Awesome Hong Kong Egg Waffles by Cucina Pro Bubble Waffle Maker! Review

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You have not had waffles until you have had BUBBLE WAFFLES! These are so amazing!!! And this waffle maker is amazing! It was so easy to use and the non-stick was impressive!

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6 nov 2017






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jul phn
jul phn Hace un mes
Hello can I’m to want to asking you where are you to bought the Bubble Waffle maker thank you so much !
Jucimare Santos
Jucimare Santos Hace un mes
Quanto custa uma desta eu moro no Brasil em Salvador
You're Soaking In It
Thanks for this demo, you answered lots of questions i had. Not least of which was my thinking that all the little bubbles were supposed to come out separate rather than a sheet type thing. (A WAFFLE! LoL) great demo, just what i wanted to see, THANKS!
Dzu Alif Fadhlan
Dzu Alif Fadhlan Hace un año
MomChee24 Hace un año
Maybe if you hadn't make the mix so thin, poured so much in the machine and on top of that, spread it out (that's what the waffle iron is supposed to do when it's closed, right?) these may not have overflowed the machine. Just a suggestion.
You're Soaking In It
MomChee24, Well, since she just bought the thing and is using it for the first time, she did pretty well, imho. She did say she would probably not spread it out next time. I thought it was a great first effort! People generally understand that you can't expect perfection first time out on most things. Glad for this demo, because somewhere i got the idea the little eggs/bubbles are supposed to come out as individual bubbles! 😄
belinda L.
belinda L. Hace un año
Why the Hong Kong street-snack egg waffle is popular and spread across the world quickly in recent years. It is crispy outside and fluffy inside, very welcome by kids. The Cantonese name "gain dan jai" means little eggs, description of the shape of the sweety to coax the kids.
You're Soaking In It
Isabella Chang There's no reason you can't sell them, even if you didn't invent the waffle iron. ☺ You could sell them at the little league ball field, or be a demonstrater at the Grocery Store in your town (thats how Rachel Ray got her start!). Or set up a home show "teaching" how to make them (at ladies' homes, they invite their friends; hostess "earns" a free waffle iron if her guests purchase a certain number of them from you). You could sell the waffle irons to those you taught, for a little cheaper than they'd pay at the store. You should go for it! Go to a couple tupperware parties to see how the home-party-model works. Lure them in, make them want one, show them how to get a free one, LoL. Remember the motto, "Don't Quit Your Day-Dream"!
Isabella Chang
Isabella Chang Hace un año
I still wonder why no one is making the HK style Belgium waffles. I wanted to start a business making waffles back in 2010 but I didnt have a good recipe even though I bought back a egg waffle iron from HK. Then I started a family. watching people make money just selling egg waffles makes me regret if I have done something wrong.
Jessica Menendez
Jessica Menendez Hace un año
Hello!! I️ recently purchased this waffle maker but I️ read a lot of reviews on it saying that the coating peels off. How has your machine been looking so far and what kind of batter did you use? Thanks so much
Isabella Chang
Isabella Chang Hace un año
if you have a chance to go travel HK, the aluminum one is about USD20, thats the one with long handle the one the street vendors use. It is on Shanghai street and you can find a lot of amazing kitchen utensils there. Not cheap but something you don't imagine to see there
Jessica Menendez My surface coating is still perfect! No peeling at all. I use mostly box mixes. Most often Hungry Jack, Log Cabin, and Aunt Jemima. I love this maker- it's so awesome!
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