahel Jimenez Hace 8 días
Please dont come for me, this is just my opinion as a psychology and body language student. This seems a bit staged, to gain empathy and sympathy amid the cheating scandal she's going through. And I can tell by 2 things: 1, her voice tone (I have seen many interviews with her and this is not how she usually talks) here she's using a more sweet high tone. 2. The botox and lip fillers sharing is true, but i can see when she's getting emotional and "about to cry" that is not 100% honest, its more like a way for people to say "Oww, poor ariana".
moon princess
moon princess Hace 8 días
agreed 👍
ayla uchiha
ayla uchiha Hace 6 días
i was going to say this exact thing! i see you youre definitely not seeing things, its 100% people are so easily fooled. shes not even excited or lookin at cam she's literally acting in this video itself
Frances Agoncillo
Frances Agoncillo Hace 6 días
NARUMI Hace 6 días
I completely agree. I can tell she's not authentic... well, actually, I don't think she has a authentic side in the first place. She always looks like she is playing a character
spooky beans
spooky beans Hace 12 días
It's sad that a celebrity discussing botox openly is somehow revolutionary. Just gives me a vibe like she's trying to say whatever to draw attention off what she did
apparently jimin is my dad
how brave of her for sharing her procedures ❤️ how brave of her for ruining marriages ❤️
mya123 Hace 3 días
what she doo
Amanda the Mystic
Amanda the Mystic Hace 3 horas
@mya123she got with her Wicked co star who was still married to his high school sweetheart, and had a new born. She has a history of this sort of thing unfortunately. She’s a bad girl that needs a time out. Which is a shame because Sweetner was 🔥🔥🔥
Trivia Trek
Trivia Trek Hace 7 días
It's really weird how she talked about laying it out there while also being very ambiguous about her many surgical procedures and saying she hid behind make up all these years and not surgery. Like obviously it's her body and stuff but she should have being way more honest coz of the little girls watching this and still believing she hasn't had any surgery
miniTIKTOK Hace 7 días
PatrickStarrr Hace 15 días
She invited me to her REM foundation launch. Ariana looks SOOOO beautiful in person… like wow. 😭💕👏🏽 Skin is skinnning and I love her foundation!
NO! jimmy protested
NO! jimmy protested Hace 15 días
Omg lucky
Olivia Hace 15 días
Agreed when I met her irl she looks unreal
𝒟𝑜𝓁𝓁. Hace 15 días
Boys Love X
Boys Love X Hace 15 días
Patrick you're so lucky
SEAN LEE Hace 15 días
Alissa Hace 4 días
Why are people just ignoring what she did to that poor woman and her newborn baby. This woman is so sneaky, never holds herself accountable and is always surrounded by yes-men who never question her despicable actions, which is why she never changes.
💞 eden 💞
💞 eden 💞 Hace 2 días
what did she do??
Bre Holt
Bre Holt Hace 2 días
Takes two to tango sister
Chicken_Nugget_Fugget *
@Bre Holtgo tell that to people that are defending her behavior then 😂
123g Hace un día
What did she do???
jada Hace 11 días
she looked so much better and healthier before she got surgery it’s a shame all the celebs feel the need to get it done
Natalie Rain
Natalie Rain Hace 8 días
she always looks like a snapchat filter now
M. M
M. M Hace 8 días
What surgery?
Sofia Swift
Sofia Swift Hace 7 días
Genuine question. Does Botox and lip fillers really counts as surgery? says on google that these are just done via "non-surgical injection" and it doesn't event take more than 10 minutes to do
N N Hace 8 días
She’s got a weird vibe about her, I can’t explain
afterthought Hace 2 días
She seeks insincere . And sad
JoeyTheBooBear Hace 2 días
You're both sad
AIDEN ZAE ♪ Hace un día
its like she lost her mind
Girl Hace 11 días
The fact that there are people praising her…. our world is doomed 😢
Blurryface Hace 10 días
That’s what I think when it comes to Doja Cat
emmytea Hace 10 días
@BlurryfaceWhat Doja Cat did is nothing compared to Ariana.
Kristina N
Kristina N Hace 9 días
​@emmyteawhat she did?
Moonlight ESPT
Moonlight ESPT Hace 9 días
​@emmyteaAriana didn't do anything, those are just rumours, how can you excuse someone who is satanic?
emmytea Hace 9 días
@Kristina N She broke up a marriage.
