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Curiosus Hace un mes
For all Avengers fans here's the third part of the Avengers Cast speaking different languages (featuring Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan and many more) :) Check it out! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-2OH1m1qxiRE.html
Kei Katsura Nguyen
Kei Katsura Nguyen Hace un hora
I lost it at 2:49 😂😂😂
Mushroom Cutiechu
Mushroom Cutiechu Hace 15 horas
Thor at Ghostbuster 😱
sIsTeR sHoOk
sIsTeR sHoOk Hace 18 horas
Mark in 13 going on 30 😂
Joanne Lazo
Joanne Lazo Hace 20 horas
I swear to god Robert Downey jr. can do anything
Popcorn Randomness
Popcorn Randomness Hace 21 un hora
2:45 what happens when your brother is married to/ dating Miley Cyrus
Melanin Darkskinned
Melanin Darkskinned Hace 23 horas
7:41 didn’t expect that
Eggsn Bakon
Eggsn Bakon Hace un día
@7:11 GOLUUUUUUM!!!!
Magi Warden
Magi Warden Hace un día
The best dancer was the little girl in pigtails.
bilibili68 Hace un día
9:38 this kid has a serious future as a dancer and choreographer
Melissa Holmes
Melissa Holmes Hace un día
Loki 🥰😍
luna adalaine
luna adalaine Hace un día
how i met your mother,,,, that show was my childhood
luna adalaine
luna adalaine Hace un día
2:37 thor: i dont feel so good,,, i feel great :))) okay but fr am i missing smth about his neck orrr-
You all need SatAn
You all need SatAn Hace un día
*I am now just realizing that Chris was in ghostbusters- wth.*
tamila Rankin
tamila Rankin Hace un día
Why they had to show Nick Fury as a crackhead though?
Kelsey Hill
Kelsey Hill Hace 2 días
I lost it at Clark Gregg 4:22
Dakaraka 2807
Dakaraka 2807 Hace 2 días
CharaDaKillerPsycho and FriskTheMercfulPunMaster
God of Mischief!? Ya got it wrong. Its GoD OF DANCING
Vel Custodio
Vel Custodio Hace 2 días
Chris hemsworth and tom hiddleson
Keira Rogers
Keira Rogers Hace 2 días
Chris Evans was so good😍
Melissa Holmes
Melissa Holmes Hace 2 días
My God @Tom. 😋
BL4Z3 Hace 2 días
Now this did put a smile on my face...
Ashley Simpson
Ashley Simpson Hace 3 días
damn jeremy dancing with a hat is harrrddd go you
Jb Cruz
Jb Cruz Hace 3 días
love yah guys 3thousand👊
NuCLaR kIlleR
NuCLaR kIlleR Hace 3 días
I wish to know what movie was Thor dancing in ;-;
Debbie Schwartz
Debbie Schwartz Hace 3 días
Anyone else notice that the woman in the dark hat and jacket that Clark Gregg pulls to her feet around 5:20 then kisses is his wife Jennifer Grey?
cmtangiiti89 Hace un día
I noticed her, didn't know they were married though
R J Hace 3 días
Yes its her! Reminds me of dirty dancin
Gatinha Kawaii
Gatinha Kawaii Hace 3 días
2:55 in the mind of Dog: Get out of my life
Katie Catley
Katie Catley Hace 3 días
Coulston is a fat mood
Aysha Maine Vlog
Aysha Maine Vlog Hace 4 días
Wow robert downey still dances the same until now haha so cute
Bloom Harandu
Bloom Harandu Hace 4 días
I didn't know Kevin from ghostbusters was Chris
Top50Reviews Hace 4 días
BeatuzKasady Hace 4 días
Fuck. Gwyneth is one of the most beautiful women of the world. Love her 3000
Hey 3dgy
Hey 3dgy Hace 4 días
If thanos saw loki dancing he would've choked himself
Halcyon __
Halcyon __ Hace 4 días
That Samuel Jackson clip at the end was real disrespectful.." Ima Crack head"??? For real?
