Astronaut Training w/ Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks & Will Arnett

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James Corden invites the stars of "The LEGO Movie 2" -- Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett -- to Space Camp for a battery of tests to determine who is most fit to make a career change to astronaut.
Learn more about Space Camp and how you can attend: esvid.net/video/vídeo-fWSLC67r2vk.html
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is in theaters February 8. Watch the trailer: esvid.net/video/vídeo-cksYkEzUa7k.html
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21 ene 2019

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Comentarios 2 018
Amy Hurst
Amy Hurst Hace un hora
As mel b would say, i had a proper belly laugh
Makena Dahir
Makena Dahir Hace un hora
Travis Stockwell
Travis Stockwell Hace 2 horas
1:45 "What's the theory of [sic] revatility"??? HAHAHA. Not even in the contraption. Love Elizabeth Banks. Everyone makes mistakes.
KayteMissLady Hace 3 horas
Looks like so much fun.
Dai 大
Dai 大 Hace 3 horas
Change the fat guy for someone funny and you might have something worth watching.
Madison Putt
Madison Putt Hace 5 horas
Are you kidding me... they were in Alabama and I didnt even know?! They were literally an hour from my house what the heck 🤦‍♀️
Lenovo Motorola
Lenovo Motorola Hace 7 horas
James:what can you tell us about Uranus (your anus) Will:it's never been explored
Lenovo Motorola
Lenovo Motorola Hace 7 horas
kimmyhugs Hace 10 horas
I'm crying from the tape dropping 🤣
ashleygentle Hace 17 horas
It's so cool to see you guys in my hometown! I hope ya'll enjoyed it James :D .
Micah g Mullins II
Micah g Mullins II Hace 18 horas
the fact that i literly live near the huntsville space and rocket center were they were at and didnt even know this video was a thing
Nina 88
Nina 88 Hace 18 horas
3:42, 6:25 and 6:53 😂😂♥️
Nina 88
Nina 88 Hace 18 horas
3:43 "what can you tell us about your anus?" "It has never been explored" I died on that one😂
Joshua Girgis
Joshua Girgis Hace 18 horas
I was recently there it was so much fun
Lee Butler
Lee Butler Hace 19 horas
Okay this is cool they were at the space and rocket center in Huntsville Alabama and my class went on a field trip there
wolfkid 0517
wolfkid 0517 Hace 19 horas
Aww star lord didnt win. Welp i guess thats what he gets bc he was snapped
AnahniZ2 Hace 21 un hora
3:23 Arnett-“Evans isn’t even on the list?!” Pratt-“Nope!” Im fuckin weak
Eva Baez
Eva Baez Hace 22 horas
I needed to laugh, thanks
Mugetsu Tensho
Mugetsu Tensho Hace 22 horas
I agree Chris Pratt should have won, she crashed the shuttle.
Mikaela Madrangca
Mikaela Madrangca Hace un día
I am getting Star Wars vibes right now
Doomboy105 Hace un día
“Please call me Hoot” “You got it Robert”
Perry Bullard
Perry Bullard Hace un día
So your telling me Chris Pratt did not win shame on him
Byron Pawlitschek
Byron Pawlitschek Hace un día
“Sweeeeet home alllabamma”
John Bradford
John Bradford Hace un día
Is Hoot Nick Offerman's dad?
Alvin Mai
Alvin Mai Hace un día
Didn’t Hoot meet Mae Jamison???
Skylar McLeod
Skylar McLeod Hace un día
pity vote to the woman?
Faith Wu
Faith Wu Hace un día
I don't know how people can do space camp omg 😭 cause I know I never could go through these courses omg
RodeoSwappingBoogie Hace un día
I wanna hear in general like “oh you are a teacher?” “Yes, I’ve spent 39494939939days in school.” “Thank you for your service”. Or cleaning service or or or or
Patric Murphy
Patric Murphy Hace un día
I love laugh tracks
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller Hace un día
dang it they were in alabama and i didn't know ugh
Harry Schmidt
Harry Schmidt Hace 2 días
jessica guzman
jessica guzman Hace 2 días
wooow joinkgm.co/r/Bonchera
Lorelei Hess
Lorelei Hess Hace 2 días
Chris Pratt is my favorite actor. He’s an amazing actor and he is very funny
Merlin Hace 2 días
3:44 what can you tell us about your anus .. its never been explored !
