Australians Show Out in Turbo "6-Cylinder Coyote" - The Engine We Need in the USA!

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Drag Week shows off all sorts of wild stories. This time, we join in with the Aussies who shipped their cars over just for the event! These things are powered by the Barra engine, one of the power plants that we need here in the states!
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28 sep 2019






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Vinh Tran
Vinh Tran Hace 24 días
It's too bad not a lot of people know about this motor. It definitely rivals the legendary JDM motors like the RB and JZ.
RypienGT Hace un mes
Great engines. You can use them for drags and big horsepower, but they are also great in stock trim for street use. I own a stock Ford FG G6ET which has a turbo Barra engine. Most run ZF 6 speed gearboxes from BMW and they are generally considered faster than the manual. So smooth, huge torque down low, and strong. Good for cruising in a big heavy car.
RypienGT Hace 26 días
@D. Ryan lots of guys run stock gearboxes up to around 400rwkw. Only real issue with them is the transmission cooler, but there are a few aftermarket replacements.
D. Ryan
D. Ryan Hace 27 días
How much power is there zf box good for?
jase666ify Hace 4 meses
Justin Okelly
Justin Okelly Hace 4 meses
Muthafuckin big kleib with another bangerrrrr
H E C. M A N.
H E C. M A N. Hace 4 meses
I am so impressed with the FORD BARRA engine.
WhtMare 11
WhtMare 11 Hace 4 meses
My buddy has a Barra here in the states and is putting it in a fox.
Josh Schonfeld
Josh Schonfeld Hace 4 meses
I've never heard of that engine but hopefully more of them show up in swaps over here! That's almost like a Ford 2JZ lol
Steve Paige
Steve Paige Hace 4 meses
Coyote? More like 2JZ
giovanne wilson
giovanne wilson Hace 4 meses
Someone start shipping them over please I want one
Victor Davila
Victor Davila Hace 4 meses
That definitely sucks; we never got the Barra engine in the States.
BFN Shrek
BFN Shrek Hace 4 meses
It’s an Aussie 2jz, dont @ me
Rick Kowalske
Rick Kowalske Hace 4 meses
Mary Bara is President of g.m.
Lenwood Cruze
Lenwood Cruze Hace 4 meses
I love it when racing against the clock is the focus.
Lenwood Cruze
Lenwood Cruze Hace 4 meses
This motor is side by side with a 2JZ but but but,Ford is trying to protect the Mustang I guess......"for many years".
JB Triplej_345ci
JB Triplej_345ci Hace 4 meses
Nice Ford motor
Gil Barnet
Gil Barnet Hace 4 meses
BARRA SWAP the damn world. I've wanted one of these for so long and their just now getting to the point where things are availably ready to import over.
Cvtwiio Oi
Cvtwiio Oi Hace 4 meses
Crown Vic Barra 6 🤙
Jazz Flores
Jazz Flores Hace 4 meses
Straya cunt Barra power 😝🇦🇺🇦🇺
JIMBO SLICE Hace 4 meses
Yes this would be nice to have in the states! I’m all for it. It sounds sweet and makes power!
K Rhys
K Rhys Hace 4 meses
BARRA the MF world!
JoeCurtis82 Hace 4 meses
The skid factory for the win!!
Pony UP Garage
Pony UP Garage Hace 4 meses
I dig it! The fact that it's a ford engine makes me happy 👍
jimmy schock
jimmy schock Hace 4 meses
Is that the cresta from mighty car mods?
jimmy schock
jimmy schock Hace 4 meses
@Benjamin Clayton nice
Benjamin Clayton
Benjamin Clayton Hace 4 meses
jimmy schock yes it is
maddie taylor
maddie taylor Hace 4 meses
The n/a engines with a turbo can make good hp facebook.com/northmeadautocentre/videos/341277342739412/
Jack Fote
Jack Fote Hace 4 meses
A 6 that pulls the wheels is ok in my book. Nice vid.
