Avengers: Endgame - Movie Review

Jeremy Jahns
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After Thanos snapped 1/2 of life out of existence, the surviving Avengers move toward the Endgame. It's been building for 11 years, so here's my review for AVENGERS: ENDGAME!
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23 abr 2019






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Adam Edward
Adam Edward Hace 9 días
Can you come get my
Ulfred Danheimer
Ulfred Danheimer Hace 17 días
Jeremy I am genuinely curious, how is this movie and for that matter, all the other avenger movies different from the Transformer movies?
pravin thokal
pravin thokal Hace 19 días
Thank god I am not leaving in an alternate reality where endgame sucked
Ali Hammoud
Ali Hammoud Hace un mes
He said it is like a movie. Please can anybody tell me which movie is he talking about?
MG3 Hace 24 días
Watch the movie
Dregge1 Hace 2 meses
It was complete shit compared to Infinity War.
MG3 Hace 24 días
na Oleon
na Oleon Hace 2 meses
Honestly, this movie doesn’t deserve to get the same rating as the Dark Knight Rises at all
Mr. Pink
Mr. Pink Hace 2 meses
I just don't get people bitching about this movie. First act was slow because it needed to be to set up world and characters, second act was great fan service for long time fans, last act was all the action you could ask from a Blockbuster with satisfying ending to these characters. In an age where Star War, Game of Thrones, Dceu, dark universe etc. Tried to do what Marvel did or create a great finale and failed so horribly without a road map or satisfying ending, you should at least appreciate what they pulled off even if it's not your cup of tea, I am sorry for you but you don't get to call us retards for liking this craft and effort on display.
Jay Yadav
Jay Yadav Hace 5 días
The time travel was inaccurate,it had plot holes and cringeworthy moments,a shitty Thor and hulk,im sorry but this movie is just gonna be hated more and more with time
Whiplash The Gamer.
Whiplash The Gamer. Hace 2 meses
BEST Review about this movie on internet. A+
Prince Music
Prince Music Hace 2 meses
Avengers did more harm than Thanos.
Chris J.P. Black
Chris J.P. Black Hace 2 meses
Nah. I'll skip this movie. The name "Hockaye" just sounds weird.
MG3 Hace 24 días
Its spelled Hawkeye first of all and second you're missing out on a awesome movie also wtf really?
Chris J.P. Black
Chris J.P. Black Hace 2 meses
Since Jeremy here looks like young Trent Reznor of 9 inch nails, can he sing like Trent? Trent Reznor loves black leather biker jackets, too! So does Jeremy and me.
Pa!n737 Hace 2 meses
Nothing, not even endgame, will match the hype leading up to endgame. Just trying to visualize what all these reviewers could possibly mean when they said the third act is fucking incredible and indescribable was an experience in itself.
Siddharth Khirwar
Siddharth Khirwar Hace 2 meses
I am sorry , but , objectively , Infinity War is a much better film than Endgame . The character dynamics were much better , Thanos was by far the best MCU villain and possibly the best CBM villain besides Ledger’s Joker and the film was much more perfectly paced and found the right balance between character and plot .
Guilherme Marfil
Guilherme Marfil Hace 3 meses
The most overrated MCU movie ever. Never an Awesometacular.
MG3 Hace 24 días
Amitabh Mishra
Amitabh Mishra Hace 4 meses
Goddamn this movie was the theatre experience of a lifetime 💯
Vidya Umrani
Vidya Umrani Hace 4 meses
I don't know why everyone is liking this movie. This movie was real doghit. It was supposed to be better than infinity war. But now it feels that Captain marvel was better. Slow pacing, extremely booooooring, infinite plot holes, lazy writing, Tony Stark death was unnecessary. This movie is filled with unnecessary one liners. I am totally disappointed😫
Iris Diaz
Iris Diaz Hace 4 meses
Avengers endgame was goddamn trash like joker!
