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As You Find Me by Hillsong UNITED, recorded live at Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference in Sydney, Australia. Stream or download the song here: untd.me/asyoufindme?IQid=youtube.
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I’ve been strong
And I’ve been broken within a moment
I’ve been faithful
And I’ve been reckless at every bend
I’ve held everything together
And watched it shatter
I’ve stood tall and I have crumbled
In the same breath
I have wrestled
And I have trembled toward surrender
Chased my heart adrift
And drifted home again
Plundered blessing
Till I’ve been desperate to find redemption
And every time I turn around
Lord You’re still there
I was found
Before I was lost
I was Yours
Before I was not
Grace to spare
For all my mistakes
And that part just wrecks me
And I know I don’t deserve this kind of love
Somehow this kind of love is who You are
It’s a grace I could never add up
To be somebody You still want
But somehow
You love me as You find me
Who am I
To think Your glory needs my praises
But if this borrowed breath is Yours Lord
Take it all
You are faithful and You are gracious
And I’m just grateful
To think You don’t need a single thing
And still You want my heart
I was found
Before I was lost
I was Yours
Before I was not
You wear the scars
For all my mistakes
And that part just wrecks me
Your love’s too good to leave me here
If You want my heart
I won’t second guess
‘Cause I need Your love
More than anything
I’m in
I’m Yours
Your love’s too good to leave me here
Your love’s too good to leave me
As You Find Me
Word and Music by
Joel Houston, Matt Crocker & Benjamin Hastings
© 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing
CCLI: 7124065


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8 feb 2019

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Hillsong UNITED
Hillsong UNITED Hace 10 días
It’s been a couple of years since we've toured the USA and in that time so much has happened. If there was ever a time to be pulling people together and unifying around a cause bigger than the sum of our parts, it’s now! We’re desperate to experience the presence of God in a way that is especially unique to being one amongst a crowd who are gathered for the same reason. Who's with us?! hillsongunited.com
Susan Beck
Susan Beck Hace 2 horas
I am with you all the way! Will you be in Washington State (USA)? Tacoma Dome? I listen to you every day in worship and praise to the Living God. You are such a blessing unto me. God bless you all in Jesus Mighty and Holy Name. Amen and amen.
Evelyne Symekher
Evelyne Symekher Hace 6 horas
I can't wait for that day you guys tour Nairobi, Kenya. Deep down I know that day will come 😊
christina jenya
christina jenya Hace 9 horas
I'm with you
Nicolas Bjorling
Nicolas Bjorling Hace un día
Drew Cook The Bible says Christ died for all. Don’t get hung up on predestination. God ultimately knows who will and will not accept him, but God did not determine who would go to Heaven and Hell before we were born. God bless.
Arap Boit
Arap Boit Hace 2 días
Ryton Tarves
Ryton Tarves Hace 17 minutos
this is a heal song
Mária Orendacova
Mária Orendacova Hace 2 horas
Love love looove this song 💕 it has all the words that my heart feels Thank you for that. And never stop creating this beautiful music🙏🏽
Happy Camper
Happy Camper Hace 5 horas
When taya comes in on that 2nd part 😭😭🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Evelyne Symekher
Evelyne Symekher Hace 6 horas
I always knew Tulele would come back 😊
Chris Leawood
Chris Leawood Hace 7 horas
I remember being part of a workshop in Calgary back in the 90's with Hillsongs. I was 'out of sorts' when I went there. I feel as if I'm awake and aware. i rejected this path a long time ago but tonight.....feeling good on the herb I find myself here....funny thing is I was suppose to do the 'Lords work'..as a musician I feel moved.. I dunno...
Julia Grace
Julia Grace Hace 13 horas
I’ve never felt so close to a verse like the verses in this song... “I’ve been faithful & I’ve been reckless in every bend!”
Lory Ant
Lory Ant Hace 15 horas
Another jewel from Joel, Matt and Benjamin 💎💍
Charlie Dave
Charlie Dave Hace 18 horas
I left it at 26k. Now it's 1M 😐😐
claudia poveda
claudia poveda Hace 22 horas
Can't get enough of this song 💝sooo beautiful.Thank you 💝
Cristiane Guimarães
Amazing 😌
daniel O.G
daniel O.G Hace un día
3:46 got me like
Camila Rebelo
Camila Rebelo Hace un día
Brasileiros aqui?? Dá um joinha! ;-) Deus abençoe a todos nós!!!
Ian cKollins
Ian cKollins Hace un día
blessed....thnk u
Ssah Arnold
Ssah Arnold Hace un día
Ten Hill
Ten Hill Hace un día
Love you guys
fsbi2 Hace un día
Tulele! This dude was the soundtrack of my youth!
