Bad Instagram: Conspiracy Theories

Danny Gonzalez
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You're being watched. We all are. No one is safe. Enjoy the video :)
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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

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23 may 2018






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Cosmo Is Confused
Cosmo Is Confused Hace un año
If you listen to Danny's voice, you can hear sound, what else makes sound? Microwaves. Conclusion? Danny is a microwave.
Aceanimate! Hace 7 días
@Joseph :D Do you know what else makes a weird sound? Flys. Do you know what flies? Bees, therefore Danny is a bee.
Joseph :D
Joseph :D Hace 15 días
in danny’s name there is an n which is close enough to an m. you know what sound microwaves make? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Izabella Fulop
Izabella Fulop Hace 19 días
No it's illusion disks
John TP
John TP Hace 19 días
@Luke V frogs are microwaves
Slain Percussion
Slain Percussion Hace 20 días
No you got it all wrong, you know what doesn’t make sound, the Big Bang since there’s no sound in space, and if Danny isn’t there to make noise then there isn’t. Therefore Danny creates sound and destroys the universe
HoneyOni_EN-V-TUBER Hace 11 meses
"I think I'm being watched" No shit, Danny. By me. And 5 million other people.
FireFallGaming Hace 4 horas
Kiruthik Pranav
Kiruthik Pranav Hace 5 días
Brookie Hace 13 días
10.2 million babyyy
Keri Hace 25 días
5.7 mil
vroomiez Hace un mes
10.128 million! between 10 hours over 4000 people watched/rewatched dannys video!
Bruno Ferreira
Bruno Ferreira Hace un año
Danny in 2018: “Conspiracy theories seem to be all the rage nowadays” Me watching in 2021: Oh buddy you have no idea what’s coming…
Jeb Hace 15 días
Me at the end of 2022: Man, you BOTH have absolutely NO idea what's comin now...
Akali OTP
Akali OTP Hace un mes
@My name is unique covid is a hoax
GamerLukasXD Hace un mes
Man your not ready for 2030… Wait what year is it again?
Mystic Yam
Mystic Yam Hace un mes
Xquenda Hace 2 meses
Me watching Im 2022: buddy, sorry to break it to you
A Person
A Person Hace 5 meses
I love how all of these conspiracies have people passing lie detectors, and people are like “yup lie detectors are the ultimate test and are in no way easy to pass”
James Burk
James Burk Hace 2 meses
Scientific professionals have even said that lie detectors are pretty fallible, and that they are nowhere near exact enough to even use admissibly as evidence in court. Just most judges aren't aware of that and allow it.
Sean Furlong
Sean Furlong Hace 4 meses
In Basic Instinct Sharon Stone's character says it is easy to pass a lie detector test.
Ericka Hace 8 meses
Laura: peacefully making a sandwich Danny: screaming with a tin foil hat
Joshua Turney
Joshua Turney Hace un año
That “Nokia phone” is actually a piece of art created intentionally by an artist. Kind of as a play on how those phones seemed to last forever and never break. Groundbreaking video Danny. Very good.
The legend of SQUIDWARD
My ex somehow broke 2
Slain Percussion
Slain Percussion Hace 20 días
Nah the Nokia is the mallet of Thor’s hammer
Viper ج
Viper ج Hace un mes
And also, what if the Nokia was inspired by the art 💀 time travel isn’t the only explanation. And if some point in the future people did create time travel, wouldn’t they like stay in there timeline and wait for someone to mess up history so they can fix it 👩‍💻 like- I thought time traveler’s top priority would be keeping the timeline intact
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Hace 2 meses
Granted if any phone can survive time travel, it'll be a Nokia
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine Hace 2 meses
@Wesley Wyndam-Pryce Shit was all over the news in 2005, people forgot as quickly as the always do. Most of the worst stuff was "just allegations" but there was certainly evidence available to the public a long time ago. He was known about for a lot longer than that.
Jojo Betzler
Jojo Betzler Hace un año
4:58 Whats funny is, there is nothing wrong with what this man is wearing. Cardigans began production in the 1800’s, and T-shirts were developed during the 20s. As for the sunglasses, those were pretty poppular back then. Even U.S Marines in the Pacific would wear sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes.
