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We’re thrilled to announce our new album, Life Is But A Dream… available June 2, 2023. Watch our official stop-motion video for “Nobody” - directed by Chris Hopewell. Stop motion is a handmade labor of love, often taking 90 minutes just to capture only 2 seconds of footage. "Nobody" is streaming everywhere now: a7x.lnk.to/nobody
The new album was written and recorded over the span of four years, and inspired by the writing and philosophy of Albert Camus. Our good friend and brilliant artist, Wes Lang, encapsulated our theme of existentialism through visual art for the album packaging. Pre-order now: a7x.lnk.to/libad.
Director: Chris Hopewell
Producers: Rosie Brind, Andrew Stewart
Director of Photography: Philip Powell
Animator: Jacky Howson
Gaffers: Chris Maris, Nick Pitt
DOP Assistant: Imogen Russell
Lighting Assistant: Joshua Stone
Art Director: Chris Hopewell
Puppet fabrication: Richard Heard
Head set builder: Siobhan Raw
Head prop Maker: Holly Jo Beck
Set and Props: Stuart Seydel, Jonathan Minto, Chloe Moore, Alice Nutley, Spike Hopewell, Tom Rogers, Gus Wallis, Chris Addison
Storyboard artist: James Harvey
Editor: Tom Weller
Compositors: Francine Breslin, Stephen Ryan
CGI artists: Bradley Nicholls, Sean Martin
Colourist: Hannah Squires
Lighting Camera: Chris Maris
On tour this summer: www.avengedsevenfold.com/tour
Follow A7X:
Website: avengedsevenfold.com/
Facebook: / avengedsevenfold
Instagram: / avengedsevenfold
Twitter: / theofficiala7x
TikTok: / avengedsevenfold
Spotify: spoti.fi/3Rkfded
Discord: / discord
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13 mar 2023






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@chrstphrluis2206 Hace 8 meses
I can’t believe I’ve been jamming a7x since 9th grade and now I’m 34 and my daughter loves them! So crazy how life passes by. Thank you a7x for everything 🙌
@Nihilian Hace 8 meses
@adichandra6671 Hace 8 meses
I'm 36 now n children loves the vibes
@rustysemmler6147 Hace 8 meses
I am also 34, and both my kids love Avenged 🥲🥲🥲
@Kbtoy789 Hace 8 meses
@@adichandra6671 Same
@chrstphrluis2206 Hace 8 meses
I feel like we all grew up with them somewhere in the background of our lives or even in front at concerts and stuff but they’ve been there. Drop your age and when you started listening to a7x 👇 🤘🖤
@douglasnowell4353 Hace 5 días
I'm 60 years old, and I tear up every time I hear this song.....so much Power!!!
@Butterpants1987 Hace 5 meses
coming back to this again because our lord and savior johnny christ did some amazing work under syns solo. 5:09 syn does what his father taught him up to this point, creates his own weather. under it johnny is creating space for the solo, and when its time for chaos at this time stamp, johnny says chaos time and really hammers the solo home. this solo is one of syns best...BRILLIANT BASS LINES! the chemistry these guys have! they really are meant to create music together!
@chkn- Hace 4 meses
Now that i have listened to the album over 20 times i can say this song is fucking epic
@mevinkalone4277 Hace 2 meses
Ride in the shadows, wondering beyond the frame Float like a feather through space and time outside a dream Pirouette with divinity in a dance we've shared before Someone dissolution This is "I am all" as "I am none" Here we fly so high, no high, no coming down Shedding weight as I'm coming undone All that's left converging as one I'm the sun I'm the sun, yeah I'm the God I'm awake I'm the one in everything I'm alive I'm the dead I'm a man without a head I walk with death in final exhalation (I'm the wake) and come apart through violent separation (I'm the one in everything) a thousand floors ascend into the ether A lunatic enchanted by the reaper (I'm alive) and down below I leave a stranger laying (I'm the dead) lifeless as the light begins to shatter the skies (I'm a man without a head) I ascend and leave behind the "used to be" And tear the fabric worn to cover my eyes (and see) (I see, I see) nobody Breath in the silence Ebb and flow among the waves Blur on the spectrum in like a dark an equal face All I ever was, has been and always will be Here I am as I'm starting again Beyond death and borne on the wind I'm the sun I'm the sun, yeah I'm the God I'm awake I'm the one in everything I'm alive I'm the dead I'm a man without a head A crack in the darkness A tear in the sky (I'm the one in everything) and there the moment when we find ourselves And all we occupy Return to the boundless Immerse in the free Letting go as you lose your name And all you've known to be Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody
@Xhlem Hace un mes
That solo at the end is incredible
@robertchristman1727 Hace 12 días
@blvdes Hace 8 meses
it's so crazy to think about how much life has changed since the last a7x album
@ObviouslyKieran Hace 8 meses
You could say it set "The Stage"... aight, I'll see myself out.
