ArmA 3 - Zombies & Demons

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The military attempt to clear a city full of zombie "demons". Zombie demons are much stronger and faster compared to regular zombies and are capable of throwing cars at their victims.
Download mod here - steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501966277
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18 jun 2015






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ana la Reyna
ana la Reyna Hace un día
Mr Wolf
Mr Wolf Hace 4 días
When I watched this I wanted to get armA 3 so bad
Arlam Islam
Arlam Islam Hace 7 días
narith son
narith son Hace 8 días
leonardo delagdon espina
Angpanget na palabasyo
ドナルドヒロ・ Hace 14 días
Da Gamblr
Da Gamblr Hace 16 días
Wow 1 zombie is not big but it can drop a car
Da Gamblr
Da Gamblr Hace 16 días
Well i can,t forget about the shout out
Da Gamblr
Da Gamblr Hace 16 días
This is to well add some driving zombie
Norma Barrios
Norma Barrios Hace 18 días
Phi Le
Phi Le Hace 20 días
Zombie Desert
Zombie Desert Hace 21 un día
Malcolm Morin
Malcolm Morin Hace 25 días
All of these people talking about how the zombie apocalypse would easily be over because of videos like this. I'm sure the soldiers here are doing body shots for quick kills. If these zombies were 28 Days Later infected, sure I could see it being possible to deal with them. But zombies are dead, and can only be killed by headshots. And I don't think soldiers will be able to land perfect headshots every single time, and especially not on groups of thousands of zombies moving and zigzagging about. Sprinting zombies with superhuman strength, that can only be killed by headshots. Even with artillery and explosives and some of the most advanced military weaponry and skilled soldiers on the front, even a thousand zombies would be capable of wiping out a single military installation. And as skilled as soldiers may be, they're not going to be able to take as many out as you think with bullets alone. And explosives may not entirely guarantee successful kills if the brain isn't destroyed. It all depends on the zombie, rate of decay, any actual decay, and resources. If it's gotten to the point where you're staring down thousands or even millions of zombies running after you, and if you're not using nukes by that point, you've already lost. The zombies will spread and infect until there's nothing left to kill. Surely these zombies in this mod are killable by body shots. I would genuinely love to see a run of the mod with the same situation, but with the zombies only killable by headshots, if the mod makes it possible.
jugando con diego
jugando con diego Hace 26 días
Алекс Осминожек
Я первый русский подпишик
Алекс Осминожек
Алексей Андрюшин
يوسف الشمري
Galactic Creator
Galactic Creator Hace un mes
haha, even car throwing zombie demons don't stand a chance against tanks
Hisham Esmat Elsayed Helal
Abyan Fadil
Abyan Fadil Hace un mes
Elita 이타
Elita 이타 Hace un mes
All is male zombie?
Saji Saji
Saji Saji Hace un mes
Val. Paniyu. Jaithua
Gladys Ortiz
Gladys Ortiz Hace un mes
Yeah 25 days later theam
Mongmit Lepcha
Mongmit Lepcha Hace un mes
Nice vectory
Cindy Leung
Cindy Leung Hace un mes
Part 2 plz
kalpesh damor
kalpesh damor Hace 2 meses
Ghoffaro A R
Ghoffaro A R Hace 2 meses
Ma Michelle Tabios
Ma Michelle Tabios Hace 2 meses
Your vidoes ilove it is likr real life 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
some random mushroom head
Ahhhhhh I remember watching this when it first came out so good so good
Carlos Cenizal
Carlos Cenizal Hace 2 meses
suneel Thakur sisodia
playmobil Hace 3 meses
It would be better if you just put zombies and not demons
nerissa miranda
nerissa miranda Hace 3 meses
The zombies are like rats so fast but when they dont have see or heard anythinh they are only freezing...ohhh. this scary if will be true happen in the world too much have stubborn citizen.when stay home should be they are staying outside.
Home Netflix Spotify
this is epic!!!!!
Ley beng Sia
Ley beng Sia Hace 3 meses
What makes no sense is how can one zombie hit a car flying
Stalker 2-1 Actual
Stalker 2-1 Actual Hace 24 días
Well it's Arma 3 mods logic
[Đдят乙] вэлїιL
No Zombies was been harm, hurt or killed in this Movie. All Stunts and Actions was made by Specialistzombies. Dont try this at home. Do drink and play. xD
LUI SHIROSAGI Hace 3 meses
Nicely Shot
Zachary de Guzman
Zachary de Guzman Hace 3 meses
Zombies: LIL F* WE GOT BUFFED US military: *call for help* WELL WE ARE THE US
Vani Metusi
Vani Metusi Hace 3 meses
Kings Man
Kings Man Hace 3 meses
Awesome game I like it
Slipstream Hace 3 meses
Good thing that the zombies had perfect aim with those vehicle throws. 10 points from me
wilheim wilheim
wilheim wilheim Hace 3 meses
1:16 armored van be like: *fuck this shit im out*
Tyler Sloan
Tyler Sloan Hace 3 meses
This is bad ass
الكرافت المنفي
Keishin Hace 3 meses
this is the smoothest I've seen Arma 3 run with THAT many units... what kind of beast of a machine are you running?