Romaphile Hace 2 meses
Plus the photo isn't even from the 1940's It's from a formal event more recently
Blackbangtan Hace un año
4:57 ah yes! I remember this image in every time travel conspiracy, the Actual story was that it was not 1940, but I mean it is a old picture, those sunglasses and t-shirts existed back then, it was a formal event so everyone was wearing suits and homie just went to a formal event Wearing a t-shirt😂
Daydream51 Hace 6 meses
He was a mood
Poison_sweat Hace 3 meses
u can literally train your self to pass lie detector tests
rat bitch
rat bitch Hace 4 meses
Not only are lie detector tests faulty, but you can definitely pass one if the person taking it BELIEVES it to be true. So the man could fully and truly believe he was from the future and pass it. Another example would be if a red-green colorblind person said the color purple was blue, they would pass it bc to them, they see blue and fully believe it to be blue.
Go commit Bill
Go commit Bill Hace 2 años
Conspiracy theory: The government made Danny make this video to make theories seem fake.
Daver Hace un mes
Danny is the government
CharlieAndHisAntics Hace 6 meses
Is this proof of time travel?
frogg_tv Hace 7 meses
oh my god
ɓմɓς Hace un año
“what’s up greg..” 😅🤳 🤨 👕 🔫👔 👖 👖 “today we’re debunking conspiracies...”
Smithie128 Hace un año
If you look in his eyes you can see the reflection of a government agent holding a gun to his head
Dylan T D
Dylan T D Hace un año
I find it funny when I hear people try and disprove time travel by saying "if we could time traveller why aren't people visiting us now as tourists?" I think if we ever event time travel (which the concept of is practically impossible) there would 100% be strict laws on the travelling. And also why the Heck would people visit the 20th century? 😂 If they did they'd blend in with the thousands of other tourists that are around the world anyway
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Hace 27 días
We are always traveling one second forward in time
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine Hace 2 meses
@Kailey Broecher Einstein's theory of special relativity is what you'll want to look up if you'd like to understand it properly but I'll have a go at explaining it here. Basically, the faster you are moving through space, the slower time passes for you. This is due to space and time being intrinsically linked by the laws of nature. This effect is relative. Imagine you are in a rocket traveling close to the speed of light. In this hypothetical, you have a twin who is your exact age. Your twin has decided to remain on earth, while you travel to a nearby solar system many light years away. The journey takes you, let's say 10 years. When you return to earth, 10 years has past for you so you will be ten years older than you were when you left. Much to your surprise, your twin greets you with grey hair and a walking stick, and tells you that you have in fact been gone for 30 years. Your twin shows you the date on their smart device, and you can verify that even though ten years elapsed for you, 30 years has elapsed on earth. Since you were traveling so much faster than everybody back on earth, they experienced more time passing than you. The reasons why that happens are kind of complicated, but there's some great books that cover it without getting too techincal. About Time is one, A Brief History of Everything is another. While it sounds far fetched, this has actually been proved by using atomic clocks. Since we are unable to get anywhere near light speed with conventional vehicles, we were only able to detect tiny fractions of a second's difference, but it has been repeated succesfully a number of times.
Dylan T D
Dylan T D Hace 3 meses
@Kailey Broecher I could believe that.
Kailey Broecher
Kailey Broecher Hace 3 meses
were actually able to travel to the future. i think. i just remember my dad telling me about how we can travel to the future but we cant travel back in time when i was like 10.
First Name
First Name Hace 11 meses
"we're not crazy" sounds exactly like something a group of crazy people would say!
Sam Findlay
Sam Findlay Hace 10 meses
As a former smart child and current heavy drinker, I can confirm it's just sad.
Whfidjshdhfjfj Hace un mes
Hope you’re doin’ okay buddy
Kira Lonely
Kira Lonely Hace 7 meses
"Is this some kind of government conspiracy or is this just SAD?" -Danny Gonzalez, 2018
Kira Lonely
Kira Lonely Hace un mes
@Aaron Zaharias Ty! :)
Aaron Zaharias
Aaron Zaharias Hace un mes
If anyone's looking for the moment it's 6:31
Juan D'Marco
Juan D'Marco Hace un año
Screaming "we're not crazy" in unison sounds like something crazy people would say
daxe Hace un mes
@VexTheFurry and since we've no place to go
Das Toast
Das Toast Hace un mes
@CrownedDiamond oddly specific 🧐
Uri Prechdez
Uri Prechdez Hace 2 meses
It may not be them but US. At 3:04 this “laptop” could just be a box with hinges to store things like jewelry.