@morgancostello9914 Hace 8 meses
i agree very much i just listen too the song and its pure art i love it
@jguapo100 Hace 8 meses
@@ObviouslyKieran good one!
@adw6296 Hace 8 meses
Yea because trump was president, everything was good
@evanpaluch6190 Hace 8 meses
That's what I was thinking too. Their last album I was in a very different life situation. Miss those days.
1st listening: wtf. 2nd listening: is that really M Shadow? 3rd listening: hey that is kind of good. 4th listening: the drums❤ 5th listening: the lyrics❤ 673892 listening: alright still awesome
@banehog Hace 4 meses
Me 3 months ago: Hmm. OK Me 2 months ago: I guess it's kinda cool? Me 1 month ago: (find myself humming it regularly) Me now: It's a gd masterpiece!
@scottsharp1763 Hace 4 meses
First time I heard it knew this was the one ❤️💛💚👊🏾 Love the entire album which truly gets better and better ever single day fo sho….
@picolascage5270 Hace 4 meses
So fckn true!
@briskicetea5435 Hace 4 meses
Experiencing this right now
@kevinboyle9078 Hace 4 meses
so true....
@joshuagleeson4776 Hace 4 meses
Same progression as The Stage. Remember when people said it was bad when it first came out? Now everyone talks about it like it resurrected their mother.
@jmeloarts6480 Hace 8 días
This is a very powerful song and the depiction in this video is really good the lyrics are definitely about one’s existence life experience
@yami1758 Hace 8 meses
@JoaoPedro-tp7bl Hace 8 meses
Brazucas representando
@DanielPereira0 Hace 8 meses
Passando para compartilhar que "Itamaracá PRNG" que, desde 1946, é uma nova formula matematica no contexto da Teoria dos Números e Ciencia da Computação, também é um fanzaço do A7x! \m/
@hugomendes98 Hace 8 meses
@lucianebebber8613 Hace 8 meses
@shoyouu Hace 8 meses
amo essa banda desde 2012 quando a conheci
@Pit_Lord Hace 25 días
The fact they would put something like Life is But a Dream out at the peak of their popularity is something I can’t praise enough. This track alone has more going on than some bands entire discography. Incredible.
@chrisao1987 Hace 2 meses
From someone who remembers seeing them in shows before they were big and people knew who they really were. I really miss the old them.
@dennishorvath1954 Hace 2 meses
Im a late fan of these , guys meaning over the past few years...they fucking jam. What else can you say.
@fabio5076 Hace 5 meses
@crispycritter Hace 3 meses
I think this is the best song ever I can't stop listening to this it's beautiful in one way
@huskycruxes7232 Hace 8 meses
Oh wow. I'm not usually a music video kinda guy but when I saw this was stop motion animated I had to watch it. The amount of love and care that requires is astonishing.
@philm Hace 8 meses
@jan6335 Hace 8 meses
What's your opinion on the little piece of heaven mv ?
@endtimesninja1235 Hace 8 meses
Not to mention the song is literally bad as fuck 😂
@endtimesninja1235 Hace 8 meses
​@@jan6335 best from a7x in a decade.
@huskycruxes7232 Hace 8 meses
@@jan6335 great song. Not my favorite by them tho. That would probably go to victim, or maybe danger line. Mostly because the personal connection I have with both of those songs
@thamiressoares Hace 4 meses
This is perfect music
@Tattedupsucio47 Hace un mes
Man I’m a lil late but fuck this shit slaps glad I got to see them out here in phx 🤘🏽 been on repeat all day at wrk in my airpods
@James-gm9cs Hace 5 meses
This video hits different after hearing the whole album...
