Arsenal vs. Sporting CP: Extended Highlights | UEL Round of 16 - 2nd Leg | CBS Sports Golazo 

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15 mar 2023






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@mesbahulhoda9539 Hace 8 meses
Give that Sporting goalie a raise. What a game he had!
@davebaq Hace 8 meses
My thoughts exactly!
That’s Adan. He used to be in our youth system.
@comeagain9074 Hace 8 meses
That's the man of the match, Adan is the best goalie I've seen so far.
He’s definitely getting a big bonus lol
@XY99511 Hace 8 meses
Casillas used to be his sub
@aidanhyde5788 Hace 8 meses
That Sporting goal was insane!
@Vince888 Hace 8 meses
Tribute to Ronaldo’s goal against porto in 08 lol
@pietrojenkins6901 Hace 8 meses
I hate Arsenal but i wish they had won here.
Arsenal trying to be all cheeky neigh the tiki taka
@darkgenesis342 Hace 8 meses
This match felt like an early 2000s champions league game, intensity,a lot of shots from outside the box and an insane goal , it had it all
@andyyanes4356 Hace 8 meses
You’re right
@Youtblazen Hace 8 meses
It felt like 2005 champions league
@copa8 Hace 8 meses
2019 Champions League matches, especially Tottenham vs Ajax & Manchester City were better.
@Rac2nd Hace 8 meses
What happened to Arsenal winning Europa League, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and NBA finals?
@reneftww2042 Hace 8 meses
Next year mate
@brosverde1 Hace 8 meses
Going for the NBA finals rn
@ttangerine485 Hace 8 meses
More of a chance for them to win the NBA finals and the Super Bowl than to win a title in Europe. Stick those bottlers in the Conference League and Fiorentina still beats them 3-0. Guarantee it
@TM-bk3rl Hace 8 meses
Lmfaooo mans said super bowl, nba finals 😂😂💀
@mxlqn Hace 8 meses
@@ttangerine485 sporting is better than fiorentina
@pengaming_ Hace 8 meses
The sporting goalie had one of the best performances I have ever seen. Man of the match easily.
@comeagain9074 Hace 8 meses
@samt4902 Hace 8 meses
It’s definitely up there, right next to Courtois’ CL Final performance
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@LilJollyJoker Hace 8 meses
I’m really sad for Arsenal. But that Sporting Lisbon goal has to be the best goal I have seen all year. 🤯
@BrandonKistler7 Hace 8 meses
Don't be sad for Arsenal 😅
@bersaincordova6195 Hace 8 meses
They would lost the league title
@JAY-bb7yc Hace 8 meses
Arsenal weak
@skyshooter4009 Hace 8 meses
Sad? Lol
@TeddyPicker191 Hace 8 meses
Adan had the game of his life. Unreal saves
@jayson6735 Hace 8 meses
What a performance by the sporting goalie. MVP
@youngdrip8023 Hace 8 meses
he has a name
@militaryjunkie6207 Hace 8 meses
Great performance but I thought there was a penalty for France
@naviyemen Hace 8 meses
@@militaryjunkie6207 no there was a penalty for Argentina
@garrenmiller Hace 8 meses
Genuinely one of the best goalkeeping performances I’ve ever seen. Hats off to Adan.
@nycefn5968 Hace 8 meses
this might be one of my favorite games ive wacthed. the way both sides played was amazing. i was really shocked of how good the players of sporting are and their chemistry is amazing. i enjoyed watching them play as a team
@docdave1994 Hace 8 meses
Before the game I was suspecting Sporting was going to be thrashed by Arsenal in London, but they pulled out a performance incredible enough to eliminate the EPL leader against all odds. This Europa League has a lot of quality teams.
@Al-oe7md Hace 8 meses
Oh United is next.they look like the strongest but I feel like they will choke
@88and6 Hace 8 meses
You must write introductions for Wikipedia.
@The2FO Hace 8 meses
Why would you call Arsenal a leader? Relegation bound club
@Jeetuni Hace 8 meses
@@The2FO because they are the league leaders olaleklown
@The2FO Hace 8 meses
@@Jeetuni Temporarily
5:50 beautiful goal 😲 (Puskas worthy!) These types of goals are not a given -- the distance the accuracy and the precision power to not overshoot is world class 👍
@stoneyboylero3000 Hace 8 meses
5:52, What a goal 💚
@Tumford Hace 8 meses
@pietrojenkins6901 Hace 8 meses
Its a butcher knife in the heart. Sorry Arsenal .
