Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (Official Music Video)

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Backstreet Boys' official music video for 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)'. Click to listen to Backstreet Boys on Spotify: smarturl.it/BBSpot?IQid=BBE
Backstreet Boys will be going back on tour in 2017 starting on March 1!
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Two CD 29-track compilation from the boyband featuring hits, album tracks and fan favorites including "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)", "I Want It That Way", "Larger Than Life", "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" and more favorites.
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Everybody, yeah
Rock yourbody, yeah
Rock your body right (rock your body right)
Backstreet's back
Everybody (everybody)
Yeah (rock your body)
Rock your body (everybody)
Yeah (everybody rock your body)
Everybody (everybody, rock your body)
Rock your body right (everybody)
Backstreet's back, alright


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25 may 2011






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T J Hace 2 horas
Y’all never knew getting that Burger King CD in your happy meal!
Franky Frankson
Franky Frankson Hace 3 horas
Super weird none of them are gay. Most of them look ubergay. Anyway its funny so many years later the song still sounds good and not dated
Adri Blogs06
Adri Blogs06 Hace 4 horas
I mean the video was great but am I the only one who died when the werewolf was doing somersaults????
clover rayne
clover rayne Hace 7 horas
I want to go see them on tour they are coming m=to my city so fun
Sleepy Tae Tae
Sleepy Tae Tae Hace 8 horas
Sooo hehe um I love boy bands like BTS but this is like the American version just older. I luv dis
Gabbygirl Hace 9 horas
I know these lyrics by heart back and forward.. and cant remember my mum's cell phone number lol
Pombo Atômico
Pombo Atômico Hace 10 horas
Everybody Hate Doc
Juci Shockwave
Juci Shockwave Hace 10 horas
The Universal Monsters we were really looking forward to. ^_^
Kolya Mulenkov
Kolya Mulenkov Hace 11 horas
Craig Finlayson
Craig Finlayson Hace 16 horas
Slashing bodies, slash your body now!
CACAHUATE ;-; VD Hace 16 horas
2020 ??
Fikri Kaply
Fikri Kaply Hace 17 horas
This song stuck in my head..shitt 2020
Ajanta D Sangma
Ajanta D Sangma Hace 17 horas
2020 But still love this song Still gives me the chills 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
D- Logan
D- Logan Hace 19 horas
So werewolf, mummy, vampire, phantom of the opera and ... Harvey Dent?
Nick Simpson
Nick Simpson Hace 19 horas
One of the best and most inventive music videos ever made
Miguel Artaso
Miguel Artaso Hace 20 horas
Operación triunfo ???
ameena sheikh
ameena sheikh Hace 21 un hora
Funny n lovely song. 🙂
Tiktok Queen
Tiktok Queen Hace 22 horas
I LOVE BSB aka Backstreet Boys
Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz Hace 23 horas
Q puto temazo
David Moser
David Moser Hace 23 horas
The original boy band everyone thought that each member was gay
Lirin Hace un día
Kevin is so hot in this video.😍
Jenelle W
Jenelle W Hace un día
Yall remember watching the 'Making the video's of this
Nine_Tails137 Hace un día
This version is different from the one I remember? As in there were no long pauses between verses?
Nine_Tails137 Hace 7 horas
@The Living end Well, I saw the original Music Video way back in the day, as well as own a physical copy of the Backstreets Back CD, so I know how it's supposed to sound. And when they change it like this, all I can say is: "What have you done to my Childhood!?"
The Living end
The Living end Hace 9 horas
Nine_Tails137 yep I was just reading the comments to see if anyone else noticed. They cut a part of the video out as well
Jose miguel
Jose miguel Hace un día
Agustin Unaplay...??