@sevesetupou3531 Hace 8 meses
You can really hear the change in Matt's voice. It sounds more weathered. Age catches up with us all but the band's service to the fans has always been exceptional over the years. Edit: Perhaps I should have phrased my sentiments more elaborately. The time was 3am where I am. I love A7X. Always have, always will. I'm not bashing Matt's vocals. I'm simply making an observation. There's not a vocalist on Earth that will have the same singing voice after 20 years of singing. Listen to any track from City of Evil and then listen to any track from The Stage. Same singer, years apart, and you can hear it. That's all I'm saying. I appreciate the passionate dialogue, though. Keep it going.
@Tommy_Oliver Hace 8 meses
I think you should wait for the rest of the album before you say something like that It could be intentional
@vndsh Hace 8 meses
Very sad to hear his voice now, but I still love this band
@chadwickbaker8706 Hace 8 meses
@@vndsh I agree this guy in the city of evil era to nightmare was absolutely a powerhouse
@moveond4500 Hace 8 meses
Didn't he had like a surgery or something and he eventually need to relearn singing kinda
@chadwickbaker8706 Hace 8 meses
@@moveond4500 I believe he had 2 vocal surgeries
@JoseMora-wc5zz Hace 4 meses
I adore the band. The music. Their legacy. From the early 2000’s to being a young lad playing Black Ops Zombies to being a young man. It’s a sensational feeling, to feel you know their music so well. As if watching a friend grow better and greater.
@dirty_diana4 Hace 4 meses
Yes ❤
@petopp8322 Hace 5 días
just WOW, never was a fan of this band, but this song is amazing! songwriting, singing, guitarwork, harmonies, creativity... excellent 🥰
@angelskaixo5188 Hace 3 meses
This song, is great, A7X for life foREVer
@dirty_diana4 Hace 4 meses
3:38 bro look at this, this is so beautiful 😭❤️ every time I listen to this I feel like the guy in the video, like I've left my body lol 🤣
@Kekorock1 Hace 8 meses
Gotta be honest. It takes balls to release something like this. No catchy chorus, no pop-ish vibes. Just pure art.
@scrizzle247 Hace 8 meses
Damn good points I didn't even think of that until just now. Makes the song even better.
there was a comment on this already
@Kekorock1 Hace 8 meses
@@Random_Console_Gamer yeah that was me but youtube hid it for some reason so I re-posted it :')
@lueyteledeluxe7457 Hace 8 meses
It's still catchy though. That riff = it's in my head after 1.5 listens!
@meteorhero526 Hace 8 meses
It's got that grit - and I bet it'll prove to be an incredible piece of the album
@CJWII Hace 5 meses
4:35 and after is just masterful. Good lord.
@DusanPagacSVK Hace 2 meses
Masterpiece. Thank you.
@TalmadgeF Hace 2 meses
wow what a fantastic song, brought me to a7x, keep up the killer work guys!
@MrJsheezie Hace 2 meses
Such a badass song.😊
@nixel9691 Hace 8 meses
I think Avenged sevenfold is the only band that when they make new music I get goosebumps hearing it and even emotional at times just feeling their music so beautiful
@whoisjuliano Hace 8 meses
My first time listening: M. Shadows vocals: Oh, he loose his voice, this vocals are so different, i hate this kind of vocals. Syn Gates' riffs: What a fuck? I miss Citty of Evil guitars, i'm so upset. Video Clip: One more video game stuff? lol Song Style: WTF? Its not A7x! Is there Rap in the middle of song? Whats this mix? Didnt like this at all, its very confusing. Syn's solos: Ok, i liked this, it's the only good part for sure, thank you Syn. Third time Listening: M. Shadows Vocals: I fucking love Shadows voice, fit perfectly with the music! How can he sings with vocal cords problems? He is so amazing! My favourite singer since I knew him. Syn gates' riff: OMG this riff is so deep and so simple at the same time! Love it. Video Clip: Holy fuck, I love how do they pass such a philosophical message! We have to be better people, the world is sick. Song Style: I didnt like this at first, but the song grew on me, i can't stop listening this masterpiece. Syn's solo: I think it's easily a top 3 solo ever done in history. No one can disagree.
