BACON PYRAMID! All You Can Eat DIM SUM Buffet in Manila Philippines

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I'm back in the Philippines and for my first day in Manila, the best way to start off my morning is to eat at a Dim Sum Buffet! The chef at the Red Lantern is quite a genius by coming up with some of the craziest dim sum dishes. Like the truffle dumplings, shrimp and mango fried rice paper roll, and the pyramid pork!
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17 mar 2019

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Comentarios 2 214
Strictly Dumpling
Strictly Dumpling Hace 3 meses
Hi everyone!! Thanks for watching this video 😊😊 just a reminder that I am no longer in the Philippines 😢 if you want to know where I am in real time, follow me on Instagram instagram.com/mikexingchen/?hl=en love ya very matcha!
Bea Manzanilla
Bea Manzanilla Hace un día
Rachel. Dukette
Rachel. Dukette Hace 2 meses
I'll be going home this year in the Philippines I cant wait!😋
Rachel. Dukette
Rachel. Dukette Hace 2 meses
How come you never gain any weight you eat all the time?🤣
Nick Tolentino
Nick Tolentino Hace 2 meses
Tnks mike to come again.. Ingat😅😅😄😘😘😘😘
Corporal Lette
Corporal Lette Hace 2 meses
Nooooo 😭😭😭
Okonomi Barron
Okonomi Barron Hace 8 días
I wish my life was not so crappy. I would totally love to visit these places
Violeta Tiamson
Violeta Tiamson Hace 10 días
Whoa I didnt know it's that affordable ;; I'm Filipino btw. 20$ are you sure? That's like for 2-3 meals in a decent resto ;;
zpowerkid stargazer
zpowerkid stargazer Hace 10 días
It's all you could want and DIM SUM!! im sorry...
Michael Henry Malong
Michael Henry Malong Hace 13 días
Really a great restaurant. Was fortunate to have eaten here years ago. By the way, thanks for these videos Mike. Thanks as well for visiting the Philippines.
ray tang
ray tang Hace 14 días
Cam you stop pronouns as mingo , it’s is mango
D Ann Cleofe
D Ann Cleofe Hace 26 días
If I am the one eating I would ask for soy sauce to dip in
Viet-Anh Tran
Viet-Anh Tran Hace 27 días
Lord Farquaad Lord Fra Quaad Lord Foie Gras I'll just leave now
Abby Espinola
Abby Espinola Hace un mes
one of my favorite here in the philippines chicken feet "ADIDAS" 😋
Arlene Lee
Arlene Lee Hace un mes
Im hungryy im going there for sure.. I misss manila
Joe La
Joe La Hace un mes
I'd like to visit just for this place! 😍😍😍
ToxicVile ZnE
ToxicVile ZnE Hace un mes
Sometimes I wonder how big is his stomach?
My Personal Space
My Personal Space Hace un mes
Such an honor that you love our country. Pls come back often.
Andrew Jung
Andrew Jung Hace un mes
I was screaming when I saw this video, like my inner dim sum lover self is definitely going to spend $20 dollars for that ALL you can eat dim sum. But damn, the place is really far from my home.
Ma.Victoria Glema
Ma.Victoria Glema Hace un mes
omg so sarap where is that place gonna come there whene my vacation come next year
Derek Theler
Derek Theler Hace un día
Carlo B
Carlo B Hace un mes
You can get the same in Taiwan/Hong Kong. And it’s more authentic.
Fatter Cat
Fatter Cat Hace un mes
Ok second favourite dish to me next to hot pot must be dimsum, if I ever get whatever u had on the table I must've gone to heaven and back because dayummmmm is this real life or just a fantasy?! O.O
JERRicafort Hace un mes
Again you make me hungry everytime u break or cut to half the juice drip ahhhhhh man
Ireshani Hace un mes
Mike, you can't count that fake mushroom-carrot dish as your daily vege quota 🤣
I Must try this before it gets expensive
zeegap tunes
zeegap tunes Hace un mes
I LOVE dimsum but don’t live near any decent dimsum places. This was torture 😭😭😭
Asheza Main
Asheza Main Hace un mes
12:40 Mike: "Mochi sesame ball" Filipinos: Isn't that "Buchi" from Chowking?
Carissa Y
Carissa Y Hace un mes
I’ve been hungry and watching this isn’t helping, but I regret nothing
Odeck Vlogs
Odeck Vlogs Hace un mes
Hi Guys. New account here. If you want food Vlogs you can subscribe to my channel. Thank you. :)
Søul Hace un mes
Why cAn american food not look so good like this
Sugabiasedgirl Hace un mes
Omg I love Jimmy the chef
The Neon Apple
The Neon Apple Hace un mes
i love dim sum especially siu mai.
