Ashton Kutcher Examines President Trump's Tweeting Style

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'The Ranch' star Ashton Kutcher has a theory that unbaked tweets already had their moment in the sun.
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14 jul 2017

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TheATRAs14 Hace 5 días
I think people forget that this is a who guy was at uni studying biochemical engineering before he was scouted
Amber133 Lee
Amber133 Lee Hace 10 días
Mila is one lucky girl that she’s married Ashton Kutcher
KingJustice98 Hace 10 días
Maybe Kutcher is punking the whole US with Trump....🤔
Johnny Hace 12 días
Now this retard's series is cancelled
pierina •
pierina • Hace 16 días
god i cant take him serious cause hes kelso for me
mayhem x
mayhem x Hace un mes
I only looked this up because the actual ad that keeps popping up for acorns cuts him off... So he basically says "there is a company called acorns that we just in in in" the end. 2:45
Rin Rin
Rin Rin Hace un mes
I love him..
Adrian Dane Kenny
Adrian Dane Kenny Hace 2 meses
oxtail. and ackee and salt fish.
Hgv The Cable Guy
Hgv The Cable Guy Hace 2 meses
The awkwardness at 2:49 hahahaha for those who got all happy about "ACORN" hahahaha
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore Hace 3 meses
Great respect for Ashton, even though he's made some fucking pathetic movies. But he's a great businessman and dude. Dude! Sweet!
Natter Alus
Natter Alus Hace 3 meses
Ashton is a silly name
CD Smith
CD Smith Hace 3 meses
I'm heavily invested in Beano®. Why? Because when ecology experts finally figure out what I've known for decades now, they'll eventually start adding it to cattle feed, which will then reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cow farts by 10% or more in one fell swoop. Beano® stock goes through the roof, and I make bank. Maybe not Ashton Kutcher bank, but bank nonetheless.
darttoyou1 Hace 3 meses
Worst actor.
Sweet Artz Photography
He doesn't age
Ismael Hace 3 meses
Ashton Kutcher trying to be smart gave someone cancer
Robert Glass
Robert Glass Hace 3 meses
Translation: "Oh, you've got a laugh track... Well, thanks for coming by. And next we have..."
Lara Skye Baddour
Lara Skye Baddour Hace 3 meses
Ashton Kutcher for President!! Love him. Such a great great humble guy.
Samantha Abernathy
Samantha Abernathy Hace 3 meses
Would be an incredibly YUGE improvement on what we currently have.
Christian Torres-Rossi
He’s a conservative
Shay Berber
Shay Berber Hace 3 meses
I use to round up my checking account, and used it for vacations. It works
Alex Mattes
Alex Mattes Hace 3 meses
2:45 is what you came for
xasma Hace 3 meses
Look how effortlessly he acts through this advertisement. This is why all of his investments end well
Connor1779 Hace 3 meses
Sooooo they had an ad for an investment app in the middle of a tv show, promotions for apps have made it to mainstream media
Amber_cakes133 Lee
Amber_cakes133 Lee Hace 3 meses
Mila Kunis is so lucky that she’s married to Ashton 😍😍😍😍
LUCY SIEMMS Hace 4 meses
this very smartly answer
Anonoy Mus
Anonoy Mus Hace 4 meses
How can I contact him to fund my idea.
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Hace 4 meses
Ashton just got 200x sexier 🤯
Chuck Sullivan
Chuck Sullivan Hace 4 meses
He seats like a girl
Chuck Sullivan
Chuck Sullivan Hace 4 meses
Hahaha Colbert without glasses
Sadpants McGee
Sadpants McGee Hace 4 meses
1.65 for a coffee? Confirmed: Ashton Kutcher only drinks gas station coffee.
Alec Murphy
Alec Murphy Hace 4 meses
Love the Ranch, Sam Elliot, of course was perfect for that role.
Max Covfefe
Max Covfefe Hace 4 meses
People are often surprised that Ashton is remarkably brighter than he appears in many of his acting roles. It's worth noting that Ashton took the classic Daisy Mae character and gave it a masculine spin. I'm not sure I've seen it done before so well as Ashton does.
Alice Green
Alice Green Hace 4 meses
Just because you have not aged a bit doesn't mean you should send your aging wife away.
Fv234pop Hace 4 meses
Ashton Kutcher: admire a lot that he does. Tons of kudos!
Michele Kett
Michele Kett Hace 4 meses
Trump should Mueller it over a bit before he opens his maw!
MusiciansReflib Hace 4 meses
Flirpy. I'm in
NiKKi SiXX Hace 5 meses
Smoking Hott! So in love with this man.. 💋💋💋
Derek Drennen
Derek Drennen Hace 5 meses
C MW Hace 5 meses
I have a lot of respect for Ashton. Any other actor/actress would have taken the opportunity to trash Pres Trump but he did not because he has CLASS
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Hace 5 meses
It never ceases to amaze me what Ashton and his twin decide to invest in whether for business or for philanthropic reasons. They seem to be a really solid family it's awesome.
kathy byerly
kathy byerly Hace 5 meses
Good dude Ashton Kutcher!! I love your shows!!