Stalker 2-1 Actual
Stalker 2-1 Actual Hace 24 días
Possibly borrowed from NASA
Typhoon X
Typhoon X Hace 3 meses
Amit Kasana
Amit Kasana Hace 3 meses
Very slow movements by zombies .. must be tired
Имия Фамилья
The OST from Operation Flashpoint is the most epic thing in this video)))
Andika Gumilang
Andika Gumilang Hace 4 meses
This is a game .? Or movie ?
Bochkarev Viacheslav
When you and your friend got the last Toilet Paper 🧻
rkia kraim
rkia kraim Hace 4 meses
Prakash rana Prakash rana
Fidel sanchez
Fidel sanchez Hace 4 meses
Oye asmas videos de arma 3
jakeh basilia
jakeh basilia Hace 4 meses
chaseeey Borbs
chaseeey Borbs Hace 4 meses
why theres many zombies to reach the end XD
Manh Le
Manh Le Hace 4 meses
Get vcl
Manh Le
Manh Le Hace 4 meses
Lam nhu cai cut lon
[killer - boy]
[killer - boy] Hace 4 meses
10:09 R.I.P ZOMBIE (×_-)
عبقرينو مصر
بدي رابط العبه
0k B00m3r
0k B00m3r Hace 4 meses
*_Gentlemen, that was textbook_*
Mark Anthony Legaspi
Omg very fast my god
maricel balboa
maricel balboa Hace 4 meses
Can you do Star Wars but zombies pls?
Yoga Sasmita
Yoga Sasmita Hace 4 meses
Ada yang flip pas mobilnya di lempar berdidri gak ke balik
Anderson Becerra
Anderson Becerra Hace 4 meses
Me parece muy bueno el vídeo
Jhoel Cotjiri
Jhoel Cotjiri Hace 4 meses
Brutus Hace 4 meses
would love to see you do a recreation of the battle of yonkers from the wwz novel
VeryMadStudio Hace 4 meses
WOW Download
Saurabh kumar
Saurabh kumar Hace 4 meses
I like your video your video is very horror or thriller it's a great movememt when soldiers are shooting or attack on the zombies
the man who draws in comments
bruh the car that was throw and hit the soldier was the best thing I ever seen
MP TO Hace 5 meses
Visiten mi canal hago cortometrajes de gta v esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-seJtpcFF7_M.html
Pedrito Perez
Pedrito Perez Hace 5 meses
TT is old
Some Guy
Some Guy Hace 5 meses
Actually i know it is too late but please someone tell me the name of the song played throughout the video.
Darinel Alegria velazquez
Day wo war z
6 66
6 66 Hace 5 meses
Bay bay dogs
24 gaming
24 gaming Hace 6 meses
prawira leo
prawira leo Hace 6 meses
The zombie
Aditya Verma Verma
Aditya Verma Verma Hace 6 meses
Lusi Coma
Lusi Coma Hace 6 meses
They are narco terrorists
Lusi Coma
Lusi Coma Hace 6 meses
The sonvis are Mexican😂😂😂😂😂
JLB95 Hace 6 meses
1:18 pretty sure those zombies aren’t abiding by the speed limit
Маршенкулова 07
Как игра называется
Paul Green
Paul Green Hace 7 meses
The zombies are super strong but goes down real easy with one shot!!! Are there any females zombies????
YungEazy Hace 7 meses
This zombies and demon Shit is actually fucking goood
Mr Wolfy
Mr Wolfy Hace 7 meses
Zombie combat sim but in pc
Mr Wolfy
Mr Wolfy Hace 7 meses
Zombie combat sim but in pc
Sushil Singh
Sushil Singh Hace 7 meses
brandon st. fort
brandon st. fort Hace 7 meses
The. Mumet. I. New. I. Fuck. Up
Max Wu
Max Wu Hace 8 meses
JadoLive cenevar
JadoLive cenevar Hace 8 meses
altis is a big map
Ravi Ambhore
Ravi Ambhore Hace 8 meses
ValZicPlayz MC
ValZicPlayz MC Hace 8 meses
It couldn't just be zombies there had to add in demons
Ubaidillah Yusuf kumara
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar Hace 8 meses
David Hace 9 meses
Zombie1. Your work is awesome.
Vikas Soam
Vikas Soam Hace 9 meses
Unlike wala like cr dhi. saluet foji
小野浩志 Hace 9 meses
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