ARIN CAN'T SPELL | Wheel of Fortune #1

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Go dop some cookies in milk while you enjoy this one!
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21 abr 2019






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Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy Hace 17 horas
Arin can't spell Arin can't spell Arin can not spell He only reads books and he cannot spell Even if he's reading a how to spell book
Do The Do
Do The Do Hace 23 horas
"I misunderstood what Free Play was. I thought it gave you another shot when you fucked up. I should've read." Dan... Read it again, like you claimed to have done. It does indeed give you another shot. *"The turn can't be lost."*
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith Hace 2 días
I guess we'll just ignore Dan saying his dad's name is Suneursch
Eddie Agin
Eddie Agin Hace 3 días
Nobody: Not a single soul: Arin: Fucking bun looks delicious!
jumbo juice
jumbo juice Hace 4 días
Ellie F
Ellie F Hace 4 días
Mustard??? I would have guessed custard? I’m kind of horrified?
Nour Imam
Nour Imam Hace 7 días
“Pretzels dopped in mustard” - Arin 2019
Seanna Watters
Seanna Watters Hace 9 días
Ngl I thought it was going to be pretzels dipped in custard
Kenna Bee
Kenna Bee Hace 10 días
Arin referencing Cody ferns character in ACS:AGV is my favorite thing
CaptainSpycrab Hace 12 días
I remember one time on real WoF when all the letters were filled in but they had to go through nine full turns because no one had heard of the word and they all kept grievously mispronouncing it.
Ayndrew Waggoner
Ayndrew Waggoner Hace 13 días
Arin saying is guesses with such confidence kills me
Hotdang Slapper
Hotdang Slapper Hace 14 días
Somebody has got to make a Arin can't spell compilation
Baris sobe
Baris sobe Hace un mes
6.50 thats crazy i saw lose a turn at first too
imjinahlove Hace un mes
Im binging all the wof
Brooke Hace un mes
I've watched this at least a couple times. And yet, each time I come back... I think it's pretzels dipped in custard. Each time my reaction is the same to mustard being the answer: shock and confusion.
iSango5050 Hace un mes
Decided to watch this as I played on my own switch and I also got Seth I am now nervous
StraightGreat Hace un mes
9:00 I knew all but the last word😂 10:10 Ohhhh I finally got it but ew. Who dips them in anything but chocolate or cheese😭
A.G. Hace 2 meses
10:20 - In early WoF gameplay many years ago, it was Arin who corrected Dan about the big money prize not counted on score.
Josh Davis
Josh Davis Hace 2 meses
Now that I know Danny's missing voice in the Game Grumps vs is a goof, it totally changes the way I see that intro. Whooooa dude.
shelberto swaggapants
Swultet caromls
Itosalix Hace 3 meses
I always dop my pretzels in monsters. ...they like it. Ok, now I've made it weird.
Joe Grubb
Joe Grubb Hace 3 meses
Mara Wells
Mara Wells Hace 3 meses
Why are they playing young Sarah Palin?
Maxy boy
Maxy boy Hace 3 meses
Pretzels... dopped?!
OptimusProvost Hace 3 meses
Dan’s raspy laugh makes 10:49 so much better
Lexie Vrieling
Lexie Vrieling Hace 3 meses
12:37 S-Sayori is that you??
Joker King
Joker King Hace 3 meses
Make a The Grumps video on how you 2 met
Tumult Hace 3 meses
6:23 Me: *spits out my drink staring at my dog, Kat*
Lochrine -8
Lochrine -8 Hace 3 meses
Pretzels...... *DOPPED?*
SimmeGaming Hace 3 meses
This was uploaded on my birthday!
Kurt Cefra
Kurt Cefra Hace 4 meses
In case anyone is wondering what Dan means by "it's not a real million": WInning the "One Million Dollars" wedge on Wheel of Fortune doesn't add $1,000,000 to your score. At the end of the game, the winner spins the mini-wheel to choose an envelope with the final puzzle prize inside ($30k, $35k, etc). If you solve that final puzzle, the envelope is opened and you win that amount. All the "One Million Dollars" prize does is replace one of those envelopes with a $1,000,000 envelope. So it really just gives you like a 1/16 chance of possibly solving the final puzzle for $1 million
C Lowery
C Lowery Hace 4 meses
Andrew Hershberger
Andrew Hershberger Hace 4 meses
Puzzle is " E _ E " *Arin starts sweating profusely*
Bitch Boy
Bitch Boy Hace 4 meses
Who dips pretzels in mustard. I dip it in cheese
Seanna Watters
Seanna Watters Hace 9 días
Bitch Boy what if it was custard
Milly Lessin!
