Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage say their parents are "trying to get money and scam" R. Kelly

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The two women who live with R. Kelly are defending him and their relationship with him. Azriel Clary, 21, and Joycelyn Savage, 23, told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King they love Kelly even though their families claim he has brainwashed them. The women said there is nothing inappropriate about their relationship with the 52-year-old.
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7 mar 2019






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Popstar Cliff
Popstar Cliff Hace un hora
Oh m'y goodness !!!
Tyra LEWIS Hace un hora
If you listen to Azriel closely.She is revealing everything Robert Kelly has done to all of them,but She is blaming her parents.
izzie lee
izzie lee Hace 7 horas
Denn tellllllllllll the truth bout r kelly
JoAnn Grant
JoAnn Grant Hace 7 horas
No it's not illegal but it is not right at all
Blanche Thobi
Blanche Thobi Hace 15 horas
Wanna punch Azriel in the face SO BAD! RUDE!!
Finesse Qxeen
Finesse Qxeen Hace 17 horas
Damn she ugly when she cry 4:24
Myassar Hamdan
Myassar Hamdan Hace 19 horas
All this caos needs to end all they gotta do is a lie detector that simple
Patricio  Cepeda
Patricio Cepeda Hace 20 horas
Jacqueline Villarreal
Jacqueline Villarreal Hace 21 un hora
Wheres the proof that these girls arent liring about her parents
Diontae Daughtry
Diontae Daughtry Hace 21 un hora
Cruz Den
Cruz Den Hace 22 horas
It wouldn’t be crazy to think that R Kelly lies to these girls and tells them that her parents are contacting him for money. That way they begin to see their parents as the enemy & begin to trust him more. Manipulation 101. That’s probably what’s going on here :/ and I feel so sorry for them
Gson 72
Gson 72 Hace 23 horas
If they really wanted to escape, this would have been the time to tell the truth.....n look; They defended n still with em. They coulda ended him rite here if he ws a monster people say he is. They coulda jus left everything at the house an asked for the police. So clearly the girls r telling the truth so....again....innocent yet lying about sumthing. no matter wat Robert ws doin coughing or watever, they could have ended him here. Do the math
Honey Dew
Honey Dew Hace un día
Azriel tried to be so tough...lol...then just broke down crying..hahha
Anuj Anand
Anuj Anand Hace un día
These girls only for the money..alligator tears...
Thechubbybunny Hace un día
Either they're defending him out of fear or they just don't want to have normal lives again without the millions of cash or possible they both have Stockholm syndrome?
Zaynobia B
Zaynobia B Hace un día
Wow. So they couldn’t really say nothing. Cause he was there. Coughing loud so they don’t say certain things. Smh. It is very sad N ugly.
Zaynobia B
Zaynobia B Hace un día
Where the threats ?
Zaynobia B
Zaynobia B Hace un día
So you did have sex with him at 17. Cause you lied about your age
Zaynobia B
Zaynobia B Hace un día
They both lying.
Zaynobia B
Zaynobia B Hace un día
Why she so mad lml.
snake man
snake man Hace un día
So sad and they are so young!!!
Keitumetse Kaphiwa
Keitumetse Kaphiwa Hace un día
I've been here before 😔
Larimar World
Larimar World Hace un día
They don’t have any plans in the future. That’s sad because when they’re done with R. Kelly, they need to look for jobs like everyone else and have no career experience.
Mavado Jones
Mavado Jones Hace un día
They ain’t lying
Gene Ross
Gene Ross Hace un día
I just don't get how one R&B singer can control so many adult women
Amanda Joseph
Amanda Joseph Hace un día
These two girls are famous for the wrong reason 😩 this is very sad and they also have no ambition .
Ely Rose
Ely Rose Hace un día
Agrees to do interview to discuss their personal relationship with r.kelly Gets offended when asked question on their personal relationship with r.kelly
Paro Poon
Paro Poon Hace un día
Crocodile tears 👎
kai da
kai da Hace un día
yo dez girlz tellin truth. black people need to clean up house real talk.
Felisha Walden
Felisha Walden Hace un día
That chick in red looks like Tammy!
hassan khan
hassan khan Hace un día
Gotta admit some of Gales's questions were a little personal. Especially when she was talking about what they're sexual aspects of their relationship were. That is kinda none of her business.
Wesley Whiteside
Wesley Whiteside Hace un día
My sister was in a abusive relationship. The way they talk reminds me of when she was brainwashed. But, she was also a manipulator and took ownership of her lies after the fact. I hope these two realize what they're doing and have an awakening soon.