Lauren Hace 8 días
Hi guys! lets use all these make up to cover up my lack of integrity and lets just avoid responsabilities together!! Yay!! Im not weating botox because that was not in the 60"s . I love you all! Mwah xoxo. PS: When celebrities have access to top Therapist like Esther Perel but instead the go for the next make up brand deal to make money instead.
punxie89 Hace 11 días
When she mentioned her hairline receding, I immediately thought about her years of wearing tight high ponytails
Jasmine Shelton
Jasmine Shelton Hace 6 días
Mmmmh. It's definitely her Saturn's Return
Tetelestai💫 Hace 5 días
Nutritional deficiencies do that too..
RuthMcDougal Hace 5 días
At one point she addressed that her hair issues were the reason she started wearing the ponytails to hide her issues.
Carrington Buddha Sims
I said the same thing
Anybody Hace 11 días
Hilarious that she choses her words very carefully by saying that she stopped getting botox, making it seem like she’s going natural When in really she went under the knife recently and paid for a whole new face and ethnicity Did people forget?
cOcOtO Hace 11 días
Ethnicity? Isn’t she of Italian descent?
kaitlyn harris
kaitlyn harris Hace 11 días
Lauren ‘
Lauren ‘ Hace 11 días
new face? she literally looks the same as she did when she was 13.
Safiah Hace 11 días
@Lauren ‘so delusional
Uxue Jauregi
Uxue Jauregi Hace 11 días
fuentes: miami me lo confirmó
Danielle Turner
Danielle Turner Hace 4 días
I love how open she is about fillers and botox ❤Is she still using Korabeauticals Pen? I started myself and within 3 months of use, my skin has improved DRAMATICALLY. I don't look like I'm 18 again, but definitely not 41 either. My fine lines have disappeared completely, and my nasolabial folds are way less are nonexist. People often underestimate the power of wounding and the revolutionary effects it can have on the skin.
Kristine Baker
Kristine Baker Hace 4 días
what is the brand name of the Pen? thanks for the comment by the way
Danielle Turner
Danielle Turner Hace 4 días
Korabeauticals V2
Daria Halperin
Daria Halperin Hace 4 días
+1 for kora beauticaIs. I started 12 or so years ago. Nobody believe I am 55. our skin gets thinner but the wounding kept the skin still thick and youthful, that's the reason it works so well
Daniel Rony
Daniel Rony Hace 4 días
How often do you do it?
Daria Halperin
Daria Halperin Hace 4 días
every 14-20 days, a single session, 1.5mm depth all over the face (0.5mm under eyes and forehead).
A A Hace 9 días
sis should address why she's a homewrecker cos we aren't falling for this innocent persona she puts on...
Fernanda Gonzalez
Fernanda Gonzalez Hace 5 días
Lol fr
Atheena Hace 3 días
mj b
mj b Hace 3 días
arr8w Hace 3 días
we really dgaf
warmlittlediamond Hace 3 días
The homewrecker is the one who is married and cheats on his wife.
Aly Riley
Aly Riley Hace 7 días
She’s smart af I’ll give that to her. She has everyone feeling sorry for her while she sleep’s happily beside her freshly divorced boyfriend 🤦🏻‍♀️ You really think this wasn’t timed perfectly common now
Still Only Nauj
Still Only Nauj Hace 7 días
Such a shame
Karla Milena
Karla Milena Hace 6 días
hannah Hace 5 días
maybe instead of bashing her, maybe teach her something ??
H.O.Y.I Hace 5 días
​@hannahI'm personally not one to comment on Ariana's vids but come on, teach her what? She's a full grown adult who knew exactly what she was doing. She chose that path and now she shouldn't be suprised why people call her names.
Aly Riley
Aly Riley Hace 4 días
@H.O.Y.I Thank you! It’s honestly funny “We should teach her” like she’s a child that made a mistake, No she’s a grown women that knew exactly what she was doing but unfortunately her groupies will stay defending her… 🤦🏻‍♀️ That women can do anything with almost no punishment it’s gross I hate this new wave of fans
FeelKkari Hace 7 días
“She’s so relatable and vulnerable!” Bruh she wrecked a marriage and held the baby whose family and life she ruined on top of a whole list of other gross stuff she’s done like lick donuts on the counter. How are people still defending her? 💀
mel _xoxo
mel _xoxo Hace 7 días
"lick donuts on the counter", and you've never done any gross things in your life? her personal life also has nothing to do w us let's be fr. what else has she done, cos i wouldn't be able to put out a list lmao
potatosalad Hace 5 días
@mel _xoxoPersonal? She was out in public at the time of the donut incident and was dating one of her backup dancers at the time. Not to mention at a store with cameras. It takes a wrong move for rumors to begin spreading which she obviously didn’t care about at the time due to the amount of fame inside her head.
