Arm Wrestle & Bench Press Challenge vs Zias!

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3 may 2021






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I’m_justJr Hace un mes
Bangerrrrrrrrrrrrsssss only. Cash Let’s goooo This video will pay a lot of bills 😂
Tobijas_ got _ jokes
You a GOAT 🐐
NunuFN Hace un mes
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢ
No Forwhat
No Forwhat Hace un mes
I’m_justJr Hace un mes
@Juan Rivera but probably Juice WRLD bc he such a GOAT at free-styling
I’m_justJr Hace un mes
@Juan Rivera I’m sorry but it’s impossible to Choose 😎
Omar Sharif
Omar Sharif Hace 8 horas
And I’m off a PERC😭😭😭😭
Daniel Ogaz
Daniel Ogaz Hace un día
If anything the perc helped him 😂
Bryce Griffith-Ryan
Bryce Griffith-Ryan Hace 3 días
Zias vs kane
manny dxor
manny dxor Hace 4 días
Zias strong as hell bro😭
Robles9721 Hace 5 días
This niggas zias strong af lmao I always thought it was just his build but he legit got power...scary power🤣
VelpsLab Hace 5 días
Fr I thought he was just built, but bro putting up some mad numbers on bench
Malique Graham
Malique Graham Hace 5 días
Zias touched his chest on like 5. As a guy who works out he only got 5 😂
shernick marius
shernick marius Hace 5 días
Bruh chill Tristan Lee is only 18 😂
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Hace 6 días
9:27 For arm wrestle.
dj _12
dj _12 Hace 11 días
9:31 nawl bro this nigga a demon
Reggie Boyd
Reggie Boyd Hace 13 días
wait holon dis man jus did not the standard 225 but 230 for 23 reps 😭wtf
Itz Spence
Itz Spence Hace 14 días
am i the only one but jesser is tall ash in this vid or am i tripping
Leon Hace 15 días
Zias looks like buff pop smoke
Timmy Mendez
Timmy Mendez Hace 16 días
Zias a whole anime villain 😂😂
TheShowdown Hace 17 días
Natural muscle African sh1t n1gga you already know...West Africa baby
TheReal Kappo
TheReal Kappo Hace 18 días
zias make cash look small
EnterTheV01D Hace 18 días
Zias is a DEMON
Gratt Ten
Gratt Ten Hace 21 un día
9:47 -2nd form frieza going 3rd form against piccolo
CLZX Hace 21 un día
Underrated comment
FAZE ChExX Hace 21 un día
Jesser ruins the vid
Jay Lee
Jay Lee Hace 22 días
Jesse and adin would be a good Collab
Alladinary Hace 22 días
La la la la la la la la elmos world
Only1Bari Yt
Only1Bari Yt Hace 23 días
Dog Zias was laughing at Cash during the arm wrestle
mxlxchi Hace 23 días
Zias laughs like zias
BleedWolf Hace 24 días
Zias is Bane fused with Joker 🃏
jerome cote gelinas
jerome cote gelinas Hace 24 días
zias a whole menace,bro close gripped 4 plates and got it up easy
Kunai Clipz
Kunai Clipz Hace 25 días
There’s no way Derrick Henry weighs more than Zias
Elize Banks
Elize Banks Hace 25 días
More zias
Andy Reyes
Andy Reyes Hace 25 días
Kali muscle vs zias 👀?????
Cashmoney Jay
Cashmoney Jay Hace 25 días
8:57 sound effect????
Dennis_iii P3
Dennis_iii P3 Hace 25 días
That mane cash finna have nightmares of Zias laughing at him 😂
Dezzy on controller
Dezzy on controller Hace 25 días
Laughing mid set
kadeem jones
kadeem jones Hace 26 días
Zias is strong but can he match up to the rock tho
BOSSMAN Hace 26 días
This nigga Zias laughing like a supervillain
Reese Ringer
Reese Ringer Hace 26 días
Y’all putting the plates on backwards 😂
School Ñame
School Ñame Hace 26 días
Everybody who clicked this because they thought admin was in this like this comment.
Prince P
Prince P Hace 26 días
The xenophobic ship phytochemically improve because kale quantitatively fade within a superficial meteorology. glamorous, didactic racing
ElninoHz Hace 27 días
Imagine trying yo best against zias and he start laughing lmaoo thats when u know its over
Rockoutwrld Hace 27 días
Khali muscle vs zias
Mir🚶🏿‍♂️ Hace 27 días
The “yOoOoOoO” never gets old
LIL MURPH Hace 28 días
This was funny af 💀😭
ShaunGotti Hace 28 días
Fuck them niggas Zias mentioned y'all need to get him against the Hodge Twins or Kali Muscle 😂😂😂
Timmy G
Timmy G Hace 28 días
There’s no reason Zik big self should be laughing like that 😂😂😂
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler Hace 29 días
Doo a vid wit bully juice
Erik Hace 29 días
Zias should hit up terron Beckham
Chimela Ihedoro
Chimela Ihedoro Hace 29 días
Minds you, the NFL combine bench press is at 225. Interior d linemen be repping around the 20s... sheesh
Jayden Hace 29 días
Always a bigger fish lmao
Bryce Rounds
Bryce Rounds Hace un mes
9:56 freaking psycho
Karti Hace un mes
Zias laugh is classic 😤😂🐐
Skyss Gaming
Skyss Gaming Hace un mes
My dad a body builder he can beat him
Real_Kicks Hace un mes
Zias: **laughing** Larry wheels: **has entered the chat**
Aaron Omalley
Aaron Omalley Hace un mes
Cash this needs be an annual thing you need to be able to grow and beat zias,I love both u guys but now u got a goal
TWIIN Osama Hace un mes
Off the prky too😂😂
Ben Kyeremateng
Ben Kyeremateng Hace un mes
whyamiso meme
whyamiso meme Hace un mes
the white guy looks like a rip off adinross
Young Clutch
Young Clutch Hace un mes
Zias beating Cash in a arm wrestle is like Captain America picking up Thors hammer
Mark Mathew
Mark Mathew Hace un mes
Y’all do know he take roids right
Mark Mathew
Mark Mathew Hace 18 días
@Kwadwo U do know that no everyone needs to show symptoms right
Kwadwo Hace 19 días
He has no visible symptoms you’re just saying that...no proof just vibes.