Hunee Hace 3 meses
Lol definitely something I would say 🤣
Phantom Hace 4 meses
As someone who grew up in the conservative home school community.. can confirm this is true
moomew_ Hace un año
Conspiracy Theory: The time traveler couldn’t travel back and got bored so they made a Nokia Phone out of rock for fun.
GippyHappy Hace 6 meses
My favorite thing about conspiracy theories is they immediately fall apart if you reverse engineer them. So we went back in time and all we did is make a stone tablet that looks like a nokia phone…a phone that is already going out of style long before the invention of time travel. So every space center and astronaut and scientist are all in cahoots to convince us the earth is not flat because………..?
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson Hace 10 meses
You’re hilarious Danny! One of the few who is still funny and original even from the old vine days. Keep goin bro
Agi Hace un año
"This picture from 1938 appears to show a woman talking on a cell phone" Hey wanna guess what was invented literally the year before that? That's right, two-way radios.
rickroll connoisseur
i love how much shade danny exudes when talking about flat earthers. it reminds me of anthony padilla's sarcasm with his flat earthers interview.
Philip, Duke of Parma
I love how they don't figure out that "government" means "Mind that Controls" rather than "Control of Minds"
Arielle Niklawski
Arielle Niklawski Hace 29 días
I just want to say, I love your channel so much and theses videos help me fall asleep instead of crying myself to sleep I end up quietly giggling so as not to have my parents hear, but when they aren't home I can't help but laugh out loud. You are so funny and so amazing but you do kinda haunt my dreams.
Max Hace 6 meses
danny your videos really cheer me up when i’m down, you’re so funny dude
Avian Hace un año
"Smarter children tend to become heavier drinkers as adults." Well at least I'll be sober
Genevieve C.
Genevieve C. Hace un mes
Oh, so the drinking is from my intellect. Of course. No other reasons lol
Froggy Hace 3 meses
@Company of Despair also please know that I’m kidding, I find your comments amusing lol. Continue on and hail sithis friend
Company of Despair
Company of Despair Hace 3 meses
@Froggy I care about our Dread Father far too much to stop hailing him. But I'll stop with the other stuff. I don't remember what I said, but I shall speak about it no more. Hail our Dread Father, the Void, Sithis! Hail our Unholy Matron, the Night Mother! Hail the Dark Brotherhood!
Froggy Hace 3 meses
@Company of Despair bro stop saying hail sithis and other “imfourteenandthisisdeep” nonsense before I cringe so hard that I become a tiny little ball and eventually get so small that I stop existing
No bitches?
No bitches? Hace 5 meses
I probably won’t touch alcohol at all then
your favorite orange
your favorite orange Hace 22 días
this is my biggest comfort video ever. whenever i cry or run a child over and hide from the cops I watch this video. thank you for creating this
Chuckleberry Hace 6 días
Why is this man so easy to binge? I started watching his videos around 10pm and it is now 4am
Megan Hace 10 meses
Great video Danny, super funny per usual. I do want to say, the picture of Iraq isn't anything having to do with any conspiracies. It is just showing the before and after of when we (America) decided to bring them "freedom". Which horrifically decimated their country and killed countless civilians. Very freeing... Something that many of us (Americans) don't seem to know about, despite the magnitude of the tragedy.
Sarah Hull
Sarah Hull Hace 3 meses
Danny! I am a high school biology teacher and we are learning about the characteristics of science that differentiates natural from supernatural. We will be learning the scientific method soon and I plan on showing this clip of you talking about the laptop and the paranormal investigators to show a nonscientific approach to investigation then ask them how they should investigate instead about what the “laptop” might be. Hope my students get a kick out of it :D
Tobe Evans
Tobe Evans Hace 2 años
The “laptop” was definitively proven by historians that that is *not* a laptop. It’s a jewelry case. :|
Froggy Hace 3 meses
I thought it was a jewelry box, makes sense that some peasant girl would be paid to hold it lmao
Tobe Evans
Tobe Evans Hace 3 meses
@NorthernJ9 now that’s epic
NorthernJ9 Hace 3 meses
@Tobe Evans Star Wars Lego set 2: A39283b
Tobe Evans
Tobe Evans Hace 3 meses
@NorthernJ9 which Lego set? 🤔
NorthernJ9 Hace 3 meses
no. its an amazon package for my lego set that i ordered 17 thousand years ago.