Chicken_Nugget_Fugget *
@Caterina Fspeak for yourself crying on a post that wasn’t even about you 🤣🤣
Marcone Rodrigues
Marcone Rodrigues Hace 15 días
i'm actually glad she talked about the fillers and botox and how these things can be used to hide your insecurities, but also go way far beyond and how she moved past that, it's beautiful. congrats Ari, hope you feel more and more comfortable in your skin
who? cares
who? cares Hace 15 días
She felt confident enough to wreck not one but two marriages 🥱
Posa Punto
Posa Punto Hace 15 días
But wrecking a marriage with a baby can't hide your insecurities. No botox or concealer can cover that.
abominable Hace 15 días
​@whocares80081 It's amazing how you know everything that has occurred in her life; you must be living in her walls
Olivia Hace 15 días
@who? cares Ethan wrecked his own marriage
Benjamin Wooten
Benjamin Wooten Hace 11 días
Never mix anything with your spf. Yes you can put stuff over it but never mix!
sang vo ba
sang vo ba Hace 9 días
Destiney Amerie
Destiney Amerie Hace 9 días
Thank you for this I didn’t know❤
Binta Diallo
Binta Diallo Hace 5 días
Flor Mariani
Flor Mariani Hace 12 días
dont forget you should not mix your spf with other products and it has to be the last step of your skin care routine! next product should be makeup, if you want to do your makeup
Syazwana Aljunid
Syazwana Aljunid Hace 10 días
Yes, exactly! Shes gonna age 'naturally' for sure if she'll continue with that mix combo😅
Lol what
Lol what Hace 10 días
slchld Hace 10 días
It's fine to do it this way that spf is like a moisturizer/spf. My sunscreen is also a moisturizing spf 50 sunscreen. As long as you are wearing it it's fine. It's only an issue because some pill if you use other products on top.
Bruna Gomes
Bruna Gomes Hace 9 días
@slchld Dear, no. It's not fine. Every moisturizer or serum with FPS are not enough to act as a sunscreen. Their formula was made to be absorbed by your skin. Also, you won't apply the correct amount of it to reach the FPS 50. A sunscreen formula is made for cover your skin with a film, a protective film. Also, you need to apply the correct amount, because If you don't, you won't have the film up to that bottle says (for example, fps 50).
DOJAMATT Hace 9 días
Yes!!! Also shouldn’t mix yourself in other people’s marriages either! 😂
toto Hace 10 días
Everybody's talking about the botox and the weight thing but what strikes me most is that she just looks SO sad these days
Dabi lover ♡
Dabi lover ♡ Hace 6 días
Yeah it's heartbreaking ❤️‍🩹
RuthMcDougal Hace 5 días
I agree. I’m not sure what she has going on deep down, but she seems very lost and sad. Her different controversies getting called out on blackfishing and Asianfishing. Her current issues with her exes and costar and all that drama seem to have built up. Comments on her body, etc. It all seems to have just built up. She seems just so tired and sad. I can’t get over how her voice and overall mood just seem worn down.
MemyselfandI Hace 5 días
In the end all the “Big” stars have to pay for fame so I guess that’s why she looks sad and exhausted 😉
Sahara Hace 5 días
All the Botox and filler can’t hide the sadness.
The Sloth 369
The Sloth 369 Hace 5 días
As the forever SECOND woman she should. Just remember that someone else shead tears cus of her neurotic actions....
Cyanide Side Salad
Cyanide Side Salad Hace 12 días
It’s sad how everyone forgets how horrible of a person someone is so quickly.
arianator Hace 11 días
She is not a bad person
ʚʕ˶’༥’˶ʔɞ Hace 11 días
@arianator she is 😂
arianator Hace 11 días
@ʚʕ˶’༥’˶ʔɞ no
Ella Arzadon Oasay
Ella Arzadon Oasay Hace 10 días
remember ethan is at fault too
arianator Hace 10 días
@Ella Arzadon Oasay yes
A. B.
A. B. Hace 10 días
Someone should tell her, that mixing an SPF with your moisturizer doesn't protect at all, especially not the amount that she used!!!
