Avengers: Endgame Trailer: Every Easter Egg and Timeline Revealed

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Did you spot these awesome Easter eggs in the new trailer for #Marvel’s #AvengersEndgame? This video breaks them all down - and gives you our theory about the film’s timeline!
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Written, hosted, and edited by Ryan Arey. (twitter.com/ryanarey/)

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14 mar 2019






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Comentarios 2 951
ScreenCrush Hace 7 días
Who should be the Avengers' next villain?
Mani Nandika
Mani Nandika Hace 12 horas
I dont know...... But not us
Nebulous Hace un día
No one. It should end here.
Lost Boy
Lost Boy Hace un día
Jordan Mckenzie
Jordan Mckenzie Hace un día
ScreenCrush one above all
U1X Hace 2 días
ScreenCrush Vlax
Jr N
Jr N Hace un hora
How is that recording of Ant Man in 1983?
Nate Wilkes
Nate Wilkes Hace 8 horas
5:26 That is a different city.
Tom Newton
Tom Newton Hace un día
Just puts a red circle around nothing in particular in the thumbnail
DreamReaver Hace un día
Downvoted because i hate this new trend of analyzing everything.
JJ Exztris
JJ Exztris Hace un día
There's literally nothing in the thumbnail lol
much better info here! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-qJcS3uMtfEA.html
D W Hace 2 días
Bucky's hut in Wakanda didn't have an ocean anywhere near it. A pond, but not an ocean with cliffs. Whatever that shot of Rocket in the doorway is, it isn't Bucky's hut.
Gökay'LeClutcher!' Hace 2 días
Love ya
Mooowa Hace 2 días
The thumbnail is LITERALLY pointing at NOTHING
Mr. Scarlo
Mr. Scarlo Hace 2 días
What do you mean exactly by ‘stabilising’ Scott?
Arianna Gamboa
Arianna Gamboa Hace 2 días
I think Captain America is going to sacrifice his life to save everyone
: Marcquess :
: Marcquess : Hace 2 días
The THANOS snap made half of hawk's hair disappear
Mcflip07 Hace 2 días
Everyone dies/post credit scene *THE END*
Kenzie M
Kenzie M Hace 2 días
Nebula was with them walking so I swear to god tony better get a happy ending.
Edward Ness
Edward Ness Hace 2 días
God of War, Back to the Future... my guess, there will be time jumps where stock footage from the past is playing in the background with the present day cast in the foreground, like present day marty trying to save past himself currently playing guitar on stage, or Kratos fighting on that giant sword in miniature while past Kratos fights Ares in the background, time is about to get fucky...
Paul Moitoso
Paul Moitoso Hace 2 días
Hey Cap' aren't you supposed to be dead? Idk I haven't watched Infinity War to know everyone that gets killed off.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson Hace 2 días
How is going to win
Brad Wood
Brad Wood Hace 3 días
Ant man crawls up thanos ass and expands ROLL CREDITS
Adrian Martinez
Adrian Martinez Hace 3 días
i'm pretty sure that weapon leaning against the wall is not loki's staff but a new weapon or so I think I haven't seen end game yet. Cause it doesn't look familiar
boogieman joe
boogieman joe Hace 3 días
Smart hulk.... wow. Professor Hulk.
Ryan needs braces
Marshmellow Games
Marshmellow Games Hace 3 días
i think the object is most likely hawkeye’s bow
Vernie Jefferies
Vernie Jefferies Hace 3 días
You compared two different cities for your equation. The city with the lights on is actually Tokyo. I know that's Odaiba, Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge, and Tokyo Tower in the shot. The city with the lights out is New York.
bryan esquillo
bryan esquillo Hace 3 días
Check the VAN at the back of antman video archive and the VAN on antman & wasp post credit scene is it the same??
VidyaAntics Hace 3 días
I appreciate the reference to Slaughterhouse-Five. It's one of my favourite books (and I hear the film is pretty good).
ellie phan
ellie phan Hace 3 días
Where's Red skull now? (Rumour captain America is gonna die)
Jordan Strydom
Jordan Strydom Hace 3 días
4:07 looks more like it could be Clint’s bow
Ammosam Hoost
Ammosam Hoost Hace 3 días
Thumbnail: this blur is a massive give away!!!!
Pratik Shinde
Pratik Shinde Hace 3 días
Taking about the suits in avengers end game. I watched ant man and the wasp yesterday .. and saw the same suits in it , when they were going to enter the quantum realm. I do think that there is some connection on quantum realms in avengers end game .. what do you think?
Gaming Gaurdian
Gaming Gaurdian Hace 3 días
btw that thing behind bruce is the giant fork from thor ragnarok
Zak Ree
Zak Ree Hace 3 días
Bring out Big Chungus
Sam Diewald
Sam Diewald Hace 3 días
Those r 2 different cities not the same one. One is China and one is New York. Also that weapon resting on the wall is Hawkeyes new bow as they are readying to go to battle.
