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There has been a giant surge of bad boys on Tik Tok. They are bad, they are tough, and they are very painful to watch. I react now.

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25 abr 2019






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Josh Hace 2 años
So from what I've found, being a bad boy means: • Leather Jacket • Shitty Haircuts • Can't be a doctor • Must walk like a penguin
fr (69th reply)
Squish mallows lover
*must not forget the sculls
Wow, such pay to win
- pretend like you are carrying cactuses and you are avoiding the spikes
JHanston Cold
JHanston Cold Hace 18 días
That guy with glasses 🤓 looked like Drew gooden
stoopid Hace 29 días
Also... *must have an addiction to one (of three) of the following, m3th, cigarettes, alcohol. *must have at least one dead (or GoNe) parent so the origin story makes sense (it never did but...). *has to have a mouth scar that you MUST cover with a mask. Period.
Emily Tharp
Emily Tharp Hace 6 meses
"Bad to the bone metaphorically and physically, I don't fuck with milk got that calcium deficiency" will forever remain iconic
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki Hace 8 días
@Mihika his dad was too busy doing vampire things
Mihika Hace 29 días
It’s bc his dad didn’t come back with the milk
Tennessee Warminster
Right?? I really love that line too, it's so clever and it rhymes perfectly
Krystal Hooper
Krystal Hooper Hace un año
“Oh. You’re with him now....well look at this” (Next shot is me in the same clothes but now crying profusely)
eme Hace un mes
now this is comedy
Steven Bard
Steven Bard Hace 3 meses
I'm the 9,000th like and it's an honor.
thinkin of a name i dunno
i wish this was like the jeremy renner app where i can like multiple times
Idiomatic Hace 3 meses
Purity Hace 9 meses
@send_help_to_Tas moral of the story: stop caring about people
Max Hace un año
"I've fallen for you and I can't get up" I laughed for like 10 minutes at that And then want to go use that as a pick up line on my girlfriend (I'm crippled)
laraib aziz
laraib aziz Hace 19 horas
Side Account
Side Account Hace un mes
NOOOO IT WAS FUNNY THEN YOU HIT US WITH THE (im crippled) 😂😂 gotta love a guy with humor😂😂😂
Jimmy Jim
Jimmy Jim Hace 2 meses
Your aunt bernice
Your aunt bernice Hace 4 meses
Holy shit Gerald way mcr
Just an Erwin who is DIO for fun
Well that escalated very quick
Nonameless Hace un año
"what is the opposite of swooning?" Cringing, Danny. And in extreme cases, death.
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis Hace 14 días
Lol “cringing” came to my mind too
Cosmic Katniss
Cosmic Katniss Hace un mes
I said vomiting but this is better
Jimmy Jim
Jimmy Jim Hace 2 meses
Cringe causes extreme compression of the red and white blood cells, as well as the involuntary contraction of muscle tissue, believed to be caused by electrical impulses from the brain, which in turn is caused by specific visual, auditory, or tactile stimuli. The stronger the stimuli, the stronger the electrical stimuli, the more severe the symptoms. The level of electrical impulses that course through the body is measured in Cringe Voltage Quotia (CTQ) 10 CTQ: tightening of face muscles, alight wincing. 50 CTQ: extreme facial tightening. Grimace. Fidgeting. 100 CTQ: muscle contortion, small but uncontrollable body movements. Prolonged exposure may lead to muscle cramps and aches. 500 CTQ: extreme muscle contortion. Muscle aches and cramps. Heart palpitations. Sensation similar to electroshock therapy. Prolonged exposure may cause damage to the circulatory system and brain tissue. 1000 CTQ: extreme muscular damage, tremors, seizures. Prolonged exposure leads to death. 10000 CTQ: death. The body will become fried like a computor component that has suffered a power surge. Cringe of this level has only been witnessed on tiktok.
TigarriYT Hace 3 meses
Nono, its... "Swooning" Gninoows That sounds like... g'news which means... the opposite of swooning is goodnews danny!!, its good news!!!
Dux Hace 3 meses
I thought he said “what is the opposite of spooning” and I was v confused
Elliott Candler
Elliott Candler Hace 9 meses
As a deaf guy, the work put into the captions is great. Love the little jokes in there, man!