@kylenewcomer9697 Hace 8 meses
Nothing but respect for Sporting, they gave Arsenal all they could handle over the 2 legs and absolutely deserve to go through.
@MrCstrey14 Hace 8 meses
*Nothing but respect for Arsenal, they gave Sporting all they could handle over the 2 legs and absolutely deserve to go through (but unfortunately couldn't).
@Pako-X Hace 8 meses
@@MrCstrey14 Sporting>Arsenal
@GunnerSol Hace 8 meses
​@@Pako-X its fine we need to have enough rest to focus on winning the league while sporting won't win shit. I'm not salty, just relieved those midweek games are done and we get to have rest between games now. We have a short squad and need to add in the summer
@Crimeyfied Hace 8 meses
@@GunnerSol Sporting won't win shit. The next team won't wait till 20 minutes left to put in the rest of the starters, and there will be no freak-occurrence wonder goal from midfield. Arteta thought he could get away with saving a lot of the stars for the league run for one more round, it backfired. Really still should have one even though Partey and Odegaard didn't come on till very late; Sporting did nothing after they came on except their keeper pulled a few good saves. We should've put at least one more in, had plenty of chances - especially the last 15 of regulation and extra time. Learning lessons the hard way; Mikel is still a new coach... hard to realize how young he is to his career as fast as he's taken off.
@Crimeyfied Hace 8 meses
@Mojacaine Hace 8 meses
What a classic! The tenseness all game was amazing, but the keepers for both sides were impeccable all night. Especially Sporting keeper Adan, who played the game of his life. What I also find interesting is the way we all knew Martinelli would miss, because all game he was not clinical. The icing on the cake though is definitely that unreal goal for Sporting, but also the Sporting manager walking off the pitch at 14:06 like an Avenger like his team did not just play the game of their lives 🤣🤣 what a legend
@brian_amado Hace 8 meses
“Keepers for both sides were impeccable” Ramsdale gets caught from the hallway line😂😂😂
@eugenekrabs516 Hace 8 meses
@@brian_amado he had a great save after the goal, a real strong body block. but the positioning on the goal🫣
@df4291 Hace 8 meses
tf are you talking about, Ramsdale got chipped from midfield and failed to keep out a pen he had both gloves on..
@comeagain9074 Hace 8 meses
As it came down to penalty kicks, I knew Arsenal was at a disadvantage, due to the magnificent goalkeeper Adan, he didn't disappoint, I gave him man of the match.
@GunnerSol Hace 8 meses
Too bad Arteta isn't Van Gal who saves a penalty goalie on the bench like he did in the world cup with Krul. Karl Hein is a penalty master and should be on our bench whenever we have a possibility of going to pens.
@ralan2851 Hace 8 meses
Arsenal had more offsides that I thought it was the sidemen playing.
@ashleyjudecollie Hace 8 meses
Very funny...
@fplHoby Hace 8 meses
more like the offsidemen....
@ArchShin Hace 8 meses
​@@fplHoby Looks like someone got it 😂
@SteezyKyung Hace 8 meses
Grammar is important kiddos
@phillipmontes4738 Hace 8 meses
Arsenal fan here,that was one hell of a match,sporting earned that. Fair play. Hopefully we stay focused for league 🙏
@renejean2523 Hace 8 meses
Well said. I'm a Stoke fan but I'm really rooting for Arsenal in the Prem.
@GunnerSol Hace 8 meses
Best result tbh. No one wants to play on Thursday when they gotta play on the weekends, its less rest and with injuries to main players we could lose the league, now we get a week in-between games at best and if we win which I think we will, we get to attract the best possible players to strengthen our short handed squad. Some players gotta go to strengthen. Players wanna join champions usually
@jeremiahokoh420 Hace 8 meses
Arsenal is not going to win anything 🙄🙄😂
@Shrugs99 Hace 8 meses
@@jeremiahokoh420 you can’t be that clueless😂
@mr.gabila Hace 8 meses
No, City needs to win 3pl in row to complete the Triple. Next year tho...
@rundmc7p1 Hace 8 meses
That last penalty had horsepower 🐎
@ezemdianosike5277 Hace 8 meses
I thought the same! He hit it with emphasis!!
@lothric5684 Hace 8 meses
From the run up you could tell he was gonna blast that into the net🫡
@kinggeorge305 Hace 8 meses
Bruh not even Prime Buffon could have saved that 😂
@sneakytacos773 Hace 8 meses
Every single sporting player hit it like that. Their trainers must tell them to stop over complicating and just hit the shit.
@tomasv26 Hace 8 meses
@@ezemdianosike5277 emphasis!
