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As people age, they gradually lose the ability to refocus their eyes to near distances. This condition, known as presbyopia, affects roughly 2 billion people worldwide today. Using focus-tunable lenses and eye tracking, learn how we could build "autofocal" eyeglasses that refocus for you in the near future. Nitish Padmanaban is a fifth year PhD candidate at Stanford EE, supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. He’s advised by Prof. Gordon Wetzstein as part of the Stanford Computational Imaging Lab. His research is focused on using optical and computational techniques for improving visual perception, including building and evaluating displays to alleviate the vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC) and addressing presbyopia in both real and virtual settings. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

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Tony Zeoli
Tony Zeoli Hace un mes
Super cool
Kongolox Hace un mes
there is a bit of latency.. they should fix that b4 making it smaller..
Seth Woodard
Seth Woodard Hace un mes
Who down voted this?
ashwater skydust
ashwater skydust Hace un mes
When I used to do photography on a regular basis changing focal points constantly from macro to long distance landscapes and everything between, I noticed my eyes would operate much more like the camera focusing in close and far more frequently than previous. This always suggested to me that there was some muscle use and memory being built up. Could never tell if it was a good or bad thing. Is it possible that you can maintain optical health through exercise?
Sean de Waal
Sean de Waal Hace un mes
Short answer.. no. Your lens will lose elasticity no matter what you do. Muscles can retain some tone with exercise but not the lens
Insha K
Insha K Hace un mes
This is AMAZING. The power of technology 😍
B. Rippy
B. Rippy Hace un mes
It's not actually a thing yet.
Aish Mohd
Aish Mohd Hace un mes
Since I born my focus is very poor. I cannot focal single petty girl😂
Mb B
Mb B Hace un mes
How God's creation is the best. He is the best Creator. Yet Human are not greatful
R4H13L Hace un mes
GR8 research , well done. !
ijas ikku
ijas ikku Hace un mes
*..കമന്റ് തൊഴിലാളി കീ.......* Likr from kerala,INDIA 2876
Anthony Blignaut
Anthony Blignaut Hace un mes
This is wonderful thank you and may you and your team be super successful and blessed going forward
Tato Braga
Tato Braga Hace un mes
Hope they get it done before I need them
Paper Tiger
Paper Tiger Hace un mes
sounds like a tedx kickstarter promo for the fail. this is why this channel will fail in the long run....greed
Mr. H
Mr. H Hace un mes
Are people telling you to get a pair? They know your eyes are bad!
Mr. H
Mr. H Hace un mes
What's with the lawn sprinkler pipe? Is how you feel you plumbed more important than a working sprinkler?
TheWheelofLife100 Hace un mes
I can't see the point of this.
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee Hace un mes
Lol I see what you did
last shadow
last shadow Hace un mes
what about LASIK ?
Junie Hace un mes
If you have dry eyes doctors will turn you down.
last shadow
last shadow Hace un mes
@corruptconcubine Thanks for the info.
corruptconcubine Hace un mes
Oops- I forgot to mention that Lasik only changes the shape of your eye which is great if you have myopia or hyperopia, it is not effective as the main problem is the hardening of the crystalline lense he mentioned.
corruptconcubine Hace un mes
Hi optician here, While Lasik may do a great job for about the first 10 years (most cases at least), it still does not stop the progression of becoming presbyopic. Many Lasik patients still have to rely on readers. And before anyone asks why they can't just do Lasik again- You can only shave off so much of the cornea to correct your vision before it becomes too risky. That's also to say if you even have enough cornea to get that first treatment to begin with and if your prescription is deemed bad. Each surgeon has different criteria that needs to met so make sure to do your homework on that if Lasik is something you're looking into.
Shari Prince
Shari Prince Hace un mes
Interesting idea. But I've always been one to feed the body what it needs to heal itself. But, then you get into to make sure your body can absorb those nutrients. If you can't absorb them correctly, taking them won't do you any good.
dontBaBUZY KILL Hace un mes
Fix IT
Nine2Nine Hace un mes
You will see this tech show up in VR in the next 2 years..
B. Rippy
B. Rippy Hace un mes
When the start installing chips in peoples heads
44 Hawk
44 Hawk Hace un mes
How about developed supplements that more closely approximate the diet of the Aborigines of Australia. They have as much as six times better eyesight than almost anybody else on the planet. For two years I was wearing lashes daily that were either bifocals or Blended lenses. A year after I started taking a supplement with fairly high doses of zexarthin and lecithin, I am back to needing reading glasses on occasion.