A Random Noodle
A Random Noodle Hace un mes
Yu do another one pls
Audrey Porter
Audrey Porter Hace un mes
Looks awesome! That man is extremely kind, I will put this place on my bucket list!
corazonazultw Hace un mes
This is INSANE. I will go to Manila this July. This is definitely on the top of my list.
Jana Rois Peñaflor
I saw that pyramid of meat in a Kdrama "Wok of Love" 💓
Michelle Just
Michelle Just Hace un mes
Wow wow wow looks delicious and beautiful!
Adam Orndoff
Adam Orndoff Hace un mes
He had the opportunity to call this video all you can eat and dim sum. but he didnt what a shame lol
Brandon Hensley
Brandon Hensley Hace un mes
Mike: And just like a girl it's just as gentle. Me: Dang Mike. You've never met my texan girlfriend
Joseph Ridley
Joseph Ridley Hace un mes
So you're a gay eh, all the best great videos and content please keep uploading all the best from the north east of England
LadyInGucci _
LadyInGucci _ Hace un mes
Can't believe jackie chan is now a youtuber lmao
jamatwar Hace un mes
Totally gonna go here when I go back to the Philippines damn!
Quantum Immortality
07:49 no context needed
BBPecano Hace un mes
"Just like a girl, sweet and gentle" Some girls aren't gentle! Or caring! Some of them spread rumors about some regular GIRL FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!!! ....That girl that gets bullied may be me.... but I like the mocha! sounds good I can imagine it
xander soboleski
xander soboleski Hace un mes
He’s so corny I hate it and love it at the same time
romanys3 Hace 2 meses
BACON PYRAMID... Say no more!
Sin Rose
Sin Rose Hace 2 meses
my home.... i so miss the allnyou can eat buffets back at the Philippines 😭
MissMiia Hace 2 meses
The mushroom and carrots in dirt looked so cute.
naught yue
naught yue Hace 2 meses
aw yeah, dim sum. mikey, can i get some of that dim some?
axeyguitar888 Hace 2 meses
Your vids about the Philippines makes me miss my hometown, Manila 😭 Love from a Pinoy in England
Rico Lecitivo
Rico Lecitivo Hace 2 meses
Going here tomorrow bec Mike recommends lol
Evelyn Guantero Maikranz Maikranz
Where ist that Place in the Philippines????
PWD on the go Pasyal Therapy
I like your videos coz u always eat good food in clean places.
Blithe Dream
Blithe Dream Hace 2 meses
Lol @ how he said coriander like it was exotic 😂 it’s a really popular spice in western countries
Kimkim Kim
Kimkim Kim Hace 2 meses
I want this kind of job
Kimkim Kim
Kimkim Kim Hace 2 meses
1:17 the guard was dancing
Gem Chung
Gem Chung Hace 2 meses
You made me crave for dimsum
Majestically Savage
Majestically Savage Hace 2 meses
I don't have money for this yet but watching this is already satisfying😍
AvaTehGamer3 Hace 2 meses
Mike:I’m hungry Goes to a dim sum place and eats a whole serving that could feed a whole family
ManIm Good
ManIm Good Hace 2 meses
Heeey you just used Hot ones' music
Kim De Guzman - Salinas
Philippines 💥💥💥
Alli Hevesy
Alli Hevesy Hace 2 meses
How many girls do you know that are filled with mango...?
Fe Ponce
Fe Ponce Hace 2 meses
I will absolutely eat here I am going to the Philippines this September. That’s look insanely delicious Thanks Mike for showing it. I am hungry!!!!!
Rachel Just Rachel
Rachel Just Rachel Hace 2 meses
I am so hungry for dim sum buffet right now.
Keyaira Swords
Keyaira Swords Hace 2 meses
Why was my mind so blown by the carrot...I need it
Paul Deland
Paul Deland Hace 2 meses
Thank God they did not serve balut! But those mochi balls look amazing.
Fingerpicking Good
Fingerpicking Good Hace 2 meses
Dimsum, hot oil, pork belly pyramid. I already knew this episode is going to be good.
Fingerpicking Good
Fingerpicking Good Hace 2 meses
Good to know that Mike loves Halle Berry. I thought he only likes food. He seems to be human after all. 😄
JanellAnne 07
JanellAnne 07 Hace 2 meses
I just love all your videos!!! 😍😍😍
Earlene Dale
Earlene Dale Hace 2 meses
Yo proud Filipino here!!! I'm also a fan!! Love ur content
13BJLA76 Hace 2 meses
I am such a picky eater and you and these videos have single handedly made me want to try so much food! I have fallen in love with ramen and its all because of these videos making me take chances with food. Thank you so much for continuing to do such great work.