Rene Osuna
Rene Osuna Hace un mes
Zias vs Bradley Martin would be nie
C J Hace un mes
9:02 das low key impressive he took the first off without takin the hat off 😭
Trent Allan
Trent Allan Hace un mes
Man was laughing mid bench 😭😂😂
asap hector
asap hector Hace un mes
man’s zias said he off a perc 😭
Moses Harrison
Moses Harrison Hace un mes
zias a demon when he laughs
GH Sense
GH Sense Hace un mes
Never thought cashnasty was stronger than Zias. Dayumn remember when he was skinny af LeBron CAVS days. Is it drugs?
Barrel Slayer
Barrel Slayer Hace un mes
this fool zias should be in the god damn league
Ba Hace un mes
Strong dedication brothers.📶
GoSpawn Hace un mes
Zias Is like the stupid overpowered psychotic anime character
AdamBomb Hace un mes
and i’m off a perc right now 🤣
Ty1slayer _
Ty1slayer _ Hace un mes
That warmup from Z into cash punching the laptop is gold 😂😂😂😂
Luka Hace un mes
That laugh
Mark S
Mark S Hace un mes
I didn’t know Cash was this big
Antonio Underdue
Antonio Underdue Hace un mes
What I find crazy, zias dyin laughing and still didn’t fold a bit
holden Davis
holden Davis Hace un mes
Dominic Hace un mes
Good looks boys
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Hace un mes
Who else thought Zias was like at least 260?
Vrandon Hace un mes
Bro cash looks SKINNY next to Z bro😭😭
That’s Greeen
That’s Greeen Hace un mes
WRX ???!!!
Anas Zaaroura
Anas Zaaroura Hace un mes
I really want to know if zias really studied med school, i heard this in addin ross stream
Anas Zaaroura
Anas Zaaroura Hace 15 días
@Kwadwo bro thats fucking dope
Kwadwo Hace 19 días
I think it was b lou that did, I remember he made a graduation video.
Steve Avelar
Steve Avelar Hace un mes
Did zias say he was off a perky 😂
Adrian Barrera
Adrian Barrera Hace un mes
Zias sounds like elmo
doliio volay
doliio volay Hace un mes
big- flop
big- flop Hace un mes
zias look like biscuit oliver from baki
Bucky - GJ
Bucky - GJ Hace un mes
How u all ignoring zias done all this on a perc wtf
Basketball-Editz Hace un mes
i got the same champion bracelet zias got on. i feel strong asf now LOLLL
Joe Wilcox
Joe Wilcox Hace un mes
Cash if u had a better technique u could have smoked him if not a had him close to being beat
THE CHOSEN Hace un mes
Big D Z sounding like Elmo💀💀💀
Superstar Duke
Superstar Duke Hace un mes
Wtf zias crazy dummy😂😂😂
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hace un mes
Anime characters: Ohohoho Zias:
I like ziaz but don't even talk about big boy SC 🤫🤔
Wiltz Strong
Wiltz Strong Hace un mes
That couldn't be me man lol I wouldn't try to challenge Zias in that.
Arconic Hace un mes
Zia’s’s west African genes be making him strong for no reason 😂😂😂😂
Hokage Sama
Hokage Sama Hace un mes
Yessir props to Zias still remembers my boi Wolfie😴🙏🏾
dubs Clutch
dubs Clutch Hace un mes
He still says Jezzer
Amo kaka
Amo kaka Hace un mes
Zias is built like a fucking brickwall
andy chacon
andy chacon Hace un mes
Not big boy 😂
Gavin Zubiria
Gavin Zubiria Hace un mes
Cap big boy got tht one for sure
Rexlized_Rn Hace un mes
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hace un mes
This dude making 230 look like lightweight
anthony ramos
anthony ramos Hace un mes
Zik built different
IShowSpeed Hace un mes
Jr Wolvz
Jr Wolvz Hace un mes
Zias cappin he definitely lifts
ramomar-_- Hace un mes
Cash look skinny next to zias 😳
Dmiller 1128
Dmiller 1128 Hace un mes
Cash is not even that big
Projectiony Hace un mes
Anime characters: Ohohoho Zias:
TrillJay Hace un mes
Swear zias is the black broly💀💀
Uchenna Duru
Uchenna Duru Hace un mes
Zias laugh like a hyena 😭
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