Cool dude Shades
Cool dude Shades Hace 8 días
I definitely did not use this as an excuse to re-watch the video with captions
Jellyfsh Hace un mes
The captions on this video are like a million times better than the captions on some Netflix shows
Wolfie101 Hace 2 meses
I’m not deaf, but I get really happy when I see vids with typed out captions for this reason
HardLee Ever
HardLee Ever Hace 3 meses
ikr?! I get happy enough when they turn on auto generated, but then they actually type it out, then they actually make it funny??
Ria Shivam
Ria Shivam Hace 3 meses
Same! I’m hard of hearing and it’s so great
jub Hace 2 años
Petition for Danny to make “ I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up” a short film
AaEesha :]
AaEesha :] Hace 17 días
Ok will do. 🌝
mark foster
mark foster Hace 26 días
Jupiter Natsumi
Jupiter Natsumi Hace un mes
sign me tf up mhm mhm
TwoPunch Hace un mes
goofballs at work
goofballs at work Hace un mes
Zozu 2020
Zozu 2020 Hace un año
The problem with Danny’s songs is that they low key slap unironically
VKO⭕❌ Hace un mes
Fr bro
Clairelaferret Hace 2 meses
"Circus" by 'Fox Szn' was my top song on spotify last year. I found that hilarious, but also not that surprising.
Heather Holtz
Heather Holtz Hace 3 meses
slap harder than legal
SH00KETH. Hace 3 meses
My dad is rich finna be on my Spotify wrapped
naota3k Hace un año
"What's the opposite of swooning?" The fight-or-flight response.
Archae Hace un mes
@Jodie 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 Yes.
thinkin of a name i dunno
@Jodie yes it is bad. very bad
International Super Spy
nah, i was in my flight or flight response.
GreyTMC Hace un año
For me its just ×v×
Godzilla's Ghost Gaming
@Jodie Definitely
Haley Fisicaro
Haley Fisicaro Hace 8 meses
this is still so entertaining to watch 3 years after its been made. considering what is popular on the app now, it feels like a relic, especially considering the last 3 years have felt like 10 years
The Lexicon
The Lexicon Hace 15 días
Tiktok was still in its Musically era then, and boy was it a hoot and a half
Emma Sonny
Emma Sonny Hace un año
That calcium deficiency line is one of the funniest lyrics you’ve ever written
Ezghiel Valencaster
Ezghiel Valencaster Hace 8 meses
I would pay good money to see Danny's wife's reactions to him filming this stuff. Cuz I am trying to imagine coming home and seeing my spouse doing this, and I think I would die laughing.
djentlover Hace 2 meses
I think Laura films many of his videos
Eden Korsia
Eden Korsia Hace 3 años
kurtis conner: hard boi danny gonzalez: bad boy billie eilish: bad guy drew gooden: guy
Habeeb Hace 2 meses
@Keyana S. literally read that in his voice and that aha nonsense that he does😂
Sandystars Hace 10 meses
The four genders
Plant_btw Hace 10 meses
Kurtis conner is a country boy 🤠
lola is hot af
lola is hot af Hace 11 meses
melanie martinez: i’m not a bad guy
The Immortal Sun-kun
Drew: hard rock boy
Tatoruboyo Hace un año
Can we just appreciate that Danny makes these hilarious songs that are high quality, but still manage to be funny with a music video that looks so professional
Lavender & Cambridge
"Fuck the dentist. He's a scary dude. Tried a skateboard and broke all my bones". Took me out.
BenatarButGay Hace un año
I wanna make a Nightcore, Slow-reverbed version of Danny's bad boy song.
日月千邪 Hace 5 meses
a guy with a GasMask
Turn up the pitch boom remix and it’s no longer stealing
J u s t Q u i l
J u s t Q u i l Hace 8 meses
@Simptress yes
Simptress Hace 9 meses
@just a smøl tøwn gir Dancore
Jozefien Voets
Jozefien Voets Hace 9 meses
“you don’t have to be a boy to be a bad boy” was an extremely gender thing to say and it probably added like 4 months to my lifespan
coffeegirl18 Hace un mes
I love that line too. I generally just call people "baddies" for that reason.
xXRatKweenXx Hace 3 meses
Being a bad boy is a grindset, not a gendered term 😂😂😂
electrogeek77 Hace 5 meses
That''s because being a bad boy is a state of mind, my friend.
