Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage say their parents are "trying to get money and scam" R. Kelly

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The two women who live with R. Kelly are defending him and their relationship with him. Azriel Clary, 21, and Joycelyn Savage, 23, told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King they love Kelly even though their families claim he has brainwashed them. The women said there is nothing inappropriate about their relationship with the 52-year-old.
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Lydia-Renee Anderson
Lydia-Renee Anderson Hace 14 horas
Obviously I don’t know anything beyond what is public, but it’s very possible that R Kelly is not only a sexual predator and abuser but also that one or more of the parents pimped their daughter out.
Lydia-Renee Anderson
Lydia-Renee Anderson Hace 14 horas
Gayle is so poised and composed in this series of interviews, really well done.
Michael Wood
Michael Wood Hace 23 horas
no such thing as brain wash
the twin deejay
the twin deejay Hace 3 días
money and ladies waaaaaaaah
Sahastri Hercules
Sahastri Hercules Hace 4 días
The one in black is clearly more dominant. The one in red says nothing. She just agrees with everything the one in black says. She seems like she's been conditioned to agree and never hold her own opinion. The language of the more aggressive one utilizes double negatives, crude syntax and sentence structure. She also has a very hard time keeping herself from cursing. These are all indicators of low to no education. On the surface, even without gathering many facts, the girls do show definite signs of at least rudimentary brainwashing.
ghost pecan
ghost pecan Hace 4 días
she is so defensive
Mary McCall
Mary McCall Hace 5 días
Ok y'all can't say who can date who these ladies are grown now whatever happened between them and r Kelly they parents should have spoken about then why wait now thats a fact age ain't nothing but a number
Nykia Richardson
Nykia Richardson Hace 5 días
So sad I know she literally broke her fathers heart calling him a liar.. defending a man who the same age as him. So sad
Queen Dora J.
Queen Dora J. Hace 6 días
She’s crying because she’s lying 🤥 she crying for help!! He’s abusive and conductive.
Alice Hood
Alice Hood Hace 10 días
Why wouldn't our Kelly's head explode because of what the clearys are saying but then what Jocelyn is saying her father would explode it makes no sense. All these interviews are so one-sided it's so obvious and people believe this s*** Gayle King is a liar just like most of the people involved in these cases with R Kelly they're one-sided because R.Kelly has been led to be believe that he is a monster but what about these other people are they not monsters. So now the Savage isn't it clear he's a quiet what happened, Michael avenatti? Gone with the Wind!
Alice Hood
Alice Hood Hace 10 días
What gets to me is that Gayle King Gayle King tells Ariel and Jocelyn that they are saying the same thing about their parents however when all these women are saying the same thing about R Kelly no one questions that. All these interviews of one-sided and are designed to leave women to say things about mr. Kelly that are not true all of these interviews from the women in the interviews to these two women but these two women are truthful and are not Liars. I'm so happy when mr. Kelly wins these lawsuits and then all of this can stop and he can go back to his life because I truly believe that he has a good heart and he is a good man he may be a little different as most people are compared to some other people but he's not this monster that he is portrayed to be.
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
ATM BTM Hace 10 días
L for reporter
John Doe
John Doe Hace 10 días
What abuse? There there on there own volition.
Tamara lovett
Tamara lovett Hace 11 días
Jocelyn try to get away from R Kelly her mother brought her back to him for the money I know something wasn't sounding right what do story her parents said she came back with them and went back with him
Rogan Torment Equinsu Ocha
R Kelly using the feds to turn accusers into defenders?
Andrew Thomas 2
Andrew Thomas 2 Hace 12 días
Rios09_Tv Hace 17 días
bet the parents pimped their daughter off and been getting payed for years from Kelly to stay quite and the girls don't realize there's been hundreds of victims before them .
Willie C. Fagg
Willie C. Fagg Hace 18 días
Gayle is an interviewing beast! #Cool #Calm #Collective
Nyasha Victorine
Nyasha Victorine Hace 19 días
Stockholm syndrome to the highest
DanTUtilizer Hace 19 días
According to Azriel, anyone who doesn't agree with her are stupid :)
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
Well, it’s true.
PVTA NEGRA Hace 19 días
i wonder if they are putting on a fassade because they are scared or because they think they can impress him.
Percy Glasper
Percy Glasper Hace 20 días
Leave Kelly alone yall some f nggas
Angel Near
Angel Near Hace 21 un día
You wont look your parents in the eye but you have all this confidence looking Gayle in the eyes, a total stranger.
Natasha Hace 21 un día
This is the black version of Manson's "family."