@vikinghammer87 Hace 8 meses
@AmberLeafKing Hace 8 meses
This video has just gained like 400K views in the last hour how is that ?
@mia_meza5561 Hace 8 meses
@@vikinghammer87 e e 2 d
@davideppley2895 Hace 2 meses
This song and Mattel are the 2 from this album that I've been stuck on! Though others are growing on me . Always love me some early A7x !!
@crispycritter Hace 3 meses
I'm 65 years old never listen to this band but this is the best song I've ever heard thank you sevenfold
@user-ry5ky4cf5v Hace 3 meses
Nice. Rock on. Ax7 is damn good.
@punktacticz Hace 2 meses
you should check out all of their stuff tbh
@janetbrooks3634 Hace 2 meses
Omg, if you like this you have no idea how amazing their earlier stuff is...like incomparable!!
@rawan9641 Hace 2 meses
i really love to hear that. welcom from a7x fans
Man would I hate to be you
@bennykugger1516 Hace 4 meses
This one is harmonic and dynamic playing
@fynetuneyrgf Hace 5 meses
Simply some of the best, if not the best, modern day composers we are blessed to witness in our lifetimes. Generational talents for sure, no FD on that one. I still absolutely and totally miss my guy punching the skins and splashing the brass, even after all these years. Irreplaceable seemingly. But that seems to be well handled 4 sho. Mad props to the bro that stepped in awhile ago now, them there some funking huge shoes to fill. Besides that, mad rad vid as always expected from the boys sitting atop the game. These boys will go down in history as one of the irrefutable greats, can’t give up enough praise to fulfill the obligation required for this level of national and earned talent unfortunately.
@SabreArchon Hace 2 meses
Idk why but this song has a vibe to it that literally goes with any setting.
@cathan001 Hace 8 meses
I’m so happy there are still bands out there with the courage to pursue art.
@JJONNYREPP Hace 8 meses
Avenged Sevenfold - Nobody (Official Video) 1929pm 14.3.23 go to revolver... sounds like ministry and the agnostic gospel choir. old hat but good luck to 'em. spent more on the vid than they did on perusing their musical ventures, i feel...
@needsmoreclipping Hace 8 meses
So what you're saying is that you haven't ever experienced many bands or much art.
@JUNKO____ Hace 8 meses
There are a metric fuck ton of bands persuing art. Most people just don't see them because they don't look for new music or take any chances.
@KeanuChrist Hace 5 meses
The new album is a work of art. Been listening to it on repeat.
@twoghouls00 Hace 5 meses
dude for real!!!
@connielindquist924 Hace 5 meses
And every pass I like it more, now I know the words to the songs 👏😃
Yup! It's been on in my truck every day since it released...and at first I liked it okay, knowing it would grow on m, and holy shit did it ever! Fkn awesome
@lyraviolette4059 Hace 2 meses
Lyrics 🎉❤ Ride in the shadows, wondering beyond the frame Float like a feather through space and time outside a dream Pirouette with divinity in a dance we've shared before Someone dissolution This is "I am all" as "I am none" Here we fly so high, no high, no coming down Shedding weight as I'm coming undone All that's left converging as one I'm the sun I'm the sun, yeah I'm the God I'm awake I'm the one in everything I'm alive I'm the dead I'm a man without a head I walk with death in final exhalation (I'm the wake) and come apart through violent separation (I'm the one in everything) a thousand floors ascend into the ether A lunatic enchanted by the reaper (I'm alive) and down below I leave a stranger laying (I'm the dead) lifeless as the light begins to shatter the skies (I'm a man without a head) I ascend and leave behind the "used to be" And tear the fabric worn to cover my eyes (and see) (I see, I see) nobody Breath in the silence Ebb and flow among the waves Blur on the spectrum in like a dark an equal face All I ever was, has been and always will be Here I am as I'm starting again Beyond death and borne on the wind I'm the sun I'm the sun, yeah I'm the God I'm awake I'm the one in everything I'm alive I'm the dead I'm a man without a head A crack in the darkness A tear in the sky (I'm the one in everything) and there the moment when we find ourselves And all we occupy Return to the boundless Immerse in the free Letting go as you lose your name And all you've known to be Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody ❤
@sandgun1052 Hace 3 meses
I like how he says “I am the sun” and in hail to the king he says “stand in the sun”
@Booooooce Hace 5 meses
didn’t think this was all that great at first, now it’s on repeat ITS SO GOOD
@HawkOfDarkness Hace 5 meses
Even though this type of music isn’t my favorite this song is still incredible
@user-named Hace 2 meses
hands down best solo in history of guitar. I picked album version by ear and have been practicing it for a month. and able to play it clear at 80% tempo. Dont know how much time will it take to play at 100% speed. Syn plays live simplified version of this solo.