Shadow Knight_250
Shadow Knight_250 Hace 5 meses
@North Korea Uhh no man hell no what kind of north korean propeganda is this?!
Gasterthemaster Hace 5 meses
@North Korea what?
bleronk Hace 3 meses
crazy to watch this and see how much tiktok beauty standards have changed in just 3 years
Orisaki Hace 2 años
If I had a nickel for every time Danny pretended to spank himself, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice
BreadBird Hace 10 días
i read this in my best doofenshmirtz voice
Ķăţ§ůp Hace 17 días
Arizona Z
Arizona Z Hace un mes
@Cheese 🗿
Arizona Z
Arizona Z Hace un mes
Madeline Roberts
Madeline Roberts Hace un año
Boys in my highschool wore those "upper-body loincloths" constantly. It showed the entirety of their torsos, but girls had to change if they had spaghetti straps... Dress codes are just another excuse to police women's bodies and not hold young men accountable for themselves 🙄
JenniferB.Awesome Hace un mes
I wish I could hit the thumbs up button on your comment a million more times
Toadynamite Hace 2 meses
Not my school, your school was cursed
Madeline Roberts
Madeline Roberts Hace 2 meses
@Astrid L maybe they should teach men not to objectify women, instead of teaching women that if we dress a certain way, it's our fault we're objectified under the guise of "safety" :) Your dignity, value, and pride should not come from your appearance, I'm sorry anyone ever told you differently. You can present your body however you want. And just like a man, you shouldn't have to be afraid when you do. That's the equality I strive for and hope others do to.
Madeline Roberts
Madeline Roberts Hace 2 meses
@mike ellchuk That's exactly what they were! Thank you for giving me a name to use for the look xD
A Hobbit
A Hobbit Hace un año
“The upper body version of a loincloth” made me laugh so loud and unexpectedly that my throat is sore now
KNOW PAIN Hace 10 meses
I love his style of humor. Its dry, silly and straight to the point.
Little Rat Person
Little Rat Person Hace 10 meses
brokeboybeck is a perfect example of a defined jawline not necessarily equating to attractiveness, he looks like a living filter for the gigachad meme
DarkBlueDiamond Hace 17 días
bro is minecraft steve
Inferior Inferno
Inferior Inferno Hace 4 meses
And awfully enough, he looks like a boy I used to know in elementary school. Which got me sympathizing that though likely this is a different guy and its just a resemblance, I do pity all the kids who used to know him who grew up to be normal. I mean, just the mere resemblance feels like a violation of my childhood. Imagine actually knowing him.
Axcilicon Hace 10 meses
Danny has gotta be the only person ever to rhyme sniper and diaper
wheres maya
wheres maya Hace 3 años
“You dont have to be a boy to be a bad boy.” -Danny 2019
Commenter 8
Commenter 8 Hace 2 meses
I'm a bad agender.
Allah Loves you
Allah Loves you Hace 3 años
Yeah you can be a *"bad girl too"*
conspiracy theory
conspiracy theory Hace 3 años
D I V A to quote gus and eddy: boys support boys and anyone can be a boy
Only Alex
Only Alex Hace un año
“Your turn around, and it’s fucking Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place” Bro, this has me dying, I can’t breath LMAOOOOOOO🤣🤣🤣
jws20 Hace un año
update: Bad Boy Dan has sadly lost all of his bones after not consuming any calcium for the 18 years he's been alive, in happier news he has recently gotten engaged with Good Girl Pam and they are set to have a child early 2022
Voskanova Hace 2 meses
Well thank god, imagine if this species reproduces
okcool Hace 9 meses
j Hace 10 meses
@beems you had no right to say that 💀
purgatory productions
purgatory productions Hace 11 meses
actually his bones are squishy
beems Hace un año
@nope their name is "mediocre kid ann"
julia bo bulia
julia bo bulia Hace un año
I know this is a little random but I really love that Danny pays so much attention to the closed captions and how detailed they are. He manages to make it funny even while you are just reading it and I really love that about his videos
KwoteIsWoke Hace 10 meses
I swear danny is that kind of guy who can really embarrass someone even if its the smallest thing, and when you think its cool he pays attention to the smallest details and it ruins all of it. Overall it is just hilarious and funny. Keep up the great work!