JessyJ318 Hace 5 meses
Ummm if you look up the dairy industry you’ll find out it’s in fact animal abuse. Look up those “under cover” videos. Once I did I drank almond milk ever since....In other words...don’t invest in the “cow thing.”
Mr. Wright 1981
Mr. Wright 1981 Hace 5 meses
God loves Ashton save the children
Mr. Wright 1981
Mr. Wright 1981 Hace 5 meses
Here's an idea get a new job
Manasvini Verma
Manasvini Verma Hace 5 meses
My gawdd is he intelligent!!!
Viking Living USA
Viking Living USA Hace 5 meses
Anyone else catch Colbert say cows shaking their paws??? Ummm, I've worked at a butcher shop and have seen cows up close... they don't have paws lol
Sean C
Sean C Hace 5 meses
At this point in the game I fully expect him to pop up during one of Trumps incoherent ramblings to tell the entire world that they've been punked.....and being honest, that would be the BEST CASE scenario for how things actually end.....
Silas Frost
Silas Frost Hace 6 meses
Flurpy would not net me soup in my family. It would be an alert for all to stay away until symptom free.
joe meredith
joe meredith Hace 6 meses
i think aston is a fucking dumb ass he needs to stop letting his wife tell him what to do or say and i cant believe he did stand up for danny he let netflix screw danny ,,,,, i hope the ranch fails now
Ollie Imsland
Ollie Imsland Hace 6 meses
Ashton Kutcher is looking more like Mark Cuban by the day :P
Felichia Ritter
Felichia Ritter Hace 6 meses
Great interview! Great stories! 💖
Seli Neli
Seli Neli Hace 6 meses
Ashton ❤❤❤❤ I love you
janelle harrison
janelle harrison Hace 6 meses
What's funny is for years people wondered why I don't use a debit card and I prefer cash. I would never spend my change and put it all away in a jar. It's crazy how fast it adds up better than jus a passee change jar you don't pay attention or create discipline with
Bobby Gig
Bobby Gig Hace 6 meses
kelso!!!!! dumbass
Glendon T Charles
Glendon T Charles Hace 7 meses
10:36 lol funny moment, solo crowd member perhaps?
Abigail Orozco
Abigail Orozco Hace 7 meses
How freakin awesome is Ashton Kutcher man!!
Natalie The Queen
Natalie The Queen Hace 7 meses
Money for Food or Clothing is available if you do not have the ability to have anything created by their Spirit or by God as I am in that situation Myself in the Mind Cutting on Babies and Children of Ottawa Ontario Canada 🍁 the Capital of Politicians who do not care to help Canadians as none are Canadians but are Saxon England Enemies of the Baby Killing War of the Devil Saxon Developers DG as opposite of God. If you need money for Food or anything as Canadian or American I suggest you ask God To Solve Your Problems. That works to call on God or Christ centred if you need help especially if you are on the Planet Earth 🌎 and need Help. If you have missing family members call on God to Solve Your Problems. I as a Kid would Say "God What Do We Do?" when I did not know what to do but knew there was a Problem. So this Mind Cutting is a Problem so "God What Do We Do?!" Queen Natalie. (Ashton Kutcher is getting a lot of Mind-spirits attacking Him as a Knight of Canada KC Toronto so He gathered them up and the Saxon English lost their Mind-spirits as Souls that night. I got rid of them with "God What Do We Do?!")
Natalie The Queen
Natalie The Queen Hace 7 meses
Elections are illegal as there is no Elections Act. Politicians are Illegally in power as SAXONS of England.
Natalie The Queen
Natalie The Queen Hace 7 meses
The Hollywood Royalty of Jesus Christ is not a Political Supporter as We are the Constitutional Monarchy. The Left-Right Debate is Political not Ours as Hollywood Royalty.
Prototype 81
Prototype 81 Hace 7 meses
Is he storing nuts in his cheeks for the upcoming winter? Or is that just a holloywood thing, having nuts in your mouth.
Jon R
Jon R Hace 7 meses
Good guest!
Estrella Matilde
Estrella Matilde Hace 7 meses
I love Ashton! He has so much passion for what he does.
Aline Mendes
Aline Mendes Hace 7 meses
Fuck you Ashton Kutcher
enylma momin
enylma momin Hace 7 meses
I always pictured him as Michael kelso from the 70s show. I use to like him of his beautiful features and of course his acting. Now I like him even more features and brain.
Phoenix Uprising
Phoenix Uprising Hace 7 meses
“And then?” “No more ‘and then’!” “And then?” “No more ‘and then’!” “And then?” “No more ‘and then’!”