Milly Lessin! Hace 5 meses
Lindsey P
Lindsey P Hace 5 meses
What makes this even funnier is that I'm 85% sure they've had the "pretzels dipped in mustard" before
Eric Patt
Eric Patt Hace 5 meses
Arin: welcome to Ding Dong Game Grumps Episode: *doesn't have Ding Dong* Me: hmmmmmmm
Aliceinwonder Hace 5 meses
So do they not upload game grumps every day anymore? What’s their new schedule?
TheTrueVoid Hace 5 meses
I am in my seat *gasping* for breath because this is so funny. Not even joking.
Shroctopus Hace 5 meses
scorpion inspection
rose Hace 5 meses
Sam Hace 5 meses
Vafeas The Conqueror
This game actually predected the Female Seth in Street Fighter 5
Hayley’s Comet
Hayley’s Comet Hace 5 meses
I love how Dan is becoming the dad that doesn’t understand video games.
trenchcoatbandit Hace 5 meses
its good to see nevel longbottom finding work, even if its on wheel of fortune
John Valverde
John Valverde Hace 5 meses
Sam Windberg
Sam Windberg Hace 5 meses
Milly Lessin!
Milly Lessin! Hace 5 meses
_ARIN CANT SPELL._ has the same energy as _HERMIONE CANT DRAW._
Smoked harambes
Astro Wolvez
Astro Wolvez Hace 6 meses
Dan's avatar with pink shorts and a denim shirt looked exactly like my friend.
RachalwithanA Hace 6 meses
All I could think about today is "pretzels... dopped..?"
Juliann Barrett
Juliann Barrett Hace 6 meses
He looks like the train kid from The Polar Express 2:44
Adam Howard
Adam Howard Hace 6 meses
I have a question: why do guys always choose a girl to play as? I mean not that I'm trying to offend you or anything.
Henry Wood
Henry Wood Hace 6 meses
This game looks like a dlc for the sims
J. J. Holmes
J. J. Holmes Hace 6 meses
“pretzels...dopped?” will always be hilarious 😂
Girl Fieri
Girl Fieri Hace 6 meses
On the second one i saw erection insertion lol.
Emilyisthequeen Rose
This one was super funny . Arin and Danny when they are trying to figure out the puzzle .
Matthew Pool
Matthew Pool Hace 6 meses
Pretzels Dopped In Monsters!
james Hace 6 meses
8:33 oh? on god?
Amelia Bradshaw
Amelia Bradshaw Hace 6 meses
Welcome to ding-dong Game Grumps
GoldenEagle Hace 6 meses
I laughed SO hard when Danny said PP completion! (or it was Arin, I have no idea)
GoldenEagle Hace 6 meses
I had NO FUCKING IDEA there was a Wheel of Fortune Switch game!
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu Hace 6 meses
dans avatar looks like my ex boyfriend but with better style
Clay Menefee
Clay Menefee Hace 6 meses
Well, to be fair, he didnt finish highschool.
Colin Burleigh
Colin Burleigh Hace 6 meses
spelling: *exists* arin: no, i don't think i will
JENOVA Hace 7 meses
Is it president penis popper
Leah Hace 7 meses
Dan losing it at "dopped" was so goddamn funny
ok boomer
ok boomer Hace 7 meses
Their reaction to Seth is my favorite part of the whole video
kitty x heroo
kitty x heroo Hace 7 meses
i didn't pull it out of the thin air, i pulled it outta m'ASS
Milo The Angel
Milo The Angel Hace 7 meses
My dumbass at the last minute shouting with Arin “PRETZeLS DIPPED IN CUSTARD”
Just some SeverableGibbon with internet access
11:11 Me: ITS PRETZELS DIPPED IN BASTARD!! Game:PrEtZeLs DiPpEd In MuStArD. Me: FUCK!!! Edit: I liked my own comment but I will unlike my comment once I have 100+ likes... Edit 2:I actually did say that.
Narf Hace 7 meses
denim denim denim
BCEcho Hace 7 meses
Land on 50 bankrupts Ultimate foreshadowing lmao
roninpawn Hace 8 meses
ESvid's algorithm is so good! Wheel of Fortune #1 from 2019, doesn't link ANYWHERE to #2 of 2019. This AI deserves to be takin ur jerbs.
casesandcapitals Hace 8 meses
Rewatching this and I am mere moments away from "pretzels... dopped??" and I'm already fucking losing it
Markiplier CommunityProud
Connor Martinez
Connor Martinez Hace 8 meses
Dan’s character looks like Shayne Top from smosh.
turtleboy Hace 8 meses
the new game grumps versus intro looks so fuckin bad
Sabaidee Bee
Sabaidee Bee Hace 8 meses
I laughed so hard at Arin's, "pretzels dopped?"
Navi _
Navi _ Hace 8 meses
... DOPPED.🤦‍♀️😂
Honeygirl Hace 8 meses
i keep coming back to this stupid ass episode to piss myself laughing at pretzels dopped in mustard time after time
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