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Guys these are some bad ads. These are some bad awful ads.
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.
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Jackson Hughes
Jackson Hughes Hace 2 horas
The fucking bears face when he slapping dat ass
Mr Universal
Mr Universal Hace 3 horas
Ah come on I was born in 1845 #dontquestionhowiamstillalive
_-Ventic-_ -
_-Ventic-_ - Hace 5 horas
*Today I had to delete a picture of my grandma, why tO taKe a pIc oF mY gRaNdmA*
Spadille Hace 5 horas
*You’re going out to a party your crush will be at!* Option 1- wear a designer dress and make everyone jealous [1,000,000 diamonds] Option 2- slap his face Option 3- D i V o R c E Option 4- wear a stunning dress to catch his eye [999,999 diamonds] Option 5- wear a church dress Option 6- 1844
Lauren Manley
Lauren Manley Hace 7 horas
7:35 I’m crying
KT Let’s get started
Danny: I GOTTA PEE me: same
Silvia DiPaolo-Singh
Silvia DiPaolo-Singh Hace 10 horas
Slap him in the face all of them👊
Emily and Jenny
Emily and Jenny Hace 11 horas
6:34 there are not 200 colors
jane hershberger
jane hershberger Hace 13 horas
8:26 hhahaahaha
Rina Malka
Rina Malka Hace 13 horas
Actually, the bathroom situation has happened to me. I was in Germany staying with my grandparents and my cousins and I were sleeping in the living room. I see my grandma go past the living room door frame to go to the bathroom. After a while she didn't go back to her room and I was starting to get desperate. I get up to see what's going on and she left the door wide open and she was snoring on the toilet. I had to wait like 45 min in bed before she got up.
3 idiots who like art :3
I cried laughing
ɮɨֆċʊɨtֆ Hace 14 horas
Your husband eat your cake What do you do? 1) pee in his *mouth* 2) *DIVORCE* 3) Kill him.
Useless gang Meme time
Morse code says harder than you think fam
Sunny Lettuce
Sunny Lettuce Hace 15 horas
BigDingus Cheese
BigDingus Cheese Hace 19 horas
The Morse code says "can't get past level 0"
Almond Foxy
Almond Foxy Hace 22 horas
I bet the morse code said don't download the game
Lala Girl
Lala Girl Hace 22 horas
The Morse code says "big chungus"
Crystal Wolf
Crystal Wolf Hace un día
Lollyfruit Meme
Lollyfruit Meme Hace un día
One time with that weird paint game it said "real men don't get wet" ?!?!?!
Tula Leonard
Tula Leonard Hace un día
Slap him in the face
WindexVideos Hace un día
Here's a new trick Put a woman in an adultery scenario Boom perfect ad
Asha Marion
Asha Marion Hace un día
Kids from 1844 have left the chat
Jimmy Neatron
Jimmy Neatron Hace un día
My wife has the flu! Option 1:DoNT VaxInaTe My KIdS Option B: gEt RABiES
Leila Roy
Leila Roy Hace un día
episode is actualy cool, ive had it for a very long time
Toasted Eevie
Toasted Eevie Hace un día
Japan just Japan
Panda and Jinga Carlisle
I was trying to be really quiet while watching this, but at the bear part... I'm dead.
SuperninjaYTbro Hace un día
You don't get it o_O *Only 1564 can reply*
whitney campbell
whitney campbell Hace un día
I am for the 2007
Coop Tracks
Coop Tracks Hace un día
I feel bad for the bear, but I laughing so hard.
Jonatan Hudnik
Jonatan Hudnik Hace un día
More badads!!!!!