Kingcheese man
Kingcheese man Hace 2 días
when will hit the dab i wanted to die
KingTairun Hace 2 días
Alabama who would go there?
Kaitlyn Olszewski
Kaitlyn Olszewski Hace 2 días
Trolling INC
Trolling INC Hace 2 días
Hey i live close to there
11viewer77 Hace 2 días
3:33 First word on the moon: "Bro!" How epic! 😆
Chad Elmer
Chad Elmer Hace 3 días
*"Straight the ship or the rats all die !"*
darkcloud Hace 3 días
the late late show is so much fun!
Victor Pedott
Victor Pedott Hace 3 días
LOL the the camera guy bumps his head at 4:54
Life Health Now Ileka
Will Arnett is a genius! I was literally in tears. So funny! “You’ve been gone 18 years.” 😂😂😂
handsomeal1974 Hace 3 días
William LeFort
William LeFort Hace 3 días
How did Elizabeth win when she literally crashed the shuttle in the scene before 😂
Pawee Sayson
Pawee Sayson Hace 3 días
I love listening to will Arnetts voice. Imagine how he'd sound like having an orgasm. So sexy. Heheheh
spotted3star Hace 3 días
Will's little Canadian flag pasted over the American flag though.
Karasu Shinigami
Karasu Shinigami Hace 3 días
The best part starts at 8:15
canadain boy21 -graeme Graeme
jahahah that was great doss she know shes not going to space lol
Kieron Delaney
Kieron Delaney Hace 3 días
Hoot sounds like Ron Swanson
Damian Acosta
Damian Acosta Hace 3 días
I feel like they should all make an r rated movie called it’s our space or let’s go to space featuring everyone In this video to create prob the best comedy ever
Alan Austin
Alan Austin Hace 3 días
Very funny!! Seems to be a lot of fun there lol!! Thumbs up👍👍🇬🇧
James Corden isn't funny at all.
J024 Hace 4 días
Religious nutjob Chris Pratt....
dragonweyr44 Hace 4 días
How is Star Trek like toilet paper? They both circle Uranus looking for Klingons
Courtney Adkins
Courtney Adkins Hace 4 días
At 4:14 it looked like James thought he was going to break it
Leonard Wong
Leonard Wong Hace 4 días
looks interesting!!
Mikkel Rasmussen
Mikkel Rasmussen Hace 4 días
Did Chris Pratt turn into a christian nut?
MusicEditingCat Hace 4 días
Evan Moon
Evan Moon Hace 4 días
N64 Star Fox “ do a barrel roll”
Evan Moon
Evan Moon Hace 4 días
Instantly throw up
Elizabeth is pretty as always; I didn’t recognize Will almost with his ugly facial hair and he looked liked like a gained a little weight (unless he’s character is overweight a bit?)
Matt Gee
Matt Gee Hace 4 días
0:18 Missed Opportunity to play the Armaggeddon Soundtrack
Mellie JB
Mellie JB Hace 4 días
Who else is watching that and wished he could do that too
Robbin Le Molk
Robbin Le Molk Hace 4 días
They're all so funny but I love Chris Pratts humor. He'd be super fun to hang out with.
lachazaroony Hace 4 días
The Theory of Revatility?
Origami Chik3n
Origami Chik3n Hace 4 días
6:34 best part.
Sindollx666x (Heather/Sprout/Monster)
I went there in 1994!
z17seattle Hace 4 días
What’s the theory of REVATILITY lmaaao
Ferrero Simões
Ferrero Simões Hace 4 días
Steve Snider
Steve Snider Hace 4 días
Elizabeth Banks is just so goddamn funny!
thura3 Hace 4 días
I like Chis Pratt... BUT! He is such a dimwitted Conservative. Chris tells everyone in a uniform "thank you for your service". BUT, conservatives never DO anything for soldiers in our military, they just make sure the military contractors get paid! Conservatives never DO anything for NASA, they just make sure the space contractors get paid well. MONEY! I guess they just like saying "thank you for your service" to make themselves feel good. SELFISH! Our solders cant get Republican Senate votes for basic "quality care" And NASA gets 0.47% of the budget because Jesus Freaks think climate change is fake-news. STUPID TOO!