@john0044ify Hace 8 meses
First time listening I couldn't even process everything correctly, but by the second time, that beautiful chorus just fucking hit me. What a crazy ass composition. Avenged is really stepping it the fuck up. never heard anything like this. I have so much faith in you, A7X, I know you guys put all your hearts and minds into these, and it shows. I cant wait to hear the whole thing. Cheers from Brazil
@whoisjuliano Hace 8 meses
Hey Bro, don't forget to imagine watching they playing this live! This is the third time that keep waiting for song of new album, HTTK and The stage I was here. And I can say that again i'm surprised!!! Love it, as always! I'm so proud that I knew them a long time ago and have the oportunitty to keep them in my life.
@gyiyg555 Hace 8 meses
Yeah first time I heard it I was barely awake. I had woken up a minute before the premiere 😂
@dementor4505 Hace 8 meses
I was here for HTTK and Stage too. Been listening since I was a little kid and this shit blew my mind. It was so so so so perfect and the amount of respect I have for shadows for making this masterpiece while sounding relatively fried is just unbelievable.
@joemcmurtrey1 Hace 8 meses
Same. A7X forever
@stevenmontoya801 Hace 4 meses
This song is amazing an absolute treasure someone said something about the future Metallica... Its always been a7x
@clstile Hace 5 meses
I read that the singer of this band was experimenting with DMT the last five years.. I just recently , in my late 30s, started experimenting with psychedelics , and I’m not a huge A7X fan.. but I can see what they did here. I think I’m gonna take this ride with them .. life’s too short to box yourself in and away from things .. much peace and love from Southern California 🤘🏼
@PrfsrPuff Hace 4 meses
I learned about these guys from CoD Zombies back in 2013 and i have been in love ever since and they just make banger after banger. All the love for my foavorite band of all time. Long live A7X
@pikinachu9850 Hace 4 meses
Shepard of Fire, Carry On, and Not Ready To Die 🤘🏽🎸
@brrrr9165 Hace 3 meses
Bro me too! Call Of The Dead will forever be iconic for me
And i learned about them from my friend in 2015 aftee listening to so far away
@Andreapp157 Hace 4 meses
I’m about to be 30 and I got to see these guys back in 2011. I’ve been listening to them longer than that. Thanks for getting me through life. Y’all rock!
@johnmurrell5042 Hace 4 meses
I'd say there more metal but yea
@mendozaswork Hace 6 meses
Lo de Avanged Sevenfold es otro nivel, la verdad. No hay otra banda que eolucione tanto con cada álbum. Siempre espero con ansias su nuevo material porque sé que me sorprendarán. Hay quienes se quejan porque se "alejan de su esencia", pero ¿acaso la esencia misma de A7X no es su constante innovación? Para mí Avenged Sevenfold es sinónimo de arte, es mi banda favorita y me siento agradecido de que siempre nos entreguen algo nuevo y sorprendente.
@777Spartacus Hace 8 meses
Infinite kudos to Brooks for always keeping Jimmy’s presence in songs. I will never get tired of hearing the ‘double ride thing’ 🙏🏼
@TPG_Plagues Hace 8 meses
Ding duh dings ❤ I also love how EVERYONE calls it "the double ride thing" from fans , guitar players other drummer's etc. I've never heard it be referred to as anything except ding da dings or double ride thing haha
@cooliusmaximus5802 Hace 8 meses
​@@TPG_Plagues i believe Jimmy himself called it the "double ride thing" from a lack of better words as he's never heard anyone else do it before him.
@StudMuffin69 Hace 8 meses
​​@@cooliusmaximus5802 Gene Hoglan is one of the few, maybe even Jason Bittner.