Jericho Hace un día
Its sos
Marshall mathers
Marshall mathers Hace 2 días
Bad dads ' ' ___
Crystal Morrow
Crystal Morrow Hace 2 días
OMG lol the the way the bear moves lol!!!!!!1
Ashley Landsberg
Ashley Landsberg Hace 2 días
The first one means only 1,844 kids will get (download) this game
Christal Horton
Christal Horton Hace 2 días
Holy crap Danny plz make an episode video
Gamergrl Hace 2 días
Ngl episode is pretty 👌🏼. there is a knockoff game called choices which is the same but trashy-er *episode gets a little inappropriate tho
GamingBomb Hace 2 días
Respect the LGBTQ and... DIVORCE community
Carly Welch
Carly Welch Hace 2 días
when are we gonna get a video about user-made episodes daniel
Deona Hace 2 días
There is a great ad from a 1987 it's called freedom rock , so RAD!!!
Peppermint Peaches
Peppermint Peaches Hace 2 días
The oldest living person is 116 and they were still only born in 1903. That’s still 59 years off from 1844😂
Cole Gargano
Cole Gargano Hace 2 días
12:47 OMG LOL
Cole Gargano
Cole Gargano Hace 2 días
9:58 ROFL
Mr. Yeetle
Mr. Yeetle Hace 2 días
I screamed during the bear part. IT HURT I COULDNT BREATH
Kathryn Hace 2 días
I’m Greg now, do I need to file the paperwork or will a new passport be on its way in the mail ? jw
Amy Eggleston
Amy Eggleston Hace 2 días
Scrolling down the comments for someone who knows what the Morse code thing was when you realise...nobody does...
Comedy Boi
Comedy Boi Hace 2 días
A child comes up to you and asks where his parents were Slap his face Kiss him RAPE
Edward Hertzenberg
Edward Hertzenberg Hace 2 días
The moris code says option one be a 1846 kid or Divorce
Taha Demir
Taha Demir Hace 2 días
Suck my asz
MR BEAT Hace 2 días
"Dead people can’t play mobile games” -me just now
ThePoPo Potato
ThePoPo Potato Hace 2 días
“And you happen to live in the US and Canada” i live in both? Do i like live in the middle? Am i questioning this too much? Yes. Do i care? No. If i do something bad which police force will come after me?
Brishti Roy UwU
Brishti Roy UwU Hace 2 días
*dead people can't play mobile games*
Shelby Threadgill
Shelby Threadgill Hace 2 días
7:25 I can hear Harry potter music in the back of my head
what is the tittke OF THE GAME i cant sleep cause of that morse code im addicted
i know now mqybe its a code for something well thats a morse code CODE it says H I C C K 6 B C im not sure
I can understand morse code but you talking too much so i only got the word NOPE
Let me find that ad and translate it for you
Anarchist Maverick
Anarchist Maverick Hace 3 días
Trilllion surprise toyZzzzzzzzz z a a a a a. A a pappapapapapapapapapapappapapapapapapappaaftw mmamamamammamamamamamamamamamamamamamamammamamamaftl
Marco Bogazzi
Marco Bogazzi Hace 3 días
The best one was the bear one
grxy b dxlxn
grxy b dxlxn Hace 3 días
the spanking bears had me in tears
Early Bird Tax
Early Bird Tax Hace 3 días
Slap him he's moving to fast
Floating Cat
Floating Cat Hace 3 días
Amy V.
Amy V. Hace 3 días
The only person I know that died on the toilet was Elvis or was someone else 🤔 anyways yeah I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't die on the toilet (sowy it was long☹️☹️☹️)
Aidan Ziegenhorn
Aidan Ziegenhorn Hace 3 días
“Dead people don’t play mobile games”
Tea- Rex
Tea- Rex Hace 3 días
The Morse code says "harder than YT" I'm guessing the YT stands for 'You Think' . Get this to the top so everyone knows.