@dirtydan1212 Hace 8 meses
that sporting equalizer was actually insane. probably one of the best goals of the season
@thisistheway3456 Hace 8 meses
That Sporting goal was so perfectly placed... Crazy
@yesssirr987 Hace 8 meses
What a goal by Pedro G. The vision, power, and accuracy- so exciting to watch!
@kimchicracka Hace 8 meses
Antonio Adán played out of his mind! What a game for him!
@LewDixAviation Hace 8 meses
I’ve been critical of this referee many times in the past with his questionable decisions. But credit to him for playing advantage for the incredible Sporting goal!
@sobreezy2456 Hace 8 meses
The goalie for Lisbon had an insane game 🔥 that long shot goal was crazy‼️
@mackmcgowan316 Hace 8 meses
That Sporting goal was unbelievable! Arsenal bottled this today but credit to Sporting they were the better team during these two legs
@seangarvey2972 Hace 8 meses
Sporting goalie was motm plus a wonder goal to tie it up. Not sure I'd say sporting were better tonight, Arsenal a bit unlucky.
@daviddesousa6450 Hace 8 meses
​@Sean Garvey what about both gifte goals from ref in first leg for arsenal
@mackmcgowan316 Hace 8 meses
@@seangarvey2972 nah bro as much as sporting were good we were poor! Why was Viera on for 100 minutes
@The2FO Hace 8 meses
@@daviddesousa6450 The ref even gave red card to the other team. Arsenal bottled it
@zachdenney705 Hace 8 meses
Assist to the ref for the incredible advantage played before the Sporting goal. What a game! Hot take but I think the Europa League has had more exciting games than the Champions league this year.
@renejean2523 Hace 8 meses
This week's CL games weren't very exciting.
@joegramlich Hace 8 meses
Sportings goal put chills up my spine 🥶
@SharpeRacing Hace 8 meses
Such a wonderful series to watch. That Sporting goal was absolutely fantastic!! I've never seen a goal like that in my life!! Great job all around to both teams there. At least Arsenal have a chance to be in the Champions League next year.
@SouthsideSox007 Hace 8 meses
That goal was masterclass. Had me clinching my bullocks mate 😂
@LJandfriends2023 Hace 8 meses
That goal from sporting is 👌..🔥
@louisalvarez8546 Hace 8 meses
Both teams were evenly matched which what you love to see
@PeenMachine69 Hace 8 meses
For sporting to play this good against arsenal, one of the best teams in the world right now if not the best ,they deserve it
@sebasbandera Hace 8 meses
Ugarte played an amazing game. That Bentancur-Valverde-Ugarte trio would be insane for uruguay.
@shamrokshakebro Hace 8 meses
Great game,congrats Sporting
@BrandonKistler7 Hace 8 meses
Adan played out of his freaking mind!!! What an incredible performance! Omg
@kelvinmamba9018 Hace 8 meses
U won’t see goal like this anytime soon more especially scoring on such a high profile team…… was genus
@arnavm7383 Hace 8 meses
As an Arsenal fan, Sporting played really well. Especially their GK. Honestly I feel it's good that we get a defeat internationally now before we return next year, gives us some good refleciton.
@logangiraffe Hace 8 meses
What an awesome goal from Sporting. Had me like 😮
This was a game I expected Arsenal to win by at least two goals given that it took place at the Emirates, so I must say that Sporting were surprisingly firm and equal to the opposition. - Antonio Adan gets most of the credit for the win given the crucial saves he made to keep his team in the game before denying Martinelli from the spot during the shootout - This will be a game that Aaron Ramsdale needs to brush off given the equalizer he conceded (might have felt like a soft goal to give away I don't know), and for not saving any penalties during the shootout (have to say that these were absolute rockets though)
That Sporting goal OMG 😲
@yeetman3685 Hace 8 meses
Are we not gonna talk about how Ramsdale fell the right way on every single penalty and still managed to save not a single one
Glad someone else noticed
@TheNotoriousNemo Hace 8 meses
Yeah that was a bad performance
@CognizantCheddar Hace 8 meses
It's bizarre to me how today's goalkeepers are more valued for their ability to receive and pass the ball with their feet, than for their athletic ability to make actual saves. Ramsdale is nothing special at actual goalkeeping.
@jeffreybruno2614 Hace 8 meses
Agreed. It's interesting how there was not much criticism towards Ramsdale's bad performance, lost of "he guessed right, but nothing he could do.".......If that was the backup, he would be getting trashed all day, all night, all week.
@yeetman3685 Hace 8 meses
@@jeffreybruno2614 Yep. But still, it's kinda impressive to fail as badly as Ramsdale did. Reminds me of the "Mission failed successfully" meme.