Flavia Chiappini
Flavia Chiappini Hace 2 meses
dude I’m so jealous of his stomach space
JV Cruz
JV Cruz Hace 2 meses
I usually watch and move on to another video, but man! Today, I just can't help myself but to leave a comment! Mike! You are the best food vlogger! you make foods 1000% better on your videos though they are really good but man, you are a very effective foodist or whatever you call it nowadays.
Spencer Baxter54
Spencer Baxter54 Hace 2 meses
Berber Hace 2 meses
Honestly how are you even alive at this point
Good Food Good Life
Good Food Good Life Hace 2 meses
Philippines 🇵🇭❤️❤️❤️👌
Rommel Mendoza
Rommel Mendoza Hace 2 meses
20 bucks wow 1 US Dollar = 52 pesos so that cost 1300 pesos too cheap for a 3 star Chinese restaurant menu pay less its like free food
WONDER S-I-S TWINS Hace 2 meses
Ok the weirdest thing just happened, my brother was watching one of your videos, and I decided to join him and watch as well... I say, "oh wow he must be full" then my brother said "No cause he haven't sneezed yet." 😂 I'm so confused can someone explain 😭😭😂
Chim Chim
Chim Chim Hace un mes
WONDER S-I-S TWINS he sneezes continuously whenever he's full. 😂
noejacklou Hace 2 meses
Who needs to fly to Singapore when you can drive over to this
Marco Hace 2 meses
omg, feels like watching FOOD WARS!
Ireneo Tamayo Balgue
ha ha ha!!! I remember the movie of bruce lee going to new york for the first time. he got no idea about the food cus its all written in english. He just point his finger on the menu what he's thinkin delicious. A nd when the food arrived, he is overwhelmed about the volume and size he ordered. ha ha ha!! Comparing of asian to western plate and fillings is huge!!!
Phoebie Manapat
Phoebie Manapat Hace 2 meses
He should try the hot oil at Dimsum Treats (UST Area). That thing is satanic
EagleEye Vlogs Paranormal
Wow, that was a feast. AWESOME
BunnyFett Hace 2 meses
I need to visit this place.
BunnyFett Hace 2 meses
That chef is absolutely amazing. I'm over here drooling in amazement.
Minerva Llanita
Minerva Llanita Hace 2 meses
First time to watch your vlog, I love your passion on what you're doing.
Zombie's & Alien's
Zombie's & Alien's Hace 2 meses
Jimmy Chaw?
mariepol santos
mariepol santos Hace 2 meses
I’ve been circling the PH looking for good xiaolongbao. Can anyone recommend me a place?
camera 1586
camera 1586 Hace 2 meses
The hakaw and the almond crusted chicken in Red Lantern is the bomb!!! 😋😋😋
Matthew Song
Matthew Song Hace 2 meses
go to SM MEGAMALL and go to din tai fung its reallly good
Timmy Choo
Timmy Choo Hace 2 meses
Mikey, did you finish everything ?
John Tupas
John Tupas Hace 2 meses
nobody gonna talk about how the absolute madman ate peanuts with chopsticks!?
Rogemille Castillo
Rogemille Castillo Hace 2 meses
He's Chinese bro. It's a given😂😂
tae smellsbad
tae smellsbad Hace 2 meses
what if you did not finish what you ordered?
Arpeggios23 Hace 2 meses
Damn that's good!
Chris Isip
Chris Isip Hace 2 meses
Angela Hannah Purisima
Akiko Salazar
Akiko Salazar Hace 2 meses
🇵🇭 been this solaire casino restaurant and the food taste good.
yederismoffline Hace 2 meses
you beast
Jun Da Li
Jun Da Li Hace 2 meses
I hated to watch his food videos while I’m hungry and craving for delicious foods.
PajHuab Ncua Vwj
PajHuab Ncua Vwj Hace 2 meses
Dang.....all the food looks good
Labowskie Big
Labowskie Big Hace 2 meses
WOW I’m hungry... man you can eat great video 👍
Clarise Ann
Clarise Ann Hace 2 meses
Whenever you order, I am a bit worried because it's a lot and thought if you could finish it all. I really like your videos and seeing you eat that bacon pyramid? Man, I'm drooling! 🤤 Keep up the good work!
Jahric Lago
Jahric Lago Hace 2 meses
Yummy!!! Wow! Amazing! I would love to try that when I go back to the Philippines! 😍😍❤😍❤
Ghastly_Grinner Hace 2 meses
Chinese spoons are awful
Regina San Diego
Regina San Diego Hace 2 meses
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