Gerri Lawlor
Gerri Lawlor Hace 7 meses
Great men, BOTH !!!XOXOX
Alecto Mediccis
Alecto Mediccis Hace 7 meses
This is Michael Kelso, sin discusión.
LouisFGraham Hace 7 meses
Remember when he used to say "any old way"
alex lao
alex lao Hace 7 meses
Is he gonna be like the next Warren Buffet? Woah...
Fffgv Vccc
Fffgv Vccc Hace 7 meses
ah! because squirrels store acorns for later. right. that's awesome. ( we dont have squirrels or acorns in Australia you see... )
Ben Song
Ben Song Hace 7 meses
Gawd your so funny colbert... let Ashton explain his genius
Maynard Archer
Maynard Archer Hace 7 meses
Trump puts the twit in Twitter
Isabelle Bergevin
Isabelle Bergevin Hace 7 meses
Everytime I hear this guy speak, I can't get over how brilliant he is! Definitely one of the highest IQs in the entertainment industry.
Cons and Piracy Theorums
My entire view of America has been destroyed and it's something that's an embarrassment and nothing I want to be a part of anymore my family built this nation for what? Everything they built has been destroyed America is desd
R Saldivar
R Saldivar Hace 8 meses
I love how intelligent this man really is
Suyen Go
Suyen Go Hace 8 meses
He has a bachelor's degree in biochemical engineering. Brilliant guy.
Mandy Lee
Mandy Lee Hace 8 meses
fitbit for cows????????? not so sure about that one. flurpee is way better
Sarah Ben
Sarah Ben Hace 8 meses
"Is that a band ?" *LOL*
Gauri Korde
Gauri Korde Hace 8 meses
Just realised that Ashton looks like my uncle
Jason Modrall
Jason Modrall Hace 8 meses
did some research into the ACORNS app, and it really is not a good investment tool.
TRUCK U2 Hace 8 meses
I don't get it. He claims real men don't buy women, but he want men that buy women to not be included into the travel ban
nanana nère
nanana nère Hace 8 meses
Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford Hace 8 meses
"there was nothing [on television] that was representing that [the midwest middle class] community" ...except "The Middle." www.imdb.com/title/tt1442464/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
Mark Kramer
Mark Kramer Hace 8 meses
I like Ashton but The Ranch was terrible.
WherAmxZnHappns Hace 8 meses
Flurpy is actually a good idea. How about instead of messaging your friends, it sends an alert to you and records your health trends for your next doctors visit. It could lowkey revolutionize the health care industry.
Heidi Hace 8 meses
Why is PragerU a commercial before this video?
Alexandria Reynoso
Alexandria Reynoso Hace 8 meses
Trump=Nickname is "Distortion"; he has a way of twisting the truth!
Zg Programeri
Zg Programeri Hace 8 meses
1:00 He's so old
John McGuire
John McGuire Hace 8 meses
Love this guy. I hate hooked tho. Those ads make me want to suicide
Kate O'Malley
Kate O'Malley Hace 8 meses
he was right that hooked app is all over Snapchat and other places on the internet
1unseen12 Hace 8 meses
The one cow from Iowa screeches in the background smh
Bree gosik
Bree gosik Hace 9 meses
He is very intelligent 🤓.. a long time ago.. I remember him saying that it is a privilege to have kids.. Way before he had kids. Basically saying you have to earn your way to have kids.. love this guy..
Darsana Bloodmourn
Darsana Bloodmourn Hace 9 meses
actually...Flurpy would work. just a tiny microchip incerted with like a balance pivot in it so the censor would transmit to a reciever like the "ive fallen and I can't get up!" or have the incert point be on a pulse point and ^^_____^^^^ -^_^_^_^^__^_^^^^^______oh shit *transmision* this person had a heart attack! they are DEAD! :O dude we can flesh this out. f----this was years ago damn it ...
takktakterakk Hace 9 meses
I tried "Hooked", not that hooked though. was fun for about a week, but got old after that.
Rhaenyas Phoenix
Rhaenyas Phoenix Hace 9 meses
Ashton Kutcher is one of the very few actors who are incredibly smart in real life but plays dumb characters really well. Rowan Atkinson was the pioneer and the master at it.
Maria Pia
Maria Pia Hace 9 meses
What's going on with his hair lol
Azhar Shahim
Azhar Shahim Hace 9 meses
William H. Baird
William H. Baird Hace 9 meses
Wish I had 2% of the women Ashton has enjoyed. He is talented, intelligent, funny and one very fortunate man.
cynthia cook
cynthia cook Hace 10 meses
Obviously Ashton doesn't know the REAL way cows are treated on farm animals!!
Angela V
Angela V Hace 10 meses
Kelso is so start
Michael T
Michael T Hace 10 meses
I wonder if she ever accidentally calls him “Michael”. Also, never heard him talk like this before. New perception of him.
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