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Official music video for "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys
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Tell me why
Ain't nothin' buta heartache
Tell me why
Ain't nothin' but a mistake
Tell me why
I never wanna hear you say
I want it that way

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25 oct 2009






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JH Sousa & Adriano Games
Meu eu chegando aqui nos 39 anos e a música toca o coração, slk muito show !
Joshua Kaumba
Joshua Kaumba Hace un hora
We need a remix with the cast of Brooklyn 99
princess Sylvie musoke
Still enjoying it in July 2021
Mechelle Paul
Mechelle Paul Hace 36 minutos
Jose Miguel Rojas
Jose Miguel Rojas Hace 2 horas
No la entiendo pero me gusta el ritmo *2021*
Josimara Machado Da silvah Silvah
A tempo bom
Рустам Турсунов
Thank you! By memorizing your songs I learned English. Boy from village in Kyrgyzstan.
Marcos Adriano Chicatto
Some songs from the 90s I hear to this day: *Backstreet Boys (I want it that way), Whitney Houston (I will always love you), Winger (Miles away), Pink Floyd (Take it back), Mike and The Mechanics (A beggar on a beach of gold), Bruce Hornsby (Walk in the sun), M People (Search for the hero), Bryan Adams (Everything I do - I do it for you), Bon Jovi (Bed of roses), Savage Garden (Truly madly deeply), Depeche Mode (Enjoy the silence), Gerard Joling (Corazón), Steve Perry (Anyway), Toni Braxton (Un-break my heart), Chicago (You come to my senses), Restless Heart (When she cries), La Bouche (Say you´ll be mine), No Mercy (Full moon), Blue System (For the children), Bad Boys Blue (Baby blue), Bette Midler (From a distance), Elton John (Can you feel the love tonight), Westlife (Flying without wings), Eros Ramazzotti (L'aurora), Queen (Too much love will kill you), Enigma (Return to innocence), Laura Pausini (Strani amori), Lara Fabian (Love by grace), New Kids on The Block (Let´s try it again), Julio Iglesias and Dolly Parton (When you tell me that you love me), Dusty Springfield and Daryl Hall (Wherever would I be?), Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli (The prayer), Boyzone (Key to my life), Vanessa Williams (Save the best for last), Sinéad O´Connor (Nothing compares 2 u), Phil Collins (Everyday), Michael W. Smith (Place in this world), Art Garfunkel (Why worry), Patty Smyth and Don Henley (Sometimes love just ain't enough), Paul Anka (I Can't take this anymore), Alan Jackson (I´ll try), LeAnn Rimes (How do I live), Michael Bolton (Drift away), Annie Lennox (Why), Janet Jackson (Again), Kenny Rogers (Crazy in love), Jon Secada (Angel), Michael Jackson (Heal the world), Sarah Brightman & José Carreras (Amigos para siempre), Collin Raye (That was a river), Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle (A whole new world), Christopher Cross (Is there something), Gladys Knight (In this life), Oleta Adams (Get here), Gary Barlow (So help me girl), Heart (Stranded), Ouriel (Let it be me), Foreigner (Until the end of time), Little Texas (My love), Joshua Kadison (Beautiful in my eyes), Toto (Only you), Tears for Fears (Secrets), Alabama (Forever´s as far as I´ll go), Steve Wariner (Like a river to the sea), Shania Twain (From this moment on), Rick Astley (Cry for help), Roxette (It must have been love), Peter Cetera (One clear voice), Bee Gees (The only love), Crystal Bernard (Have we forgotten what love is), Mariah Carey (Anytime you need a friend), Madonna (Take a bow), Kenny Loggins (For the first time), Gloria Estefan (Reach), Donna Summer and Bruce Roberts (Whenever there is love), Haddaway (I miss you), The Pretenders (I'll stand by you), Seal (Don't cry), Firehouse (I live my life for you)...* 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I am Brazilian and live in a city called Rio do Sul, in the State of Santa Catarina. ✅
Kelly Passos Pires
Kelly Passos Pires Hace 3 horas
Saudades Muitas saudades 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 o
Your Channel
Your Channel Hace 3 horas
One day someone will like this comment and remind me of this Masterpiece ❤️.