TupacLives Hace un año
7:30 this bit made me laugh so hard. Danny is hilarious. The way he stumbled over that sentence made it for me. "Guess-look...look what you're missing out on, bitch"
toaster Hace 2 años
"I've fallen for you, and I can't get up" *TAKE NOTES HOLLYWOOD*
TheArtClub Hace 11 meses
@that one guy I got u. Imma use that as my make a wish.
Chocolate Doughnut
Chocolate Doughnut Hace 11 meses
Seems like an early 2000 movie that has some fucked up moral and I desperately wish it was real
zach Hace 11 meses
Honestly it’d be super cute if the movie was about an elderly couple overcoming relationship issues that revolve around aging and approaching death, knowing that they’ll be irreversibly separated so they want to make the most of their current situation.
sophia andrea
sophia andrea Hace un año
Omg i cant wait for the series ^^
Mangledfoxy205 Hace un año
Let’s see how long it takes Hallmark to make that and add it to their never ending pile of romance movies
Evelyn Crews
Evelyn Crews Hace 3 meses
I absolutely love watching Danny's old videos
Lydia Hace un mes
skylarwhiteyo Hace 2 meses
I’m binging them this week lmao
Indi Hace 2 meses
me too im binging them all
freudiannipslip 🇺🇦
love how that one kid was like "oh you didn't like me as an 80s movie dweeb? well now I'm *Orville Redenbacher* !"
Eleri Theda
Eleri Theda Hace 27 días
definitely not mae
definitely not mae Hace un mes
This might be my favorite comment I’ve ever seen on this app holy shit
Sage October
Sage October Hace 9 meses
“Girls or guys or demons or imps” ah yes the four genders
North Korea
North Korea Hace 9 meses
Happy, everyone can be happy, everything will be happy. Join the Happy Community and you will too be happy. -Happy Community
Lucifer Hace 8 meses
I'm so glad I don't have to be a boy to be a bad boy. Thank you for this opportunity Danny.
Sarah Fingerhut Herbst
11:18 I just reminded an old history from my grandpa. Once, when my dad was a boy, an older guy from the street(I guess we can call him a bully) started saying my granny (my dad's mother) had a big "spider", for my brazilian friends, the guy called her "aranhuda". After a while of that guy saying terrible things about my grandma's body, my dad went running to my grandpa and told him what happened, and he got *mad*, not just because that weirdo was saying bad things about his wife, but terrifying his young son too (my dad was a little kid, and the guy was like, a young-adult, like that age that you're almost over in school). So the decision of my grandpa was going to the place the guy worked, flipping him over in front of everyone and slapping him in the butt, after a hole speech made on the top of his lungs of why he shouldn't mess with little kids. I miss grandpa :)
Pure SniperWolf
Pure SniperWolf Hace 7 meses
Your grandpa sounds rad af! 😍👍 Grandpas can be the coolest.
Rogue Wave
Rogue Wave Hace 3 años
You know, there's an actual Greg out there who must be so tickled to be greeted in every single video by name
Total drama Taco
Total drama Taco Hace un año
That’s me lol
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace un año
i am a greg and yes it is pretty cool
Greg McFarland
Greg McFarland Hace un año
That’s me
Myia Moore
Myia Moore Hace un año
Hi I'm here to reach you about your car's extended warranty
dolphin man
dolphin man Hace un año
@damn mine too lmao
Daisy Hace un año
does anyone else wonder how Danny gets his hair like that? just me, okay.
Dead Dumplings
Dead Dumplings Hace un año
Your not alone🤣
Beelzebubbles 🏳️‍🌈
The fact that the “bad boys” lip sync to falling in reverse is fucking hilarious
Tom Hace un mes
Man I’m old, I thought it was weird that they lip sync’d at all
clndstnz_d34cydanx3 Hace 9 meses
I was not expecting that song at all
guybrush1701 Hace 8 meses
"Fuck the dentist, he's a scary dude." My favorite line. Cracks me up every time. I showed this video to my kids and they LOVED IT.
JellyDrops Hace un año
Danny’s bones didn’t break, they just became squishy
Havoc 909
Havoc 909 Hace 3 meses
Even after 3 yrs that calcium deficiency line is still the hardest line in song history
AllieB Hace 3 meses
milk make u TUFF.