Sabrina Alleyne
Sabrina Alleyne Hace 5 días
Someone should also tell her that breaking up entire families ain't it but here we are.
Stephanie Hace 13 días
She has a great PR team, they are doing a great job. Ariana never lose them they know wtf they are doing. Toodles!!!
Lucy Hace 12 días
Yes. Be relatable/ 'vulnerable' to reel them back in.
Kat Greer
Kat Greer Hace 11 días
@Lucy yup. And it's working. She usually doesn't do stuff like this these days but now they need a quick coverup.
Melanie’s melatonin
Melanie’s melatonin Hace 11 días
@Lucyy’all takin it so deep for whatt
Gal Hace 11 días
@Melanie’s melatonin so deep? Well it has to be there is a lot of money involved not only for her but for her team so celebs always get guidance on every word to post / say. Its strategic, its a business.
Untitled 2023
Untitled 2023 Hace 11 días
@Melanie’s melatonin you're the one taking it deep when it's just simple marketing
Ola Mae
Ola Mae Hace 11 días
Thank you for being so honest Ari - you go girl
Mia Bella Perez
Mia Bella Perez Hace 11 días
I’m not exactly impressed cuz she’s just been admitting it even AFTER KYLIE JENNER and BELLA HADID admitted their procedures, which says a lot cuz they are known for denying it the most for the longest time, so she’s one of the last ones to admit.
moonlightsaesthetic ♡
the fact is ariana never denied anything. that's the difference. she just never talked about it. WHY SHOULD SHE? its not yalls life.
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew Hace 7 días
Kylie admitted to her surgeries?!?
moonlightsaesthetic ♡
@dewilew2137 she was always open bout it ??
propogandalf Hace 6 días
​@moonlightsaesthetic ♡She denied her nose job vehemently.
potatosalad Hace 5 días
@moonlightsaesthetic ♡lmao Kylie lied getting her lips done long time ago saying it’s just “makeup.” Check your facts again. 😅
Northern Star
Northern Star Hace 9 días
She shouldn't be destroying a family. This is embarassing. And a bold move shes been making to gain her 'reputation' back so people like younger girls will buy herrpoducts.. TOXIC.
s Hace 5 días
she’s not destroying their family, it’s ethan’s fault not hers. him and his wife were broken up before they started dating.
hungarian model
hungarian model Hace 14 días
It's so easy to think someone is pretty or not which is unfair. Beauty is such a delicate topic for woman after thinking about all the time and effort we spend on it. No one has rights to make someone feel not pretty enough.
Chanel Beltran
Chanel Beltran Hace 13 días
Just like she made that woman feel after she homewrecked her marriage
Fernika Arlante
Fernika Arlante Hace 13 días
@Chanel Beltranwhat do you mean?
Marc ganda♡
Marc ganda♡ Hace 13 días
​@Chanel Beltran Source? Any evidence to support that Statement?
Ryo loves grass 🌱
I like how people just quickly forget what happened, just riding with the issue and moved on lol
Maria Hutchinson
Maria Hutchinson Hace 5 días
Maybe cause it doesn’t involve them and she doesn’t have to address her life to the internet
Yusuke “Eugene” Urameshi
What happened?
Ryo loves grass 🌱
@Yusuke “Eugene” Urameshi they said she's a homewrecker. Ethan slater got linked to her, ethan has wife and kids
Ryo loves grass 🌱
@Maria Hutchinson well because celebrity will never confirmed that they cheated to their partners, that's the way it is
EmersonS2 Hace 10 días
Belíssima ❤️
Eres Noob
Eres Noob Hace 9 días
Can we appreciate how hard Ariana works to destroy relationships ❤
Kia Juma
Kia Juma Hace 8 días
I didn’t know where this one was going but it went exactly where it needed to.