Ronan Buddy
Ronan Buddy Hace 4 meses
joe lewis
joe lewis Hace 5 meses
this movie is terrible
Nathan Campbell
Nathan Campbell Hace 5 meses
4:45 scorsese impression
Enoch Amoah Mintah
Enoch Amoah Mintah Hace 5 meses
Kevin's decision to put the Russo's at the helm
howard33072 Hace 5 meses
This clown spend 6 minutes plus spouting jibber jabber & flimflam to cover up for a horribly done movie. Thumbs down.
Captain Eri
Captain Eri Hace 5 meses
Endgame at 6?
Dee Rush
Dee Rush Hace 5 meses
It's amazing that my two LEAST FAVORITE movies this year came from a Disney franchise . . . this piece of shit and "The Rise of Skywalker".
slightlyboredindian Hace 5 meses
Just here to see what Star Wars could have been :(
Michael Bell
Michael Bell Hace 5 meses
Here after Rise of Skywalker to see the reaction to a satisfying ending
Ecuador1 Hace 9 días
Wilo Polis those 2 points doesn’t make a great film.
MG3 Hace 24 días
I enjoyed both endgame and rise of Skywalker but if I had to choose which one do I like more without doubt endgame is best of the 2 in my opinion
Someone forgot X Men also
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis Hace un mes
@Ecuador1 Because it's the greatest guilty pleasure of all time for me. It's complete fan-service trash but hey, I love fan-service. Plus the visuals are actually legitimately beautiful.
Ecuador1 Hace un mes
Wilo Polis ofc endgame is better by a mile, but if know TROS is a mess, why do you still love it?
Ib7 h
Ib7 h Hace 5 meses
Endgame was dissapointing. It was a fun movie but infinity war was quite better
Rosamund Powell
Rosamund Powell Hace 5 meses
This movie was UTTER CRAP. And my biggest problems with this movie were all about the time travel aspect, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner and . . . you know what? For me, the biggest problems, aside from the time travel, were the original Avengers and Nebula.
Jose Carlos López
Jose Carlos López Hace 5 meses
4:42 Jeremy predicts Martin Scorsese's tantrums
Game Bond
Game Bond Hace 5 meses
Came here from Star Wars The Rise of skywalker review of Jeremy. Now i know how it feels when a movie success impacts fans...
Game Bond
Game Bond Hace 4 meses
@caliente2512 you do realise that endgame is one of the biggest movie of the entire decade and has a good share of DC, Avatar and Scorcese fans against it? Most of them pretend to be fans and bombard the ratings. Not only that check out Metacritic scores of other movies too you'll see..
caliente2512 Hace 4 meses
@Ajax actually on Metacritic Endgame has a much lower user score than Infinity War and many marvel fans say it was a mediocre film so not everyone was pleased.
Ajax Hace 5 meses
Star wars "You can't please everyone..." MCU "Are you joking?? If a course you fucking can!!"
M AM Hace 5 meses
Same, just cleansing my soul
Petite winsome
Petite winsome Hace 5 meses
Plz do a mulan trailer reviee
The One Above All
The One Above All Hace 5 meses
I couldnt make it through the movie. I tried to watch it 3 times and fell asleep 1/2 way into it every time. Too much talk, not enough action. They did all the character development with all the movies before. Totally boring to have to sit through it yet again. Sorry.
seamus mcmahon
seamus mcmahon Hace 5 meses
Omg how dare they take time to show us the impacts of the snap and set up the plot
Robert_6- _
Robert_6- _ Hace 6 meses
Kill thanos and everything is fine then for a hour it becomes a time travel comedy movie and with all the generic time travel tropes and then thanos comes back and expects the audience to car this movie was a fail and dont get me started on that rat that made the whole thing possible lol dont get me started lol this movie man and the other youtube reviers lol biased
Robert_6- _
Robert_6- _ Hace 6 meses
The movie was stupid and so silly I dont trust this guy no more like foreal lol just stop
Joshmeself Highup
Joshmeself Highup Hace 6 meses
I love that marvel ended this with only 2 moves infiniti war n endgame
Ibrahim Habib
Ibrahim Habib Hace 6 meses
The ending arc of endgame is greatest arc in cinematic history Acton emotions and drama
may may
may may Hace 5 meses
Kyle Christine
Kyle Christine Hace 6 meses
My score for this is 3000!!! Was AMAZING!!!
