ARIN CAN'T SPELL | Wheel of Fortune #1

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Go dop some cookies in milk while you enjoy this one!
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Danny ► esvid.net/u-NinjaSexParty


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21 abr 2019

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Seth Morrow
Seth Morrow Hace 3 días
My name is pretty rare in generic generators-- I looooove hearing the grumps say it XP
starwarslover015 Hace 3 días
For the million dollars, you have to win the round. Not get a bankrupt for the rest of the game. Win the game. Spin it in the Bonus round, and solve the bonus round puzzle,
Flaming Shadow
Flaming Shadow Hace 4 días
I was eating pretzels... With ketchup.... Don't judge me
MrLuc12367 Hace 6 días
2:56 "Tim Tebow lookin motherfucker" Dan im dead please
Viktor!!! Виктор!!! VIKINIKFIKI
*PeE Pee COMpLeTiON!*
FoxySpartan Hace 9 días
mustard dippings killed me T_T xD
Agent S
Agent S Hace 10 días
MasterofMuppets Hace 10 días
P r e t z e l s d i p p e d i n m u s t a r d
yomanglo Hace 12 días
Everytime I watch a game grumps video this is the next in queue in autoplay. WHY?! I have already watched it! Been doing this for months now.
AtomicToni Hace 12 días
Danny's avatar, if you give him the spiked hair and glasses, look just like Mr. Smart-Alek from Polar Express.
Ace G
Ace G Hace 12 días
Arin's laugh sometimes sounds like Elmo's.
christian yauger
christian yauger Hace 13 días
10:35 mega funny
LuckyStorm750 Hace 15 días
1 million dollars dont count towards your score its just a prize. You really do suck at video games, and in life arin
Sam Flower
Sam Flower Hace 16 días
I can never get Dan saying “WHEEL. OF. FOR-TOON-AY”
Wolfe 7000
Wolfe 7000 Hace 16 días
When Aron said it's like calling your dog cat or something I just thought to how my neighbors dog is named kitty....
Pyropath Hace 17 días
Oh my gosh, that character looks like the grown up version of that snobby kid from Polar Express!
babyvagabond Hace 17 días
seth is trans and hasn’t legally changed her name yet but had to sign up for the show with her legal name
Katy Lee
Katy Lee Hace 17 días
Steuts Hace 19 días
Why does denim-on-denim look like ellen degeneres?
BeantownHooligan Hace 19 días
When Dan tries to create a custom character and builds Ellen DeGeneres by accident 🤣👏
yarrgoronohobolonodo Hace 19 días
After playing this game for myself and landing on Lose a Turn or Bankrupt 6 times in a row, I can confirm that this game is indeed rigged.
Joey Collins
Joey Collins Hace 19 días
Happy thoughts... All game grumps old stuff probably won't be 100% censored because... omg that would take forever even if they got like 100 people working on editing all of it...
hal barnes
hal barnes Hace 21 un día
Misaki Animations
Misaki Animations Hace 23 días
Why does Seth look like Amy from their house party play through 🆂Ⓣ🅰Ⓡ🆃Ⓢ 🆂Ⓦ🅴Ⓐ🆃Ⓘ🅽Ⓖ
Noah Ingram
Noah Ingram Hace 27 días
Salted 1/2 car-amels
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Hace 28 días
Food and drink: Placenta!
Nick Furby
Nick Furby Hace un mes
Um they got the 2nd puzzle wrong it was supposed to be "Salted Pretzels"
cshill Hace un mes
thats not a guy. thats ellen degeneres
cris rodriguez
cris rodriguez Hace un mes
Is this where Franklin started?!?
maybeaoife Hace un mes
arin can't spell arin can't spell arin cannot spell he only plays games cuz he cannot spell even if he plays a how to spell game sorry i just thot that as soon as i read the title
Seth Slaton
Seth Slaton Hace un mes
*i didn’t consent to this*
Abryn Hace un mes
I thought Scorpion Inspection as well. :v
jennifer goodman
jennifer goodman Hace un mes
Here's a fun game Every time they hit bankrupt, drink. Every time you know a solution before the grumps, drink. When Dan speaks, drink. Be drunk and watch game grumps
killer panda
killer panda Hace 22 días
@TheGaymer 9969 its either alcohol poisoning or lung cancer. No regerts
TheGaymer 9969
TheGaymer 9969 Hace un mes
Or smoke weed so you don't get alcohol poisoning and everything is 100x funnier
Faith S
Faith S Hace un mes
Me: *reads title* me: I thought we figured this out already with ewe.
Eight Bit Trip
Eight Bit Trip Hace un mes
Dan's character he created was oddly Aryan race of him, especially when he went to a different skin color. Who knew a jew would be so picky these days.
mike holmes
mike holmes Hace un mes
Can we get dan and arin on the real wheel of fortune
ImDaBest Hace un mes
I love that the logo pic has danny sexbang
Antique Coffin
Antique Coffin Hace un mes
the AI's name: SETH is that short for sethany?
Braden ForTheWin
Braden ForTheWin Hace un mes
pinealles a pper on mnster
Scum Nutt
Scum Nutt Hace un mes
We already knew Arin couldnt spell, ewe know?
Butters the DoppelDragon
oh my god the base guy for dan's character looks like the kid from the polar express
Braden ForTheWin
Braden ForTheWin Hace 2 meses
you guys are crazy you guys are crazy......uuuhh....
nut joan
nut joan Hace 2 meses
I think I’m the only one who gets the “What kind of guy are you are” reference. I hope nobody enters this room!
a bc
a bc Hace 2 meses
this is my first ever game grumps video wowza
2:43 Looks like annoying Polar Express kid grew up.
Fudge Fudge
Fudge Fudge Hace 2 meses
Nobody: Arin: That’s a look right there!
soule187 Hace 2 meses
It's obviously pineapple.
QuadrupleJane Hace 2 meses
I feel like no one but a Grumps fan could understand why I love watching a letsplay of Wheel of Fortune more than any other game in existence.
I just love gamers
I just love gamers Hace 2 meses
FUTURE10S Hace 2 meses
6:24 the body clipping bothers me
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i became a minecraft GOD
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