@MuttonTinTin Hace 8 meses
Where was the double ride in the song. Not sure if I'm stupid but on my 5th listen I feel I've missed jt
@TPG_Plagues Hace 8 meses
@MuttonTinTin it's not fast but he's definitely doing a beat that he's alternating between hitting a ride on his left with his left hand and one on his right with his right hand while using the opposite hand to hit the snare every other time.
@MrCarrollJames Hace 3 meses
This song creeps up on you. There's a lot of subtle brilliance.
@alexmcallister3098 Hace 5 meses
This song I loved immediately when I first heard it in highschool I was introduced to the band but was confused because everyone was like no dub steps way better and they all told me it's the next thing..... I love my rock more lol
@bigbelconut Hace 5 meses
Amazing song. And the stop motion is some of the best I have ever seen.
@GeoffreySnider Hace 8 meses
I won't lie, this video alone is a lot yo take in. The band touched on quite a few serious and troubling societal themes in the stage album, but bow they are taking it 10 steps further and really allowing their art to take its own shape. I love their earlier crazy albums, I love those vibes, but I cannot wait to dive into this new world with A7X🤘🤘
@abaddonsouls1273 Hace 8 meses
Makes me happy to see that there's still people like you and me out there
@b.pauline422 Hace 7 meses
I feel like the Stage was about science and mankind, I'm "afraid" this one will be about death and be more philosophical, like the meaning of life, what is our purpose and such. It's gonna hit us hard with feelings, self-reflection and maybe like The Stage did for me, a teensy bit of self-hatred.
@sinongaba Hace 2 meses
Matt's vocals 🔥
@neinlives9424 Hace un mes
The Atlanta show in Sept was one of my favorite memories of all my 50 years. You gave me hope and made me feel alive for the first time in a decade.
@gloriaesparza4792 Hace 2 meses
I started listening to them 17 yrs ago…. And the amazement hasn’t changed, actually it’s grown… I still get that dopamine kick when I listen to their music… They inspired me to write my first fiction novel.. Thank you Avenged!
@mattyc-137-vu4em Hace 2 meses
i adore this masterpiece
@YummyBaer Hace 3 meses
Synyster Gates is probably one of the best guitarists in existence at this time and it shows in this song. I saw A7X live at Sonic Temple and they blew me away with this song, Syn was shredding up there and it was historical to witness live.
@MW-nf4pg Hace 3 meses
absolutely not the best
@MrMisterDerp Hace 3 meses
Not even top 25 currently playing, he’s good but to say he’s the best is just stupid
@doriondouglas6176 Hace 3 meses
Saw em this tour from Canada. Syn went absolutely nuts on buried alive, like for several minutes after the song "ended" bro just kept shredding. Even m.shaddows was like, wow yall are lucky to hear syn shred like that
@MrMisterDerp Hace 3 meses
@@castellanos-us7kx Alex lifeson, Adam Jones, Brendon small, Matt heafy, Dave mustaine
@magellan3110 Hace 3 meses
@@MrMisterDerp Imho in terms of pure technical ability, Syn clears all of them.
@MariadaSilva-ut8mi Hace 25 días
💗I love everything about this song, this guitar climb with the always wonderful vocals, photography; everything. Persephone's world and I love it.
@alexsilady9906 Hace 8 meses
On my 4th or 5th listen and I’m really digging it now. So glad to see they’re still pushing the boundaries for what their sound is. It sounds fresh and new yet completely Avenged Sevenfold. Bring on the album!
@crimson76 Hace 8 meses
me too i had mixed feelings at first
@LuisLopez-xo8rp Hace 8 meses
I'm glad you are showing off the praise I think its a good song too. The string section is so addictive and haunting like something big is coming
@pubudusenarathne Hace 8 meses
Same here! I was a bit happy since some songs which I never liked or hated on the first listen grew out to be my personal favorites... So, I gave the song what it deserves. many listens. now I'm caught up in the loop of it.. This song is fire! Life is but a dream... indeed!