Diego Souza
Diego Souza Hace un día
A essência esta voltando em! Boa!!
Angel Myrrhlcx
Angel Myrrhlcx Hace 2 días
As you find me Lord!!! I live by your Amazing Grâce alone
John-Mark Serate
John-Mark Serate Hace 2 días
Lord, I pray that for anyone reading this who is going through a storm that they know that they are loved no matter what. No matter how far gone they may think they are, that they know that God meets them RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE. That they know that they don't have to portray themselves a certain way to receive His mercy. God I pray that they know they are worth it in Your eyes. Every storm eventually fades, and EVERY STORM BOWS TO THE KING, JESUS.
Kingsley Wisely
Kingsley Wisely Hace 2 días
I love this song.. Hillsong United you guys are soo powerful
Ana Giannantonio
Ana Giannantonio Hace 2 días
Perfecta gracia!te amo Jesús
Daniela SQ
Daniela SQ Hace 2 días
“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord❤️✨ ‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:38-39‬ ‭KJV‬‬
maphagela mpfariseni
This is a powerful song..
maphagela mpfariseni
So grateful to have Tulele back..leading me to the throne room to worship the King of King..Lord Jesus..grateful..
Oscar Wilder
Oscar Wilder Hace 2 días
Tulele - I hope you read this. Your voice and passion impacted me tremendously when I was growing up. To hear your story, your pain, and to see you lead this song; to hear your voice - I'm in tears. What a story of redemption. Hillsong United - what a legacy you have left on the spiritual fabric of the world. Years and years of pursuing the presence of God. To see Tulele with you, after all these years, is the cherry on top. Thank you.
Nary Tiang
Nary Tiang Hace 2 días
I love this relationship song
judith mbise
judith mbise Hace 2 días
Your love’s too good to leave me here😭🙌..
Vimhaseno Neikha
Vimhaseno Neikha Hace 2 días
This song just speaks to me.Each word,Each line... Thank you God! Your love's too good to leave me here. Amen!!
Kalab Dagem
Kalab Dagem Hace 2 días
Ella McKinnon
Ella McKinnon Hace 3 días
i got baptised to this song on vision sunday night, my campuses mega prayer night, absolutely amazing. 17/02/19, a year and a month after becoming a christian. god is good.
Angie Herazo
Angie Herazo Hace 3 días
amazing song ! im in love with the lyrics because it makes me fall in love with God one more time 💖💖
Gertrude Kitongo
Gertrude Kitongo Hace 3 días
You love me as you find me.
Eve Aaliyah
Eve Aaliyah Hace 3 días
Yes Lord Jesus how u found me hallelujah 🙏god bless y’all this is what we need
Stacy Mathew
Stacy Mathew Hace 3 días
Hillsong United just got better! 🔥
Vaseva Seru
Vaseva Seru Hace 3 días
Thank you Jesus for loving me 😍😥❤💓
christine munalula
christine munalula Hace 3 días
This song has just expressed my very present feeling. oh God, what a God..your love is so great. LOVE you, Jesus
Aracy da Top therm
Aracy da Top therm Hace 3 días
Sou o único brasileiro aq?
Nancy Issa
Nancy Issa Hace 3 días
On repeat.. IN LOVE with this.
Arthur Flauzindo
Arthur Flauzindo Hace 3 días
So happy to see Tulele back. Legend
Marcelo Méndez
Marcelo Méndez Hace 3 días
What a deep song! Greetings from Chile!
Daniel Adeyemi
Daniel Adeyemi Hace 4 días
Whattttt! Wrecked 😭😭😭 If You want my heart I won’t second guess ‘Cause I need Your love More than anything I’m in I’m Yours Your love’s too good to leave me here Your love’s too good to leave me
Ayebare Precious
Ayebare Precious Hace 4 días
This is nice, kindly avail a video with lyrics. Thank you
Frank Juarez
Frank Juarez Hace 4 días
Mr . Faletolou rules! Praise to God!
Frank Arriola
Frank Arriola Hace 4 días
Goal for 2019: Keep my eyes focused on the father and just worship
romosweethearrt Hace 4 días
This song...😭😭😭😭❤❤
Emelyn De Paula
Emelyn De Paula Hace 4 días
Maravilhoso 😍 Love god
phil-zviko manyonga
phil-zviko manyonga Hace 4 días
The lyrical content of this song is deep..Loving Tulele/Taya combination there 👏
Michelle Raval
Michelle Raval Hace 4 días
He loves me as he found me ❤
Shar Hace 4 días
Beautiful piano rendition, would love Tara to apply her voice to this esvid.net/video/vídeo-5n-e6lOhVq0.html
Ester Tan
Ester Tan Hace 4 días
I love Hillsong Church. God bless you all👼
Sabina Meza
Sabina Meza Hace 4 días
TULELE!!!! Thank you God for this AMAZING people. Blessings to y’all
Sabina Meza
Sabina Meza Hace 4 días
TULELE!!!! Thank you God for this AMAZING people. Blessings to y’all
Thays Melo
Thays Melo Hace 4 días
OMG! Tulele! s2
John Harris1
John Harris1 Hace 4 días
This song left me think u much Jesus plan use this new song at my paryer and worship livefeed amen.
