Backstreet Boys - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Official Video)

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17 may 2018






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asi la cosa
asi la cosa Hace 9 minutos
Why Kevin reminds me of Snoop Dogg?
Jade Lamadrid
Jade Lamadrid Hace un hora
Sofia L
Sofia L Hace un hora
Great hit! Never disappoint this boys! ❤️
Nitesh Mathur
Nitesh Mathur Hace 10 horas
"Baby don't go breakin' my heart, breakin' my heart.. It's the only one I got.." Lied Nicky, the squid
Adriana Ibarra
Adriana Ibarra Hace 18 horas
me encanta
Ahlam Hossain
Ahlam Hossain Hace 18 horas
Congratulations to my beloved Backstreet boys on their anniversary. With aeons of love to you. Your songs are always one the best.
Beth McCullough
Beth McCullough Hace 22 horas
Mmmmmm AJ and Kevin STILL my faves
caliv0608 Hace 23 horas
The years have only improved these guys. And I'm sorry, gotta leave a little thirsty comment.... Brian and Kevin are damn fine at this age!! Even better than in the 90s.
Hari Haran
Hari Haran Hace un día
The immortals 😲
Short n' Sweet
Short n' Sweet Hace un día
I'm 31 this year...sang "I want it that way" at my grade 4 talent show with my best friends...and still supporting them after all these years :)
3alloy M
3alloy M Hace un día
No wrinkles no saggy skin no overweight or hair what are they ??? 👽 !!!
Елена Коноваленко
Love LoveLove😍😍😍😍😍
Mari Herrera
Mari Herrera Hace un día
Amo esta canción ♥️🖤
Hazzle dazzle
Hazzle dazzle Hace 2 días
Anyone listening in 2020..
Barbara Rock
Barbara Rock Hace un día
Of course
Екатерина Варданян
Молодцы ребята столько лет вместе исполняют прекрасные песни.!!!!!Привет из России!!!!
Dominic Jackson
Dominic Jackson Hace 2 días
This sounds like in 2:39 Taylor Swift "Delicate"
Yeniree Piña
Yeniree Piña Hace 3 días
Dhana Cárdenas Flores
Soy. Tu fan
John Ramirez
John Ramirez Hace 3 días
Wow! Just WOW!!
JAS PER Hace 3 días
Omgeee!!! My boys always nailed it!! You will always be the best group of bands for me since 1998!!! Love you guys.😙 #foreverfan
shpgrl1026 Hace 3 días
Have always been and will continue to be my favorite boy band.
ApexKnight Hace 4 días
So. I became a kpop stan recently and always been fascinated with their choreography. So out of curiosity I chose to look up the Backstreet Boys to see if they are as good. (I have listened to them growing up but never seen them perform before. Crazy right lol) And I gotta say, I'm pleasantly surprised to see these 40+ men still performing choreography. How come they aren't as big as kpop boy groups? Or is it just me and they are still big in the west? I don't hear much about them? What's happening and why cant I find any western boy groups with their finesse?
Ami Smith
Ami Smith Hace 4 días
Bsb since 1993 bitch
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez Hace 4 días
I will always love bsb always have always will
23 Hace 4 días
Backstreet boys in their 40's : Singing while dancing and syncing each other at the same time Me in my 40's : Still saying will sleep earlier but watching this video at 3 am
j- w
j- w Hace 4 días
🎤It’s the only one that I got!! Great song!! In the head and on replay all day!
adriannn Hace 4 días
I love them
Caroline dsdsd
Caroline dsdsd Hace 4 días
me too :)
Kai xiang Tan
Kai xiang Tan Hace 5 días
wow backstreet boys turned into backstreet men
Czarina Angelica
Czarina Angelica Hace 5 días
Even Though I'm 13 But I Love This Manband ❤️❤️❤️
joli minou
joli minou Hace 6 días
Kevin's still looking amazing!
Caroline dsdsd
Caroline dsdsd Hace 4 días
Kai Villegas
Kai Villegas Hace 6 días
From grade school to motherhood still love BSB
Barbara Rock
Barbara Rock Hace 6 días
Great song !!
It’s creepy that it’s been a year and Hald since it’s been released. Feeds like it’s been released yesterday😌❤️❤️❤️
GodVibesOnly 713
GodVibesOnly 713 Hace 6 días
I legit can’t get enough of this song. I been schleeep!
Uroosa Aqil
Uroosa Aqil Hace 6 días
Right here after show me the meaning of being lonely. And i see no difference in them😍😍
Jason Statham
Jason Statham Hace 6 días
You know when they say age is just a state of mind....this is what they mean...
Yagmur Yeşil Adbulan
BSB forever ♥️ you guys
maship68 Hace 7 días
Kevin cool macho, Howie Sweet, Brian energetic, AJ so stylo , Nick Handsome mature..poves from malaysia
maship68 Hace 7 días
kevin & AJ why so handsome...loves from Malaysia
Paulina Jerez
Paulina Jerez Hace 7 días
mis amores mnademen un saludo love love
Shawn Kies
Shawn Kies Hace 7 días
All those dislike are from people who let their babies play with their phone and hit the dislike while the adults are dancing to this song!
Dellya Winda Yuniar
Dellya Winda Yuniar Hace 8 días
I like you guys, i do, but the dance reminds me of Korean boybands, doesn't mean that it's bad, but it's just different. Anyway, glad to hear you guys back.
Shannon Savage
Shannon Savage Hace 8 días
Kevin. Yum
buisyman Hace 8 días
It's hard to believe it was possible, but your harmonies are even better. Maybe that's because you've "grown up" (lol) and your vocal cords have matured. Do you have anything new that's NOT written in minor keys?
Reflection Stillz
Reflection Stillz Hace 8 días
Quit playing games with my heart is the first song I listened to back then and loved them ever since
Alisha Solorio
Alisha Solorio Hace 8 días
They are incredibly talented... I could listen to their music all day long and watch their videos♥️
Lilians Llanos
Lilians Llanos Hace 8 días
24 días para verlos😍🤩😍😂🤩😍😂🤩😍💓💓💓💓💓
Bernita Teller
Bernita Teller Hace 8 días
LemyTalk Hace 9 días
I literally feel like I'm 7 years old again...Got me wondering which one I would kiss first!
vani Hace 9 días
this song sounds familiar to me ...
Rocío Suárez
Rocío Suárez Hace 9 días
Chicos..me alegro de saber que siguen juntos la verdad los conocí desde muy pequeña por un disco que mi mamá conserva y la verdad ustedes hicieron que amara la músicas.. debo admitir que hoy no soy una gran seguidora pero amo su pasión y no tengo dudas de que seguirán haciendo historia 💜.
John Peric
John Peric Hace 9 días
They're still a band?
Iulia Mieita
Iulia Mieita Hace 9 días
Mad respect for their careers, passion for music and dedication to their fans.
Cecilia Galiano
Cecilia Galiano Hace 9 días
JEK World
JEK World Hace 10 días
I can see OD haters lol
José Díaz
José Díaz Hace 10 días
Ilove backstreet boys
midnight vargas
midnight vargas Hace 10 días
student 2018
student 2018 Hace 10 días
At least when we were young we listened to music without any bad word without naked women and most important music perfomed with pure talents like BSB.
Usani Hace 10 días
Lana Windham
Lana Windham Hace 10 días
Wow!! Wow!! Hell yea
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