Eres Noob
Eres Noob Hace 7 días
@DarkMidnight75 and bro folded
potatosalad Hace 5 días
Can you tell me more about that? I know she got with someone who has a family and this somehow ties with her broken marriage. Ty
aFeverishFiend Hace 5 días
"Break up with your girlfriend 'cause I'm bored..."
lianna mkoyan
lianna mkoyan Hace 11 días
I love how double standard people are 😂 they love arianas honesty about her lip fillers and botox but hate kylie for doing the same
estignatic Hace 9 días
Difference is Kylie denied it for years saying she was just overlining her lips even though it was blatantly obvious it was lip filler.
lianna mkoyan
lianna mkoyan Hace 9 días
@estignatic Literally Ariana did the same. She has never told people that she did smth to her face so. Stop justifying someone’s actions just bc you like one person more than the other
Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams Hace 8 días
Kylie reconstructed her entire face
lianna mkoyan
lianna mkoyan Hace 8 días
@Sarah Adams so as ariana, she did her nose, eyes, botox, lips, chin for sure ;)
Kia Juma
Kia Juma Hace 8 días
@lianna mkoyanNo. him/her saying that she denied it is important. Ariana was never asked. Kylie was, and she lied causing the youth to question themselves, which was harmful. Ariana has done lots of things worthy of criticism but her and Kylie definitely did not commit the same offence in this context.
Reny Hace 7 días
Oooh girl we all know you got that ponytail face lift👀 you don’t have to lie to kick it
ginnundso Hace 14 horas
Exaaactly lmao. When she said "might get one in 10 years? Sure?" I was like: nah honey more liike LAST YEAR.
arvela Hace 15 días
I appreciate ariana for being honest and transparent about the botox and fillers she had over the years it's not easy admitting that to the whole world so props to her
NAMAN Hace 14 días
Ariana inspires me.. My parents said if i get 60K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging...
nazih fawzi
nazih fawzi Hace 14 días
she doesnt even look like she had botox i am surprised
Lucas Rojas
Lucas Rojas Hace 14 días
wow... so brave 🙄
Ya boy Lucas
Ya boy Lucas Hace 14 días
@nazih fawziBotox dissolves depending on the type you get. Botox basically freezes your face muscles so they don’t move slowing the aging process.
Davii Jago
Davii Jago Hace 14 días
Will she be honest about her homewrecking ways tho? 🥰
The Sloth 369
The Sloth 369 Hace 7 días
HOMEWRECKER 👏😩❤️✨✨✨ No matter what you do to your face, you can never hide the evil you bare with you. Just a reminder that you don't build your happiness on someone's saddens you granny.
Caterina F
Caterina F Hace 5 días
cry about it hunny
Bre Holt
Bre Holt Hace 2 días
Takes two to tango sister
Malvina Paraskeva
Malvina Paraskeva Hace un día
as Ariana says “ and what about itt “
Mewa Hace 18 horas
jenna dutton
jenna dutton Hace 10 días
I love Ariana's personality
B K Hace 9 días
how are yall so over the homewrecking thing? i had been a fan of her since 2018, i had her merch, her perfumes etc but i cant anymore because i feel so bad for the wife with the kid, both ethan and ariana are bad people in my opinion, especially the way it was exposed (one of the people exposing being naya rivera) that ariana started dating almost all her boyfriends by homewrecking..
Eren Jeager
Eren Jeager Hace 16 horas
No one’s over it. Some of us just don’t peak our noses into people’s business. I’m disappointed in her because she was my childhood role model but we can’t change what happened nor can we add ourselves into their business.
Annika Furman
Annika Furman Hace 11 días
this was truly what beauty is about. Being human and whole! I feel like we really got to not just see ari but feel with her.
Brittany Mitchell
Brittany Mitchell Hace 8 días
I would like to propose as to why you’re having issues with your hairline. This could be primarily due to tight slick back high ponytail you do frequently. I recall when I worked all the time, I would always throw my long hair into a high bun. After a while, I noticed my hairline looked jaggedy and weird. Once I started wearing the hair pieces around my face down while my hair was up, the problem resolved. The issue is those fine baby hairs along the hairline are being compromised by the tension and weight of your hair. I hope this helps other people that have the same problem. It’s not your age, it’s your hairstyle!
Wony's sub Club🌸🍃
That + getting older probably
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury Hace 2 días
And the ponytail facelift
Kasia K
Kasia K Hace 14 días
She really showed her makeup. She doesn’t have anything to hide but she did like a full glam for us. I’m usually not satisfied when celebrities are making these makeup looks where they use only concealer and blush and call it a completed makeup look🤪 She really loves makeup and that is sooo cool :)
Trinity O'Brien
Trinity O'Brien Hace 13 días
Fr. A lot of them only focus on skincare and then do the lightest makeup that shows us nothing lol you can tell Ariana is still a self-care girly-girl with her own personality, I’ll reach that far lol
Katie Hace 12 días
She started the video with full eyeshadow on and then put concealer over it? Also I have no idea what this woman’s voice really sounds like.