4lana Hace 3 meses
danny gonzalez's videos always make me feel better. when im upset i just watch him and i feel so much better. ive been watching him for so long and this video is one of my personal favorites. i never get tired of his content. youre the best dan the man!
ZenBow Hace 11 meses
Danny’s “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Is just so priceless.
GreatGoldenGoat Hace 4 meses
Fun fact: the smart phone picture is real. Sadly, it’s just a hearing aid.
Apsoy Pike
Apsoy Pike Hace 5 meses
Any conspiracy theory can be good if you work hard and believe in yourself.
I like to eat batteries
Conspiracy theory: Danny isn’t real. This channel is actually operated by the little nutcracker guy, and he controls danny
Daniel Freeland
Daniel Freeland Hace 16 días
Save danny
Package Hace 22 días
Shush, it’s supposed to be a secret, Nutcracker #9. Didn’t you hear the new rule our boss, Nutcracker #5, created? The rule is “don’t reveal the truth about Danny, or you’ll end up being thrown in the bonfire like Nutcracker #3” Nutcracker #4 broke the rule about 2 weeks ago, he was thrown in the bonfire. The rule is very much being enforced.
James ryan thompson
James ryan thompson Hace 27 días
One thing wrong my theory is he's powered by his hamster partially yours partially mine STAY WOKE
Cool dude Shades
Cool dude Shades Hace 29 días
Oh nah man, that nutcracker is pulling a Remy
Galaxy Hydra
Galaxy Hydra Hace un mes
Well, we already knew that.
Josh Fay
Josh Fay Hace un año
This just ages better and better, like a fine ironic wine.
🐽JAIMIE🐽 Hace 3 meses
The only I'm questioning is humanity's mental state
Amaia-Chan Hace 3 meses
That's honestly something that we should always question,because OH,BOY-
in my opinion
in my opinion Hace 8 meses
i like to rewatch dannys old videos because i think theyre still really funny and have a charm to them but holy shit 2:36 is like a meme my grandma would show me
YoshiMarioGamez 2010
7:21 Funny enough, the photo actually proves that the earth is still a globe, as the city is going slightly under the water as normally it would look if it was a globe. Also at 8:20 The "photo" is actually some artwork online, was playing a roblox [EXPERIENCE] called Space Tycoon (Jupiter!) and the image is on the mars colony but zoomed in and better, actually it's on the wall of the colonization room of level 4.
not grace
not grace Hace 3 años
theory: those weren’t danny’s guinea pigs screaming. it was actually drew because danny kidnapped him
Alex Kitty
Alex Kitty Hace 5 meses
Avilo Nemrac
Avilo Nemrac Hace 6 meses
i made it go from 8.4k to 8.5k
Emma a
Emma a Hace 7 meses
Theory: you are grace
absoulute persistent deer
is that proof of time travel ?/j
Anchor S
Anchor S Hace 7 meses
How can someone kidnap themself? Seriously there's too many plot holes here.
L Rose
L Rose Hace 10 meses
I always love conspiracy theories that point to all these fun little puzzle/word games as PROOF it's real when it's like "but like... why would the Authority that's so damn powerful it has the entire world fooled make it so easy to figure out by doing a little puzzle?"
Varden Frias
Varden Frias Hace 7 meses
@DannyGonzalez , I have been watching your videos for the past couple weeks and bust my sides with how hard I was laughing. Thank you so much for the laughs, I needed it.
PeachyCookies Hace un mes
I feel like Danny is one of the ONLY people on the internet that is “smart”
Speed Art And More
Speed Art And More Hace 10 meses
How is no one bringing up the theory that Danny is actually drew and they are the same person? That's why they have similar lives, and similar wives. They are not different nonetheless.
ヒラガナ Hace 3 años
Danny screaming “NO” while wearing a dopey-looking tinfoil hat is the thing that continues to sustain me
Valor Rios
Valor Rios Hace 2 años
Honestly same. He is a living mood.
