Backtrace (2018 Movie) Official Trailer - Sylvester Stallone, Ryan Guzman, Matthew Modine

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#Backtrace - in theaters and on demand December 14, starring Sylvester Stallone, Ryan Guzman, Matthew Modine, Meadow Williams and Christopher McDonald.
After suffering a brain injury from a bank heist gone wrong, MacDonald (Matthew Modine) develops amnesia and is put into a prison psychiatric ward. Following his seventh year in evaluation, he is coerced by an inmate and a ward doctor (Ryan Guzman and Meadow Williams) to break out of prison and injected with a serum that forces him to relive the life he’s forgotten. MacDonald must now elude a local detective (Sylvester Stallone), a toughened FBI agent (Christopher McDonald) and the drug’s dangerous side effects in order to recover the stolen money all while confronting his past.
Action legend and three-time Academy Award® nominee Sylvester Stallone (including Best Actor, Rocky, 1976) costars with Ryan Guzman (TV’s Pretty Little Liars, Notorious), Meadow Williams (Reach Me, The Intruders), Christopher McDonald (Quiz Show, Terminal Velocity) and Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket, Stranger Things) in BACKTRACE, a riveting crime thriller that hinges on memory, fury, and betrayal. BACKTRACE will be in theaters and on demand by Lionsgate Premiere on December 14, 2018.

