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10 sep 2019






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Qvveen_.J W
Qvveen_.J W Hace un día
Race please
april Hace 2 días
you should do one of these but with hot chips!
Takia Goss
Takia Goss Hace 6 días
“Hey guys today were gonna be having a sprinkle party wooo” I watch you guys so much Ik whatcha about to say lol 😂 🤪❤️I love your videos!!!
Маржона Холикова
Toca life girl
Toca life girl Hace 10 días
There's best ice cream I want you to try actually the whole world should try this ice it's called birthday cake ice cream it has to be sprinkles to taste really good and Miss frosting be puttin it tastes so good and it's blue icing and it tastes like heaven it's the best ice cream in the whole world 😍
Baljinder Kumar
Baljinder Kumar Hace 19 días
Wow super very nice
Sofia Ramirez
Sofia Ramirez Hace 20 días
Vanilla team
Criseli Daily
Criseli Daily Hace 21 un día
Now and Forever TEAM vanilla
michaela rose
michaela rose Hace 22 días
WHO ELSE LOVES KIM AND LIZ??🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ small youtuber here
Blackpink aşkı
Blackpink aşkı Hace 22 días
kim&liz ❤
Umma Palmer
Umma Palmer Hace 22 días
Can you guys do a what you eat in a day vid
Yanet Shimeles
Yanet Shimeles Hace 23 días
I love you guys it is so satisfying keep up the good work❤️❤️❤️💖💝
Bianca Sun
Bianca Sun Hace 24 días
I love these party videos! There great!
atamjeet kaur
atamjeet kaur Hace 24 días
Sprinkles party is the best party ♥️🧡🖤❤️ so beautiful party l love it 😇😄😋💅
EmilyNeedsbubbletea Hace 24 días
hey you!
hey you! Hace 24 días
9:11 before i was team chocolate but now i am team vanilla its so good miam🤤 who is like me?
Serenity Holmes
Serenity Holmes Hace 25 días
Why is Kim the only one who talk
Jukaiyah Ortiz
Jukaiyah Ortiz Hace 27 días
How about Reese's Pieces vs dark chocolate
horrid henry
horrid henry Hace 27 días
Zaidah Khalik
Zaidah Khalik Hace 27 días
sprinkle party? more like a birthday party
Lovita Forzie
Lovita Forzie Hace 28 días
Fools and charleen the you are not you can do.bicjcjggc the h
Hayko Mkrtchyan
Hayko Mkrtchyan Hace 28 días
Yaxq ara
The most quite birthday award goes to: (i love them no hate)
Japheth Toghanro
Japheth Toghanro Hace 29 días
Team vanilla doe sure ☺💜💜
Natalia Hace 29 días
how do yall not gain weight and eat like this everyday
Priya Sekar
Priya Sekar Hace un mes
Let us know how u r balancing these calories. Don't simply post videos. Reply for the comments as well.
Lovita Forzie
Lovita Forzie Hace un mes
I like the bloopers video when you guys did funny stuff and you guys want to go get some spicy noodles I finally saw your guys face.
Lovita Forzie
Lovita Forzie Hace un mes
I love sprinkle party, they're so delicious yummy mmmmmmmmmmm
Crenshaw :3
Crenshaw :3 Hace un mes
Is it kinda weird that when they bite into the ice cream and they don't get their teeth frozen? ;-; weird, if i would do that, my teeth will get frozen, but, that's okay, i still love ice cream... 😄🍦
Wølf Pãck
Wølf Pãck Hace un mes
This has more treats than on my birthday 😂
FamRiveraP Hace un mes
It’s my moms birthday tomorrow and it’s me and my dog’s birthday in two weeks
Shruthi's hobbies
Shruthi's hobbies Hace un mes
why do u talk so silently?
Marjia's Food Zone
Marjia's Food Zone Hace un mes
Sahar Mayar (872sahmaya)
I´m team vanilla
Justice For Kim Jisoo
Me: this is so satisfying Also me: why is there dislikes?