SophiaVanch Hace 12 días
so basically you dont like hailey b same sis same
kphoria Hace 12 días
@Katiethat was just the natural coloring of her eyes and she was speaking in the video the entire time, that’s what she sounds like
Cristal Chavez
Cristal Chavez Hace 11 días
Ariana after breaking up a family just because she was in the mood: Hi Vogue 🥰
mona travels
mona travels Hace 11 días
was thinking the same😂
Kat Greer
Kat Greer Hace 11 días
PR team lol. They needed to do something quick.
W1LDF1RE Hace 8 días
and she atee
hello kitten
hello kitten Hace 6 días
I feel like everyone is always seeing her with make up,and this is so private and an insight.
Sparsh Fluu
Sparsh Fluu Hace 5 días
Wow it was relaxing and pure to watch ❤
Eu hein!
Eu hein! Hace 7 días
RnC Hace 8 días
This is the weirdest Vogue skin care routine I've ever seen. I didn't know skincare with a Vogue included Botox, fillers, facelifts, and a cry for sympathy. The Vogue editor was really lazy on this one.
Cheese Pizza Diet
Cheese Pizza Diet Hace 8 días
Mareeena Hace 6 días
This comment 💀😂
Roshni Nalini Nanhkoesingh
Omg no chill lmfao.
MertvayaRiba Hace 5 días
7envelopes Hace 5 días
babe its “beauty SECRETS” pls
Jaylina Hace 11 días
She looks completely different now.. not in a bad way I’m just shocked how much her face has changed
Venti Hace 7 días
All those years of sinning is finally catching up to her👀
boutglo Hace 7 días
well once shes done with that little role she has she'll probably go back to brown hair and eyebrows.
ariah Hace 7 días
it really hasn’t we just rarely used to see her without makeup
ariah Hace 7 días
@Venti okay buddy
yochi Hace 7 días
Roberto Hace 12 días
Can someone please tell her how to layer her skincare products correctly and not to mix her spf with moisturiser
Kristy B.
Kristy B. Hace 10 días
I'm a cosmetologist. Spf first, wait 10 minutes. Then apply moisturizer. Hope that helps!
Roberto Hace 10 días
@Kristy B. umm no spf is last
Kristy B.
Kristy B. Hace 10 días
@Roberto You don't have to be rude about. I'm just relating what I learned in beauty school, trying to help out. I mean, Ari is mixing hers in moisturizer. Everyone just do what works for you.
Kristina Savic
Kristina Savic Hace 10 días
Can please someone tell her to stop ruining relationships and sleeping with unavailable men?
hejiranyc Hace 12 días
AG: "Might I get a facelift in 10 years....?" Everyone with working eyeballs: Uh... (sips tea)
Piper Hace 10 días
Me when I lie Edit: (ik she already has one)
Shante Barze
Shante Barze Hace 10 días
AmBeR RoSE Hace 11 días
If I would relate her to anything. I would say your bird, because thru this whole video she was moving her neck and body in two different directions
Eze Ebere
Eze Ebere Hace 10 días
She was just nervous, chile
bbbbbbbb Hace 7 días
Girl. WHY lie about something so obvious? This is not the face of someone who hasn't had anything done in 5 years. And why the fake voice? We love you just as you are. This is concerning.
Bizzles Ctrl
Bizzles Ctrl Hace 5 días
She says the truth and here you guys are complaining…like she really can’t win leave her alone.
Maria Hutchinson
Maria Hutchinson Hace 5 días
It’s called getting older and some people do it better than others
lina love
lina love Hace 14 días
i started crying. when she started talking about beauty. beauty is so personal and so sensitive to every woman. and so real. aging is so beautiful and so is being a woman
David Edwards
David Edwards Hace 14 días
Beauty is important to us men as well. It plays a huge role in our dating prospects. Although I don't think I would get emotional over it. No offense.
