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‘Avengers: Endgame’ cast members Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige open up about their journey as the original 6 Avengers, Stan Lee and much more.
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'Avengers: Endgame' Cast Full Roundtable Interview On Stan Lee & More | Entertainment Weekly


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10 abr 2019






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Entertainment Weekly
The end is near. We assembled 6 covers with the founding Avengers! Check them out with Anthony Breznican's full cover story: bit.ly/EWAvengersEndgame
Le Devil Dragon !
Le Devil Dragon ! Hace 3 meses
I always wondered if prior to the Avengers 2012 movie or when filming it actually began back in 2009 or 2010, was there an idea of adding a seventh member to the team instead of six? 😔
พีระศักดิ์ ทองอยู่
2020stargazer Hace 11 meses
All "smoking Mad" isn't it!
jysix Hace un año
Cloud Dr. Strange have used the Time Stone to revive Stark, as Thanos did to Vision???
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns Hace un año
you guys didn't invite a raccoon to the interview>bradley cooper
Lynn shera
Lynn shera Hace 6 horas
when chris said " have a small part in it" omg i felt how much of a good man he is
Adèle 2703
Adèle 2703 Hace 10 horas
7:43 ThEY loVE EAcH oThER
Raji mv
Raji mv Hace 22 horas
I think it's too difficult for Mark Ruffalo to stop giving away spoilers 😅😂. Everyone so curiously listening to what he speaks.
Thejus Cp
Thejus Cp Hace 3 días
Stan Lee 😍
Juvie Bridge
Juvie Bridge Hace 4 días
I know it's been more than like a year since this interview came out but like, THESE type of interviews are the ones I like best. The host lets the guests talk their mind with no interruption and everyone just looks so relaxed.
Casey Storan
Casey Storan Hace 4 días
The comfort and love they have for each other is beautiful ♥️
Lefty plays
Lefty plays Hace 5 días
RDJ as a cow HEEHEE 😂
AJ Evans
AJ Evans Hace 8 días
RDJ’s and Mark’s impression of Stan Lee are amazing.
rygy1994 Hace 9 días
1:23 Renner’s face as he is first hearing about Ruffalo streaming the first ten minutes of Ragnorak.
Myriam LUCIEN Hace 10 días
Jesus saves
Los amo mucho. FIN.
T. Thomas
T. Thomas Hace 12 días
Black Widow Character brought the reality of a quiet strength and powerful spirit. i.e. the “hammer challenge” in Age Of Ultron, when she was approached she immediately dismissed the challenge, it wasn’t something she needed to prove to herself or to the others. That was crazy awesome moment and very empowering for girls #GirlPower 💕💪🏾
Rosanjiela Leor Caranza
I miss them. I have loved watching the OG6's interviews.
Ssj Cjjax ON LOCK
Ssj Cjjax ON LOCK Hace 14 días
So are all gonna I’d more that scarlet Johansson is wearing the same clothes from the hot ones interview
Kay- Bear
Kay- Bear Hace 15 días
As they are not able to spoil while Making this Interview: good Thing Tom Holland didnt come 😂😂😂
Dillon Brown
Dillon Brown Hace 16 días
Get u someone that looks at u like robert looks at chris evans😂
tonyStorks Hace 16 días
7:46 ❤️
Madison Litchford
Madison Litchford Hace 16 días
I get anxious every time Mark talks even though the movie came out over a year ago....
john frogman
john frogman Hace 17 días
i’m so glad that infinite saga happened in my life time.
vi Mu
vi Mu Hace 17 días
This is so far by the beeeeest and satisfying Avengers interview I've seen... Been looking for avengers interview and all I got kay shooooort and some are just click bate. Thanks for this.
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith Hace 18 días
Stan Lee was amazing but defo a pervert for drawing the female characters with big boobs butbyet smart to know how he can draw men in
Amogh Jadhav
Amogh Jadhav Hace 18 días
Only reason Kevin is sitting there is to stop them from telling spoilers
Eunmin Woo
Eunmin Woo Hace 18 días
19:14 Chris Evans always says the right thing with the most intellectual deliverance 20:31
Angela Swift
Angela Swift Hace 18 días
I'm here for the facial expressions poker faces LOL
Angela Swift
Angela Swift Hace 18 días
LOL I can't hear what anyone is saying Everybody's Talkin at the same time lol funny though
Harshit Singhai
Harshit Singhai Hace 18 días
Chris Hemsworth voice is just velvet
Flora R
Flora R Hace 19 días
I'm just here just to find the cure for my quarantine depression and the fact that it has been a YEAR since End game :")
Richa Ch
Richa Ch Hace 19 días
Júlia Melo
Júlia Melo Hace 20 días
Chris Evans looks quite sad, that makes me sad as well
shirlee tanghaya
shirlee tanghaya Hace 21 un día
I have to tell my grand kids about these movies.