Max Mayfire
Max Mayfire Hace 3 años
I come back to this video almost every month just for that clip
KateSinging InTheSnow
9:40 also here
Tyler Birge
Tyler Birge Hace 3 años
Will never cease to absolutely send me
dr hellscape
dr hellscape Hace 3 años
Gen Watts
Gen Watts Hace 6 meses
I love how you call Greg a family and expect us to believe that your fan base isn't a cult (This is a joke, I'm very much a fan of you. It's not a cult, we're a family :)))) )
brc1 1crb
brc1 1crb Hace 4 meses
This video blew my mind and made me question everything I've ever known.
Petyr Eyvind
Petyr Eyvind Hace 11 meses
I remember seeing a Flat Earther's post online once, and it read something like "we have members all over the globe" and I was honestly ready to cry 😂😂
numburger Hace 8 meses
Danny: "Why would they put a puzzle to figure it out" Also Danny: *Makes his fake identities name an anagram of his own, aka making it a puzzle to figure it out*
Weston Ney
Weston Ney Hace un año
A whole group of people just completely forgot that Photoshop is a thing.
Rose Aeries
Rose Aeries Hace 3 meses
@the purple cheescake zebra I love this point bc design, especially in stuff that is marketed at people to buy, generally follows trends. A little rectangular box is a lot easier to hold in the human hand than any other shape, of course theyll use it for multiple things with similar functionality
YourAvgPasta Hace 3 meses
@a guy with a GasMask 11h ago
a guy with a GasMask
@Maurrokh yeah people just use it for shitposts
MistGuy1999 Hace 6 meses
Especially when people think S.C.P. creatures exist
theuncalledfor Hace 7 meses
Except when shown photos that prove them wrong. Then they suddenly remember that things can be faked. But no, _their_ photos couldn't _possibly_ be faked, only the official NASA photos can be faked. Just don't think about how a flat plane can have a fucking horizon (that works like it does in real life) because that's how the mind control rays get into your brain.
i don’t exist
i don’t exist Hace un año
“This image debunked the globe” My dad when I was young: do you know why when you stand at the beach facing the sea you can’t see the continent on the other end? Me: because the earth is r o u n d Seriously flat earthers need to get a brain
betp Hace 10 meses
if you're genuinely curious about the two headed baby, he was real. the other head didn't really whisper things. it blinked and it would salivate when the baby drank his milk. it wasn't a fully formed brain, it was dependent on the main one. if i recall correctly, the embryo tried to split and be twins in the womb, but it fucked up and did this. it's very rare, but it has happened a few times.
• l a k e l l a •
4:13 that is true. There is something called a parasitic twin. It's basically an underdeveloped conjoined twin. Some guy (forgot his name) had a head at the back of his head and the guy suffered so bad from his twin that he wanted to kill himself
Abigayle Price
Abigayle Price Hace 6 meses
Danny and Drew were one conjoined twin who were separated thus making them actually one person
hachune Hace un año
danny made that tin foil hat just a little too well for my taste, looks like he's had experience
☾ ・゚𝙲𝚕𝚘𝚞𝚍_
@C a t WOWEE!! I ded nout nouw dat alens apper so eazli!! (I foulow yur advise fer wun whole yer! It wourkes!!!)
Lily The Ever Chaotic
Dun dun dun
T y
T y Hace 5 meses
Making a tinfoil hat is common sense in the US. I was once kidnapped by a cult of tinfoil hat makers and had to learn it because of that. You’d be surprised of how common of an experience that is. 6 of my friends have had a similar experience that led them to learn how to make tinfoil hats. 3 other friends learned how to make tinfoil hats due to an experience involving *cough* Hippo Aliens *cough*.
Hala Hlo
Hala Hlo Hace 7 meses
@Jimmy Popotin very very fun
Hala Hlo
Hala Hlo Hace 7 meses
@C a t so smort
Chlorophytum Hace 5 meses
That "cell phone" actually was a phone, I forget where, but that womens great granddaughter confirmed that she worked for a company that was inventing them, so that's what that was depicting
Oliver Sherman 2
Oliver Sherman 2 Hace 10 meses
I love your channel keep up the great stuff
⭐️ k a l o p s i a ⭐️
I confidentially believed that the “laptop” was a pizza box until he talked about it being a laptop. 🙄
Alyssia Tworkowsky
Alyssia Tworkowsky Hace 11 meses
I kind of feel like I’m in a cult but I’m definitely glad I’m Greg
luigi dad
luigi dad Hace 3 años
Nokia phones are obviously the only phone that can survive time travel.
