Assassin's Creed Odyssey: E3 2018 Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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Watch the world premiere of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey set in ancient Greece, a world rich with myths and legends!
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Website - bit.ly/2t7jeqz

Embark on your journey from humble beginnings to living legend as Alexios or Kassandra. Customize your gear, upgrade your abilities, and personalize your ship on your path to becoming a Spartan hero.
From the heights of snowy mountain peaks to the depths of the Aegean Sea, explore an entire country full of untamed environments and cities at the peak of Greece’s Golden Age. Unexpected encounters will breathe life into your story as you meet colorful characters, battle vicious mercenaries, and more.
Your decisions shape the world around you with over 30 hours of choice dialogue and multiple game endings. Experience a living, dynamic world that constantly evolves and reacts to your every decision.
Show off your extraordinary warrior abilities and shift the tides of battle during one of the deadliest conflicts of the time, the Peloponnesian War. Charge into epic clashes between Sparta and Athens in big battles pitting 150v150 soldiers against each other.
Find uncharted locations, uncover hidden treasures, or fight your way through entire fleets in naval battles. Customize the look of your ship, upgrade weaponry to suit your strengths, and recruit crewmembers with unique perks, tailoring naval combat to your style.
Discover a world rich with myths and legends. From ancient rituals to famed statues, come face to face with Greece’s legendary figures and discover the true nature of mythological beasts like Medusa and the Minotaur.
Assassin's Creed Odyssey: E3 2018 Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


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11 jun 2018

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محمد صدرا منعمی نودهی
Is that socrat?
god's herb
god's herb Hace 52 minutos
Let me guess, the assassin's a Spartan
Tiler Botín
Tiler Botín Hace 53 minutos
Assassins Creed Odyssey, eyyy, can’t wait for Assassins Creed Galaxy or Assassins Creed 64.
svperboy Hace 54 minutos
Origins was really good like the trailer was convincing me to buy it. This not really 😣 I am Excited for Spider-Man
Michelle Polanco
Michelle Polanco Hace 55 minutos
Wow when the dad through the child off the cliff it reminded me about thanos when he through his daughter off the cliff oh and mister stork i dont feel so good hahahahahahahahahahha😅😃😂😁
Mario and luigi Plush show
( insert Mario odyssey joke here )
J Mo
J Mo Hace un hora
It looks a lot like assassin's Creed origins
Johnny Rico
Johnny Rico Hace un hora
So it went from as little magic as possible-just looking thru walls- to a magic blade. Mk
itchymoldygoosebumps roblox
Is that the kid from god of war
Mohammad Waquiullah
Mohammad Waquiullah Hace un hora
Lol is this even assassins creed anymore... this looks like a sequel to Ryse.
lil cigga
lil cigga Hace un hora
Gotta ride that god of war coattail
David Mowry
David Mowry Hace un hora
firRrRrrrrrRRRrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttt comet
Clover Hace un hora
This looks pretty fuckin lit
Alexandria Snow
Alexandria Snow Hace un hora
I just finished origins and now i have to finish this. Sigh, time to quit my job.
skate guy
skate guy Hace un hora
God of war 4
SloppyJonas Hace un hora
Patiently waiting for Assassin's Creed Sunshine
Unfamous Dex
Unfamous Dex Hace un hora
Far Cry?
Mike Losinno
Mike Losinno Hace un hora
This honestly doesn’t look good
Shades Spencer
Shades Spencer Hace un hora
No hidden blade??
sImpLe bOnsis
sImpLe bOnsis Hace un hora
Does this have anything to do with Assassins anymore?
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas Hace 2 horas
If they ever make one in Fedual Japan That's when I will buy another Creed game. Last good one was Black Flag...
Rummy Devil
Rummy Devil Hace 2 horas
This is Sparta !!!!!!!!
J Phang
J Phang Hace 2 horas
Assassin’s Greek: This is Sparta!