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13 nov 2018

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Comentarios 169
trance master
trance master Hace un mes
TheShade250 Hace 4 meses
Sly is in the movie just like 2 minutes
Paco pacome
Paco pacome Hace 5 meses
Vaya mierdaaaaaaaaa.como puede el Rambo hacer esta basura ,y el doblaje al castellano parece una broma al estilo del Robert de Niro...abogadoooo.una kk!!
Jorge Luis
Jorge Luis Hace 5 meses
Malditos trailer legendado, enquanto colocar trailer legendado eu vou dar o deslike. burro bota o trailer dublado porra !
lucas Lucas
lucas Lucas Hace 5 meses
There some good actors but the movie is looks ok verging on bad no offense.
Roger Halt
Roger Halt Hace 5 meses
How/ why does Hollywood continually spit out this sh*t from nowhere? Who wants these movies? Who is the target audience? Plausibility is beyond a joke
Ramurel Pastrama
Ramurel Pastrama Hace 5 meses
This looks like another episode of Chicago PD
BansheeMilk Hace 5 meses
I wish he would take more risks like Copland. I'd love to see him play an eccentric like he did on SNL in the Orange Julius sketch. Or a psychopath with no redeeming qualities
Facu Frascali
Facu Frascali Hace 5 meses
Why does not Stallone retire yet?
Richard WILSON
Richard WILSON Hace 5 meses
*Straight to VHS*
trance master
trance master Hace un mes
Haaa the good old vhs I still have a million tapes in the closet that will never see the light of day again.
prayfawind Hace 5 meses
Betamax more like it
Wolfgang Von Zubaz
Wolfgang Von Zubaz Hace 5 meses
Shooter McStachen'
N nOni
N nOni Hace 5 meses
Seems everyone is after Nicolas Cage crown.
Dylan James
Dylan James Hace 5 meses
Watched the trailer and now no need to watch the movie LOL.
grand master flash
grand master flash Hace 5 meses
sounds pretty freaken stupid. lol
KiiiiingOfPaaain Hace 6 meses
Avoid this movie, it's pure crap. Why did Stallone even sign up for this garbage? Bad judgement on his behalf I reckon. 🤔
Rubbishyoutuber Hace 6 meses
I will give it a watch...when it's on Netflix...
Emrys Ariana
Emrys Ariana Hace 6 meses
ok so many comments. so has anyone watch it? any good?
Brandon Vandine
Brandon Vandine Hace 4 meses
Yes I enjoyed it, its not good but it's not bad either
olaf Hace 6 meses
lionsgate, the company that censors movie reviews that they dont like with the use of FAKE copyright claims.......almost as pathetic as grown adults throwing a tantrum
sushanth shetty
sushanth shetty Hace 6 meses
Fuck you lionsgate
John LeCates
John LeCates Hace 6 meses
Censor this Lionsgate. You suck as a company. Movie looks alright, not my bag though. Still, stop bullying reviewers with copy right claims.
رفيف تايه
رفيف تايه Hace 6 meses
Bad movie
Brandon Vandine
Brandon Vandine Hace 4 meses
Pretty good actually
ValidUs Hace 6 meses
Ok its enough now, can sly stopp doing thiis shitty actions movies now plz...
Halee Thornton
Halee Thornton Hace 6 meses
1 more RAMBO
warkaa Hace 6 meses
It was a good action movie... Sylvester Stallone style 👌🏽👌🏽
Mack Billionz
Mack Billionz Hace 6 meses
Expendables Retirements At War 2018 purchase ur copies at any grocery stores and liquor stores near you
ALA ALAROY Hace 6 meses
Why Sly have to do this to himself and us?
Roy Hairy
Roy Hairy Hace 6 meses
Sly going to be Nicholas Cage..
Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman Hace 6 meses
First Bruce Willis fucked up and now Stallone....fuck this
scannaunderscore1 Hace 6 meses
Cinémaroc Hace 7 meses
Dawid Naude
Dawid Naude Hace 7 meses
The return of shooter mcgaven
Mike W.
Mike W. Hace 7 meses
Sweet Christ...
Dglam Hace 7 meses
The movie was awesome, Sly did a great job lots of action...
Destro WOD
Destro WOD Hace 7 meses
Meh... this does not really trigger any curiosity or interest in me. If it was not for Sly i wouldn't even give it a second look. May end up renting it when its 1$ at the video store in the old movies section but i dunno... Not my cup of tea.
fg Hace 7 meses
jlb Hace 6 meses
This Winter, Consequences will never be the same again.
mikehtv Hace 7 meses
This looks so lame
I'm Confused
I'm Confused Hace 7 meses
Coming soon to dvd and blu-ray
novas001 Hace 7 meses
It's all about the presentation...and the presentation is bad!
Tony Wheeler
Tony Wheeler Hace 7 meses
Stallone's new hairline creeps me out
rahal hail
rahal hail Hace 7 meses
فيلم جريمة ودراما رائع وجميل يحق لك تكراره . عاد به بنا النجم العالمي : " سلفستر ستالوني " إلى أفلامه السابقة مثل : ( صقور الليل ) بدور ضابط ، و ( كوبرا ) بدور مساعد للشرطة ، وهنا في هذا الفيلم يقوم بدور رئيس التحقيق .
Edo Brca
Edo Brca Hace 7 meses
movie is deep shit!
Albert Mag
Albert Mag Hace 7 meses
Back in the 80s, I ate in this German Snitsel house restaurant in Hope BC where they made the first RAMBO MOVIE I remember they had a signed photo of SLY STALONE ..back when he ate in there ..
Alex Hace 7 meses
Where is the next EXPANDABLES movie?
William Villasboa
William Villasboa Hace 7 meses
This looks so cheap!
Musa Masango
Musa Masango Hace 7 meses
i have the movie its nice shame big up Sly
John Smith
John Smith Hace 7 meses
Never thought that I would see the day that Sly did a B feature.
Kube Dog
Kube Dog Hace 5 meses
Everyone's going Nicholas Cage on us...
Mr. Sunrise 1961 -
Mr. Sunrise 1961 - Hace 6 meses
yafet tuwanakotta
yafet tuwanakotta Hace 6 meses
That's what i though..i love sly..but this is...mm
not one is found
not one is found Hace 7 meses
I think this was just a bad trailer teaser , the gunfights will be good I can tell already the rest of it will fall in really well
Tirah5 Hace 7 meses
One of the crappiest movie. Clearly, Sly did it for some extra cash. Mostly B movie actors. Dont waste your time on this one
Gary Laubscher
Gary Laubscher Hace 7 meses
Surprised at his name here, making crap, even his gun at 1.13 is open slide back, come on Sly...... whats happening to you, ...
srthellcat707 Hace 7 meses
Private JOKER [FULL METAL JACKET] 198Os. "Is that u John Wayne" [sgt hartman] who's the slimy little shit Communist shit twinkle toed cocksuker down here who just signed his own death warrant".
metaldad1967 Hace 7 meses
DUUUUUDE!!! Rocky and Shooter McGavin!!! "The FBI expects your department's FULL cooperation...so you stay out of my way, you hear what I say?"
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