Beeg Yoshi King
Beeg Yoshi King Hace 7 meses
No shit Einstein those things are made out of the blood of the gods condensed with Vibranium I swear to God
Katie Jackson
Katie Jackson Hace 7 meses
It's actually and art piece a dude made to illustrate the evolution of communication technology. XD
Bruh videos
Bruh videos Hace 7 meses
Lachyproduction9669 Hace 7 meses
But my phone has fallen over 50 times and no cracks and no screen protector
Average femboy hater
Just Tsuto
Just Tsuto Hace 7 meses
Theory: All of Danny’s doppelgängers are clones and Danny is time travelling god
r-pupz Hace un año
"Conspiracy theories are all the rage right now" We were so innocent back then...
Julia Blankinship
Julia Blankinship Hace un año
5:25 Fun fact: those women got chosen to test out those cellphones in 1938 so they were not time travelers they were product testers.
LOONACORE Hace un año
the Iraq one is about how Iraq looked before america promised their freedom and after, its a commentary on america's horrifying foreign policies
jeanne . Z
jeanne . Z Hace 9 meses
This is absolutely mind-blowing, it works even better in French : govern-ment (verb "mentir" means lying)! What else could have we missed!? Ps. I really enjoy your videos you're doing great! Lot of loves (from France)
meggypeggy100 Hace un año
Danny: why would they hide the name in plain sight like that? That's so dumb! Also Danny: *Zayden Longzan*
Cosmic Broly
Cosmic Broly Hace 2 meses
4:41 funny thing is, you know how in some court cases they use lie detectors? sometimes people say NOT to do the lie detector because it goes on if your emotions change, so if you're super nervous, they'll ask you your *NAME* and it will say false.
That Random Boi
That Random Boi Hace un mes
Conspiracy Theory: Danny has skin. What else has skin? A dead frog. Conclusion? Danny is a dead frog.
cooperscoping Hace 2 años
Theory: we're actually called Danny Gonzalez and his name is Greg.
A friendly alien
A friendly alien Hace un año
**Panicking in Subscribed**
Gabby Mora
Gabby Mora Hace un año
Craig snorts fruit shoots
But hey that’s just a theory
Sunshine Hace un año
@Spandan Konar well I suppose it is. that's amazing.
bad drawing 69
bad drawing 69 Hace 18 días
Even if lie detectors weren't deeply flawed, him being insane and believing he's from the future would be enough, seeing as to him, he would be telling the truth.
TheCrystalFlame_ Hace 5 meses
I like how Danny wiggles his eyebrows when reading the stuff, especially at 4:03 and after
PhoenixGaming Hace un mes
Danny: I think I'm being watched Me, watching him: Oh no you're not don't worry
Vilesentry Hace 9 meses
"Smarter children tend to become alcoholics when they get older" An alcoholic wrote that one.
Nicholas G
Nicholas G Hace 3 años
If you look closely, Danny's hair is curved like the Fibonacci sequence. There's only one explanation for this. He's a time traveller.
Mason Mysliwy
Mason Mysliwy Hace 11 meses
꧁Moons Imaginations꧂
Ya and it also he must be from…. MaRs
Lippies f!
Lippies f! Hace un año
-A type of hairstyle- TIME TRAVELLER! (I’m playing along with the joke btw b4 ppl come at me)
Kanis Of The Marsh
Kanis Of The Marsh Hace un año
He looks the same after three years he is def. a lizard person in disguise.
lovely_heaart Hace un año
Can confirm in 2021 he is time traveler
Blackberry Honey
Blackberry Honey Hace 9 meses
The most interesting thing I took from this video is that Danny had guinea pigs.
Vi Chan
Vi Chan Hace 5 meses
I am not a conspiracy theorist but I find those pictures of celebrities lookalikes from like hundreds of years ago so cool. Just the theory of Doppelgängers is so crazy to me.