Flame X
Flame X Hace 2 horas
Here we go, off the rails
Pyro1456 Gaming
Pyro1456 Gaming Hace 2 horas
Billy Michalowski
Billy Michalowski Hace 2 horas
Haven't enjoyed Assassins Creed since the ezio games and looks like it'll stay that way
Lisa Santos
Lisa Santos Hace 2 horas
Looks like 300 the video game
Nereida Carrasco
Nereida Carrasco Hace 2 horas
Antoni Santo
Mike O'Grady
Mike O'Grady Hace 2 horas
Don't listen to the haters, Ubisoft. Any AC game is a good AC game.
RICKY TAN Hace 2 horas
Aww yea boi
picture me trollin'
picture me trollin' Hace 2 horas
CALL OF MORTY Hace 2 horas
Yo still assassin creed origins
Tableta Martinez
Tableta Martinez Hace 2 horas
n9.comokq 6qr
the karmaniac
the karmaniac Hace 2 horas
what about call of duty odyssey
KingOfDoritos Hace 2 horas
This isn't Assassins Creed
House Lannister
House Lannister Hace 3 horas
You have my attention
Alex Bogue
Alex Bogue Hace 3 horas
Zeit Hace 3 horas
Do not make it an annual release again
I Johnson
I Johnson Hace 3 horas
But is he an assassin
GameWorld.gr Hace 3 horas
Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore Hace 3 horas
still witcher 3 best game
cooliegamer Hace 3 horas
Where's Ulysses
jacky Hace 3 horas
Only reason im really into this is because of spartans. I wonder if you'll get to see mythical creatures like centurs, Minotaurs, Cerberus, etc or legendary characters like Achilles, Leonidas or even Kratos as a easter egg. Looking foward to this game
JOHN The Cringe Maker
SG Pluggo
SG Pluggo Hace 3 horas
Please bring back the original head to head multiplayer (Manhunt). The Last One That Was Made With That Kind Of Multiplayer Was Assassin Creed 4: Black Flag. And Thats Pathetic.I Believe That Its A Valuable And Huge Part Of The Assassin Creed Series In My Opinion. It Doesnt Hurt To Have An Addition To The Line Up. Just Saying
Applecrafter Laughter
i am so amazed im literally *shook*
Jacob Hess
Jacob Hess Hace 4 horas
Why didnt bayek get a second game his story was untold towards the end ubisoft make a few games for the assassons that had untold storys God jeasus holy christ
Fart Boi
Fart Boi Hace 4 horas
I wonder why they chose odysey.
Bubbles 420
Bubbles 420 Hace 4 horas
You guys are really gay so what if its not like the originals. If all the games were the same people would get really tired of these games. You have to innovate and change that way people keep playing
RandomKitty Hace 4 horas
Not a whole lot of assassinations in this trailer. More like a mix of Spartacus, Wrath of the titans and 300. This would be a much more impactful game trailer if it wasn't an AC game.
Gabriel Armas
Gabriel Armas Hace 4 horas
Never could get into assassins creed but I think I'll give it another shot with this one
InVerx Hace 4 horas
Its GOW 1,2,3 just without the gods LOLL
Kid Potato
Kid Potato Hace 4 horas
super Mario odyssey Now Assasins creed odyssey ILLIMINATI CONFIRMED Edit:and his sidekick is swordy
StrikerHeadshot Hace 4 horas
I can tell you the next 2 games. Roman Empire, next will be the Dark Ages. They legit just eavesdropped on my 7th grade social studies class...
yt gaming guy
yt gaming guy Hace 4 horas
Or n like 2003 &2007 that would be cool
Random Caller
Random Caller Hace 4 horas
It’s basically origins but more Roman great I love when they basically repeat games Sry green still the same
Udit Sharma
Udit Sharma Hace 4 horas
Seriously, like you guys are turning this franchise into a fantasy franchise.... I'm quite sure about this that this one is great BUT "This Is Not Assassin's Creed". Assassin's creed used to be a great game perfect mix of ancient history and science fiction and how they traveled through DNA by the Animus and all was great.... Please guys this is not what we want, This is not Assassin's Creed.
JT Sleazeball
JT Sleazeball Hace 4 horas
Voice over dude sounds like a Khajit
Nas Clutch
Nas Clutch Hace 4 horas
Over wit.