Michelle Kelton
Michelle Kelton Hace un día
SMH.. They Need PRAYERS.
candice hayden
candice hayden Hace un día
I've been said it's more to this than the info we're getting
BlackGirlMagic Hace un día
Kym .B
Kym .B Hace un día
They sound like they lying
Lauryn Yvonne
Lauryn Yvonne Hace un día
The girl in the black was soooo disrespectful and had a major attitude problem. Kudos to Gayle for keeping her cool throughout the interview ..
Joshua Lovehall
Joshua Lovehall Hace un día
She is calling someone stupid ??
Yareli Aleman
Yareli Aleman Hace 2 días
I actually think they getting payed to speak good on his name 🤷🏾‍♀️ thats just what I "see"
Daniel Crowe
Daniel Crowe Hace 2 días
And any time you go back to studio Gayle is the only one you believe has a really feeling in her body about what's happening. The woman beside her... Well she works for TV.
Daniel Crowe
Daniel Crowe Hace 2 días
Not even joking R. Kelly needs shooting.
Pricilla Moore
Pricilla Moore Hace 2 días
You only get one mother and one father girls please stop you will regret this
D v
D v Hace 2 días
I think he has something on them that they think they don't want to come out possibly and if that's true nothing is worth having to let yourself go thru the things he puts you thru you are better than that girls and of course he was in the back scaring him it's obvious you don't have to b scared of him honey come home get away from him girls you are strong enough babies
D v
D v Hace 2 días
You can tell they r very scared and lying for him out of fear poor babies I been thru that and I defended him the same way I'm sorry
Ebony Faith
Ebony Faith Hace 2 días
Wow! Clary (the one in black) acts extremely immature. Her stories are so outlandish about her parents. What a shame. So sad.
Ralph Firley
Ralph Firley Hace 2 días
Azriel was super defensive. Why do an interview with CBS if you're that charged up and angry? I think it's fair to say she answered the three-way question with her angry response and "refusal to answer it."
archangel Hace 2 días
they are brainwashed. “bedrum”
Trina Rain
Trina Rain Hace 2 días
I love how everybody know what's going on from the video and what you hear but it's stuff that goes on every day in your life and you can't even figure it out you can't figure out how you going to pay your next bill or how you going to feed your kids or who's your real parents who's your baby daddy or who's your baby mama or who stole something from at your house or whatever the case is you can't figure it out but you know everything about this man and these girls crazy
Kagiso Mokoena
Kagiso Mokoena Hace 2 días
Please interview Dominique
kuldip dhuna
kuldip dhuna Hace 2 días
Smh r Kelly needs help
btuck2 Hace 2 días
Of course she upset her parents using her to get money
btuck2 Hace 2 días
Monogamist are so damn stupid.
Thandeka Mkwananzi
Thandeka Mkwananzi Hace 2 días
These girls are crazy.. What a shame..
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams Hace 2 días
Parents are guilty as well
SONYA LOVEST Hace 2 días
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas Hace 2 días
The parents need to forget about these two they are mentally gone....
Matt Hace 2 días
Wow rkelly has some issues he needs to work out in prison
Barb Hace 2 días
Azrial is very defensive!
Lala Loops
Lala Loops Hace 2 días
This remind me of Gloria Trevi and her manager. He had a bunch brainwashed underage girls.
Alicia Absolam
Alicia Absolam Hace 2 días
They should have been interviewed separately...then we would have seen if their stories matches up. Azriel is doing most of the talking
DejaDrewit Hace 2 días
Any chance rkelly’s people r brainwashing them to THINK their parents are after money?? How hard is it to show them some fake messages? Like to turn them against their parents
Crystal Madill
Crystal Madill Hace 2 días
All kelly has to do is show that they asked for money... why not prove that?
Rachel Blackwell
Rachel Blackwell Hace 2 días
I sure hope someone isn’t going to end up dead with this situation. Is that what it has to come to? The man should be in jail.
Maddie Nilsson
Maddie Nilsson Hace 2 días
If you say “ok, so...” 99% it’s a lie
emlyn nela
emlyn nela Hace 2 días
oh r kelly play hugh Hefner now
Mishma Young-Williams
Why don't I believe Azriel Clary? And why she so angry?
Veronica Calderon
Veronica Calderon Hace 2 días
O.M.G what two pair of ignorant ,stupid women. They love money. Even to talk about their own parents.Don't have no education. No respect at all..
Frances Roché Melendez
Two brainwashed ding dings 💆🏽💆🏽
Freya Sweet
Freya Sweet Hace 2 días
He’s probably telling these girls all these things about their parents. So sad.