MIZZJACQUETTAXx Hace 21 un día
These poor ladies are brainwashed and lost😐
Grace Johnson
Grace Johnson Hace 22 días
How you can say get your clothes and lets go you aint got no rite telling some one else child who wants to be where shes at to leave her comfort to go live with a next pedophile who cant give her nothong
Aly Jiselle
Aly Jiselle Hace 22 días
You know it's rehearsed because instead of focusing on how happy they are with the pedophile, they are making their parents out to be the bad guys. I hope they both get the years of therapy they very obviously need. 😢
TruthSeekerUK pafc
TruthSeekerUK pafc Hace 22 días
In love with his money and lifestyle more like.
LindyLooo99 Hace 23 días
That girl NAILED Gayle..... hahaha... ain't none of your business!
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
Yeah. I’m glad that Azriel told her off. That’s too personal.
R N Hace 22 días
Lol you should send an application to basement3@underthestairs.com. They're searching for brainless creatures I heard
Tank Dog Johnson
Tank Dog Johnson Hace 25 días
Gayle king stfu
Aja Johnson
Aja Johnson Hace 26 días
I’m just not here for all the we dismissed it when we had actual proof of him with a young girl and now yrs later and everybody extra extra mad everybody wanna speak everybody was done so wrong by the man I’m not defending nor am I gone bash cause at the end of the day them girls grown asf now and it ain’t no real evidence but stories ain’t no proof nowhere but stories and from what I know about stories there are always different versions of every story.
Sonia M. Collado
Sonia M. Collado Hace 26 días
The way they speak is just not normal. You can see they're not happy at all.
Tasara22 Hace 26 días
Christ's sake just ask them how their "careers" are going
Winona Oxendine
Winona Oxendine Hace 26 días
"He's the manipulative " ??? Excuse me what????! These girls sound so uneducated, no wonder R Kelly was able to get these girls to comply. Smh a shame and a scandal
Priest MO
Priest MO Hace 26 días
They GROWN THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT. They can make their own decisions.
Priest MO
Priest MO Hace 26 días
Everyone pointing the finger at this dude. These two women saying. If y’all actually listened to her y’all see
Priest MO
Priest MO Hace 26 días
They 21 & up they can make they own decisions.
Deborah Anderson
Deborah Anderson Hace 28 días
Ok then...... Next question! Aahhhhhhhhahahahahaha 😂😂😂
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns Hace 28 días
Man, star power is real. Damn. Looool.
Punni Senpai
Punni Senpai Hace un mes
What got me is that they didn’t care about the decades of allegations they chose to be ignorant to
End of bozrah
End of bozrah Hace un mes
Punni Senpai allegations are not facts just like you being pretty is a myth
kianawithlove Hace un mes
I went to school with joycelyn.... smh. This is sad.
lewis collins
lewis collins Hace un mes
OMG he is broke, what money are their parents trying to get?
Salwa Najib
Salwa Najib Hace un mes
Everyone should have a relationship with whomever they want. So power to you girls.
Michael Wu
Michael Wu Hace un mes
"there are people all over the world that have multiple girlfriends" Really??? I can't name one person with multiple girlfriends. These girls seem VERY mature though.
End of bozrah
End of bozrah Hace un mes
Michael Wu you sound very gay is anything normal about 2 men having sex?
Connie Marie
Connie Marie Hace un mes
LMAO, R.Kelly AND these girls sound like they're lying through their teeth. 😂
kj Hace un mes
Idc about R kelly . He just need to let them go and leave people’s kids alone . He need to leave these black girls alone
bee boo
bee boo Hace un mes
I'm watching the Smurfs right now
christy capers
christy capers Hace un mes
4:40 Explains why your boo went unchecked for so long. 🤷🏾‍♀️
God Rocksha
God Rocksha Hace un mes
If their husbands could replace them with the younger versions I bet they would😂
QviePie Rademeyer
QviePie Rademeyer Hace un mes
These girls need help🤦‍♀️can't believe she would say such things bout her mother cause of the things that R Kelly is Doing.... We need another interview of Azriel alone... Joycelyn shouldnt be there coz I feel she is there to keep an eye on Azriel
truly charges
truly charges Hace un mes
This is sick
Joanna Lauren Taylor
Brainwashed both of them!!