NF - Nikhil Film's
NF - Nikhil Film's Hace 22 días
The magic of Avengers
Kimberly B
Kimberly B Hace 22 días
In the beginning when the host said Nick Fury was dust it hurt a little not going to lie even tho I've seen Endgame it still hurt and then it hurt more because I'VE SEEN ENDGAME!
Ashikur Rahman
Ashikur Rahman Hace 22 días
Scarlet is just mesmerizing!
Lena Hace 23 días
I know I'm late to the party but I spent the whole week watching all mcu movies and I finished endgame 10 mins ago and I'm a crying mess IS ANYONE STILL HERE HOW DO I GET OVER THIS?
Aman Kallyat
Aman Kallyat Hace 24 días
I actually agree with Chris. There really will never be another franchise with so many movies having such an interwoven plot line leading upto a gigantic conclusion. I dont think any other movie franchise will be able to replicate what Marvel has done
Metal Pizza Dude
Metal Pizza Dude Hace 25 días
Hi Brie...oh wait, no one wanted her there, hahaha.
Stuart Baucum
Stuart Baucum Hace 25 días
long live the Infinity Saga!! forever in our hearts....along with Stan Lee
Fibro Warrior
Fibro Warrior Hace 26 días
Ok everyone watching this how would you have written this movie differently
GOOFBALL MAY Hace 27 días
I’m gonna miss this
Well here we are then
Well here we are then Hace 28 días
3:42 Robert, knowing full well that he has turned into Tony Stark.
angi rastelli
angi rastelli Hace un mes
I love this group so much
jake lowe
jake lowe Hace un mes
this shit is stupid they always gotta make shit political
Thor's Twisted Beard
Thor's Twisted Beard Hace 20 días
That's because everything *IS* "political," you stupid assfuck.
Jonathan Amalidosan
God I remember the marketing and the press tour for endgame was the most hype for me
Tasha Martinez
Tasha Martinez Hace un mes
Chris Evans : "smAll paRT"
Drwatsonca Hace un mes
The comic book store in Toronto was most likely the Silver Snail.
Anju Biju
Anju Biju Hace un mes
Thanos: I have the six infinity stones Me: No you don't. They're here doing an interview with entertainment weekly🔥
Sheina Mae Itaoc
Sheina Mae Itaoc Hace un mes
Scarlett your so beautiful😍 Hemsworth your so handsome💗
Steven Hace un mes
Thank god that c*nt brie isn’t at the table.
Fiona Hace un mes
Robert's ability to look into someone's eyes and know what's up is so...phew. He also acts with his eyes...such a beautiful man. 😍🙈
Aysena Timofeeva
Aysena Timofeeva Hace un mes
Chris Hemsworth is silent for almost the entire interview))
Aysena Timofeeva
Aysena Timofeeva Hace un mes
it seems to me that this interview is only with Scarlett,Rodert and Mark?)))
FOR MORE VM by Titli
Hemsworth is fu** hot
black cherry
black cherry Hace un mes
Love how Natasha and Banner bond so well in real life as well
FaRrA Nasution
FaRrA Nasution Hace un mes
Almost 2 years ago, Stan Lee passed away. Then, 1 year ago, Tony Stank and Black Widow died. Then, 1 month and some days ago, my grandma passed away. Now, there's coronavirus and a lot of people are dying and we're in quarantine right now. Please stay home to straighten the curve. #StayHome #StaySafe
FaRrA Nasution
FaRrA Nasution Hace un mes
Renner on EndGame interviews: "It's gonna begin, and then it's gonna end."
Massive Professor
Massive Professor Hace un mes
I will miss these OG 6 so hard Love them
Kush Patel
Kush Patel Hace un mes
a year later I'm doing an Endgame Marathon, all the MCU until the 1 year anniversary.