@johnispurple Hace 8 meses
@chch359 Hace 8 meses
Viva o Sporting! Muito parabens! From a Manchester United fan!
@mrtrappedchest7160 Hace 8 meses
As a Spurs fan (yes, I’m used to the trophy-less period for us), here’s hoping this is the calm before the storm for Arsenal. Class from Sporting tonight
@xyzblue4563 Hace 8 meses
What a ball from Jorginho, those used to come once in a blue moon for chelsea
As an Arsenal supporter waiting to relive the glory years and yesterday's of the Invincibles, this was sad and hurt to watch. Take NOTHING away from that Sporting CP goal, though--it was world-class in execution and actually went in!
@Mustafaahmed91 Hace 8 meses
Massive result* for Sporting.. but Arsenal really need to step up their game if they want to play good Champions League football next season
@kylemutti2992 Hace 8 meses
It’s the subs mate
@stansmith5610 Hace 8 meses
They need a world class centerback and a world class striker if they plan on competing in the Champions League
@nicholasmeary5030 Hace 8 meses
They want premier league it’s more easy to win
@spsenator Hace 8 meses
@@stansmith5610 almost every team needs a world class player in a certain position to make the difference man! Still the same arsenal..fuk if ccity doesnt catch them. And look at their schedule 😂😂
@davnoble8472 Hace 8 meses
@@kylemutti2992 subs ? That was not the subs lmao
Dude that's goal of the tournament for sure. Absolutely brilliant from Lisbon player.
@DaSaMT90 Hace 8 meses
They were on the same level... terrific game
@chinmaypurohit3431 Hace 8 meses
This could have been 3-3 by FT both keepers saving incredible shots
Very good match, I'm not a fan of penalties, both teams played an entertaining game
@robertkodi6755 Hace 8 meses
Classic game for both teams. Arsenal is a hot team I see; we can’t blame Martineli , it was tension!!
@eddietee6305 Hace 8 meses
It seems we were second best in this match. All I see was a lot of turnovers by Arsenal. Their goalkeeper was excellent.
Love how Arsenal fans are saying who cares about this competition. They cared before they lost. Also funny a striker is the one to miss. That’s his only job
@natural_law Hace 8 meses
COPEnal 🤣
@EliasRoy Hace 8 meses
Assna for a reason
Antonio Adan suddenly turned into Prime Iker Casillas. What a performance!
@montyyoyo1178 Hace 8 meses
If Arsenal had on more of the first team it would’ve been even more interesting to how the game turned out but props to Sporting especially the keeper! It was a great game to watch nonetheless!
Sniper goal from Sporting. Golazo
@limittime Hace 8 meses
What a banger by Sporting reminds me of Wayne Rooney
@kevinuchiha6830 Hace 8 meses
@SamuelPearlman Hace 8 meses
@carlover49 Hace 8 meses
Adan just turned into Superman. Wow!! Unreal saves
@baller84milw Hace 8 meses
They should've kept Turner in goal like they did every game leading up to this 🤦‍♂
@zkeletonz001 Hace 8 meses
I'm surprised they didn't at least put Turner in for the PK's. He's extremely good at that.
@mstoj1386 Hace 8 meses
Holy crap was a superb goalkeeper today for Sporting!
@Nippleless_Cage Hace 8 meses
My favorite player, Holy Crap. 😂
What a genius call by the ref to allow them to play on. Easy foul call but he let them go? Amazing
@edit_manger Hace 8 meses
Love how English media is protecting Arsenal and not making a big deal about how much of an embarrassment this loss is
@marvinbrando722 Hace 8 meses
Did you watch the game? This is football. That's why we love this sport. I saw another game, villareal vs anderlech and very similar. Anderlech had 1 chance they took it. Villareal had at least 10 ultra clear they didn't. Anderlech goalkeeper, amazing, stop everything. Same here. Sporting goalkeeper, amazing. This is why I love this sport. The little team can screw the big one in any single day.
absolutely fantastic goal from Sporting. Better team won and moved on
@PelicanGuy Hace 8 meses
That goalie for Sporting CP had a hell of game!!!
@tinsaederesse9173 Hace 8 meses
That keeper played like his family were taken hostages. 10/10
@dromed13 Hace 8 meses
This game showed me that Arsenal’s first team and Arsenals second team are leagues apart
@Nippleless_Cage Hace 8 meses
What a way to knock out the best team in England! That goal put a smile on every Spurs fan's face. And everyone who loves the underdog story in football. However, it may be a blessing in disguise for Arsenal to be out of Europa. It forces them to narrow their focus on beating Man City for the league. City meanwhile will have one eye on the Champions League which is the bigger prize for them anyway. We may look back on this game as the day that Arsenal wrapped up the title.