Brandyn Bailey
Brandyn Bailey Hace un mes
They both dumb y’all know that got all kinds of diseases bruh!!! When they said they parents Encourage them to do the tape why in the name of Jesus would you listen to them And she should be crying because she fcking with a rapist he still gone like little girls until the day he die I can never be in the same house as R I’m not even gone say his whole name because even when I hear him see him I want to throw up What ever state he living in I’m moving out of
celani.ren.e Hace un mes
The girl AZRIAL sounds like she’s adopted Robert Kelly’s personality! She sounds just like him! I believe they were sold - but they have Stockholm syndrome.
Dp gamer 123
Dp gamer 123 Hace un mes
These girls were obviously lying on their parents to defend R. Kelly I don’t know if he brainwash them or threatened Them but you can tell they were lying for him
Dp gamer 123
Dp gamer 123 Hace un mes
Let’s be real we all know the real reason she was crying
time for common sense.
💰 iam no fool anymore.
DD Bears
DD Bears Hace un mes
Gross lol they will look back in 25 years and blame it all on him.... but these too what they put there families threw can’t forgive.....Can’t be that week minded I’m sorry. I just don’t feel for them. They’re really sticking up for a level III and they know it that’s the thing they know it
John Ryder
John Ryder Hace un mes
R Kelly is innocent. I hate any one that’s against him
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
Yes he is innocent.
John Ryder
John Ryder Hace un mes
R Kelly is clearly not guilty.
Issa Zoubai
Issa Zoubai Hace un mes
Damn, Kelly pulled a 3some with these girls
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
Issa Zoubai
Issa Zoubai Hace un mes
SEXY Mcfadden
SEXY Mcfadden Hace un mes
Issa Zoubai Sooo!
Tawana Daniels
Tawana Daniels Hace un mes
Gayle was being biased and condescending, but Azriel got her together.
Zubbs Hace 5 días
Gayle asked simple questions and kept her composure.
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
I love Azriel Clary. She’s beautiful, she can sing, she’s intelligent and she’s assertive.
Lcarter52 Hace un mes
Ciauni Tucker
Ciauni Tucker Hace un mes
Did anyone catch Azriel say "i was not having sex with R Kelly at 17" and then in the next breath say "my parents forced me to get in pictures and do sexual things in videos" bottom line somebodies lying. give that man life in prison. This whole thing is disgusting
jacarasunny Hace un mes
Wait she said she was never with him before 17. But she said her parents made her lie about being 18. Im confused. 😂
Sefoka Vusi
Sefoka Vusi Hace un mes
#RKELLYKINGOFRNB I've learnt that some people are more nicer, smart and approachable than how their haters describe them. Get to know people first before using their haters information against them. ❤️❤️
Jamaris AllDay
Jamaris AllDay Hace un mes
These girls are gaslit like a mothafucka. It has to have started in childhood in order to be in this situation now.
1984THESTREETKID Hace un mes
Amazing how he can get away with Statutory rape, manipulate an Underage Teenager (Aaliyah) into marrying him and still have 2 young women in their 20's drooling as well as Worshipping the ground he walks on, despite him being a Broke, Overweight, Blacklisted individual, whom had a weird infatuation and obsession with his own Mother, before his music being Cancelled off the airwaves, now living as a man with essentially nothing left but memories as his legacy falls apart. I'm glad the truth of R.Kelly has finally been brought to light. And even if he eventually beats the pending case(s) in court, it just shows other that no Celebrity is invincible or above the law anymore. He's an example of what happens in the dark, eventually comes through into the light.
Damian Campbell
Damian Campbell Hace un mes
Why you want to know about their sex life bright and out of order
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
Exactly. Gayle was wrong for that.
Nija McLorin
Nija McLorin Hace un mes
They got Stockholm syndrome like a MF
Bic Boi
Bic Boi Hace un mes
Atum 777
Atum 777 Hace un mes
I would be angry to if the world judge's me for my choices
Danyelle Coleman
Danyelle Coleman Hace un mes
Fix it Jesus🙌🏽 In the name of Jesus🙌🏽👏🏽.
luciturd Hace un mes
3:26 fr sounds like she's about to breakdown in tears
midnight mare 1
midnight mare 1 Hace un mes
The girls are mature and responsible 😉 for their selves 😉 and their lives and they are at age to do whatever they want !!! The girls are lying 😂. They are manupulated and brain washed
Floyd Thomas
Floyd Thomas Hace un mes
I ain't see no tears
Jupiter Yandje
Jupiter Yandje Hace un mes
She crying alright, but not for the reasons she is talking about. She is being abused behind the scenes....
Duey Du
Duey Du Hace un mes
They’re definitely parroting his words and his behaviors. The girl in red is freaking out, I get she’s nervous but she could also worried about saying or doing the wrong thing.