Fayil23 Hace 3 años
Danny: bad boys Drew: good boys Kurtis: cowboys
I don’t think anyone got the joke, sorry man.
purgatory productions
Sandystars Hace 10 meses
The Holy Trinity
STANLANDIA Hace 10 meses
wow the same person likes all those boys!
TCat Cornelius
TCat Cornelius Hace 10 meses
The 3 most important element's
*violette* Hace un año
Danny walking around in a black hoodie is the funniest thing ever
Jill Ridlehoover
Jill Ridlehoover Hace 9 meses
I just love how much effort Danny puts into these videos😂
NinaNoir♡ Hace 9 meses
"And respecting women... When its convenient." lmao🤣🤣
North Korea
North Korea Hace 9 meses
Happy, everyone can be happy, everything will be happy. Join the Happy Community and you will too be happy. -Happy Community
flofsu Hace un año
Holy shit. You’re already a better rapper than 90% of what gets produced these days.
Jade Laderoute
Jade Laderoute Hace 7 meses
Danny: You can catch these hands by all means Also Danny: has the softest hands ever known to man
pink pineapple
pink pineapple Hace 3 años
"I've fallen for you and can't get up". The most awaited film of Summer 2019
neegas Hace 3 años
Vermin_Rat_King Hace 3 años
I'm a cat! Fear me! The old man dies, so does the dog, there’s a dog, you know what EVERYONE DIES
ARandomFandomGirl Hace 3 años
I'm a cat! Fear me! Yeah like Endgame 😒
Vitamin C
Vitamin C Hace 3 años
This joke was a home run.
Black Potato
Black Potato Hace un año
Danny, you make me laugh whenever I watch and you cheer me up whenever I'm sad, I just want to say thank you for making me happy since 2016 till now!
shatterjack Hace un año
I can't get over how the dweeb transformed into... an even dweebier dweeb. Like he went from a dorky guy with glasses... to a dorky guy with glasses and braces and a bowtie. You couldn't GET any dorkier than that if you tried, which apparently he did. It's just so weird, what point was he trying to make?
Sheri Vollmerhausen
Sheri Vollmerhausen Hace 2 meses
I am in awe that someone could already be this sarcastic and droll at such a young age. Hilarious!!!
MariaМульт Hace 10 meses
I already was laughing at the song, but words "please come change my diaper" absolutely killed me
Filip Hace 5 meses
I love how in close captions when he asks questions the editor answers them and he/she should get a raise for how much effort they put into subtitles lol
Filip Hace 5 meses
13:57 if you turn on subtitles the editor doesent know how to describe the music lol
Moncey1 Hace 2 años
"I've fallen for you and I can't get up" Fucking killed me
YNGWTASF Hace 10 meses
Me too
Aura Playz
Aura Playz Hace un año
R u coping a comment?
Nana Rae
Nana Rae Hace un año
I need your loving hands to come and pick me up And every night I miss you
🎃 Pumpkin Patch 🎃
@TheParagonIsDead its an real movie plot lol
Karl Niccolo Jao
Karl Niccolo Jao Hace un año
why does that sound so real
Christina Kane
Christina Kane Hace un año
2 years later and this is still one of my favorite videos. I don’t know if the lip biting dancing or the “opposite of swooning” gets me every time.
Keithkeithkeith Hace un año
Your videos are absolutely packed with content. One second your making jokes and the other your doing a whole mv
Haley Vlogs
Haley Vlogs Hace 5 meses
My favorite part of the rap was when Danny rhymed boy with boy. Such creative writing 😂😂😂
samandpets Hace un año
Great video Danny,I can't remember any time I have laughed harder than I did, also I absolutely love the EP
John Pavlosky IV
John Pavlosky IV Hace un año
Can I just say I also love the unique subtitles. They are wicked funny. Love it when whoever edits that goes the extra mile.
Zane Hace 3 años
I really wasn’t expecting that epic bop at the end. Not disappointed.
Bored Kalian
Bored Kalian Hace 2 años
The song was dope af
What what
What what Hace 3 años
Zane Gelsinger it fuckin slappsss
Lunacy Hace un año
I’m just gonna admire how dope Danny’s song was and seeing him as a “bad boy” 😩
Taylor Malone
Taylor Malone Hace un año
Bad Boy Danny looks a lot like the kid in town that looked really innocent, but would always get involved in the worst activities
moonwitch Hace un mes
when danny said "i dont fuck with milk, got that calcium deficiency" i felt that.