Toff Hace 14 días
So true
Zach Jake
Zach Jake Hace 14 días
The truth is not prioritizing societal standards❤️ and that CAN apply to everything
Mediterranean Hace 11 días
She didn't want to confess but she was told to, to gain sympathy. That's why she immedietly cries, she felt forced to do it.
softnostalgist Hace 9 días
assoonamay394 Hace 9 días
And when she says “fillers and Botox” at 9:09, she says it a bit quicker and slightly more high pitched, which is usually an indication that there is less confidence in the thing being said or it is something not wanting to be heard or paid attention to as much
S M Hace 23 horas
​@assoonamay394 she's def playing victim. So over it. She has a great voice but her personality is off putting
Martha Inez Galvan
Martha Inez Galvan Hace 12 días
Loved all of this!!
Marwa Daoud
Marwa Daoud Hace 7 días
I will always love ari ❤️❤️❤️
lily B
lily B Hace 11 días
LOVED " I don't know what I'm going to do next, just go with the flow" shes so cute, she's like yeah il just keep going until I think I look better. HAHA Say's every down to earth humble girl EVER!!
Evie Kragelj
Evie Kragelj Hace 7 días
this was so fun! thanks to Ari for being open and honest! she looks beautiful as always and her energy is unmatched 🤍
Cat lady
Cat lady Hace 14 días
I’ve never been like a super fan of hers, I love some of her songs but this made me really like her even more. The way she spoke about aging and smile lines, it’s refreshing to hear and see that in a celebrity. Aging is a privilege that not everyone gets to have.
deadly nightshade
deadly nightshade Hace 13 días
yeah but in the same breath she said she'll get a facelift in 10 years. she has absolutely no plans to let herself age naturally 😂
angela ann
angela ann Hace 13 días
@deadly nightshadeso negative and for what lol embarrassing
Mystic Hace 13 días
what do you mean by it’s a privilege not everyone gets to have?
s j
s j Hace 13 días
gisellα Hace 12 días
I could watch her all day 😭 ily ari sm
Ashish Nawrangi
Ashish Nawrangi Hace 6 días
This video is amazing 😍
assoonamay394 Hace 9 días
It feels as though there are some lies being said in this video, specifically when she stumbles over her words and very carefully chooses her words as if trying to come up with the story on the spot
Hanifah Mutiara
Hanifah Mutiara Hace 10 días
i love her so much for this.
TimeBucks Hace 14 días
She is so down to Earth
peperoncino Hace 14 días
Ariana Homewrecker Grande
Shanowar Hossain
Shanowar Hossain Hace 13 días
Musafir Billal
Musafir Billal Hace 13 días
Likhita Yadalam
Likhita Yadalam Hace 12 días
Shan Rafique
Shan Rafique Hace 11 días
Chrissy Galloro
Chrissy Galloro Hace 12 días
her personality is so beautiful and infectious
lydia s.
lydia s. Hace 12 días
Ari now always looks like she's about to cry 😢
Ibarra Sibal
Ibarra Sibal Hace 4 días
Krys Benzwood
Krys Benzwood Hace 9 días
BananaAssassin Hace 13 días
What convenient timing that her first step back into the limelight after being caught in the middle of someone else’s marriage is a disarming, endearing, emotional confession about something personal. I’m sure it’s not just a stunt to appear more vulnerable and likeable amidst the recent drama that’s made her seem hella shady
Marissa Renee
Marissa Renee Hace 13 días
hey bestie hate to tell u this but no one was caught in anything. both people were separated and single. hope this helps!
Kojji Hace 13 días
@Marissa Renee is Ariana paying you to defend her. You sure are everywhere in the comments 🤣
mellow Hace 11 días
@Marissa Reneehey bestie stop lying!!
Sus JF
Sus JF Hace 10 días
@mellow Says the drunk woman. The picture in your profile shows the kind of person you are. D & W.
Danny Hace 10 días
​@Marissa Reneedidn't spongebobs wife confirm it?
ay-zuh Hace 10 días
such a beautiful soul 🤍 ariana will always be my favorite person
Saša Kranjec
Saša Kranjec Hace 7 días
i was waiting for ariana doing makeup on vogue! love this so so much, ariana looks beautiful as always
Delfina Nuñez
Delfina Nuñez Hace 12 días
Al fin la celebridad mas esperada!!!! Te amo ariana
Butsinaa Hace 2 días
Оу она очень поменялась 😳
Blink Hace 12 días
Vogue was brave for this
Kristina Savic
Kristina Savic Hace 10 días
Her PR team is working overtime
Sus JF
Sus JF Hace 10 días
@Kristina Savic Your intelligence is not..., well, that is if you have it.🤗
Emily Hace 9 días
Views are views 😂
Sour&Sweetheart Hace 8 días
Mountain Yam 任朗呈
I love her more now ❤
Mariam Mohand
Mariam Mohand Hace 12 días
"our relationships to beaty are so personal" ....I don't think she is talking about beaty
Kandyy Hace 9 días
Christian Hace 8 días
Bruh i said the same thing. Lemme guess u were also thinking.. relationship to food.