Ash(???) Hace 2 meses
7:58 the picture on the right had me dying of laughter
RoboNator Hace 9 meses
I like how some dude realized govern meant to control, govern literally just being a common word that shows its roots in fuck tons of other words, but wasn't quite smart enough to realize "ment" is a pretty generic add on that generally just sort of means the concept of doing a thing. (and more specifically a noun form of that thing done or in progress of being done) I.e. : Abandonment, Abolishment, Accomplishment, Acknowledgment, Acquirement, Adjustment and countless more. (if it wasn't clear yes I did just go to a website and look for words that ended with "ment", there are an unfathomably large amount, I didn't even get half through the ones that start with the letter A) (I should add, this isn't saying governments don't try to control the narrative and be generally shit, hell I don't trust them as far as I can throw them and given they literally cannot be thrown that's saying something. But it's less of a massive global conspiracy and more of a stumbling cartoon mad scientist who wants to take over the world. Sure anyone with half a brain woul just laugh at them, but while you're laughing they are still destroying a lot of people's lives just so they can meet their own goals.)
The Less-Than-Mid Cast
I think Danny isn’t acknowledging the point that they all have Nokias because it’s simply the only phone that’s durable enough to survive the rough process of time travel.
My penis is small, but
One my earliest memories is in grade 1 watching a big kid throw his Nokia like 60ft in the air onto concrete and it was fine.
Genevieve C.
Genevieve C. Hace un mes
I had a Nokia... After it got ran over, the screen stopped working. The machine still did otherwise though..I was so happy I could finally get a better phone, a full legit flip phone, not a brick with a really long range walkie talkie in it
Gif Hace 8 meses
He’s right though, you could only play snake. Not communicate, because there weren’t cell phone towers.
Daniel Steadman
Daniel Steadman Hace 9 meses
Well that's only because they apparently made that model out of rock. A genius move if you don't need it to communicate with anything else or use electronics. The cuneiform was a smart idea too... Prevented anyone spazzing out over modern numbers.
Architexy Hace 10 meses
I came back to this like 3 years after first watching this video to say that exact thing
whovibe Hace 9 meses
i used to be obsessed with theories, still am tbh
Joni Hace 6 meses
Oh man you have no idea how much I enjoy watching your videos 😁
Alyssia Tworkowsky
Alyssia Tworkowsky Hace 11 meses
That’s my exact argument whenever I see these cell phones before phones there’s no towers!!! It’s impossible to use it what are they doing checking saved voicemails from the future? I’m so glad you said it.
Mx. Ash man
Mx. Ash man Hace 5 meses
I am truly greg but I have a question. If there was someone who changed their name to greg would they be the truest greg? cause if so...
Delaney’s World
Delaney’s World Hace un año
danny’s comment section is so wholesome and just kind to each other, i can really appreciate that
Romaphile Hace 2 meses
Hey shut up stupid, your shirt is ugly
Froggy Hace 3 meses
@zoe j. ayo who’s the character in your pfp they look chte
Froggy Hace 3 meses
Im omw to beat you up just because you said that
JUSASTRANGER101 Hace 5 meses
Go to hell
carsonisoffline Hace 6 meses
@Mijuna Blue memento mori
That Xbox Guy
That Xbox Guy Hace un mes
Irrefutable that the government doesnt control my mind is that I’ve been sitting here watching Danny Gonzales for 4 hours, no government would make me do that
Renoia Hace 7 meses
It's true! We're the only army on ESvid with access to time travel. Hence, once you become Greg, you have been, and always will be.
kactus Hace 11 meses
Danny looked way too practiced at making that foil hat 😂
Kasem Çerma
Kasem Çerma Hace 4 meses
A compiracy theory is that danny is a ventreculic doll that is controlled by the nutcracker😂
Andres Arroyo
Andres Arroyo Hace un año
Theory: Greg is actually his brother who was turned into a nutcracker which is now at the back of his videos. So every time you subscribe you slowly free Greg and take his place as the nutcracker. WE ARE GREG!