The space
The space Hace 6 meses
This the worst movie every seen in all my life
TheTatermeister Hace 7 meses
Endgame is an epic film
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick Hace 5 meses
Not really
Omnarrator Hace 7 meses
Do you think Jeremy Jahns would of been killed if he gave it anything but an Awsometaculer
ElectroShock Hace 7 meses
Infinity War is Awesome-tacular in my opinion and Endgame is a good time, no alcohol required.
ElectroShock Hace 5 meses
@Game Bond Yeah do you not know how to read? I even said my opinion in my comment, smart ass. You're better off just not commenting.
Game Bond
Game Bond Hace 5 meses
Your opinion
Prabhakaran Mahendran
04:45 Wow dude!! That is exactly what happen a few days back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Max Maximum
Max Maximum Hace 8 meses
Next Falcon and then Guardians 3.
CAMERON BEVAN Hace 9 meses
Reviews like this are why i love Jeremy Jahns
Jorge kasanova
Jorge kasanova Hace 9 meses
Avengers endgame is dogshit please jeremy.
Game Bond
Game Bond Hace 5 meses
Well i guess no one will remember you..
Gk1234 Hace 9 meses
Yea just because u said it
RaZe_Adicted-YT Hace 9 meses
6:05 write that down. That is thor opening hi beer,so that's a spoiler.
mr head
mr head Hace 9 meses
my favorite part of the movie is when thanos blasts captain marvel across the battlefield with the power stone that made my day
Lil_Dak_1 Hace 9 meses
I've always said that you know a movie has good pacing when watching it makes you forget that you need to pee. This three hour long epic was no exception.
Justin Awesome
Justin Awesome Hace 9 meses
I love the movie so happy it beat Avatar. Avengers Endgame was amazing.
Angry Vader
Angry Vader Hace 9 meses
It’s crazy that we all got to experience this and we’ll probably never get anything like this for a very long time
Timing Eternalis
Timing Eternalis Hace 9 meses
the movie was meh.
Game Bond
Game Bond Hace 5 meses
Butthurt people
BJVA85 Hace 9 meses
more like trash
Jordan Venning
Jordan Venning Hace 9 meses
The next big bad of the MCU noobmaster69
Viking Gamer
Viking Gamer Hace 9 meses
Just a reminder for people to see how long the mcu has been "alive" its literally as old as me 11 fricking years!!! It still just blows my mind saying that ❤️ these movies are pretty much my childhood
Fixpont Hace 10 meses
pretty mediocre movie, not better than C+, it was substantially worse than infinity war
Aqeel Shauqi
Aqeel Shauqi Hace 9 meses
That is ur opinion
Sean Hace 10 meses
No! Politically Correct! Movie! Feminized The Hulk and so on # hollywood What's The Whole Of Humanity To be Metrosexual Non-binary Bisexuals! Wow Wake Up!
CLOUS M Hace 10 meses
I watche the movie from 5 seconds ago and it is amazing!!!
George Syrmos
George Syrmos Hace 10 meses
It wasn’t a random rat that saved the entire universe, it was a big mouse. Mickey saved the universe.
It is what it is
It is what it is Hace 10 meses
Old captain America looks like Joe Biden
Master Bae Shun
Master Bae Shun Hace 10 meses
Thanos: I am inevitable Tony Starks: I... Am... IRONMAN (SNAPS) 😭😭😭
Puskar Chauhan
Puskar Chauhan Hace 10 meses
iron mans dead
حارث يزن Hareth
Its so boring movie , i hope hollywood returns to single superhero movie
Mahdi640xl Hace 10 meses
Infinity war was best
Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon Hace 10 meses
It's a masterpiece.
Jonathan Hayward (STUDENT)
This movie was an experience. Yes there are plot holes with the time travel(spoilers) but it was a great wrap of the infinity saga. Plus the final battle🤯🤯🤯🤯 and yeah obviously the best character is.....noobmaster69.