TheGhost Reader
TheGhost Reader Hace 4 días
TheGhost Reader
TheGhost Reader Hace 4 días
COULSOOOON OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Fury in 2012.. Fury: we need to distrac Loki.. Hill: i have a plan Coulson: *dancing so Happy*
TheGhost Reader
TheGhost Reader Hace 4 días
T_star TvT
T_star TvT Hace 4 días
Did nobody notice Chris Hemsworth’s neck at 2:30 to 2:39 wat
Georgia Bailey
Georgia Bailey Hace 2 días
Part of the possession, basically the dude possessing Chris just died.
Edith Virgil
Edith Virgil Hace 4 días
I just noticed that and I was wondering if anybody had answers lol
Lorraine Diaz
Lorraine Diaz Hace 5 días
here's my ranking: 1st Loki and Coulson 2nd Robert and Jeremy 3rd Evans, Chris Hemsworth
JeromiaTownHouse Hace 5 días
R.I.P chair Loki kicked whilst dancing
Random Girl
Random Girl Hace 5 días
10:50 Robin!!
mariah m
mariah m Hace 5 días
scarlett johansson's dance made feel uncomfortable lmaoooo.
JKL Hace 5 días
LOL Chris Helmsworth's dog was hilarious...
• Fursoniia •
• Fursoniia • Hace 5 días
0:42 *the mechanical arm thingy doesn’t know where to start with*
Thảo Anh Lê
Thảo Anh Lê Hace 6 días
Tom lớn tom bé in the best
Moschda Sediq
Moschda Sediq Hace 6 días
Gwyneth and James is the best thing I have ever seen
Adrian Muyot
Adrian Muyot Hace 6 días
THIS IS GAY AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 4:19
mind ya
mind ya Hace 6 días
5:19 Jennifer Grey?
chris k.
chris k. Hace 6 días
How Starlord could distract for a moment Thanos...🤔The dance at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 1.👍😅😅.
Its_ Ana
Its_ Ana Hace 6 días
Tbh they litterly dance so much better than me, like I cant dance
Kayano ZenSenpai
Kayano ZenSenpai Hace 7 días
4:32 those dancers are trying not to laugh because of Clark 😂 🤣
Zaris Westerfield
Zaris Westerfield Hace 7 días
Dead!!! Guess which Avenger surprised me.
Miskatonic. 27
Miskatonic. 27 Hace 7 días
Lo más bonito? La niñita de la playera morada 😘😘😘
Rahul Makwana
Rahul Makwana Hace 7 días
😆😂😂😂 hhhh
Louann Jolivet
Louann Jolivet Hace 7 días
4:20 c'est génial
Elizabeth DreamCatcher
Can I have a movie list?! I wanna see those movies.
Cornelia Tomson
Cornelia Tomson Hace 7 días
When you realise Tom could become a professional dancer..
Aditya Rao
Aditya Rao Hace 8 días
Really where is paul rud he is the best
Spazzo Lino
Spazzo Lino Hace 8 días
Robert dancing is my spirit animal
nicole brooks
nicole brooks Hace 8 días
I totally forgot he was Lip Sync Battle with his wife
Pinkpixy Lady
Pinkpixy Lady Hace 8 días
7:22 That moment when Hulk, Elektra, and Ulysses Klaue took on the King of Pop
georgoudixxx Hace 8 días
chris evans/ robert dowey= dancegoals clark gregg= ultra dancegoals tom hiddleston= super ultra dancegoals. remind me why tom holland is not in this video :'(
sybol Rose
sybol Rose Hace 8 días
We all know Tom can dance! ❤️❤️
Aesthetic Jay
Aesthetic Jay Hace 8 días
Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson Hace 9 días
Is that Clark Gregg's wife that he kisses during his "Toxic" routine?? lol
BirdNerd 309
BirdNerd 309 Hace 9 días
Chris Evans doing a belly dance was all I need
Blair Canceran
Blair Canceran Hace 9 días
suave move of hawkeye♥️
Isha Chavan
Isha Chavan Hace 9 días
Did anyone realise Chris Hemsworth's first dance there was a turn and his head was facing the front!