Assassin 4056
Assassin 4056 Hace 4 horas
What’s next half life odyssey
Y U Bully Me
Y U Bully Me Hace 4 horas
No one cares about Assassin's creed anymore.
spoke1183 Hace 4 horas
vikings next plz
Nerd Spaz
Nerd Spaz Hace 4 horas
Son of Rome 2 looking nice
Joulu Kinkku
Joulu Kinkku Hace 5 horas
Joulu Kinkku
Joulu Kinkku Hace 5 horas
Tashen Williams
Tashen Williams Hace 5 horas
This is some good Dlc for Super Mario Odyssey.
DJ Hace 5 horas
God I miss the ezio series..what has AC become
Sejadus Hudson
Sejadus Hudson Hace 5 horas
JDRoboticsGaming Hace 5 horas
00:23 kazuya falls
Dylan Gomez
Dylan Gomez Hace 5 horas
Can we please end the series as a true fan yall are getting realvstar warsy with it
I'm not a fan of assassin's creed, but I love Greek mythology and Greece in general so I might give it a shot
Black Capo
Black Capo Hace 5 horas
I'm deciding whether or not I should get the game
Kainen Reed
Kainen Reed Hace 5 horas
Honestly assassin's creed is not the same, I remember all the originals and they were great but I stoped playing them after blackflag, I think they are going to far with it
Mada Faka
Mada Faka Hace 5 horas
I have a mosquito bite and it's really irritating
Carlos Roca
Carlos Roca Hace 5 horas
Gerald before the experimental mutagens
Jakarre Edwards
Jakarre Edwards Hace 5 horas
I'm ready bro
Saiyan Formerly Known as Prince Vegeta
Agent 47? 1:51-1:56
Leon V
Leon V Hace 5 horas
Ive never really played this game series but have read the novels, and what truly love about em is the conspiracy between the order and the church, facts mixed with the story of the order and the setting in Rome, once it started going into native american narrative and now gods of sparta and such it’s loosing its value as a franchise. I think. The music until Esio was masterful now it’s like every other action movie soundtrack. No chills at all.
SwagMonster 101
SwagMonster 101 Hace 5 horas
YTaustin Hace 6 horas
Mario odyssey 2 ?
Shawn C
Shawn C Hace 6 horas
Ehhh I’m banking madden 19 will be awful like ‘18 so I’ll try to make this work. This isn’t a major installment so it shouldn’t be $60, right?
Christian Zampino
Christian Zampino Hace 6 horas
Ok r u going to just keep going back in time
SuperSanic Daderphog
Now we need some Assassin Clothing in Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Clothing in Assassin's Creed.
QuantumFuture Hace 6 horas
Unity had some of the most unique and best game mechanics. I’d say a rearrangement of those mechanics would call for another good game. Just my opinion.
The roblox player and no vlogs
Oh boy can't wait for this dlc to Mario odyssey
S.U.g W
S.U.g W Hace 6 horas
Looks like they added new skins and messed with the map to make it more Greek.... same game. Still gonna get it tho 😂
Rockid YT
Rockid YT Hace 6 horas
can't wait!!!
James Frock
James Frock Hace 6 horas
Damn this looks badass I want to play it NOW!!!!!!
Joel Torres
Joel Torres Hace 6 horas
Holy fukkkkkkk coooooooooooool
Gerald Lilly
Gerald Lilly Hace 6 horas
It,s lit
Valkyrie Hace 6 horas
Kill Perfector
Kill Perfector Hace 6 horas
Finally a Greek version!
SAMZIRRA Hace 6 horas
Looks pretty crispy. Noice!!!
recruit westcott
recruit westcott Hace 6 horas
Can we fight for Athens and can we use shields
Caley sears
Caley sears Hace 6 horas
IM form athens
Fanu Babe
Fanu Babe Hace 6 horas
Looks lit
Russell Ofori
Russell Ofori Hace 6 horas
Look like god of war
Jerry Whitlow
Jerry Whitlow Hace 6 horas
I want Ezio back.
Iron Star
Iron Star Hace 7 horas
From AC Origins set in Egypt To AC Odyssey set in Greece
Chad Wolf
Chad Wolf Hace 7 horas
They even had that "This is Spaaaarrta kick"
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