@gepinhidayat3050 Hace 5 meses
after a long wait, a7x's latest album is back lyrically
@Elchupatas616 Hace 4 meses
pinche temon precioso
@badwulff Hace 5 meses
So incredible to see how they've matured. Discovered them when Nightmare dropped, been an unconditional fan since. You had hints in previous material how experimental and genre-bending they wanted to be (their self-titled obviously comes to mind, but also Planets, or Fiction, or even earlier stuff like The Wicked End, as well as The Rev's own weird band), but this goes above and beyond. It's such a cool expansion on their willingness to push the boundaries of metal, while sticking to the themes they've always liked (death, identity, the apocalypse). Great stuff. I've finished the first three songs, all three are absolute bangers with my tentative fav so far being Mattel. I want to savor this, so I'll take it slowly.
@bearbuds6268 Hace un mes
This guitar solo gives me life 🖤 such an incredible album
@filetmignon4446 Hace 4 meses
See you tomorrow! been waiting to listen to this album! couldn't wait any longer! Skeletons and A7X! strong message and amazing lyrics.
@patos2487 Hace 8 meses
Man that ending solo sequence was a thing of beauty 🤘🏻
@tawnyhonksk8354 Hace 8 meses
Or boredom
@Marta1Buck Hace 8 meses
@@kingsrevenge9234 go to art school/ music school
@kyleroxxx Hace 8 meses
Typical a7x fashion, love it
@jadreinhargis3603 Hace 8 meses
Sounded like shit and ended like a bad movie with no ending.
@@Marta1Buck yeah, don’t do that unless you want to start your adult life with a useless degree and debt.
@ibnusina510 Hace 5 meses
I waiting 7 years for this album❤❤
@Diego0200 Hace 4 meses
Antes no me gustaba pero ahora no puedo dejar de escucharla y ese solo de guitarra es sin dudas unos de los mejores de Syn¡¡¡
@ShottyPiippenz Hace 4 meses
7 years were worth it...Sorry I missed MSG. Song is dope.
@zackmarshall7131 Hace un mes
No props to the model team, what it took to make this in stop motion is nuts
@erikgonzalez3991 Hace 2 meses
I taught this song to a little girl who loved me very much.... I miss her every day. I hope she still listens to this song and reads this comment.
@pairwin Hace 8 meses
Wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first but after a few listens I love it. The lyrics sound like they went and did a bunch of psychedelics and blasted back through all of space and time
@skizilla Hace 8 meses
The chorus playing back over itself is what does it.
@naominoti3772 Hace 8 meses
I got that trippy Sweet Leafy vibe but this is way more refined with a beginning middle and end. M Shadows' vocals are amazing
@haroharoharo. Hace 8 meses
its so weird the people who cant fathom someone creating interesting sounding music without being high
@kaleb8518 Hace 8 meses
​@@haroharoharo. syn admitid in an interview he does psychedelics for some songs so this was probably it lmfaooo
@naominoti3772 Hace 8 meses
@@haroharoharo. who said the composer was high? Not what was meant
@minta2549 Hace 2 meses
Absolutely beautiful ❤ was always
@AdorKnight Hace 3 meses
Someone found the psychedelic journey they were lookin! The lyrics hit so hard
best guitar solo of the 2020's already
@PhilipCovino-ij4np Hace 5 meses
Dope song!!!
@toosense Hace 6 meses
Fkn masterpiece. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
@Xldldoom0 Hace 8 meses
It’s so good. It’s honestly so, so good. The chorus is awesome. The drumming is excellent. Brooks is such a brilliant drummer. Great song. Welcome back guys.
@csanadmusic Hace 8 meses
are you for real? xd
@Xldldoom0 Hace 8 meses
@@csanadmusic yes, it’s my opinion, are you for real in never having heard of such a thing?
@user-pw1xw7ni6g Hace 4 meses
​@sp0ngerin0 don't worry he thinks the entire album is trash too
@drewedwards7992 Hace 5 meses
Lyrically a masterpiece. "A lunatic enchanted by The Reaper". What an unbelievably artful way to illustrate our collective fascination and/or fixation on death. Matt said he drew inspiration for this album from a 5-MeO-DMT experience. It has definitely given the whole album a transcendent feel that can only come from genuine ego death.
@matthewmelange Hace 24 días
I haven't listened to A7X since 2010, this Iron Maiden aesthetic feels like a natural progression of their music. I'll always be sad they didn't continue down Waking The Fallen but I understand as well.