Grace Ceci
Grace Ceci Hace un año
I almost choked from laughing at the bad boy who barked. 😂
cadence eldridge
cadence eldridge Hace un año
he’s my fucking manager😂
E H Hace 7 meses
"I've fallen for you and I can't get up" really got me 🤣
JustYvie Hace 3 años
Imagine your doctor just walks in & says, “Okay, *let me just record a TikTok before operating on you.”*
Maria 🤡
Maria 🤡 Hace 2 años
I went to the doctor with my little brother and I was doing tiktok dances and filming tiktok and then my doctor asked why I was doing tiktok dances than for the next 5 mins she was talking about tiktok and explaining it to my mom
mxgoway x
mxgoway x Hace 2 años
thats something my friend woul do
Milochelle Castre
Milochelle Castre Hace 2 años
"This is why I go to the black market "
Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson Hace 2 años
@Carmi that actually happened 😭😂 The patients sued, too
Bell Bito
Bell Bito Hace 2 años
JustYvie I'd just walk out before he could do anything.
Bradley Blake
Bradley Blake Hace un año
"I've fallen for you and I can't get up" made me die inside lmfao. That is the best movie premise I've ever heard. It's lines like this that are the reason I am, and always will be truly Greg.
Jackie The Janitor
Jackie The Janitor Hace un año
Ahh yes, the Nerd-to-Soda-Jerk challenge . That’ll show her what she’s missing.
ArtWork•Smoothie Hace 3 meses
Can we all take a moment to admit the song actually slapped
Peanut the Lion
Peanut the Lion Hace un año
I really do appreciate the sentiment of "I don't like when people hit people, and if you hit someone I will hit you to teach you a lesson"
Peachydama Hace 10 meses
Whoever wrote the subtitles did a fantastic job
Madi G
Madi G Hace 2 años
I can just imagine his wife trying to help him film his song and just dying laughing
Hace 9 meses
@Augustus Cooper2 lol you’re quite late then. But yea he does, haha. Just now starting to watch him again? if so, niceeee
Augustus Cooper2
Augustus Cooper2 Hace 9 meses
Wait Danny has a wife???? I watched him on vine as a kid oh wow
Dhruv Bharija
Dhruv Bharija Hace 10 meses
Ethan Honaker
Ethan Honaker Hace 10 meses
Sure will be a "pickup" line
Jcw ljs12
Jcw ljs12 Hace un año
Stef Collins
Stef Collins Hace un año
I like to imagine Danny asking his wife to film the bad boy video.
Maple Hace un año
The second movie for “I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up” would be, “You’ve fallen and now we’re both stuck “
Maria Wade
Maria Wade Hace 2 meses
the fact that he actually makes good music too, love this dude
BrokenStrxwberry Hace un mes
First time i watched Danny I thought he just unironically made his joke songs good but now I wanna petition to make them all real songs on Spotify and everywhere else
"The cutest tiny little cast on his pinky finger." - Danny Gonzalez, 2019
Cowboy Joshua
Cowboy Joshua Hace 3 años
the whole concept of bad boy is giving me 2012 Wattpad flashbacks
R.J. Penfold
R.J. Penfold Hace un año
And Quotev
starsaroundmyscars Hace un año
@Abdeldjalil Azri fan fiction
Cheese___ Hace un año
LY Hace 2 años
@Feral Daisy the werewolves are there, I guess. I’m never on that side of Wattpad.
LY Hace 2 años
God, I remember those. They were terrible yet hilarious.
Taryn Wallace
Taryn Wallace Hace 2 meses
Whoever did the CC for this deserves a round of applause
Princessquazar Hace un mes
The amount of times i involuntarily laughed during this video Also that was a straight up bop ngl
glo glee
glo glee Hace un año
"if you're a bad boy, its a challenge to change your clothes" so bad boys are depressed, got it
Widdekuu91 Hace un mes
To answer the question short: Excitement. To answer the question longer: Some of the "badboys" don't reveal it yet, and tell the girl they've become a better person after meeting her. Like they were a lost soul and she was his saviour and had him love life again or help him see that the world could be good. So they are still "bad" but now a normal amount, since she has brought back his sensitivity. He'll say things like "you are the only one I trust" or "You make me wanna be a better person." Later, he will reveal he is still an asshole and his BadBoyactivities now include cheating and putting you into danger for shits and giggles. Not to mention, the amount I hear (drunk) guys fantasize about female villains, torturing them with sex or keeping them prisoner or that Futurama giantcavewoman episode or female monsters/machines/transforners that f before murder... is insane.