44 Hawk
44 Hawk Hace un mes
@monkeymanwasd123 meat is not the primary diet of the Aborigines. They actually eat a stew of Blended spinach and other vegetables, almost like a slurry, we might actually call it a vegetable smoothie. It is the primary part of their diet. And there are supplements that have the two primary ingredients that help your eyes that you can get off the shelf. An actual food source of these other elements would probably be better. But the two primary ones will help considerately. I am not saying that they do not eat meat because as omnivores, if you don't eat meat, your brain atrophies. He just doesn't have anything that's particularly great for your eyes. It feeds other parts of your system.
monkeymanwasd123 Hace un mes
You mean meat? Blend up meat and organ meat then stuff it in pills made of skin or something... supplements didnt exist
Bobby A
Bobby A Hace un mes
I’ll invest.
Upgrade Hace un mes
Élysée Hace un mes
I rather wait for an underpants miniature recycling plant so we wont need to go #1 and #2 and save water, less co2, and fight global warming..
Élysée Hace un mes
@corruptconcubine far enough. no hard feelings. :)
corruptconcubine Hace un mes
@Élysée Sorry for the miscommunication! Humor in a conversation online is hard to understand with the lack of tone and body language
Élysée Hace un mes
@corruptconcubine his product is relevant for 100% of the population.. unlike the sense of humour obviously not everyone has one I see.. :)
corruptconcubine Hace un mes
While I go agree climate change is something to be concerned about, just because his goal is not aligned with yours does not mean he's not trying to improve the world in his own way. His goal is to improve eyesight for those 40+ y/o adults suffering from presbyopia. If that doesn't apply to you, then maybe you're just not the target audience for this product.
Hope Ambridge
Hope Ambridge Hace un mes
THIS IS HOW MANY PEOPLE LOVE TED TALKS 👇🏼 ( I’m just a small ESvidr tryna make friends 💙)
Hope Ambridge
Hope Ambridge Hace un mes
Geo MS aww thanks love! Let’s do it! :)
Geo MS
Geo MS Hace un mes
I Wanna Be Your Friend :)
Yusuf patel
Yusuf patel Hace un mes
Funny.Could see but couldn't hear. Haha. Th ideal is too cure. Not to accommodate or surpress the sickness.
Intermittent Energy
So many people with great vision do not comprehend how freeing good vision is. I struggle with vision problems constantly, and I am inhibited by the restraints of my vision.
Is there a way to cure myopia without lasik
corruptconcubine Hace un mes
@cowboysamuraiカウボーイ侍 Well then I guess the next thing I'd be curious about is your age. When you're a kid your eyes are more susceptible to change, but as you hit your early 20s your eye prescription begins to stabilize. And actually there are astronomers who do wear glasses so it's not a dealbreaker! They usually wear Silhouettes due to their lightweight nature and the pieces being made of almost, if not pure, titanium. So there's still hope if you're still wanting to shoot your shot :)
@Austin Christensen huh? I wanted to become an astronaut and play football with them, you know what... didn't worked out.
@corruptconcubine in my case it is not genetics it was because of my very closely watching tv habits
سپاہی Hace un mes
2.04 ... Min
Sethy K
Sethy K Hace un mes
Cool tech
rounak dhami
rounak dhami Hace un mes
Pls have a look at my videos too growing plant
rounak dhami
rounak dhami Hace un mes
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Paul Bussey
Paul Bussey Hace un mes
So many people moaning about progress and suggesting that these glasses will somehow make the wearers eyesight worse! Get real for gods sake, he clearly explains your eyesight NATURALLY gets worse as you get older. If there’s a waiting list for them I’d like to be on it please.
Krunoslav Stifter
Krunoslav Stifter Hace un mes
While I like the concept, why does this feels like Dragon's Den sales pitch of a business model. Standford, startups. Isn't this platform just used as a sales pitch for future investors?
Krunoslav Stifter
Krunoslav Stifter Hace un mes
@Joannot I don't dispute that. But what worries me is that show which was about ideas worth sharing in its original form, has gotten increasingly more about independently organized sales pitches. So instead of here is an idea I'm wiling to share with the world to help people, its here is my sales pitch, I'm looking for investors. And if its all about sales pitches than its going to be less and less about ideas worth sharing and more and more about ideas worth investing, if you got the cash. That creates and rewards salesmen type people with agendas. Nitish Padmanaban doesn't strike me as a particularly robust salesman but he is young. I've seen quite a few which are here either to sale something for their company or get exposure for a business or various political exclusively lefty partisan people. In other words TED went from ideas worth sharing to sales pitches and ideologies not worth following. The motivation behind the brand TED is far gone from where it was in the beginning and not for the better. It only produces more content.
Joannot Hace un mes
How can you get this project to the point that we need it to be without ressources? R&D cost money, unless you want this project to be completed in 100 years only with this team's current ressources, you need ressources. If this can literally help every single human being on this earth that is lucky enough to reach old age, then we can allow them to talk business to complete this project don't you think?