@MrStacked12 Hace 6 meses
I cannot get this song out of my head its so unique
@Duras- Hace un mes
Just discovered A7x. Damn these guys are good
Regardless of anyone's opinions of the song or new album as a whole this music video is easily one of the coolest music videos I've personally seen
@ricax8876 Hace 8 meses
A7X's ability to evolve is incredible, they never repeat themselves, they never make a 2.0 of any record, and that's impressive, a unique band, foREVer 💎
@HAMMET666 Hace 8 meses
That is what im saying. Coolest band ever.
@josephmcdaniel4870 Hace 8 meses
@@frtpieru L Take on that...maybe some stage inspiration.....but you might as well come out and say A7X is a Metallica ripoff....that would sound more intelligent than the crap you just said.
@IlSevenlI Hace 8 meses
Was thinking The Stage 2.0 through the whole Track 😅 (Not in a bad way)
@loganzart6661 Hace 8 meses
@@josephmcdaniel4870 bro what
@wcryan Hace 6 meses
The drumming in this is insane
@peteybobbles Hace 5 meses
yeah this dude brooks no joke
INFJ song lol XD 💖
@RandomGuy-yf4wf Hace 5 meses
​@@DarkCelestialConsciousness how does this song have anything to do with any personality type?
@jankompos2330 Hace 5 meses
the whole song is
@user-be3sb6ij4y Hace 4 meses
I like how up front the drums sound. Its not just background fill and such the bass drum is in your face.
@user-nm9gp3vs5d Hace 2 meses
Already know that they are great no matter what year you listen to it
@kirstengentry4700 Hace 3 meses
This song really hits me in the feels. Amazing band.
@user-si2lw2ts7r Hace un mes
It was so amazing being able to see this live. A7X forever
@JustinRulez12315 Hace 4 meses
The best song on the album
@EggyIsReal Hace 8 meses
gotta say, getting into Avenged Sevenfold was the best thing I could've done in recent years
@squeegee1025 Hace 5 meses
now that the album is out entirely, if you pay attention to the music video theres a couple of references to other songs in the album. most notably at 0:49 the tree in the back has a noose tied, referencing the end of game over, and at 4:32 mattel being referenced with the plastic daises. gotta love the detail A7X puts in their music.
@hermesxivv7695 Hace 4 meses
Never really listened to rock before this , but I must say this song is an experience 🔥🔥
@anthonydandrea270 Hace 4 meses
You should continue forth in this endeavor. Rock is better than any other genre ever created
Dude, Afterlife has been my favorite A7x song, actually, it has been my favorite song of all time, of all bands, of all genres, for YEARS...This song, just took that spot. This is one of the greatest songs of ALL TIME IMO. This is legit a musical masterpiece. All the sounds coming together produce an amazing result.
@brianmirecki Hace 2 meses
What a great song, instantly likable, so obviously a labor of love.
@Prestoxo Hace 8 meses
It takes a few listens to really grasp everything since there’s so much happening at once. Every time you listen, you catch something new. This definitely has more of an “album starter” sound and feel; a taste of what the whole record is going to reflect. I think it’s got a good mix of their traditional tonality, and the new direction in terms of overall sound and effects that is reflected in the current “rock/metal” scene. Solid performances from everyone; each member had their moments to express themselves and where they’ve evolved over the years. Overall, I think it’s got a lot of potential as long as you keep an open mind to change. Remember, if a band sounded the same forever, you’d complain they never do anything different. If they try something new, they’re ruining their traditional sound and are killing everything that made them who they are. This is a fine example of blending between the two aforementioned.
@HazmatFire59 Hace 8 meses
IMO it sound a lot like a mix of diamond in the rough and the stage. definitly need a couple listens like the stage to get use to it. It's cool that they trying new stuff, they are older now and taste change when getting older, the music industry have change a lot too. People tend to forget band dont do music for people... most of them do it for themselve.
Completely agree
@Haakoninthemix2011 Hace 8 meses
100% agree!
@Celestial_Being666 Hace un día
Masterpiece 🔥🤘🏽
@stevefenner8449 Hace 4 meses
@brunomaldonado7049 Hace 4 meses
This is how progressive metal is done is just in another level completely, all album is a fantastic experience, amazing work A7x worth the wait.
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