Stacie Lynn
Stacie Lynn Hace un mes
Omg the interviewer looks like Charlie Sheen lol a younger Charlie sheen
black widow
black widow Hace un mes
Watching this again. Missing my OG 6
HappyH0ur Hace un mes
A lot of the 'minor' characters (those who did not appear as a result of their own film in the franchise, e.g. marvel, Cpt. America, Iron Man, Thor, etc.) are the ones who actually had to evolve more quickly and beautifully than any of the major characters. Black Widow, Sam, and Hawk Eye are among my favorites.
Sadika Nawar Proma
Sadika Nawar Proma Hace un mes
5:39 Where is Tony looking at 😏😏
Hamperbottom Hace un mes
That big Black Widow fan must be devastated after watching Avengers Endgame
Daniel Edgar
Daniel Edgar Hace un mes
Feige and casting really nailed it with this cast. I can't imagine anyone else daring to take on the roles of Iron Man and Captain America. Downey and Evans are cemented into pop culture now as those identities. And I'm so glad they went with Ruffalo instead of Norton. He plays Hulk so well. What Hemsworth, Renner, and Johansson have been able to do with their characters has been amazing. Incredible character development for all three. I just can't picture anyone else doing a better job than these six. And Marvel Studios continues to nail it with everyone else. Take Spider-Man for example. He's had more reboots in the past decade and half than any superhero - Marvel, DC, or otherwise, but Tom Holland IS Spidey. Tobey Maguire was too old, in his thirties basically doing shaves in between takes, trying to pull off a high schooler. Andrew Garfield was way too fucking cool to be a believable Peter Parker. I mean, he skateboards! Are you kidding me?
Clobbersaurus Hace un mes
MCU Phase 1 is like a version (different and a bit easier because of streamlined intellectual property under the single Marvel/Disney holder) of if you combined Bond, Bourne, Wick, Jack Reacher, Mission Impossible, and Fast and Furious into a 10-year interwoven continuity.
Greek Fangirl
Greek Fangirl Hace un mes
The Avengers cast are like teenage friends see each other again after the summer holidays
Rajani Shetty
Rajani Shetty Hace un mes
I love to watch this interview everyday afterall we're not gonna see them together again ❤❤❤
Ruby Stewart
Ruby Stewart Hace un mes
A lot of people here have popped out children The line SENT MEEEEEEE
aleksandra kettner
aleksandra kettner Hace un mes
soulwinner247 Hace un mes
This is the same outfit scarlet wears when she does Hot Ones 😁
fatima sayed
fatima sayed Hace un mes
Mark Ruffelo - “are you really intimidated by me?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Going to miss Avengers a lot. To be true already missing them 😢
khushboo sharma
khushboo sharma Hace un mes
Miss u :( avengers :(
Anud Sardeshmukh
Anud Sardeshmukh Hace un mes
That moment ❤ 7:37
Felicity Love
Felicity Love Hace un mes
*Chris:* People have popped out children *Jeremy:* That didn’t effect my waistline *Scarlett:* Speak for yourself
Amber Helmly
Amber Helmly Hace un mes
anyone rewatching this during quarantine because they just every movie. no? just me. ok
Pandaiskey Hace un mes
I just watched all the movies again and oh man the FEELS!!!
Poonamfa Teekayupan
Does anyone realize at the end only Chris had a handshake with the interviewer? My heart is flattering😭😭
skdavidnba Hace un mes
Omggg yeah!!!! My heart😢
Thor's Twisted Beard
Why do so many people get the DEFCON statuses wrong? People, the *LOWER* the DEFCON status is, the worse it is. K? DEFCON 1 is the worst, DEFCON 5 is normal peacetime readiness. It's not rocket science, watch a damn 80's movie FFS. Or use Google.
Yash Hace un mes
Marvel has become the new target for the "cinephiles". Shame on Scorsese, he shouldn't be shitting on films the way he did. Ppl have different likings, preferences and we're all accepting of that. He doesn't like them it's fine it'd be weird for someone his age to say he loves them but as a legendary director why would u shit on a brand that has created employment for so many actors, directors, crew members etc. The movies have also been good out of 23 maybe 3-4 have been avg rest have all been worth it
Laura Docarn
Laura Docarn Hace un mes
We need them back without the og’s marvel is nothing they made everything
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