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Guys these are some bad ads. These are some bad awful ads.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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19 mar 2019






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Jon Mat
Jon Mat Hace un hora
Sofija Vaitkaityte
Sofija Vaitkaityte Hace 2 horas
Me : WAIIIIITTTT...I've seen this guy somewhere ?????.....Oh well *Taps on randonm vine* Waaaaaaaa????
Anastasia V
Anastasia V Hace 4 horas
No Dan, Only 1844 kids will get this because this game is DEAD.
Egg Nog
Egg Nog Hace 4 horas
Would you slap him in the face or kiss him
Inés DM
Inés DM Hace 8 horas
I watched an Instagram add...it was about a little toy with llama form and it can vomit, cry and...poop, well, by now we are saved...but the rest of the add was two girls making weird faces and dancing like shit... (I'm Spanish, the add is in Spanish, and I CAN'T ENGLISH BOI) jk, I know English but probably I got a lot of mistakes, anyway, alv
softshit Hace 8 horas
*crush walks to you* 1.kiss him 2. Kill him and his grandma
Meh Smeh
Meh Smeh Hace 10 horas
I think we need a Danny Gonzalez x Greg fanfiction, on episode. But Greg is one of his Toy Soldiers.
Jeanne-Marie Mocarski
Jeanne-Marie Mocarski Hace 10 horas
that bear spanking ad looks like blank pedobears but disturbing and I dont even like the ating you did, *I was fucking scared*
Jeanne-Marie Mocarski
Jeanne-Marie Mocarski Hace 10 horas
7:16 - 7:30 I wouldn't slap his face or kiss him I would call 911 tbh.
ImACOOL Cow Hace 11 horas
It's 12 08 am......
cL03y Hace 12 horas
Your girlfriend had a baby *Divorce* or *Pee in mouth*
cL03y Hace 12 horas
and dead people can't play mobile games *-Danny Gonzalez 2019*
H.N. Elly
H.N. Elly Hace 13 horas
"But that does happen, people do die on the toilet" Clyde's mom (Majority of people probably will not understand this comment XD oh well)
Void Hace 14 horas
Claiming other people's paint piles to turn them into yours = colonization of new lands in the mid 1800s
Abby Petroski
Abby Petroski Hace 14 horas
With the first one and the whole Morse code thing, I’m not completely sure, but they probably meant that kids from 1840s learned Morse code so they would understand.
CornKob Hace 15 horas
Notifications ON. Greg time!
Kawaii _Lemon
Kawaii _Lemon Hace 16 horas
Your crush comes up to you and says "Hi!" Lots of things are going though your mind Would you rather 1:Slap his face? Or 2:kiss him Oof
Ed Gum Jr
Ed Gum Jr Hace 16 horas
I'm not being rude but on the Game Of Sultan add she wasn't in love with a girl that was actually her in the painting.
I am now Greg
Lacey Limmerick
Lacey Limmerick Hace 17 horas
the morse code says harder than morse
Dot Hace 18 horas
and then at lv. 25 she becomes your ex wife
Grace714 Hace 18 horas
7:15 yoU wAS aT thE cLuB
Giselle Games
Giselle Games Hace 18 horas
Or 18/44
Finn Wells
Finn Wells Hace 19 horas
oh yeah and im from the 1840s
Finn Wells
Finn Wells Hace 19 horas
i speak Morse code and it says to not fucking buy this ever or a demon will hunt you down and rip out your rib-cage so ya.
T B Hace 19 horas
Who is greg?
Lacen Hace 19 horas
Your mother is a homosexual >Slap his face Kiss him
Spicy Queen
Spicy Queen Hace 20 horas
*my mom walked in on the spanking bear ad and she was.....concerned*
cARdbOarDFur Draws
cARdbOarDFur Draws Hace 20 horas
Rewatching this for the 5th time lel
Pretty Princes
Pretty Princes Hace 21 un hora
ur eyes r pretty danny
carmen sch
carmen sch Hace 21 un hora
You crush on him... think he’s not to old... look him up...... see that he’s 24 years old.... you:😭🤨
AnotherStupidYouTubeThingy !