John Greene
John Greene Hace 4 días
Welcome back Tulele, Love it!
Olive OHN
Olive OHN Hace 5 días
you set us appart before the fundation of the world you knew us before our birth thank you lord Jesus for we find our expression and being in you.
Jeffrey DeBlaay
Jeffrey DeBlaay Hace 5 días
may the Divine guide & inspire y'all, Hillsong...in your struggles with food & drink (big guy), the vanities of makeup & fashion (lead girl & guys), and the desire for the spotlight (all y'all). 😘
Jeffrey DeBlaay
Jeffrey DeBlaay Hace 4 días
+B1G P0PPa ha, you got it, chief. ;) Peace, Warmth, Health, & Love to you and yours... 🌞 ...remember, don't just believe anything & question everything. 😘
B1G P0PPa Hace 4 días
Jeffrey DeBlaay Okay you Tree-hugging hippie HAHA. Thanks for the nonsensical trolling entertainment, will leave you to be one with yourself and nature, Enjoy 😜🤣
Jeffrey DeBlaay
Jeffrey DeBlaay Hace 4 días
+B1G P0PPa tehe, that is what you're saying, my dear, not i... give up all your possessions, abandon the modern food system & the proclivity towards obesity, abandon the trappings of fashion & makeup & popularity, abandon the man made money game, abandon the stage & spotlight, abandon the man made church buildings & businesses... return to nature, be in the wilderness, fast for holistic health, exist in the quietness, expand the proverbial mind & heart... shhh... 😌
B1G P0PPa Hace 4 días
Jeffrey DeBlaay From what you're saying, you are the model of perfection, have no flaws, no daily struggles, not prone to temptation and have no need for Jesus in their daily lives then 🤔 If that was so, maybe people should worship you instead 😄 You need to take the forest of trees out of your own eyes Mr. Self-righteous hypocrite 😳 No sane person would walk up to a stranger they've never met and spout the kinda of BS you have above without expecting any reaction back. Would be interesting in real life if someone came up to you without knowing anything about them other than their physical appearance and see how you would truly respond 🤔 Sleep deprivation is real, go back to bed and get lots of rest Buddy 🙃
Jeffrey DeBlaay
Jeffrey DeBlaay Hace 5 días
+B1G P0PPa gluttony is real. the facade of makeup & fashion & expensive instruments & expensive production value & expensive buildings is all real. the red pill of truth can be tough to swallow. shhh...it's all a dream. 😽
Matthew Begbie
Matthew Begbie Hace 5 días
beautiful song, that bros got pipes, beautiful, praise jesus
Chester James De Guzman
Tulele finally back to United. Hoping to see Marty also. #OriginalHillsongUnited
Yolanda Ontiveros
Yolanda Ontiveros Hace 5 días
TAYA!! Your heart for worship is so inspiring and I know He just smiling down on you.
thouscene Hace 5 días
I have played this sone over 200 times since it was released. It is my story converted to a song.
Lidya Solomon
Lidya Solomon Hace 5 días
Aww this is so beautiful.
James Whitmire
James Whitmire Hace 5 días
this song means so much to me, thank you guys for using the talent that God has given you yo make an impact on me
Summer Caudillo
Summer Caudillo Hace 5 días
Anyone else love that hug at the beginning 😭
ekechi100 Hace un día
Summer Caudillo Says so much, encouragement , love , fellowship , brotherhood , support. Wow.
Raylane Dias
Raylane Dias Hace 6 días
Hanne de Vries
Hanne de Vries Hace 6 días
Proper use of the word 'reckless' 👌
Boris Cotom
Boris Cotom Hace 6 días
Amazing song! I invite you all to check out this song: esvid.net/video/vídeo-OrQTvWBH41c.html They are a young youth ministry in San Francisco, CA! It'll be a huge blessing! God bless you all!
Ryan Sinclair
Ryan Sinclair Hace 6 días
God's presence is within every note of that song!