Jupiter Yandje
Jupiter Yandje Hace un mes
Damn, it's as if r.kelly is speaking through these girls like some kind of parasite. I bet the girl in black got an extra loaf of bread while in the basement for speaking up for Daddy
ShmoopDaddy Hace un mes
I also like how its mostly black women saying bad things about r kelly smh
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
Not me. That’s why I’m glad that they show two black women standing up for R. Kelly to counter it.
ShmoopDaddy Hace un mes
#Freerkelly this man is innocent and makes a good point in other videos: prove me wrong.
Sherry Crayton
Sherry Crayton Hace un mes
They both got the same story they came up with
Kaylyn Ross
Kaylyn Ross Hace un mes
2:55 you can hear r.kelly clear his throat
Lovely wiintrr
Lovely wiintrr Hace un mes
That was the other girl
Robert Krantz
Robert Krantz Hace un mes
Ooh, love the girls with some attitude. Super annoying
The Facilitator
The Facilitator Hace un mes
I don't know if its just me,But these 2 hoes are definitely hiding some horrific stuff.They'll get a fat paycheck from Robert for this,Especially Azriel
Jupiter Yandje
Jupiter Yandje Hace un mes
They hiding abuse and pain....
Dalhat Zhu
Dalhat Zhu Hace un mes
why do we lose decent people like Nipsey and dumb ones live?
Jrew Cooper
Jrew Cooper Hace un mes
She had a damn good reason to be offended by that question! She handled it perfectly! She is grown and what she does in the bed is her business not America’s!
Jupiter Yandje
Jupiter Yandje Hace un mes
She is lost and confused....r.kelly sexually abused her.
Joshua Black
Joshua Black Hace un mes
Wait what the parent problem but I feel like she faking it
Laura dabrown
Laura dabrown Hace un mes
I think all women love rkelly we all can live together lol
Zandra E
Zandra E Hace un mes
Azriel’s actions tells it all. She is making up the story as she talks. She starts crying because she realized that she is disrespecting and saying things about her parents that are wrong. They both have to make it sound good on the interview because if they don’t they will have to pay the consequences later. When Ariel was crying she said “I’m crying because you guys don’t know the truth.” What is the truth Azriel? What she really wanted to say is that you really don’t know what this man is doing to us. That really was a cry for help. On the other hand Joycelyn is quiet you can tell that she want out from R. Kelly and she is trying to play it safe.
Jupiter Yandje
Jupiter Yandje Hace un mes
Great anaylsis. Finally some with eyes
Jewel Millington
Jewel Millington Hace un mes
Gayle's composure issa gift
Jewel Millington
Jewel Millington Hace un mes
So you're telling me these people have no problem being in a relationship with more than one person... I'm not even believing this
End of bozrah
End of bozrah Hace un mes
Jewel Millington what’s so hard to believe it happens all around the world. What’s hard to believe is most of these homosexuals relationship here in Babylon
Mike Barra
Mike Barra Hace un mes
Every female on here would be on cloud 9 if they were 53 and dated a 23 year old stud. We demonize what we dont understand. These young ladies are in their early 20s and are old enough to live their own lives.
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
Lawyer Henderson tv
I wish I could find two women like this
Jupiter Yandje
Jupiter Yandje Hace un mes
They abused
Dead Classic
Dead Classic Hace un mes
Coughing ? Lmao stfu
money gang
money gang Hace un mes
I think galy was very unprofessional during the interview .
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
Yes she was. Yet they want to say that Azriel has an attitude.
takeia young
takeia young Hace un mes
that documentary surviving r Kelly made such an impact on me.ive been brainwashed b4 as well and from what I saw on that documentary,it showed me that it's true about r kelly.and those girls were not lying.they went through abuse sexually,mentally.and phisically.everybody should check out the documentary "surviving r kelly"you can also download the lifetime app and tune in.
mya200014 Hace un mes
The 2 women....dumb and dumber 😂....i bet you once R Kelly goes to jail and the money stop coming...they will be looking to have interviews saying they were brainwashed and couldn't see it...smh...child🤣
Fatima Mendoza
Fatima Mendoza Hace un mes
They're defending r kellys money not him
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
Well, I think that Azriel really want to be with him, money or not. Jocelyn, she’s the type that wants only his money.
Truth Troll
Truth Troll Hace un mes
So the parents need to go to jail?
Nicole Little
Nicole Little Hace 6 días
mbadugha chijioke
mbadugha chijioke Hace un mes
In his prime he could have all these women including his accusers.
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