NPC #52700000389
NPC #52700000389 Hace un mes
Look into Bates method, people. They will keep selling us crutches because there's no revenue in cure
corruptconcubine Hace un mes
The reason why I disagree with the Bates method is because you'd quite literally have to change the length and shape of you eye in order to achieve better vision. If anything, the Bates method does a great job of alleviating dry eyes as the rubbing motion encourages the secretion of eye oils to lubricate the eye. Having dry eyes can actually cause your vision to be blurry so I can understand why few people may have success with it, but I cannot say it is a cure all method for everyone.
el perro reggae
el perro reggae Hace un mes
On my personal stance, the Bates Method doesn't work that much either. Jake Steiner's method is a more convenient one because it talks about habits to improve eyesight, but I haven't reaped any result thus far because you should really adapt all your habits towards that lifestyle. It takes some long time to do so.
Valerie Cecilia Lindsay
Oh my gosh, can’t wait. I really need these.
corruptconcubine Hace un mes
@last shadow Lasik is not effective in treating presbyopia as the problem is the crystalline lens hardening, not the shape of the eye.
last shadow
last shadow Hace un mes
Do LASIK and be done with it.
Alfredo Costa
Alfredo Costa Hace un mes
Hi i m ambliope. I need some glasses or mechanism like yours. Also if we can provide a glasses wirh a camera of a celular i can see about 6/10 or ecen more. But i cant find that tecnologie. Can you help me? Tks
Yasir Javed
Yasir Javed Hace un mes
It's amazing technology which I cant even fully understand, let alone create. However the more I see such things, I think these makes humans lazier and lazier by the day. People will stop taking care of things when they know it can be repaired.
X3N0 Hace un mes
@Khajiit Hadwares wtf does that have to do with anything?
Khajiit Hadwares
Khajiit Hadwares Hace un mes
teaching smart glasses how to refocus ... just like, you know, our eyes would do it.... if lifestyle choices would not change the shape of our eyes and glasses-dependancy would set those muscles stagnant to a certain limit.
corruptconcubine Hace un mes
Hi- optician here! Eyes are very complex, but just like the other commentor mentioned, most eye problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatisms included- are the result of genetics. There are also some environmental factors to include such as the over exposure to UV lights as well and smoking as well. Some studies also show that the lack of a healthy diet can also affect your eyesight! There are many things to take into consideration, but regardless of having perfect vision, I do recommend having an eye exam every 2-3 years to ensure the health of the eye is maintained.
X3N0 Hace un mes
Many people have poor eyesight no matter how well they take care of their eyes, its just genetic. That's not laziness that's a genetic deficiency that can be repaired with technology and improve people's lives.
Iaman Empoweredone
Iaman Empoweredone Hace un mes
Ok so where do I get a pair?
Bhanu Agrawal
Bhanu Agrawal Hace un mes
Blind people: this is not for us
NPC #52700000389
NPC #52700000389 Hace un mes
Not for dead people either
Jim Brinkley
Jim Brinkley Hace un mes
This would be absolutely wonderful! Very interesting topic. Thank you.
Jeanlo Hace un mes
*Mei nems ise donalde troupe 😂 sorie mei ingliche is 💩*
Sabik Kannur
Sabik Kannur Hace un mes
Interesting ✌️✌️✌️
The Jaxx Channel - Self-Growth Health Wellness
Got to love the power of *human potential!*
you are a Deepthinker
Mark C
Mark C Hace un mes
Doesn't that mean your eye muscles are going to get even lazier. The lazier the muscles worse your eyes are going to get.
Mark C
Mark C Hace un mes
@Upgrade we all think we're young, whether we're 18 or 50, but no I'm not
Upgrade Hace un mes
I guess you're a young person
Austin Christensen
Austin Christensen Hace un mes
Depends on how the tech works, but I’m hoping it accounts for your retinas dilation presumably based on pupil diameter to account for how much light hits your retina, otherwise whenever the glasses adjust they will refract different levels of light and your pupils will try to readjust leading to a fight between the glasses and your natural eye, which in theory could very well lead to eye damage. Great technology coming a long way undoubtedly though. Same way glasses now actually damage your eyes because they weaken over time like you’re talking about. But with that said, if perfected they could actually help keep your eye naturally strong compared to normal glasses now
Joannot Hace un mes
it doesn't matter anymore, if you are augmented, The cristallin your eyes could be a block of unmovable glass and it would still work.
Queen Zyonna X
Queen Zyonna X Hace un mes
Yes this is not a good idea for me
McConnell 91
McConnell 91 Hace un mes
I need some of those!
William Hester
William Hester Hace un mes
2 billion people do
Joshua Otusanya
Joshua Otusanya Hace un mes
Hey you 👋🏿 have an amazing day today. Hope my channel helps :) stay in touch!
Sam Barot
Sam Barot Hace un mes
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