Jeremy Lindsey
Jeremy Lindsey Hace 4 meses
Who builds the transmissions for them in Arizona??? I couldn’t hear what he said
maddie taylor
maddie taylor Hace 4 meses
Benny's Custom Works
Check out the full Cresta Dragweek story on our Benny’s Custom Works channel and the full Mustang build with my homies on their The Skid Factory YT channel
skulz1974 Hace 4 meses
Nothing remotly close between a barra and a coyote. Big Kleib..... youre slipping.
Lenwood Cruze
Lenwood Cruze Hace 4 meses
You are not a car guy.
MRMOPARMAN0426 Hace 4 meses
Have you ever seen inside a barra?
RaceRed 302
RaceRed 302 Hace 4 meses
Awesome builds!!
mewrongway Hace 4 meses
We don't need no stinkin Barra, lol, We have the LS! Oh and your steering wheel is on the wrong side! lol. Love the cars though!
mewrongway Hace 4 meses
@MRMOPARMAN0426 oh ya lol
MRMOPARMAN0426 Hace 4 meses
It cant be wrong, its on the 'right' side of the vehicle ;)
sublimeracer Hace 4 meses
No shortage of Mustang's, but a quick 6 cyl car is cool
aaron johnson
aaron johnson Hace 4 meses
Barra in a foxbody 🤤
enemyracing Hace 4 meses
I really wanted to put a Barra in my us falcon
Jason Bright
Jason Bright Hace 4 meses
No link to their channels?
Enduro Boi
Enduro Boi Hace 4 meses
Enduro Boi
Enduro Boi Hace 4 meses
T RopE
T RopE Hace 4 meses
damn, all the way from Australia? that must have cost like 10-20k just to get the car over here. who knows how they get it street legal to drive here. that's some pretty hardcore expenses for a week of perceived good times, mixed with a reality of bleh good times, followed by some hell ya good memories!
Benny's Custom Works
@Wayne Bollentin Are you an engineer? you strike me as one. Your statement of $1000 one way is grossly wrong, and if you haven't sent anything directly from Australia to the east coast of the US your info is all but void as this shipping route has so many different freight options and potential hazards. Sure if you had 9 months you could most likely do it for $2500 USD if you were trans shipping via Singapore or another trans shipping port. But as you'd know every time the container comes off and on another ship or is moved in small volume transit the risks of damage are much higher. we don't trans ship and we don't have 9 months to wait for a one way transit. we also don't ship earth moving equipment and you don't ship drag cars.
Wayne Bollentin
Wayne Bollentin Hace 4 meses
@The Skid Factory you have a severe comprehension problem and short attention span. Your first comment is within range of my first statement if you can do simple math. 4500 which is little on the high side but not near 10 to 20k one way. Now I said we meaning me included have sent vehicles (cars, trucks, etc) all over the world on multiple occasions. Never once got the paperwork wrong or had anything damaged. That said, damage is possible regardless who is used and how much you spend to ship. I seen it first hand. It's hilarious for someone who's done it. To now trying to push a narrative that it won't happen if you spend more money. Maybe because you've only done it twice. You can't even stay on topic which was 10 to 20k one way. If spending more money makes you feel better at night. Continue on then. I was just making a factual statement it doesn't cost 10 to 20k one way from known experiences. Which you agreed with in your first statement but some how think by adding round trip to get the number closer to 10k. That somehow makes you feel like you won this argument. That's fucking priceless. Now go delete your first comment so you do look like a bigger idiot than your are.
The Skid Factory
The Skid Factory Hace 4 meses
@Wayne Bollentin I know arguing on the internet is the thing to do but you can't win this pointless argument when the guy you are talking to is the guy that shipped his car to the EAST COAST of the USA twice. That is indeed how much it cost. Try and do it cheaper and you will probably end up with your car being detained in customs because it does not have the required paperwork. Freight cost and total costs are not the same thing.
Wayne Bollentin
Wayne Bollentin Hace 4 meses
@Benny's Custom Works the comment was 10 to 20k to get the car there. Now it's let's modify the comment to fit your view. That's fine. If some need what's to believe it cost 10 to 20k one way that's fine.
Benny's Custom Works
T RopE just drive on native tags, its perfectly legal in the US to drive on international current tags
AHR Red Hace 4 meses
Love Them Barra Engine! Anyway Nice Video Mate!