@GereHadush Hace 8 meses
Great game. Congratulations to Sporting. Now Arsenal focus on Premier League.
@patbateman6734 Hace 8 meses
Wow, what a goal!
@c0zyb0ii_22 Hace 8 meses
Matt turner would never let that in🤣
Gotta feel for ramsdale he got every side correct
@choesang100 Hace 8 meses
Sporting goal ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ what a goal .
@gamerpspc8421 Hace 8 meses
Pain watching 2 starting players subbed off due to injury. Glad to see Jesus back on the pitch!
@gabeawesome2113 Hace 8 meses
You know what people are noticing that Sporting’s goal was caused by a mistake of Xhaka….one reason and it’s that Jorginho passed it to him and he passed it back by just thinking and not lifting up his head and sees that Jorginho is struggling and 3 sporting players where with Jorginho
@ericsanchez4541 Hace 8 meses
Turner and Tierney deserved to start this game.
@henrydd8030 Hace 8 meses
Arsenal really fought for this game, good job guys, we will get them Next time
@Jonlp6 Hace 8 meses
I am a benfica fan , so that means I HATE sporting . But I was rooting for them so hard yesterday . They did an amazing job , and I hope they get more recognition as well as the whole Portuguese league
@DimZolls Hace 6 meses
The news reporter couldn't stop talking abt Jorginho's pass🤣😂
@oakandiron_ Hace 8 meses
As a Man Utd fan… let’s go Sporting!!!!!!! 😂
@clementakufo6566 Hace 8 meses
Credit to Sporting Lisbon for playing their game and scoring a spectualar goal when winning the game on penalties down to 10 men... We were not at the races today and don't deserve the right to play... We were slow and labourous and without ideas all game long... And hopefully, Sporting wins Europa League and we have to focus on the Premier League now...
@penguico Hace 8 meses
love seeing trincao at his best again
@GetMeOutOfMyMisery Hace 8 meses
Disappointing loss for Arsenal but at least they now can focus on the Premier League. GG for sporting btw they played very, very good. Also that goal from sporting was beautiful like damn
@CJVP99 Hace 8 meses
Lol 😂
@GordonLF Hace 8 meses
I'm eager to see the upcoming star Franco Israel play for Sporting, but Adan surely is making it impossible with his performances.
@GunnerSol Hace 8 meses
Those calling Arsenal average, sure we didn't have our best game but we had good chances, we just came up against Adan who had a magnificent game in goal. Doesn't make us trash. When Barca was the best team in the world they used to lose to Rubin Kazan and Celta Vigo in the champions league and La Liga respectively but no one called Barca shitty. To be honest I wasn't even sad because I rather we win the prem for the first time in 19yrs as this is our good chance and given our latest injuries to the main players, I rather we just focus on the prem which was hard when we play in Europe 2 days before each other fixture with injuries to Jesus, Partey and co. The goal is to head back to the champions league with no issues. I rather we win the prem than win the europa and lose the prem. Now city has more to worry about than us 😂
@wozzaisme1108 Hace 8 meses
Now this was a great match hopefully we get a few more by the end of the tourney
@jacobpina5789 Hace 8 meses
To knock out the favorites to lift the Europa thats an accomplishment in itself bravo 👏 ..SCP
@HEKC815 Hace 8 meses
Man Sporting plays some beautiful football. Might become their fan
@Ishouldstudy69 Hace 8 meses
We played a 4-4-2 to start and then moved to a 3-4-3 to match Sporting after the injuries. Never really looked comfortable in either of those formations. In extra time we finally moved to a 4-3-3 and finally started plying!!
@chuckefunn8624 Hace 8 meses
Yes, it was goalie against goalie and Ramsdale who’s been great all season blew it
@edgarseri5660 Hace 8 meses
That was the best game 2023.
@tmooney7772 Hace 8 meses
magnificent goal from sporting splendid
@Travissaur Hace 8 meses
GG Sporting. Deserved to win. Go on to win this now!
@Pcpyrate Hace 8 meses
What a Goal
Shoutout to the ref for great advantage for both teams, one lead to a goal and the other came with a red card
@crypto_TSH Hace 8 meses
This is the most Arsenal thing this year so far
@GamingHubPubgm Hace 8 meses
Sporting was amazing in this game 🫣😳😊
@qonib Hace 8 meses
What a game!!!