TheImbored101 Hace 10 días
Andrea_Does_Stuff Hace 9 días
I love Ariana so much ❤❤
TheDancelover4ever Hace 13 días
All I can think about is how insecure Lilly Jay must feel after getting cheated on months after becoming a mother. It's repulsive and vain to sit up here and talk about overcoming your insecurities meanwhile you've just participated in dragging another woman through one of the darkest points of her life. So inappropriate and selfish with such garbage timing.
mellow Hace 11 días
Ella Arzadon Oasay
Ella Arzadon Oasay Hace 10 días
I like how you blame ariana, when its also ethan’s fault
Kristina Savic
Kristina Savic Hace 8 días
@Ella Arzadon Oasay You know she did the same thing with Mac Miller, Big Sean & Pete Davidson? They allll had long term relationships until Ariana came along and ruined them. It’s on ESvid. Stop worshiping celebrities and find better idols, y’all look ridiculous.
Ella Arzadon Oasay
Ella Arzadon Oasay Hace 8 días
@Kristina Savic okay and…my point still stands even with all of those relationships, the men are also involved with their situation
Chicken_Nugget_Fugget *
@Ella Arzadon Oasaylmao she is to blame as well. She cheated on dalton, did you forget she was married too? she also knowingly participated in destroying their marriage.
Rachel Meyer
Rachel Meyer Hace 12 días
I absolutely love her for saying she hopes her smile lines get deeper. I just got a while new meaning to life
J S Hace 9 días
Eu te amo Ari ❤
kelvinr1 Hace 5 días
Courtney Bryant
Courtney Bryant Hace 7 días
Wow I have never heard her talk she seemed so genuine
Lubia Ivet
Lubia Ivet Hace 7 días
she reminds me of Brittany Murphy, similar mannerisms. both beautiful!
Alex Vasallo
Alex Vasallo Hace 14 días
I know everyone has insecurities but it's kinda crazy to think someone as beautiful as Ariana felt as though she had to hide. Big props to her for being so transparent about her injections too! She's so pretty with and without
AriAnastasia Grande
AriAnastasia Grande Hace 14 días
I know, it's weird. But I guess that's a big reminder that they are also human. We all have insecurities. It's also a great way to tell ourselves that other people see us as beautiful, even though we might not see it.
Kari Hace 14 días
she had injections not plastic surgery
mii Hace 14 días
@Kari delulu much she had so much ps
jiu__zuu Hace 10 días
She's just so naturally beautiful 💓💓💓💓💓 very pretty 💙💙💙💙💙💙 I like her skin before make-up, it was more shiney and young.....
Flowaa Gurl
Flowaa Gurl Hace 2 días
gorgeous ❤
Imma Loaf 🍞
Imma Loaf 🍞 Hace 11 días
I love this. Definitely the best beauty secret video 🥰
DerekFizzey Hace 14 días
Her fans saying she never had anything done and now she speaks freely about it. Nice.
Lora Hace 14 días
botox and fillers aren't surgery and people were saying she changed her whole face which she didn't, the fillers were obvious
Suhani Mahajan
Suhani Mahajan Hace 14 días
we were saying that she didn't get plastic surgery (nothing wrong with it ofc), people were claiming that she got her whole face redone and we were just denying that
Mercedes Raex
Mercedes Raex Hace 14 días
Isa Jiménez
Isa Jiménez Hace 14 días
Uhm, there was things she had done but why does it even matter? She said it, it makes you feel better sometimes but she’s just not into it anymore and that is cool.
Marissa Renee
Marissa Renee Hace 14 días
well yeah, people were saying she had surgery to her whole face so yeah we be defending it 💀
Khurram G
Khurram G Hace 9 días
Linda demais ❤
Wanderley Negreiros
Wanderley Negreiros Hace 10 días
miyo Hace 8 días
Micalah Hace 10 días
What a beautiful soul.
skibidi toilet 63
Ya se la saben 😂
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