Mike 4545
Mike 4545 Hace 4 meses
It’s a 6 cylinder coyote in the fact that it needs oil pump gears like the 5.0 😂😂😂😂
Steve Veness
Steve Veness Hace 4 meses
G'day from West Australia, they are a lot of fun though😉🙂👍👍
wolfpacguy Hace 4 meses
they arent powdered tho
Pitmaster4Lyfe Hace 4 meses
Thumbs up for the Kangaroos and Koalas 👍🐨🇦🇺
Steve Veness
Steve Veness Hace 4 meses
Cheers and thumbs up for camaraderie 😉🙂👍👍
FREDDY COUGAR Hace 4 meses
Not Coyote.. BARRA
joshua long
joshua long Hace 4 meses
Wouldn't it be more like a 2JZ? still, it's a badass build! That mustang looks amazing running down the strip!
MRMOPARMAN0426 Hace 4 meses
The only thing a JZ and barra have in common are the cylinder, cam and valve count.
Brandon Chubb
Brandon Chubb Hace 4 meses
xKobePlayz 2jz is a 3.0L and the Barra is a 4.0L. How is that twice the displacement?
xKobePlayz Hace 4 meses
joshua long Similar but made by ford in australia and its twice as big displacement wise
Zach Gregory
Zach Gregory Hace 4 meses
Who says there isn’t a barra in the US😈
Drew V
Drew V Hace 4 meses
@Brandon Cleary ballin! Enjoy it!
Brandon Cleary
Brandon Cleary Hace 4 meses
@Drew V I've got a Barra here in southern Indiana 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Drew V
Drew V Hace 4 meses
Prove it
WR ZL1 Hace 4 meses
As I recall, the Toyota had a 2JZ motor in for last years drag week
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell Hace 4 meses
Randy, the Cresta has never been 2J powered, was a Ford Barra 6 from day one, watch the build on Mighty Car Mods ESvid channel for proof
MafiaboysWorld Hace 4 meses
@Tuddles 2502 Correct. 👍
Tuddles 2502
Tuddles 2502 Hace 4 meses
It's had the Ford motor for a few years was originally built by might car mods
jason t
jason t Hace 4 meses
That engine should of been in the new supra
Carboy Dorifuto party
@A lone Wolf of the North. well I guess if u want me to make a 4 then ok. 4. The B58 is more responsive, weights almost 200lbs less than a 2jz,and has the same block material that is made in VR38 and Coyote block and can more than likely be sleeved.
A lone Wolf of the North.
@Carboy Dorifuto party 4.?
Carboy Dorifuto party
@Robert Elmo 3. So how long has it been since Toyota made a decent sports car without anyone's help or made a solid platform without it sharing parts from another car?
Robert Elmo
Robert Elmo Hace 4 meses
#2: Kinda what Toyota did anyways re-badging a BMW Z4 as their new flagship performance icon. LOL
Vampyric Winter
Vampyric Winter Hace 4 meses
MRMOPARMAN0426 Hace 4 meses
Why would you bother when you have heaps of other good stuff that is cheaper to make fast?
Brandon Cleary
Brandon Cleary Hace 4 meses
We got em. Got them shipping in all the time.
Brandon Chubb
Brandon Chubb Hace 4 meses
There is a company that has been getting them shipped over. I forgot the name but I believe it’s 2k ish for a NA Barra and around 4K ish for a turbo barra.
Super chevy
Super chevy Hace 4 meses
There cool but I'll stick to the 5.0 😉
OneSlowLT1 Hace 4 meses
Literally a 3V in-line 6 cylinder Barra will get you enough clicks.... Nothing coyote about it....
MafiaboysWorld Hace 4 meses
@MRMOPARMAN0426 Yeah, never seen a non Boss V8 that wasn't in a Fairlane. 🤷
MRMOPARMAN0426 Hace 4 meses
@MafiaboysWorld i wouldnt say unicorn, but uncommon for sure. The barra 6 was good enough for most people, and then they dropped the 3v around the time they dropped the lwb. But yeah, XTs, fairmonts, fairlanes, LTDs, utes and RTVs (no wagons) got the 3v.