Nacho Fire
Nacho Fire Hace un día
Everbody is Willy Wonka
viktor syvyryn
viktor syvyryn Hace un día
самая лучшая музыкальная группа мне так/ не показывается/ все песни этой группы мне очень нравятся...
PEDRO silva laura
PEDRO silva laura Hace un día
Salve Br 2020
Maura Ávila
Maura Ávila Hace un día
El vampiro se parece a Willy Wonka
Tyson Sillo
Tyson Sillo Hace un día
The bus broke bridge!
Lil ScratchNSniff
Lil ScratchNSniff Hace un día
My barbie n me haf matching BSB nighgowns 😈
Lil ScratchNSniff
Lil ScratchNSniff Hace un día
Remember how all little girls liked Brian "bcuz he has a hole in his heart"
Lil ScratchNSniff
Lil ScratchNSniff Hace un día
I cannot believe Aj used to be my favorite 🤢
Lil ScratchNSniff
Lil ScratchNSniff Hace un día
Kevin not bad doe
Ignacio luis alexander Pardo
Es muy buena
Mauricio Avelino Saucedo Soriano.
Игорь Миронов
2020 Russia
BronchoKyle Hace 2 días
Girl in red that Howie bites is Mia from Need for Speed Most Wanted.
Fafa Guerra
Fafa Guerra Hace 2 días
Ronnie Keith
Ronnie Keith Hace 2 días
Use to watch this with “QuickTime” when the cd came out in like 98. Better times.
Nikki heaton
Nikki heaton Hace 2 días
Who played he lizzard
Nikki heaton
Nikki heaton Hace 2 días
Backstreet boys the only boy band I love
Kate Gutiérrez Paz
Kate Gutiérrez Paz Hace 2 días
3:37 - 3:38 I don't know why I find this part so sexy where Howie appears. My God, those eyes and those lips kill me 😍
Piinkyy C
Piinkyy C Hace 4 horas
Omfg yes
Renan silva
Renan silva Hace 2 días
Nobody: ... Me: EVERYBODY!!!
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith Hace 2 días
I like that 90s beat
Tomaso Hace 2 días
Brexit Boys are much better :))
Natalia michel M B
Natalia michel M B Hace 2 días
M s m n s
Lizbeth Zamora
Lizbeth Zamora Hace 2 días
Amo esta canción 2020 7u7
Gojira Wilson3
Gojira Wilson3 Hace 2 días
Rodrigo o que?
Rodrigo o que? Hace 2 días
Antigamente os homens tinham que escutar em segredo, pq nessa época isso era considerado música de gay kkkkkk
Pombo Atômico
Pombo Atômico Hace 10 horas
Percebi q o Doc tava ali no meio kkk
lemonm 204
lemonm 204 Hace 2 días
Are there any gen z here, I don’t wanna be alone listening to this masterpiece
rhatz dy2629
rhatz dy2629 Hace 22 horas
@lemonm 204 POST MILLINIAL not generationZ... Oww.. I miss my younger days.... .
lemonm 204
lemonm 204 Hace 22 horas
rhatz dy2629 I’m 14
rhatz dy2629
rhatz dy2629 Hace 23 horas
How old are you guys... People born on 1985-1996 are Called millinials..1997 upto present are POST MILLINIALS.... SO ..GENERAtion z.... 40s???
soldforthecat Hace un día
lemonm 204 I’m here lol
Sincerity Heart
Sincerity Heart Hace 2 días
Growing up with the music like this ...was so fun.. Missing my days!!
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Did anyone else come here because this randomly popped into your head
EggForBreakfast Hace 2 días
this music video gave me nightmares as a kid
Ali Technology UAE
Ali Technology UAE Hace 3 días
Here's my Version - Written by ME! =P Oh my God, she's killing me, her nagging and drama worries me, I called the doctor so her can check her out, I've got questions he better answer now Is she gonna be okay? (maybe) Is she gonna strangle me? (maybe) Is our sex life safe? (hopefully) What kinda dumbass doctor are you, Get the hell outta my house Everybody, Boycott Dr. Bobby, Everybody, File a complaint right now, He'll mess your wife and how
Reyna Ramos
Reyna Ramos Hace 3 días
En que año exactamente sacaron esta canción?
Dhanaselva Mary
Dhanaselva Mary Hace 3 días
Hi 2020
伊達 Hace 3 días
I love this song
Alejandro Toledo
Alejandro Toledo Hace 3 días
PhieFty Hace 3 días
Back sTreet Boys
Agung Suseno
Agung Suseno Hace 3 días
Best dance in the word "BACKSTREET BOYS"
Roemer Pasveer
Roemer Pasveer Hace 3 días
Anyone listening and vibin' to old nice songs in the night?
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