Nate Svensson
Nate Svensson Hace 4 días
I'm dying of laughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Free Crawler
Free Crawler Hace 4 días
I find it shameful that no man has dabbed on the moon yet.
Tony Hace 4 días
should have taken them up in the fighter jet to experience real G forces. That would have been money to see them reacting to it!
Ethan Juegajuegos
Ethan Juegajuegos Hace 4 días
6:56 If someone has seen This anime called "tensei shitara slime datta ken" When the main character dies he asks his best friend to throw his computer in water. Therefor, deleting his search history.
Dick Martino
Dick Martino Hace 5 días
Please say hello to Elizabeth for me please. Pretty please.
Michelle McDowell
Michelle McDowell Hace 5 días
Chris looks amazing in that jumpsuit. Can we just all agree on that? Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. Pratt
Redstonator 888
Redstonator 888 Hace 5 días
Benny's actor should have done it: SPACESHIP!!!!
Jeankee  Ortiz
Jeankee Ortiz Hace 5 días
Hoot be like Damn I thought teenagers were bad😂😂😂 "You've been gone 18 years welcome back soldier"😅😅
Jeankee  Ortiz
Jeankee Ortiz Hace 5 días
Hoot's like WTF am I doing here!?😂😂😂
Fire Cowboy
Fire Cowboy Hace 5 días
i would like to try this it looks like fun! sign me up!
Jacob Hace 5 días
The added laughers are just annoying and the opposite of funny.
Aqeel Afshari
Aqeel Afshari Hace 5 días
Theory of Revatility........ WOW
Lucas Chelcea
Lucas Chelcea Hace 5 días
chris has played 5 movies in the last 4 years that happen in space at high speeds! Gotg, Gotg vol2, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame and Lego Movie 2! THIS GUYS SAVE THE GALAXY AND THE UNIVERSE!
Mr Potato
Mr Potato Hace 3 horas
Passengers...w/ jlaw...
Edgar Allen Poe
Edgar Allen Poe Hace 21 un hora
Faith Miskell was about to point that out good job Faith
Faith Miskell
Faith Miskell Hace 23 horas
Don't forget passengers
Aleck Ramon
Aleck Ramon Hace 5 días
So shell marry Robert, kill Arnet and then..... Fuck James? Well proof, is us fluffy guys can get pussy
Elise Vg
Elise Vg Hace 5 días
I still think Chris shouldve won
TheDroog Hace 5 días
I’d watch two hours of this, if somebody made it into a movie.
Kenzie Mckenzie
Kenzie Mckenzie Hace 5 días
8:25 I laughed at seeing Will Arnet's space suit's American flag patch to be topped by the Canadian one hahaha
Flint 25
Flint 25 Hace 5 días
I noticed that too XD
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis Hace 5 días
I've been to space camp 4 times and I missed them.
Bad Gamer Kat
Bad Gamer Kat Hace 5 días
OMG, this is the best, lol. Too funny!
Kronk Hace 5 días
Really he ranks Kris Fucking Jenner , BULLSHIT fuck you Chris i hate you
Not ME
Not ME Hace 6 días
CutUp Hace 6 días
6:36 I just lost it.
Ricky Ferguson
Ricky Ferguson Hace 6 días
6:24 when you've been making out for an hour and she tells you to lock the door
Luis Garza
Luis Garza Hace 6 días
You’ve been gone 18 years..... welcome home soldier
402K watching
402K watching Hace 6 días
screw you james you just ruined the movie for me
Aleksandr Pushkin
Aleksandr Pushkin Hace 6 días
american or russian? HOW DID SHE KNOW???? :O
Effie Shay
Effie Shay Hace 6 días
4:12 James face at "3x your body weight"
zefa17 Hace 6 días
4:53 cameraman head bumped, poor lad
Matt Joos
Matt Joos Hace 6 días
james corden bleu ;)
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