MafiaboysWorld Hace 4 meses
@MRMOPARMAN0426 I've only ever seen a G220 in a Fairlane. 🤷 They must be like unicorns!!
MRMOPARMAN0426 Hace 4 meses
@MafiaboysWorldthe 220 motor was also fitted to falcons. They arent common because the barra so much of an upgrade compared to the previous generation of 6s
MafiaboysWorld Hace 4 meses
@Micah Guillory Like I said, I'M NOT A FORD EXPERT! 🤷 F series then, happy? 🤦
winch racing
winch racing Hace 4 meses
The Barra is the ford 2jz why we don't have them in the states I donno but iv always wanted to build one !!!
Barra Nation
Barra Nation Hace un mes
@stevebertram do us all a favour jump in your corvette I’ve actually found a use for the rear view mirror have a look at it and i guarantee you see a fukn loser 🖕🏼🇦🇺
BFN Shrek
BFN Shrek Hace 2 meses
Steve Bertram when Barras gap your “precious” LS😬
MRMOPARMAN0426 Hace 4 meses
@MULTIFARIOUS TV so put a turbo on the LS and go faster again?
Nicks vlogs
Nicks vlogs Hace 4 meses
@Steve Bertram hahahaha that’s why Australian LS owners are always comparing their shit LS motors to the Barra.
@Steve Bertram all stock barra with a decent sized turbo will destroy an LS. LOL
Man O War
Man O War Hace 4 meses
And when all else fails, nothing screams swap quite like a fox body.💪
MafiaboysWorld Hace 4 meses
Benny giving you the explanation in a way that is easy for Americans to understand. 😎👍 The Barra is the final evolution of the old Thriftpower Six from the 1960s Kleib. You should watch the entire journey of the Cresta. From when MCM built it and ran 9.9 to what Benny's done now, running a PB of 8.3 here in Australia. 👍
Arron Johnston
Arron Johnston Hace 4 meses
@Smooth_Ops Texas is just a state of mexico just like california........... hahaha ......
MafiaboysWorld Hace 4 meses
@Smooth_Ops 😂🤣 Since you are Texan, have some bullhorns for that one, that was good. 🤘🤘🤘 Nah, it's usually a lost in translation thing with our lingo and not too many people are knowledgeable about the Aussie market so we explain it differently for foreigners. 👍
Smooth_Ops Hace 4 meses
You calling us Americans stupid? I'm from a country called TEXAS so I'm not offended 😁
Cody Koala
Cody Koala Hace 4 meses
I'd love the smell of woman's worn panties, way bett@ than mustangs and 2jz's
Turbo World
Turbo World Hace 4 meses
That Pinto checked out! Those Barras are monsters! Cool video!
Turbo World
Turbo World Hace 4 meses
@black98rt ah probably.
black98rt Hace 4 meses
I think that was an AMC Gremlin.
madmax2069 Hace 4 meses
I really wish you would get both sides time instead of just the one lane
madmax2069 Hace 4 meses
@stefan w thats a BS counter argument and you fucking know it. why are you so butthurt over a suggestion ?
stefan w
stefan w Hace 4 meses
Then go film it yourself
Chevy LS3
Chevy LS3 Hace 4 meses
6? WTF😮
Damien Williams
Damien Williams Hace 4 meses
Not even a fan of ford but these setups are making me reconsider....hmmm
Will M
Will M Hace un mes
Damien Williams well it’s actually reliable unlike American fords
Arron Johnston
Arron Johnston Hace 4 meses
@Steve Bertram hey inbred there are plenty of junk yard block barra's pushing 2000hp ......
Arron Johnston
Arron Johnston Hace 4 meses
@E-roc dude is aus the barra is the cheap junk yard motor an just like the LS it gets put into a lot of cars including GM
Steve Bertram
Steve Bertram Hace 4 meses
@E-roc junkyard blocks pushing over 2k horses, come suck on these all American baallz ya jelly ass fuckboi 🖕🇺🇸
Damien Williams
Damien Williams Hace 4 meses
@Steve Bertram That is a valid, I know I love my Vagon for sure
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