Kingdomdaughter Htims
Guys let us keep Hillsong and other praise and worshippers in our prayers. Remember they are faced with similar struggles as us and maybe even worse, as they are at the front of the battle. Judah (praise) is usually sent first to face the enemy, so while we are enjoying their songs lets remember them in prayer. We love you Hillsong!❤❤
Kingdomdaughter Htims
You don't want a single thing yet still you want my heart..
Gabriela Castro
Gabriela Castro Hace 6 días
Great job my dears
claudia poveda
claudia poveda Hace 6 días
I'm in I'm yours forever💝💝💝 i need your love more than anything.Jesus 💝
Kuenok Lee
Kuenok Lee Hace 6 días
I pray Lord for the vessels of worship - to open wide and pour down the fire and drink of heaven. To break every wall and door , bring these dry bones to life - you are good. Let this prayer then ignite the unleashing of you blessing for us.
Disneylover Hace 6 días
May you all pray for me? Around 2 months ago I broke my ankle, and had to get surgery, the doctors said I’ve healed up well and I’ve been starting therapy to help get movement back. But recently I’ve been getting hit with feelings of depression, mainly cause I feel like I’m not going to get better, and this wave of depression hasn’t been getting much better. God bless you all, and I’ll be praying for everyone too.
Mesh Hace 6 días
Is that Tulele Faletolu?
Robin Basoski
Robin Basoski Hace 6 días
Jean Michel Thiaw
Jean Michel Thiaw Hace 6 días
Be bless
Jo Anna
Jo Anna Hace 6 días
One of my favorites. We must however know God's spirit will not strive with us forever. If we don't respond to his love we will be left here. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 3:19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. Hebrews 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire.
Godisgood Allthetime
Ephesians 1:7 In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace. God cups his ears to hear the praises of his people. Can you imagine what he hears? It's incredible that he includes me regardless of my past, present and future. He's my every breath.
Anna Oliver
Anna Oliver Hace 6 días
Leon-Clifford Kibet
Leon-Clifford Kibet Hace 7 días
Joel Houston, Matt Crocker and team, may God's blessings be upon you for your lyrical ingenuity. Never stop writing, you have no idea how many lives you are impacting positively
Milagros María
Milagros María Hace 7 días
TULELE!!!!!! ♡
Mmalefa Mokoena
Mmalefa Mokoena Hace 7 días
The anointing you have is overflowing. I thank God for you because He saw you guys as fit vessels, the ones He can use
BHK Record RECORD Hace 7 días
Try This one "River Of Glory " from Indonesian Singer : esvid.net/video/vídeo-4Kyi7vT1kaU.html
Damzel Eve Balinas
Damzel Eve Balinas Hace 7 días
Im so glad to see Mr. Tulele singing again❤ I remember how he sang for the Lord when I was a child.
Damzel Eve Balinas
Damzel Eve Balinas Hace 7 días
You're a great blessing hillsong❤
Gene Swift Kharlukhi
I came here coz I saw Aodhan king's story in instagram...said that this song is awesome...so I checked out & guess what he was right..🙌..I love it...& I Got goosebumps...😮💓💓💓
hebrewisrealite12 Hace 7 días
apple pie
apple pie Hace 7 días
Grace and peace be to all of you from God our father and our lord Jesus Christ...
Kevin Valentim
Kevin Valentim Hace 7 días
Killing Voice the Men
Daven Madzingira
Daven Madzingira Hace 7 días
nice beautiful song it touched my whole FAMILY
hannah atacador
hannah atacador Hace 7 días
GOD is truly amazing, HE use songs to express HIS love for those people who are hopeless, weak, broken and felt guilty and condemning themselves...... only the honor, power, majesty, mighty and glory belongs to Him alone
Amy Gordon
Amy Gordon Hace 7 días
I can't stop replaying this. It gets more powerful and it keeps building every time I hear it. The collaboration of this group is truly God's gift to his children.
Brenda Jennifer
Brenda Jennifer Hace 7 días
AMEN Lord live in us always🙏🙏🙏 ww need you more each day that passes by
Sis Adman
Sis Adman Hace 7 días
awesome just awesome cannot explain the words beautiful so much anointing you just want more of jesus wow all you want to d0 is wrap up in jesus arms
Rayane Balduino marques
Juan Garzon
Juan Garzon Hace 7 días
Amazing SONG God bless Hillsong which they have been used to transmit worship how it should be exalting him first above all.
Charles Wanderi
Charles Wanderi Hace 7 días
Yes Oh Holy Jesus
R Supriyanto
R Supriyanto Hace 8 días
im waiting for "there's fire standing next to me" song🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
Stephen Powell
Stephen Powell Hace 8 días
Why can't I upvote multiple times?
Elizabeth Shikongo
Elizabeth Shikongo Hace 8 días
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