Terry Harrington
Terry Harrington Hace 3 días
But to be honest when I did see shawtys parents on that one talkshow they seemed low-key desperate for money ✨💯🤷🏾‍♂️😢🤭
g a b r i e l a
g a b r i e l a Hace 3 días
4:11 ...??
Maheshan Govender
Maheshan Govender Hace 3 días
How's their music careers going? It used to be about achieving their musical dreams, now its having threesomes with R Kelly while he brainwashes them.
carol williams
carol williams Hace 3 días
This little girl! Contradicting herself.
Sareyeh Martin
Sareyeh Martin Hace 3 días
Brainwashed??! So you mean to tell me rkelly has the power to control people?🤔 like professor x? Lol okay then, I’m just gonna assume you believe in flat earth, mark zucc is a reptilian who shapeshifts and magneto accidentally killed jfk whilst tryna save him🙄 yeah sure, thank you retards👍
2 Lit
2 Lit Hace 3 días
you can tell these girls are lying..its really sad bro. I hope they get help mentally
#UNIVERSAL ChutzpaH Hace 3 días
What kind of future generation of kids we are raising as parents...no morality.......
Ann Azealia
Ann Azealia Hace 3 días
Azriel got it down pat. Woah. Jocelyn: "Exactly".
MJ RDGz Hace 3 días
Your telling me these two girls havent seen the r.kelly documentary??? Lol wow.
MJ RDGz Hace 3 días
Lol this is all coming from r.kellys mouth. He has twisted everything these girls are saying especially the mouthy one.
Deidre Collins
Deidre Collins Hace 3 días
Ariel wasn’t playing Jocelyn needs to go home she’s not a rider
samarah ruggs
samarah ruggs Hace 3 días
She’s crying because she has been sold to r. Kelly and they can’t leave if they wanted to. Their parents have left them there.
Jeancelyne Jean
Jeancelyne Jean Hace 3 días
I went to school with azriel she was a good singer her mom was her manager so I heard and azriel I don’t even think she graduated high school but yeah she is sooo brainwashed
Chibz Hace 3 días
So in 8 more years, we'll be hearing from these girls again saying how awful he was and no one will be surprised because they were ONLY 17 and they have no business being with a 50 year old! Age of consent only protects pedophiles! It should only apply to same-age group. people are stupid and don't remember what it was like to be a stupid teenager/young-adult. Even him being with an 18-year-old would be super inappropriate and creepy. Even at 25 I could never be with an 18-year-old. You all know what he is!
Chibz Hace 3 días
Show us the texts! Show the transactions! Easy proof!
Trashanda Garrett
Trashanda Garrett Hace 3 días
All these comments how do yall know if they lieing or not was yall their was you ??? Oh okay then stfu ughh
Girl in the black needs to go back home to momma d. Shes *way past due* for an asswoopin. You don't talk to elders with an attitude like that. You get your point across differently, but she obviously doesnt have a valid point, hence the show shes putting on
Dsky40 Hace 3 días
Shame on these girls and shame on their parents. We have proof R Kelly is a sick man..
DeathStarDiva Hace 3 días
I haven't liked him since Aaliyah. This man is his own sex trafficking ring.
تونسية فألمانيا Healthy Chef
3:30 the answer is they want money out of him
تونسية فألمانيا Healthy Chef
1:07 I think this is the first time I hear a woman who will not speak about her private life . Well done girl 👍🏻❤️
Sara Esquivel
Sara Esquivel Hace un día
But that’s what she went there to do lol talk about her relationship with him.
تونسية فألمانيا Healthy Chef
I believe him and I think just people want money from him
Terrica Smith
Terrica Smith Hace 3 días
I pray nothing happens to these women now that there is talk of a suicide pack.
aly Hace 3 días
It's obvious he is guilty and those girls are very much brainwashed
Shaferaily Martin
Shaferaily Martin Hace 3 días
It's easy to destroy a black man because his own people will help you do it.
VinQlo Music
VinQlo Music Hace 3 días
Search for keywords on youtube My sister is very popular in the company
Ljiljana Erickson
Ljiljana Erickson Hace 3 días
Aggressive and defensive! We get it!
Jack Einoff
Jack Einoff Hace 3 días
ridewave444 Hace 3 días
Yeah, I know. It'd be better if he was a 25 year old manipulating or abusing them.
Ren Lebl
Ren Lebl Hace 3 días
Stand by your man ladies. Everyone needs to stay out of your business. She checked Gayle. Lol
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