Hi TUBERS Hace 3 días
I thin’ they’re all going to have an orgy at some point in the movie, “dibs on Natasha” said Hulk to everyone. Everyone else said “but it’s an orgy, silly, we al get to share her”
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Hace 3 días
In a turn of events Deadpool shows up and kill Thanos. The world is save thanks to Deadpool but they still won't let him join The Avengers
Lg-Hndrx 13
Lg-Hndrx 13 Hace 3 días
End game theory Capt Marvel knocks Thanos the fuck out 🤘🏻
Daunte Ware
Daunte Ware Hace 3 días
5:34 that's guarding of the Galaxy ship not quinjet
Peculiar Penguin
Peculiar Penguin Hace 3 días
Lol you forgot the office Easter egg On the sign that ant man is near, it says Tony Henderson Toby flenderson?
Rosun Hace 3 días
I think that object is the newest Hawkeyes bow
maria g
maria g Hace 3 días
They will go to the quantum realm
Selly G
Selly G Hace 3 días
well that pretty much sums it up
J A Hace 4 días
Scott cant be in the past with the van/quantum tunnel it hasn’t been made yet. And the ship that black widow and Hawkeye are on is the guardians ship.
Amos Bargill
Amos Bargill Hace 4 días
The host is Captain America's double does anybody notich?
Sahil Patel
Sahil Patel Hace 4 días
0:35 i thought he said "i fucked my way out of the cave"
BREAKFEAZTplayz Hace 4 días
You got a few wrong but more right, I’d give you a 80 Not Bad you passed
BREAKFEAZTplayz Hace 4 días
Guys relly you guys don’t know Loki scenery a scroll in his place. Lol you didn’t know
NamedCrawdad Hace 4 días
That isn’t New York
Yoshi_525678 Hace 4 días
Looks like a bow and arrow to me.
Seth Parris
Seth Parris Hace 4 días
I already knew everything u pointed out in this
ohMalachee Hace 4 días
1:51 "...- And Communism" The avengers are communists
Fahndi Edits
Fahndi Edits Hace 4 días
Would be dope if Superman came and saved the day
Fwz Dev
Fwz Dev Hace 4 días
and not a single shot of doctor strange in the end game trailer ... hmmm interesting
lenoxx skanki
lenoxx skanki Hace 4 días
She just dyed her hair because if the time travel happened every person would have different hair ,the moment when they are in new suits is when they go to time travel
Aradhana Bagh
Aradhana Bagh Hace 4 días
5:30 black widow and ronan is in the ship of the guardians... Look at the back isn't that the place where gamora kissed star lord and drax was standing !!!! 😓😓😓
simonux Hace 4 días
I love it how they put a random moment of movie/trailer in thumbnail with a circle and an arrow pointing at a random spot hahaha
Jordan Woolsey
Jordan Woolsey Hace 4 días
how did thor get his old hammer back I thought his sister destoyed it.
Thabane Mhlongo
Thabane Mhlongo Hace 4 días
tony will not be saying that in the real movie
febbster Hace 4 días
What would clearly blow everyones minds is if the Fantastic Four show up out of nowhere to assist the Avengers to repay the favor back in FF 25 & 26 when the Avengers came to help them fight the Hulk. But this will never happen………..sad to say
Sparta Lee
Sparta Lee Hace 4 días
That thumbnail is just fucking retarded 😂😂😂 Every channel doing this and my god they get hella CLICKS 😩😩😩
47Extra Official
47Extra Official Hace 4 días
video out now 👉 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jEZ0XdqEpSc.html
Wasat Arif
Wasat Arif Hace 4 días
the rest of the universe dies. Boom. MCU reset with new actors
Mark Nothard
Mark Nothard Hace 4 días
Is the object in the background Corvus glaves spear??
Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah Hace 4 días
To all the people thinking about what happens to captain America will die, he could just drop his shield and give it to stark at the e d of the movie and he walks away, also there could be a thing in the end saying “ Thank You Chris Evans”
— honey boy
— honey boy Hace 4 días
i think steve is gonna die and then the post credit scene is gonna be him and peggy having their dance
danjel hysenaj
danjel hysenaj Hace 4 días
The best theory till now!! this is well coordinated niceee easter egg
Christian Scott
Christian Scott Hace 4 días
God, it’s so awesome to finally find an articulate, intelligent film commentary online. One that doesn’t have some ridiculous fameboi trying to make a video on something else all about themselves! Well done Ryan - keep up the epic work! Finally a film review site worth subscribing to! Cheers again!
raelynn jordan
raelynn jordan Hace 4 días
Micah Joiner
Micah Joiner Hace 4 días
You mean professor hulk
Arno de groot
Arno de groot Hace 4 días
i think that "just banner" shot is yet again a lie, he looks strange to me, a CGI banner? one explination could be that he is Dr Hulk and the CGIed his banner look over the capture suit.