emmyr Renxia
emmyr Renxia Hace 9 días
gwyneth,chris,and tom hiddle best parts..😍😍
AwesomeAngel Hace 9 días
js jefferson
js jefferson Hace 9 días
When they let Robert Downey sing
Danae Lum
Danae Lum Hace 9 días
Lolll omg so much snort laughing
Noriza Maiyus
Noriza Maiyus Hace 10 días
My god Gregg 😂😂😂❤
rfjxndcm_023 Hace 10 días
the doctor said i only had estimated 12 minutes left to live... so i watched this video
Vincelle1516 Pasion
Vincelle1516 Pasion Hace 10 días
Chris hemsworth is also awesome😂
Vincelle1516 Pasion
Vincelle1516 Pasion Hace 10 días
Chris evans is awesome my one and only
TJ Wha
TJ Wha Hace 10 días
Whats 2:30 from
Leila Prince
Leila Prince Hace 10 días
7:46 they should make a fortnite dance for him XD
Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose Hace 10 días
Emma The Gae
Emma The Gae Hace 10 días
Scarlett needs to be in more comedy movies 😂
Jolyne Foda
Jolyne Foda Hace 10 días
Tom hiddleston dance too much
Mahima Romanoffmw sally
Agent of shield on his secret mission 😂
Hannah Kuhar
Hannah Kuhar Hace 11 días
I am in my basement and when I saw the Sherlock RDJ scene I was like wait a second I looked back at the wall and realized shit I actually have a poster of that movie sorry just had to say it
Hello yellow
Hello yellow Hace 11 días
loki is best
baljinderjit singh
baljinderjit singh Hace 11 días
I see tom hiddleston i click. 😄 #hiddlestoners
Yoga Satria
Yoga Satria Hace 11 días
I love loki
Knitty Gritty
Knitty Gritty Hace 11 días
4:40 is the look of a man who hates himself but still performs like a professional.
Nicole pena
Nicole pena Hace 11 días
I don't like Gwyneth cuz she's a douche waffle but that was pretty funny mostly bcuz of the kids tho. Coulson was pretty amazing.
Muntaha Mysha
Muntaha Mysha Hace 11 días
What about tom Hollands umbrella dance ?
kensy 666
kensy 666 Hace 12 días
7:50 creo que ya me enamore ^-^ jajskxdhksjs
Guilherme Zanella
Guilherme Zanella Hace 12 días
Rossella Milani
Rossella Milani Hace 12 días
is there something tom hiddleston can't do?
Aaliah Ahamad
Aaliah Ahamad Hace 12 días
Therese Escoto
Therese Escoto Hace 12 días
Clark Gregg tho um 😂😂😂
Astra Tr3b
Astra Tr3b Hace 12 días
dr strange.... turn back time for me please.
I love Saturdays
I love Saturdays Hace 12 días
7:52 RIP chair
One Roronoa
One Roronoa Hace 12 días
I found this part sexy for some reason. 2:27 Just the way he moves his body is-- oh my god.
Adeptus Astartes
Adeptus Astartes Hace 12 días
You know whats terrifying? You can actually believe that phil coulson would do this if he needed to go undercover hahaha
Kkre shi
Kkre shi Hace un día
subscribe to pewdiepie
Chocolate Doughnut
Chocolate Doughnut Hace 5 días
He honestly looks like he's having a midlife crisis and I'm so happy that's how he deals with it
Alfomar Dotillos
Alfomar Dotillos Hace 10 días
I could see that situation where he dances Toxic to seduce or distract his target. 😂 Somebody should make a fanfiction of Phil Coulson dancing.
MemeTube Hace 12 días
Like Chemically Anxious Cosplays comment, they should have added Tom Hiddlestons dance into Avengers and he should have made Loki do it
bacini e cuoricini
bacini e cuoricini Hace 13 días
8:15 Jesus Christ
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