SoFear B
SoFear B Hace 3 días
+ boosr
Theo b 20
Theo b 20 Hace 3 días
That first game is about trying to control the entire map. Anything similar happen around the year 1844? No I don’t think so
Kamora Warner
Kamora Warner Hace 3 días
A Boy you know from class walks up to you and wants to borrow a pencil. What should you do? Option 1 : Slap him Option 2 : Kiss him Option 3: DIVORCE
Detective Jonesy
Detective Jonesy Hace 3 días
I tried my best to decipher the moser code and this is what I got: Siaauieuetstaaanaat I am mediocre at it so I don't know if it’s right (prolly not) but it was really difficult and I didn’t have any more patients
Elle Gilbert
Elle Gilbert Hace 3 días
*Your mom spanks u What will u do... Kiss her or slap her.... bum bum bum
Alex Jung
Alex Jung Hace 3 días
SAT scores are out of 1850. 1844 kids are presumably top 1% of scorers. Hence, they are essentially saying "only top 1% of kids will be good at this game"
Tim tam tommy D
Tim tam tommy D Hace 3 días
4:20 how is it the only app On phones and iPads you can’t delete Photo app Camera app App Store Settings And more So it can’t be the only app on her phone
Gabe Frommelt
Gabe Frommelt Hace 3 días
7:33 to 8:24😂😂😂😂😂
Bailey Carpenter
Bailey Carpenter Hace 3 días
I am Greg now
Midnight Animations
Midnight Animations Hace 3 días
I have Helix Waltz and it's literally nothing like that..its a game set in the past and you go to balls and climb to social hierarchy
MakenAdventures! Hace 3 días
I thought Morse code was words?
Jack V
Jack V Hace 3 días
Magnus Astro :D
Magnus Astro :D Hace 3 días
Nobody: Mobile ads: I CAN’T GET PASS LEVEL 0!!! 😭😭😭
Kaykay _Pl4yz
Kaykay _Pl4yz Hace 3 días
The first game ads could also mean 1,844 kids download it
Puppies And Doodles
Puppies And Doodles Hace 3 días
Its Badads
Xoxo Tricia
Xoxo Tricia Hace 3 días
*No one:* *...* *Ads: YOUR MOM FAT*
Kattydude GD
Kattydude GD Hace 3 días
A man is dead! Slap his face Kiss him
Miro Kovachevich
Miro Kovachevich Hace 3 días
You are cold Option 1: kill your wife and use her as a fur coat Option 2: DIVORCE
ItsThatGuy369 Hace 3 días
12:59 damb, I was waiting for a Bohemian Rhapsody reference
Chloe T
Chloe T Hace 4 días
Only kids from 1844 can understand this because they are all dead. Only dead people can play this. You must be dead, to play this game...
tacos thing
tacos thing Hace 4 días
do you not what
Rap1d-re-charge Hace 4 días
Boi I poopy but I’m a greg now notif scuadddeee
kitty crow
kitty crow Hace 4 días
Oh noes, your friends has been missing after you get got out of the cave, what should you do? A) find them (100000000000000000000000000 diamonds) B) BURN THE WHOLE FOREST!!!!!
shy hiy
shy hiy Hace 4 días
"And dead people cant play mobile games"
The pomegranate With a caucus friend
Translation F D N S
Rossmery Speaks
Rossmery Speaks Hace 4 días
I tried my best to translate it so i think it says “play our game” in morse code but im not sure
do people actually look at the nickname?
Eli the one wheeler Yt
Oh bad dads so that’s why he makes videos
cat playz
cat playz Hace 4 días
Hi •kiss him •slap his face
Emily Flynn
Emily Flynn Hace 4 días
what’s the first game called?
The Soviet Octopus
The Soviet Octopus Hace 4 días
Wait hold up... he said that the people who made the first game were witches, and the company that made it is called voodoo... *Coincidence?* *I THINK NOT!*
The Soviet Octopus
The Soviet Octopus Hace 4 días
Wait hold up... he said that the people who made the first game were witches, and the company that made it is called voodoo... *Coincidence?* *I THINK NOT!*
MaKayla Fastnacht
MaKayla Fastnacht Hace 5 días
The kiss list is a weird series on episode.
Finn Sanderfer
Finn Sanderfer Hace 5 días
1844 is a nazi dogwhistle just fyi
Heartify Hace 5 días
7:35 lmao
AliWally ;-;
AliWally ;-; Hace 5 días
*I DoNt BeLiEvE iN sPaNkInNG*
Hunter Janssen
Hunter Janssen Hace 5 días
In Morse code it says the nukes are on there way get to cover ( don’t look it up)
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