Katharine Ball
Katharine Ball Hace 4 meses
@Nathan SOS I'll take it
Nathan SOS
Nathan SOS Hace 4 meses
@Katharine Ball magic is real
PK MarΣ Hace 10 meses
Is this proof of time travel?
bells g
bells g Hace 10 meses
_Greg is the guinea pig, thats why he screams_
Anonomoose Hace 10 meses
Craig turned him into a nutcracker
Kanis Of The Marsh
Kanis Of The Marsh Hace un año
also meme means basically ''as much info you can stuff in the smallest thing possible'' it was originally a term that geneticists used.also lie detectors measure stress in nerves, and u can pass the test if whatever you're getting questioned about is what u believe
Gracie GOODALL Hace 8 meses
I am so happy that Danny has a guinea pig because it is so hard to find good ESvidrs with guinea pigs these days
Griffin0x Hace 11 meses
Im a person who dosent laugh often cuz people say my laugh is ugly and anoying but Danny is always jsut so comfortable and i always laugh at him and i feel ok doing it like even if people are looking at me i feel ok laughing and dont care what people say. and this video was amazing 😂
That guy down the street
I saw my mother at the were not crazy thing (i have known she was a flat earther) she is in the wrong about many things, me and my brother in california (im across the country) on all her theories, like the frogs being gay cuz water, flat earth, and also got political (i stand in the righter side of the political spectrum) and even though i do, she is against trans people(not really, they are not disgusting, they are just freaks), gay people, has shown a history of racism, she once told someone (i was here for this) “its flat n*gger” which obviously is messed up, and even though like said i am on the right side of politics, i think (know) that shit is fucked, and i shamefully admit i once was in this cult, for a month, my parents are divorced, my dad is not in this idea of a flat earth, gay frogs, all of it. The schedule was really lopsided to the mothers visitation, it has got better, however she still has primary visitation, i went to court some months ago and they ruled in the mothers favor of custody (i am not old enough to yet determine my own custody). Two other flat earthers live here, one a filthy grease ball who does facebook research, one a loud obnoxious ego filled man who is as tall as me and im 13, bit past 5 4”. Many other flat earthers are or are likely how i have shown just one of these filthy obnoxious no brained losers who are anti vax, non covid believing crazy assholes, thank your for reading my comment this helped me as i really need an outlet as i am not really able to talk to many people outside of the flat earth echo chamber (also, to put a face on this asshole, most od the were not crazy clip her face is coverd but last second the hand reveals the crazy person, she has glasses and is wearing a black coat with a red shirt underneath, go spread some hit, if you reply i will drop her yt channel).
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Conspiracy Theory: The FBI forced Danny to make this video to eliminate all of our suspicions that his real name is Greg
psvita cat
psvita cat Hace 2 años
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido Hace 2 años
*W A I T . .*
cavicr Hace 2 años
@Jana Starr FBI open up
Jana Starr
Jana Starr Hace 2 años
911th like... Does this mean something?????????????????
Dan Hace 2 años
This dude is a jojo fan every jojo vid I go to he is there
Bridget Thury
Bridget Thury Hace un mes
Okay, I just have to say it. Danny, I love the color of your eyes
Casual Arson
Casual Arson Hace 11 meses
I love how they believe a guy because he passed a lie detector test when the INVENTOR of the lie detector confirmed it didn't work
EddyKidPlayzYT Hace 11 meses
Exactly lmao
BesondersFrosch Hace 10 meses
As someone from the 2030’s, I can safely claim that they made it mandatory to learn how to pass a lie detector test. Any questions?
ShinySahil Hace 10 meses
yes... teach me
Stephanie Daphne
Stephanie Daphne Hace 9 meses
Classicist here: the Ancient Greek ‘statue’ is actually a stele, used to commemorate the dead as a grave. The stele is depicting a wealthy woman with her maidservant, it’ll be a jewellery box that’s probably had parts fall off over time, the jewellery would represent her wealth in life. It’s definitely not a laptop.
_Raccoon_ Hace un año
No one: Danny’s hair: 🌊
Mel 💜
Mel 💜 Hace un año
yuh yuh
yuh yuh Hace un año
Cool thought I was the only one.
Zormite Hace un año
Moth Hace un año
Just like Joe Keery😩
Ghost Animation't
Ghost Animation't Hace un año
@Mr. NACC it was a joke bro
sat_koichi Hace 3 meses
4:30 That person is probably lying. Some people can control their heart beat so they can easily pass any lie detector.
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