In the coin master ads its sad reality stars from my country. Im so embarrassed
NerdyReaderGirl YT
NerdyReaderGirl YT Hace 22 horas
Honestly, Paper.io is very good.
ZestyCørnFlakes X
ZestyCørnFlakes X Hace 22 horas
LydiaGracexo Hace 23 horas
skinny legend gemma collins
Daisy May
Daisy May Hace 23 horas
Off topic but, your eyes are GEORGEOUS 😍
Amin Limbu
Amin Limbu Hace un día
пола г
пола г Hace un día
does this American twat no ken who fucking Gemma Collins is?!?!?!
tea Hace un día
*-bad ads-* *ITS BADADS*
PschoWraith Hace un día
If 1 in every 23 of your subscribers gave you 1 penny you could buy another iPhone X
Bob _builder
Bob _builder Hace un día
GEMMA COLINS INIT😂😂(only British ppl will get this)
Dara the blob in a jumper
Russiaball Hace un día
She is still in the bathroom *-Occupy Rhineland* *-Oppose Hitler*
Manaia Paul
Manaia Paul Hace un día
pee in her mouth or DIVORCE wow ok then
Always Awesome Owen B
Sorry can't help you I was born in 1843
Alyssa Walker
Alyssa Walker Hace un día
Its badads😂
Courtney The Creator
Or they could mean that only that man kids would get the app
Parisa Aghaie
Parisa Aghaie Hace un día
“It’s badads” -Danny Gonzalez
HaLise To&gether
HaLise To&gether Hace un día
Notafication squaddddd
BronzeBoi Hace un día
You se Danny gonzalez I need to say hi or something. Divorce Kill him💀🔪
Elizabeth Riddell
Elizabeth Riddell Hace un día
Greg gang
Maple_ the_fox
Maple_ the_fox Hace un día
Omg, my crush just asked if I wanted to go on a date! What should do? 1) Say yes. 2) Murder him and his entire family.
The Tenth Muse
The Tenth Muse Hace un día
Obviously, the "Is this real life?" option entails belting out Bohemian Rhapsody.
Haille Hughes
Haille Hughes Hace un día
You should watch 5 minute crafts "34 ways to fix your bad decisions" *cough cough* My life *cough cough*
Allie Haubenstein
Allie Haubenstein Hace un día
I am Greg
Christopher Byrne
Christopher Byrne Hace un día
Do a Part 3
JYoungblood Hace un día
2:43 what if they meant that the game is so simple that even dead people could understand it?
Yaboy Labron
Yaboy Labron Hace un día
I’m getting worse ads The Trevor one? Anybody else getting that ad where that dude drops his towel infront of a girl???? I’m 10 btw.
_/ Diego18 \_
_/ Diego18 \_ Hace un día
It's *_Badads_* !
EKKiki Hace un día
please play episode
Fungii Draws
Fungii Draws Hace un día
i'm so roasted, i play the game at 7:00 LMFAO
Craliney Hace un día
maybe the 1844 thing means that only kids from 1844 will understand the morse code? idk
Que Isso
Que Isso Hace un día
"It's BADADS."
AyaSandra Allam
AyaSandra Allam Hace un día
7:35 omg i laugh Soo hard 😂😂😂😂
Therapy Doesn’t Help
Hey! ~Divorce ~hunt down his family
Vinillafrost バニラフロスト
Kids in 1844 would be *dead*
Mathews Silva
Mathews Silva Hace un día
It means I’m a witch you bitch I think?
Qweasty Kat
Qweasty Kat Hace un día
Make a video on episode please!!!
Jordyn Smith
Jordyn Smith Hace un día
Random guy: Hey Feminist: -Slap him -Slap him
Angella Montgomery
Angella Montgomery Hace un día
Ok when someone is spankiging your ass just run.