Adnan Zalman
Adnan Zalman Hace 9 meses
yes im agreee with you, this is my perspective and how do i see the movie, but tbf of my opinion, i think infinity war is great, and endgame ended with good conclusion for infinity saga, this is why i love it :D
Simple Figure
Simple Figure Hace 10 meses
Holy fuck endgames only $7M behind avatar atm! It’s gonna surpass it in a few days from now I guarantee it!
Hamdi Ali Hassan
Hamdi Ali Hassan Hace 11 meses
That other movie... is it Deathly Hallows part 2? That’s the one I saw Endgame as.
إنه_البنز Hace 11 meses
As always, overrated movie by marvel fanboys
emperor palpatine
emperor palpatine Hace 5 meses
Same can say about about the great dark knight
Mr youtuber
Mr youtuber Hace 11 meses
I thought this movie was ok. Not great, not bad , just ok.
Jorge kasanova
Jorge kasanova Hace 11 meses
Ironman and captain america die.
Kunisake Hace 11 meses
Eleven years; shit!
G Richard Yamagata
G Richard Yamagata Hace 11 meses
Great spoiler free review! Loved the pipe and glasses! LOL Thumbs up!
SLJREB YHTTAT Hace 11 meses
Very fun to watch, but if you cant stand plotholes it isnt for you. Thinking about it for 3 seconds makes the plot weird. Character development is great. But thanod is pretty bad this time. Plotholes anmoy me a lot but i can tolerate them, as in they would still make me like the film less, but i wouldnt automatically hate the film.
seamus mcmahon
seamus mcmahon Hace 5 meses
Everyone keeps talking about plotholes but every time I see one mentioned it's easily explained? Like tf? Am I missing something?
heros battel
heros battel Hace un año
fvillag1 Hace un año
The thing is with the Avengers until now I have been sorely disappointed, I am sorry but I am still rooting for JLA.
BAT-TALK! Hace un año
All these movies and still no Mickey Mouse cameo?
Michael Roche
Michael Roche Hace un año
Nah. 6/10. Pacing and comedy were bad. I thought Infinity War was perfect. Im no hater. Just not a good movie. Force yourself to like it. I like jeremy, but theres reasons i prefer other critics to him. Cmon man. How can u think this movie is awesometacular? You know better.
Assassin 16
Assassin 16 Hace un año
I need to see the movie again
Ryan Leadbitter
Ryan Leadbitter Hace un año
Now that the spoiler ban has lifted can someone explain what he was referring to at 4:05 ?
Definitely_Maybe07 Hace un año
Iron Man: Awesometacular The Incredible Hulk: A good time no alcohol required Iron Man 2: A good time no alcohol required. Thor: I'd buy it on blu-ray Captain America - The First Avenger: Is definitely worth buying on Blu-ray The Avengers: Awesometacular Iron Man 3: A good time if you're drunk Thor - The Dark World: Would have been a better time, if you're drunk. Captain America - The Winter Soldier: Awesometacular Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesometacular Avengers - Age Of Ultron: Awesometacular Ant-Man: I'd buy it on blu-ray Captain America - Civil War: Awesometacular Doctor Strange - Awesometacular Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: Is definitely worth buying on Blu-ray Spider-Man Homecoming: Awesometacular Thor Ragnarok: A good time no alcohol required Black Panther: Awesometacular Avengers - Infinity War: A good time no alcohol required Ant-Man And The Wasp: A good time no alcohol required Captain Marvel: A good time no alcohol required Avengers - Endgame: Awesometacular Spider-Man - Far From Home: ...
BAT-TALK! Hace un año
It’s technically not episode 22 it’s more like episode 7 Avengers 1 Avengers 2 Guardians 1 Civil war Guardians 2 Infinity war Endgame
BAT-TALK! Hace un año
Video Home oh no actually I think that movie is pointless haha but yeaa the end credit scene sure Stupid rat saves the world! Haha I wish it was a mouse at least so people would say it was Mickey
Video Home
Video Home Hace un año
U are forgetting antman 2 though
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