Azul Lerma
Azul Lerma Hace 29 días
that genuinely helped me understand the situation better thx
Mace Fontenot
Mace Fontenot Hace 7 meses
As a childcare worker who teaches a lot of children with doctors/nurses as parents, doctors and nurses do basically only wear scrubs all the time. One of my kids dads said he wears them as house clothes lol
pluuto Hace un año
"if you push a girl, you can catch these hands by all means." *cuts to the softest hands I ever did see*
PRGME7 Hace 5 meses
@RONIT you don’t need to worry. It’s all in good fun. Danny is probably in on the joke.
HopeIsADrug Hace 5 meses
@RONIT ah yes, if you have soft hands you aren't masculine apparently
Seara Char
Seara Char Hace 7 meses
It's the thought that counts
registered jopper
registered jopper Hace 8 meses
@Vibe_Ghost did you have a stroke while writing all of your comments 💀
AnimeJunkie56 Hace 5 meses
Danny is really handsome, like the type of boy the TikTokers would make famous if he actually leaned into the strange archetypes that get popular, and I think that's hilarious 😂
Ishbel Hace un año
the amount of references danny makes to boys being pretty etc. when he is literally the prettiest boy.
Kylie Hoornaert
Kylie Hoornaert Hace 5 meses
Danny: “in no way is this appealing to me” Also Danny: liked the tik tok
Olivia Carlin
Olivia Carlin Hace un año
10:17 just imagine Danny fighting someone.....* dose Womp walk* " hey man did you just push that girl!" " I know you just pushed that girl" "HEY, MiStEr!"
Zzzozo 2010
Zzzozo 2010 Hace un año
I love how his videos are a mix of funny informational and cringe that make me love them ❤️
Cheyenne Newman
Cheyenne Newman Hace 3 años
Every time Danny uploads a video, his hair gets taller
noow Hace un año
Taylor Hats
Taylor Hats Hace un año
@I can’t Breathe *10 seconds before disaster…*
dapet 225
dapet 225 Hace un año
XD tru
Brandon Black
Brandon Black Hace un año
He should take Conan O'Brien s spot once it achieves the right height
Anthony “Tony” the geek
@Name his hair is feeding off of our views!
plushdragonteddy Hace un año
today i've learned that sometimes self-care means rewatching old danny gonzalez videos, and that's okay
Darkknight_47 Hace 10 meses
This video was PURE GOLD! It was so amazing, great job on this one Danny.
Dux Hace 3 meses
as someone who dated a 'bad boy' for a couple years... yeah nah, not doing it again
No One
No One Hace 2 meses
@2:53 you mentioned "what's the opposite of swooning?" and I LOL'ed so hard I squirted my Voltaren gel everywhere. These kids definitely are making me do that but you're giving me a good chuckle. =P
Cosmo the Clown
Cosmo the Clown Hace un mes
Hey nice pfp, pon and zi is the cutest webcomic I've ever seen
{~ScaredButterfly~} Hace 5 meses
From this video I learned two lessons, lesson 1 was some people are crazy, lesson 2 was dont drink juice or water while watching Danny.
peblezQ Hace 3 años
I can't wait for Bad Boys™ to make TikToks with your Bad Boy song
fairytcyel 🎗♾
fairytcyel 🎗♾ Hace 11 meses
minju 🤨📸
Khadijah Hace un año
lil5inches Hace un año
ItsMeLarky! Hace un año
p Hace un año
Ian James
Ian James Hace 10 meses
That was a “I shit myself and I’m trying to contain the mess” walk.
メリッサ Hace un año
I had a throwback to 2013 and now I can't stop singing "Good Girls Bad Guys" Anyone else? :,$
Icantdecideaname Hace 2 meses
You softly kicking the orange triangle whatever it’s called is the best thing I’ve seen all day
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