site Hace un mes
Then:eating like it’s nothing. Me:dying in side
Abdullah Alsaeidi
Abdullah Alsaeidi Hace un mes
It’s my birthday it’s almost my birthday is May 13 but we’re going to celebrate it soon
Mackenzy Leichter
Mackenzy Leichter Hace un mes
How did you eat all of that at once lol
Legacie Gates
Legacie Gates Hace un mes
I think y’all the rainbow party
hulu balang
hulu balang Hace un mes
mom: why do you see kim&liz vids you are fasting me: idc mom you are jdyrjghfh
Just a Random person
Azizbek Rakhmanov
Azizbek Rakhmanov Hace un mes
Could you do more races
atamjeet kaur
atamjeet kaur Hace un mes
Sprinkles party ♥️
ゼリーjelly Hace un mes
I think the right person is slow to eat
Ellie Spitler
Ellie Spitler Hace 2 meses
atamjeet kaur
atamjeet kaur Hace 2 meses
How many coffee flavoured things conragulations ladies to your videos stay happy lots of blessings to you ♥️🧡🖤💅🥰
atamjeet kaur
atamjeet kaur Hace 2 meses
Enjoy your chocolate vanilla sprinkles iceam sandwich and chocolate sprinkles cake 🥰♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️ cake 🥰♥️ snacks 🍰 cake and friendly iceam chocolate vanilla iceam sandwich chip cookies fudge coldest water amazing ladies fantastic wow that's sounds good so beautiful song l love this sounds,🥰☺️😊💅♥️🧡🖤❤️💝💖💞
hazel grace
hazel grace Hace 2 meses
i love these two but every time kim does that thing where she opens her mouth a bit while chewing ... hngggggg :/
grecel balleza
grecel balleza Hace 2 meses
Nana Owusu
Nana Owusu Hace 2 meses
Team. V
beka Hace 2 meses
0:12 1:29 2:37 3:27 4:53 6:58 8:17
Mia And Carly
Mia And Carly Hace 2 meses
They eat so much junk and yet there teeth 🦷 are perfectly white and clean also I will shout out people in my next vid if you sub to me tell me in the comments of this comment if you subscribed to me. Love ya! 💕 stay safe!
악동루피 Hace 2 meses
아씨 먹어보고싶다다
Andrea Vaughan
Andrea Vaughan Hace 2 meses
You guys should do a Frappuccino party ☕️☕️
Addisyn Brewer
Addisyn Brewer Hace 2 meses
That like good yummy in my Tummy
Burgundy Tea
Burgundy Tea Hace 2 meses
I’ve been here since 800k :) 🥳
Davis Harris
Davis Harris Hace 2 meses
I do not know why but when you says whoo makes me fell warm inside
The Unicorn family
The Unicorn family Hace 2 meses
That looks good 😋😋
•Park Fenix•
•Park Fenix• Hace 2 meses
Hungry xd :(
Are you Serious bro?
Watching this in quarantine at 1:30 am😂 I’m torturing myself
kdrama lover13
kdrama lover13 Hace 2 meses
Those ice cream cookie sandwiches look SOOOO amazing i rlly wanna try one
Leilaa Noamm
Leilaa Noamm Hace 2 meses
More fried food videos or (better:) RACE! FRIED FOOD RACE!! OH YES! LIKE IF U WANT THAT KIM&LIZ DO THAT VIDEO!🤪😻😘👑🤞🤯❤️
Pinky Feline
Pinky Feline Hace 2 meses
Jinpeng Lei
Jinpeng Lei Hace 2 meses
Team vanilla
Mekemin Kone
Mekemin Kone Hace 2 meses
I love the sounds
・.-좋아해요- Hace 3 meses
Tbh I like you guys better than Sas- Asmr because I think the sound is just cleaner and more relaxing ☺️
Charlie And Eva
Charlie And Eva Hace 3 meses
For some reason when I am hungry I watch you and I am full
Adalia Hace 3 meses
How do they eat all that sugar
Holden Janssen
Holden Janssen Hace 3 meses
Nevaeh Cowan
Nevaeh Cowan Hace 3 meses
Still have the Pink House of blues in a few days
Paul Perez
Paul Perez Hace 3 meses
That is so delicious me and my friends had that and were so hyper and my cousin was like no more ice cream i was like its good and bruh we were just laughing and laughing
Karsen Rathers
Karsen Rathers Hace 3 meses
I like both flavors
Stephanie Kookie
Stephanie Kookie Hace 3 meses
How about a big bites party...you take super big bites of what your gonna eat...pls.??
Linh Ngọc
Linh Ngọc Hace 3 meses
I scream, you scream. Give me that, give me that ice cream ( Ice cream cake-Red Velvet)
lovely_viibs Honey
lovely_viibs Honey Hace 4 meses
Me:can I have some Them:NNNOOOOOooooooooOOO me:.......................(
Amethyst Rose garden
Y'all are my favorite ESvidrs ever!! I'm a big fan
Oreobeef Owo
Oreobeef Owo Hace 4 meses
Why did i thought it was someone's birthday
ablewavi placktor
ablewavi placktor Hace 4 meses
both teams
what's tea
what's tea Hace 4 meses
U shouldn't drink coffee like it's water y'all must have a coffee addiction I'm not a doctor and in 13
brightly starz
brightly starz Hace 4 meses
next time please invite me when you eat this or anything
Mexolia Official
Mexolia Official Hace 4 meses
This is make me craving so much 😓 i like the way both of you eating and enjoy the food🤗 Guys? 🥺 help me to subscribe my channel to get 1k.. i will start my channel soon 😫 please help me guys.. its free
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