Komala kumar
Komala kumar Hace 4 horas
Su Se
Su Se Hace 4 horas
Rafael Du Táxi
Rafael Du Táxi Hace 4 horas
Se meus amigos souber que eu gosto de BSB tô fudido..... Me faz lembrar a época boa de escola 98/99 anos 2000
Samyra Zabot
Samyra Zabot Hace 4 horas
Who is listening 🎶 in 2021? 😆
Nitz Hace 4 horas
Okay , we reached 1B to Rick Roll. Now let's get this video to 1B!!
Aqua Simple
Aqua Simple Hace 5 horas
Bts is the best man
Arthur Chaves
Arthur Chaves Hace 5 horas
jOEL Müller
jOEL Müller Hace 5 horas
bão por demais sô!
Ev B
Ev B Hace 6 horas
Still my JAM in 2021😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❣️❣️❣️❣️
Ilhaan Gunny
Ilhaan Gunny Hace 6 horas
Anyone else from GTA 5 lol ?
Steven Norrell
Steven Norrell Hace 6 horas
What's this mean?
Autumn Vlogs
Autumn Vlogs Hace 7 horas
Wow I was zero
Yohanes Prasetyo
Yohanes Prasetyo Hace 7 horas
gta v song!!!
Anthony LeBON
Anthony LeBON Hace 7 horas
Love the channel
Katherine Cajulao
Katherine Cajulao Hace 8 horas
Katherine Cajulao favorite favorite is I want it that way it's remind me thinking about Freddie Brooks this song for her all my whole life with her!
Ravindu Sulakshane
Ravindu Sulakshane Hace 8 horas
Tsholofelo Motsisi
Tsholofelo Motsisi Hace 9 horas
Im I your fire Im I your desire
Julia Valério
Julia Valério Hace 7 horas
belive when i say
Tsholofelo Motsisi
Tsholofelo Motsisi Hace 9 horas
Valmir Alves
Valmir Alves Hace 9 horas
958 million views!!
driftkids13 Hace 10 horas
You never felt this song until you are a Vet and you hear this song and have to sing it word for word or do pushups.
Sithum Wickramasinghe
Sithum Wickramasinghe Hace 11 horas
"Tell me why"........................... tell me why you lasting to this song yet......
Melledw Hace 11 horas
Am I the only one who came from gta? Non stop fm😂😂
Jnctr Hace 11 horas
NGL all good songs she I was 1-6 years old
Ibadova Yulduz
Ibadova Yulduz Hace 12 horas
Самые лучшие группа 😍
SecretUnderDog The Gamer
Such an amazing song 😍
Kae Min
Kae Min Hace 12 horas
1 billon please ♡♡♡♡
His Queen
His Queen Hace 12 horas
listening this song and missing my ex nohan
ジョネーJonét Hace 12 horas
What is with those outfits lol
Destari Lusiawaty
Destari Lusiawaty Hace 14 horas
Never got bored listening till now july 2021...,,
Nicolas Berlot
Nicolas Berlot Hace 14 horas
Qui est là grâce à TikTok car vous l’avez en tête sans arrêt 🙋🏼‍♂️♥️
gatto Hace 14 horas
Back 9 years
ADRIAN CANTU Hace 15 horas
hold on ms buzz
Evelyn Ostrovsky
Evelyn Ostrovsky Hace 15 horas
Não tem grupo melhor todas são demais até as novas ,eles cantam em vozes divinamente
Fuck good song
jhon gamer
jhon gamer Hace 17 horas
La escuché en el video juego de GTA V y me gusto que temazo
Madina Vadache
Madina Vadache Hace 17 horas
He he love you guys you the best
Seth Eythan
Seth Eythan Hace 18 horas
I'm here thanks to gta v
Ana Claudia Dill
Ana Claudia Dill Hace 18 horas
Um dos backstreet boys é gayyyy 🎶🎶
Alan Nugraha
Alan Nugraha Hace 18 horas
I love the transition of this video
Chris O
Chris O Hace 19 horas
Aljun Borja Jr
Aljun Borja Jr Hace 19 horas
July 31st ❤️ 2021 ❤️
Hùynh Hoàng
Hùynh Hoàng Hace 20 horas
Thu nhập khủng
Roberto Poma
Roberto Poma Hace 21 un hora
Road to 1 billion! Rumbo al billón!