Faith Shira
Faith Shira Hace 2 días
what the heck :D my but hurts. thine is at 7:31 :D ow
DuhC0mmunity Roblox
DuhC0mmunity Roblox Hace 2 días
I'm a GREG!!!
4BestFriends Time
4BestFriends Time Hace 2 días
What does the Morse code mean? Anyone know?
Zachary Lieberman
Zachary Lieberman Hace 2 días
My great grandfather is from 1844 and he said it was because countries were still building/gaining land and taking territory from each other so the blobs represent countries
Crystal Embermoon
Crystal Embermoon Hace 2 días
Morse code said 'Harder than you think' I was bored one day so I decided to learn >.< It was super easy actually...
Oof MyNameJeff
Oof MyNameJeff Hace 2 días
Queen Singalong with Danny! Pause the video at 12:56 (Unpause) *IS THIS JUST FANTASY?* *CAUGHT IN A LANDSLIDE* *NO ESCAPE FROM REALITY*
Stasja Beijeman
Stasja Beijeman Hace 2 días
Please make a episode video!!!
Content Deleted
Content Deleted Hace 2 días
Kids who are from the 1845s
lazy potstokim
lazy potstokim Hace 2 días
I though u said bad ass.. instead of ads
Evie _Samantha
Evie _Samantha Hace 2 días
5:21 ThAtS HoW mAfIa WoRkS!!!
Zi PhY
Zi PhY Hace 2 días
Your friend is annoying :pee in his mouth :move to canada, come back and divorce
Yanni Smith
Yanni Smith Hace 2 días
The code says “I hate you, you will die today, and I am watching you through your window.” (I don’t hate him.)
Mustache Cookieo
Mustache Cookieo Hace 2 días
Michael Jackson Died on the toilet
Ellyana’s Content
Ellyana’s Content Hace 2 días
Dead people can't play mobile games -An inspirational quote by Danny Gonzalez ~March 19th2019.
CharaStar YT
CharaStar YT Hace 2 días
For the Sultan one She f***ing painted herself
CharaStar YT
CharaStar YT Hace 2 días
Hey beautiful Slap his face Kiss him
Ariana Hunt
Ariana Hunt Hace 2 días
6:06 just click.. trust me kid, CLICK IT
TOX8C_CR34TUR3 Hace 2 días
i didnt hear but i know morse code
Legend Gamer1313
Legend Gamer1313 Hace 2 días
“Looks like bae is in the shower!” -Start a revolution -Use shotguns in trench warfare
Kyle Parent
Kyle Parent Hace 2 días
Selena Gomez has discovered the secret in deleting the undeletable phone apps
Do a video about episode, like if you want too!!!
Cyrus Hengel
Cyrus Hengel Hace 2 días
I'm done
ო faith Chan ო
ო faith Chan ო Hace 2 días
Omg! It’s the guy that beat up my friend, what should I do? A: Marry him B: Die C: Get Brain Tumor
Bevvie Beep
Bevvie Beep Hace 2 días
Leo Valdez
Leo Valdez Hace 2 días
When the bear ad came I just started laughing hysterically
Missionary Man
Missionary Man Hace 2 días
That makes no sense why would they block the video it’s free advertising I repeat FREE
Only Shallow
Only Shallow Hace 2 días
I’m hungry -eat food (20 diamonds) -isolate yourself in your room for 2 months
Amber Ashley
Amber Ashley Hace 2 días
Thank you for assuming I don’t know how to spell expressvpn.com but I do in fact know how to spell your name lmao
ThatOneCommunist Hace 2 días
Hey how are you? Im good Spoon his eyeballs out and cut his poop cord then murder his pet while you kick him in his Nads
Claire O'Connor
Claire O'Connor Hace 2 días
If u do episode plz play the baby project I love that stiry and it is kinda weird
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