McCrispy Hace 4 días
I'm Overfly303
I'm Overfly303 Hace 4 días
4:25 i think its proxima midnight's weapon
Benjamin Bailey
Benjamin Bailey Hace 4 días
You are awesome. I totally agree and hope you are correct ;)
JustHoriizonRBLX Hace 4 días
Captain marvels hair is alittle curly in captain marvel now its alittle straight Captain marvels shoulder are gold they used to be red
Gonzalo Ansa
Gonzalo Ansa Hace 4 días
Only there would be no Avengers HQ in 1983, right?
MrThedavidiscrazy Hace 4 días
Captain america will time travel and end up getting his dance with Peggy
dolphin tornado
dolphin tornado Hace 4 días
this guy doesnt know whatr he is talking about
matt roman
matt roman Hace 4 días
Just a quick mention but in age of ultron tony gets a vision of the avengers destroyed with captain America’s shield being torn apart. This makes me wonder the scene with captain America with a full face of dirt may be the place of that dream
Muhammad  Hasnain
Muhammad Hasnain Hace 4 días
luke differ
luke differ Hace 4 días
first and formost does anyone see black widow and hawkeye on the Milano (the guardians ship) not that other ship they are impling they are on? well if ya do I belive after some serious thinking that all the avengers are on the Milano heading to thanos and that shot with nebula screaming in a fight, I belive the Milano is the wreckage in the background
Hammad Ghaznavi
Hammad Ghaznavi Hace 4 días
You know what I think Marvel is just messing with us
Popcorn Days
Popcorn Days Hace 4 días
That is not Loki’s scepter its hawkeye’s new bow
toni b
toni b Hace 4 días
with a damaged gauntlet thanos is a bitch hence not a worthy opponent to avengers hence new villain or new thanos powers needed to face a much stronger team with captain marvel
Shubham Bhosale
Shubham Bhosale Hace 4 días
I didn't even watch this video and disliked it because of that clickbate red circle thumbnail, fuck you
chandler jones
chandler jones Hace 4 días
Trailer was better than yt Rewind
SS Boarder - Marlon
SS Boarder - Marlon Hace 4 días
actually when captain america says "is this an old message" hes reacting to a message from tony in space, there is a leaked video showing it
山田電機 Hace 4 días
The video was awesome, but one thing wrong. The city in the new trailer is Tokyo and the place where Nat found Clint. Well I know that because I’m Japanese.
12StepJiG Hace 4 días
what if you are wrong? you are all forgetting of this guy..... Adam. in Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2 End Scene.
Samantha Burrows
Samantha Burrows Hace 4 días
+ScreenCrush I have a question. its about Rocket Raccoon looking around Bucky's old hut in Wakanda. is this true ? I'm curious about Bucky Barnes in Avengers Endgame.
AvengerKage935 Hace 4 días
My prediction for endgame is that it’s going to be epic
Fiture Son
Fiture Son Hace 4 días
First thing don't trust the trailer wait for the movie
Sajin JS
Sajin JS Hace 4 días
My 2 theories are.. 1. All that fight scenes are taking place in the Avengers HQ only.. see the suiting ups of Antman and Rhodey, and the background in Antman's closeup shot (pencils and books perhaps 😉) 2. Hawkeye's right leg in his daughter's training scene.. he was still on house arrest.. 😉
HoopleHeadUSA Hace 4 días
Calling it now. In the movie, instead of War Machine walking with them in the quantum realm white suits in the trailer, as his is inexplicably bigger, it’s going to be Hulk digitally replaced instead!
Toro Totoro
Toro Totoro Hace 4 días
can yall stop with the thumbnails
Olivia Cooper
Olivia Cooper Hace 4 días
My theory is that they will get the time stone and travel back in time and win the war
Angelo Carter
Angelo Carter Hace 4 días
that city is actually Tokyo & the ship that Nat & Clint are on is the Benatar
Richard K
Richard K Hace 4 días
pepper wouldnt survive the snap? we see her in her rescue suit on instagram....do your research properly
ScreenCrush Hace 4 días
Doesn’t mean she won’t appear wearing armor after they undo it.
Aaron Jacob
Aaron Jacob Hace 4 días
Galactus ???
Anthony Rawlings
Anthony Rawlings Hace 4 días
Red circle, arrow pointy, click bait goodness.
Estella Dee
Estella Dee Hace 4 días
it's red because that's The Avengers color-- I mean, have you seen The Avengers logo? Not because it means war or blood. Don't understand the point of overthinking the color in the trailer. Thought it was obvious WHY it was red. lol.
Dheebu John
Dheebu John Hace 4 días
Anyone notice that Thor summons the hammer and not Stormbreaker in the scene with Captain Marvel
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