Nelma Graci
Nelma Graci Hace 21 un hora
Alexander James McLean canta muito. Sempre foi meu preferido. ❤️BSB
I.T. torenoicu love R
I.T. torenoicu love R Hace 21 un hora
I'm gonna be 30 years old on 03.08. 2021 and wish me a happy birthday 😁
Alexandra Joyce
Alexandra Joyce Hace 22 horas
Cyanide Kicks
Cyanide Kicks Hace 10 horas
@DeweyDews lol I saw your comment on negative xps cover of So Need a Cute Girl
DeweyDews Hace 21 un hora
Lemme guess, You heard *his* cover, didn't you
Clavis Aurea
Clavis Aurea Hace 23 horas
SC PB Hace 23 horas
What are people going on about number 5?? What does that mean?
toastbrotpilot Hace 23 horas
Hearing this in my tank in gta is wonderfull
Alejandro Infante
Alejandro Infante Hace 23 horas
Quien Julio 2021 😎🇺🇸
shamus248 Hace un día
Patiently waiting for this to reach a billion views
alessa Cuevas
alessa Cuevas Hace un día
Ya casi vamos a llegar a 1 Billón, primera canción de los chicos en llegar a esa cantidad, todo un hit desde el día que salió...me pone muy feliz ver que hay comentarios recientes. Str3am!! no usen emogis en los comentarios, no se salten los anuncios o publicidad que sale después o antes del vídeo, volumen arriba de 50, calidad arriba de 480p, volver a ver el vídeo después de 3 canciones o vídeos, no usar playlist..tienen que buscarla manualmente, y no pueden ver los vídeos en orden, intercalen con vídeos de recetas que duren 2 o 3 minutos
kwod Hace un día
hej yasin du e tillbaks . 31 juli 2021
Uwijawi Miranda
Uwijawi Miranda Hace un día
Back 2021 bt i still love this song🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍
Jejé Magda
Jejé Magda Hace un día
Bsb cats
Mônica Silva
Mônica Silva Hace un día
2021 e parece que foi ontem que eu os ouvi pela primeira vez!
Carina Toledo
Carina Toledo Hace un día
que lindo que es howie... :D
Aryan Hace un día
1:33 @BDE
Jerry Richard
Jerry Richard Hace un día
O de chapéu parece o Hudson Amorim HAHAHA🤣
Aryan Hace un día
Reyhan Adi wangsa
Reyhan Adi wangsa Hace un día
Just Leaving mark, don't mind me
Chris Hace un día
Good old Covid free times🥺
Dison Hace un día
In the passage of time this song refuses to pass away
Louis Sidnell
Louis Sidnell Hace un día
2021 baby
Yennifer Tabares
Yennifer Tabares Hace un día
30 julio 2021 !
Soufiane Amjahed
Soufiane Amjahed Hace un día
Music , Talent , Sound , Snyc , Beauty of that ERA , not the BULLSHIT of these days
Rafael Miranda
Rafael Miranda Hace un día
From Brooklyn Nine - Nine
boluda de queen, Axl y Kurt
Niall, que haces ahí?
Nahiarx Hace un día
Quien dijo que no tenia buenos gustos? 🕴️
Harryharii Vlog
Harryharii Vlog Hace un día
Time flies guys...it's been 21 years ago
Muhammad Affandy
Muhammad Affandy Hace un día
Childhood 🥺 play game in fb 🥺
Aaron Van Arnem VR
Aaron Van Arnem VR Hace un día
My friend sings "Sir we're out of mayonnaise" on top of some of this song
Syahrezan Adham
Syahrezan Adham Hace un día
You want it that way
DJ ADI Hace un día
who in 2021 ? :D
Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio Hace un día
How much for cheetos and water ?
Marypaz paz
Marypaz paz Hace un día
Mis 20 añitos de épocas de gloria juventud y belleza😍
Aku Kau
Aku Kau Hace un día
Yow i heard this song since i was 7 on my laptop😛and it always the best
Par Pink
Par Pink Hace un día
I back every day
haiqal zz
haiqal zz Hace un día
Emanuele Casciola
Emanuele Casciola Hace un día
Guys spot this video for 1B they deverse It!!!!
Xentrex reeve De Castro
NIHAL SHAFIQ H1 Hace un día
I Really miss this kind of legendary music these days..
Daisy Athmakoori
Daisy Athmakoori Hace un día
Name of da singer with glasses,seems 2b an excellent dancer too.Suman
Daisy Athmakoori
Daisy Athmakoori Hace un día
All fab looking guys as singers.no wonder dey r so popular.
Maple'D Hace un día
I wish subtitles were available for this video, You can make a lot of memes from this.
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