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Who knew backyard games and corn hole on a GIANT water slide could be this fun!
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“Give Me Something Good”
Written by Tyrone Wells & Tim Myers
Performed by WAR*HALL
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4 nov 2019






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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Hace 3 meses
Stoked y'all liked the vid! Next 📺'S up are... 💥 Nerf Trick Shots 🎳 All Sports Bowling
The Golden Lever
The Golden Lever Hace 2 días
@IDoo Dooo.
Sailaja Kasireddy
Sailaja Kasireddy Hace 9 días
Mayank Yadav
Mayank Yadav Hace 11 días
@icofx hai
suki Gong
suki Gong Hace 12 días
Harris Kids
Harris Kids Hace 12 días
Ibrahim Eid
Ibrahim Eid Hace un día
Garret wants to shake hands
Rob Murray
Rob Murray Hace un día
I loved how Tyler swung his legs so high in the water slide video! (From my daughter Haylie)
Sarah Plum
Sarah Plum Hace un día
Let’s go ty
Kara Mergen
Kara Mergen Hace un día
Go Coby Like if you are with me
teresa cosgrave
teresa cosgrave Hace un día
U guys are the best channel in the world literally I think u would enter Olympics I love u guys can I see u guys in UK u are the best channel
Kishanchand Thadani
Kishanchand Thadani Hace un día
Love from India
Hardik Sachdeva
Hardik Sachdeva Hace un día
*sponsored by Amazon* Seriously none of them hit the Amazon named junker
Arnav Srivastava
Arnav Srivastava Hace 2 días
Garret reminds me of toby flenderson
Cheese Playz Roblox
Cheese Playz Roblox Hace 2 días
2020 anyone🤷‍♂️👇🏼💙
shareef basha
shareef basha Hace 2 días
why did you miss you trick shoter
JMeyels Hace 3 días
Geesh amazon paid a lot for this one i bet
Khaled Alhajj
Khaled Alhajj Hace 3 días
It’s looks like it’s made of of wood
Alex_ 13
Alex_ 13 Hace 4 días
When they talked abt and played Croquet, I thought about My Chemical Romance (I’m not ok(I promise)) and Heathers the musical 😂😂 if h don’t understand what im talking abt, look up “MCR I’m not ok” and watch the music video, then you’ll get me😂😂😂😂😂
Vampire Viber
Vampire Viber Hace 4 días
wow i am lost
wow i am lost Hace 4 días
Love from india...u guys rockzzz....🥰🥰🥰
kirya shadov
kirya shadov Hace 5 días
Ставь лайк если ты Русский
Grant Keizer
Grant Keizer Hace 5 días
1 like in this comment is one love for purple hoser
Clay Hace 5 días
Press F for Garrett
arun kumawat
arun kumawat Hace 5 días
Nice i am your big fan please send me a t-shart
Five minutes Pranker
Dude perfect cares about quality. Not quantity
Boccanbrewso Homestead
you guys should do a soccer steriotype
aj vlogs
aj vlogs Hace 6 días
Rip garret hahahah
Tonya Runyon
Tonya Runyon Hace 6 días
You finnaly won
Ben Warner
Ben Warner Hace 6 días
That's not how you play croquet
Jace Oliver
Jace Oliver Hace 6 días
Jace Oliver
Jace Oliver Hace 6 días
fav part 7:48
Jace Oliver
Jace Oliver Hace 6 días
4:10 funny
Kirk Parker
Kirk Parker Hace 6 días
do more trick shots
Juniper Hall
Juniper Hall Hace 6 días
How do you guys do all this???😏
Tim Burt
Tim Burt Hace 7 días
''Its bigger than I thought'' thats what she said
Saturn MLBB
Saturn MLBB Hace 7 días
Team Ty fans is here
MasterDoge987 Hace 7 días
3:53 REVENGE OF KARMA For anyone wondering, Cody did the exact same thing to Tyler during Nerf Fortnite Blasters Battle
MasterDoge987 Hace 7 días
Deductions, for anyone wondering: -5 seconds for hitting the stake, -10 for a ringer (horseshoes) -10 seconds for staying on the tarp, +10 seconds for skipping it (scooter) -3 seconds each for every birdie hit (badminton) -5 seconds for every bottle knocked down (frisbee) -and a big -20 seconds for throwing it into the can (also frisbee)
Tia Beard
Tia Beard Hace 7 días
7:06 love Cory’s laugh 😂
Thomas Breedlove
Thomas Breedlove Hace 7 días
Poor gar one like one hand shake
Thomas Breedlove
Thomas Breedlove Hace 7 días
I ment garret
Thomas Breedlove
Thomas Breedlove Hace 7 días
I'm always a twin fan because twin has win so... Like if you are too.
Keith Newton
Keith Newton Hace 8 días
Team Coby
Hamood Time
Hamood Time Hace 8 días
Ty please win
🔥🔥🔥🔥 1:39 🔥🔥💜 👇👇🔥💃
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 0:43 💟 👇👇
Javier Larson Del Cid
Nash Duggins
Nash Duggins Hace 8 días
Pikacraft & Romani
Pikacraft & Romani Hace 8 días
Luke Solorzano
Luke Solorzano Hace 8 días
Go cody
OMAR MOHRAT Hace 8 días
Charlotte McNeil
Charlotte McNeil Hace 9 días
Janek Cernej
Janek Cernej Hace 9 días
poor gar
nabil mido
nabil mido Hace 9 días
Storm Alexa
Storm Alexa Hace 10 días
The cameraman’s sarcastic commentary is the best part of this, not gonna lie
Agent 515879256
Agent 515879256 Hace 10 días
Fun fact NERF is a acronym and it stands for Non Expanding Recreational Foam
Hockey Soldier
Hockey Soldier Hace 10 días
Coby is not bad
Sweaty Vloggerz
Sweaty Vloggerz Hace 10 días
Whose backyard looks like this?!?!
Camden Dyer
Camden Dyer Hace 11 días
1 like= 1 handshake for Garret
Rhett Malley
Rhett Malley Hace 11 días
Vroso Hace 11 días
4:06 like for garrett
Trickshot Fam
Trickshot Fam Hace 11 días
Shout me out
Kenton Davy
Kenton Davy Hace 11 días
tyeler the pro
Iron Furqan
Iron Furqan Hace 11 días
Admit it this thumbnai was best of them all.
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